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									Joel & Pauline Black
Service Began
July 1, 2004


Birth date(s)
Joel (June 24)
Pauline (December 1)

Wedding Anniversary
March 24, 2001

Childrens’ Names
Isaiah (December 4, 2002)
Avril (February 18, 2004)
James (August 10, 2005)
Lucas (August 10, 2005)

2-36-3 Higashi Tokorozawa
Tokorozawa Shi
Saitama Ken
JAPAN 359-0021


After graduating from Canadian Bible College and interning at Glengate Alliance Church in Niagara Falls, Ontario
for eight months, Joel went to Japan to teach English. While there he got involved with some of the work that Ca-
nadian missionaries Doug and Carol Woon and Don and Carol Love, were doing in the Tokyo area. Joel received his
M.Div. from a seminary in Tokyo and after staying in Japan for over six years, married Pauline and went to Toronto
to pursue further studies at Wycliffe College. In 2003, Joel graduated with a Th.M. in New Testament and became a
qualified English as a Second Language teacher.

Pauline graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University and spent two-and-a-half years serving as a counselor for troubled teens
in the Dominican Republic. In 1998 she went to Japan to teach English in a Jr. High School. She worked with a team of mis-
sionaries and started Bible studies in her home and at a nearby university for two years. She also helped with church plant-
ing. Her third year in Japan found her attending Japanese language school full-time and working as a magazine editor for
the ex-pat community in the city of Chiba. Following her marriage to Joel she pursued a Master’s Degree at CTS-Toronto.
During that time she also received certification for teaching English as a Second Language and taught newcomers to Canada.

In 2004 Joel and Pauline, along with their two children, went to Japan as career missionaries with the C&MA in Canada.
Rich & Lisa Brown
Service Began
December 1, 1994


Birth date(s)
Rich (March 30)
Lisa (April 11)

Wedding Anniversary
March 23, 1990

Childrens’ Names
Olivia (May 4, 1993)
Michaela (September 23, 1995)
Josiah (August 3, 1997)
Alexa (August 2, 2000)

c/o Mike Welty
Casilla 17-11-04955


Both Rich and Lisa accepted the Lord Jesus as Saviour at an early age. Lisa is the daughter of missionaries, Jack and Jean
Shannon, so she had heard about Jesus as a child. In their teens, Rich and Lisa were open to the Lord’s leading in their lives
and accepted His call to missionary service.

The Browns went to Peru as missionaries in 1995. Their home was in Trujillo, a peaceful city of 600,000. Following the
language study, Rich taught in the seminary and became Executive Director of the school. The Browns also had a signifi-
cant ministry to young people. Under their direction, the youth group of the church grew to 400. They saw their church
grow from 12 cells to 90, with over 1,000 attending every week. The seminary had 17 students and in four years grew to
100. As seminary executive director, Rich was able to double the books in the library, teach students, train new professors
and help them work toward their masters degree.

After 79 years of missions work the service in Peru was concluded. This resulted in the Browns being redeployed to Ecua-
dor in July 2004.

They currently work with youth leaders in Ecuador, Peru and Columbia, helping them pour themselves into their own
youth groups. The Browns also started an organization called “Inca Link”, whose vision is to connect groups from North
America with groups in South America, and have them partner in ministry in order to build long-lasting relationships.
These short-term teams are exposing youth groups and churches to missions, the local communities and the world.
Michel & Denise Dubé
Service Began
September 1, 1998

Guinea, West Africa

Birth date(s)
Michel (February 23)
Denise (May 6)

Wedding Anniversary
May 22, 1993

Childrens’ Names
Gabriel (September 3, 1995)
Alexandre (September 8, 1997)
Marika (July 13, 1999)

Mission Protestante CMA
B P 438
Republic of Guinea


Denise came to Christ at eight around the campfire of a Nazarene summer camp. She went to Canadian Bible College
(CBC) after Grade 13. A short-term mission to Gabon confirmed her call to cross-cultural ministry. During final prepara-
tion for career missions she met Michel in Kingston, Ontario while completing her home service requirement.

Michel was following the footsteps of his father to a military career when he met Denise. In a missions convention in
Kingston, the testimony of Alliance missionary Maureen Roark touched his life and he came to Christ that week. This
commitment led to a decision to leave the military and enroll at CBC. Michel and Denise were married and continued
studies at CBC and Canadian Theological Seminary. Their two sons, Gabriel and Alexandre, were born in Regina.

Following graduation in 1998 Michel and Denise moved to Rimouski, Quebec in the new Missionary Apprentice pro-
gram. There they learned the language and culture of Quebec and gained a daughter, Marika.

After completion of their missionary apprenticeship Michel and Denise were appointed as career missionaries to Quebec
in 2001. They are currently assigned to a church planting team in Montreal.

In January 2007, they were reassigned from the Quebec Team to the Susu Team in Guinea, West Africa.
Bill & Ilana Lobbezoo
Service Began
July 1, 1996


Birth date(s)
Bill (April 12)
Ilana (July 27)

Wedding Anniversary
August 17, 1991

Childrens’ Names
Holly (June 6, 1995)
Kimberly (July 5, 1998)

PO Box 118
Phnom Penh


Web site

Cambodia is a small nation on the Indochina Peninsula with a population of approx. 11 million. Internal and external
wars and massacres ravaged the country until U.N.-sponsored elections in 1993. The older people have lived through the
Marxist Khmer Rouge regime. Almost all military personnel, civil servants, educated or wealthy people and their families
were killed and the nation turned into a vast labour camp. The church desperately needs the Holy Spirit to bring healing.
The youth culture desires to move on and is grasping for a hope and a future, showing great potential to be leaders of a
new tomorrow for Cambodia.

Buddhism has been the majority religion (95%) since the 15th century. Christians are tolerated, but considered second-
class citizens. The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) entered Cambodia in 1923 and was the only protestant
mission there until the mid 1970’s, when all the missionaries were forced to leave. C&MA missionaries were allowed to
return to Cambodia in 1990.

Bill and Ilana Lobbezoo went to Cambodia in 1996. After an initial period of Khmer language study in Phnom Penh, they
were assigned to do church planting in Kompong Cham. The Lobbezoos rented a small storefront near the main market
and opened a Youth Study Centre, offering evangelistic Bible studies in Khmer and English. In the nine months that the
studies were offered, over 200 students took the 12-lesson course. About 160 of them were non-Christians and 70 of these
indicated their desire to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
Bill and Ilana also worked to nurture two local congregations in Kompong Cham and to disciple the leaders. The Lob-
bezoos have now completed their second term of service in Cambodia where they have been living in the capital city,
Phnom Penh. The last four years have been focused mainly on youth ministries. During the first couple of years Bill also
worked closely with a local Cambodian congregation, spending time in teaching and mentoring the elders board and the
pastor of the New Jerusalem Church. Bill and Ilana have focused considerable energy on ministries to teenagers and young
adults, whether it be on the national level through leadership among the National Youth Committee or on a more local
level helping to facilitate fellowship and outreach opportunities among the three local city church youth groups. The sec-
ond half of the term has brought a shift in more intentional efforts to make an impact in the college and university student
community in the city. This has seen the establishment of a new small dorm ministry for Christian students who have
come to the city from provincial areas to study. While these men and women find accommodation in the dorm facility
they will also receive discipleship training in their faith. Connections with interested churches and teams in North America
have developed into regular short term English teaching ministry opportunities which Bill and Ilana have been facilitating.

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