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                                                                                          Nick Adams (born September 1984), Deputy Mayor and Councillor, was first
                                                                                          elected to the Council of the Municipality of Ashfield on March 27, 2004. He was
                                                                                          the first conservative candidate to be elected to
                                                                                          the council’s North Ward in more than 20 years,
                                                                                          which was made even more astonishing when
 “AMERICA, PLEASE DON’T CHANGE”                                                           he topped the poll. He was 19 years of age at the
    AN AUSTRALIAN’S MESSAGE FOR THE USA TO REMAIN STRONG                                  time.
                                                                                          Mr. Adams became the youngest Deputy Mayor
 Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to remind us of what we                        in Australian political history at the age of 21, and now has the highest profile of any
 have on the inside…and that is exactly why an Australian is coming                       current local government figure. He has fought for the rights of his constituents on
 to America.                                                                              a great number of issues, frequently on national television and radio. These issues
                       Australian Nick Adams, the youngest Deputy                         have included the Iraq War, the Bird Flu, the Monarchy, Religion, Residential Speed
                       Mayor in Australia is coming to Illinois this                      Zones and Multiculturalism.
                       month on his own accord for a very unique                          Nick has been a key voice in the conservative movement in Australia, with a pas-
                       reason, to inspire America not to change. In                       sion for traditional family values, patriotism, capitalism, the British monarchy and
                       his opinion, “America is the best and strongest                    pursuing a foreign policy strongly aligned with the United States and Great Britain.
                                                                                          His political heroes are Ronald Regan, Sir Winston Churchill and John Howard. He
                       country in the world. Why change?” Though
                                                                                          has just returned from a trip to Europe in April 2009 visiting renowned European
                       Australia is a much younger country, Nick                          conservatives.
                       hopes that Australia follows in our footsteps…
                                                                                          Nick is a proud member of the American-Australian Association and was appointed
                       and that America stays true to capitalism,
                                                                                          a Justice of the Peace in 2007. He sits on the Committee of the Public Relations In-
                       individual freedom and the other conservative                      stitute of Australia. He is a former conservative radio show host and currently runs
                       principles that made this country great.                           his own public relations and business strategy company at the age of 24. Nick has
 Nick feels that America and Australia are “cousins” because of                           a significant network of business, media and government contacts. He regularly ap-
 their shared commitment to freedom and an entrepreneurial spirit                         pears on television as a political commentator. He is regarded as one of the finest
 that has built the foundation of both countries. He cherishes the                        orators in Australia and is highly sought after on the Australian speaking circuit.
 fact that America and Australia have stood shoulder to shoulder in                       Nick attended the prestigious Trinity Grammar School from Kindergarten to Year
 every war and we must continue to bring democracy and peace to                           12, graduating top of the school for English, Legal Studies and German. He also
 the world. In addition, Nick feels that we need to win the “war on                       attended an academic school in Hamburg, Germany for an accumulated eight
 terror” and he admires the sense of patriotism in the “land of the free                  months. At university, his academic success continued, with him obtaining degrees
 and the home of the brave”.                                                              in Media and Communication, Government & International Relations and Educa-
                                                                                          tion from the celebrated University of Sydney. He speaks fluent German.
 Thanks to the efforts of John Parrott, Chairman of the McLean County Republicans,
 Nick is investing his time and effort to come to America to remind us of what we                                         Nick Adams
 have, and will first speak in Bloomington, Illinois. John reached out to Mickey Straub,                     23 Kenilworth St ∞ Croydon ∞ NSW 2132
 founder of Proud to be Republican, a grassroots organization closely aligned with the                                Phone: 0420 977 707
 DuPage County Republicans, to carry his message to Chicago and suburbs.                 

For Info Contact Jim Long • Proud to be Republican • 1100 Jorie Blvd, Suite 314 • Oak Brook, IL 60523 • 630-484-1521 •

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