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                    M   I N U T E S    O F   RACLO M       E E T I N G

              Ross Hohnen Room, Chancelry Building on 21 February 2005
Ann McDevitt, IPAR                            Linda Gosnell, RSSS
Marie Fischetti, DOI                          Cathy Egan-Dukes, RSBS
Trish Low, UAS                                Rob Tidy, Fac of Arts
Catherine Fay, Student Admin                  Alanah McCann, RSBS
Vanessa Lauf, F&S (CSU)                       Rebecca Noble, RSAA
Lorraine Scarr, RSC                           Cheryl Morse, Fac of Medicine
Sharon Sutton, IPAR                           Colette Puniard, IPAR
Bronwyn Stuart, RegNet

Kellie Schadel, DOI                           Kelly Wicks, MSI
Andrew Cregan, JCSMR                          Karen Sanecki, CEDAM
Pamela Roberts, IPAR                          Donna Webster, Chancelry Tower
Lizzy Smith, IPAR                             Sarah O’Callaghan, Fac of Science
Andrew Mead, Uni Exec                         Zdena Jezek, F&BS
Melanie Vicary, MAC                           Jayne Hardy, Law
Patrick Bellchambers, Law

Meeting opened at 9.39 am.

   1. Previous Minutes

       No outstanding actions
       No questions/queries received

   2. Stress Prevention Presentation

       Please see attached PowerPoint presentation
   3. Update on training / meeting dates for 2005

          Next RACLO meeting:                15 August 2005
          RACLO/OSLO meetings:               16 May 2005 & 21 November 2005
          RACLO training:                    16 March 2005 & 6 September 2005

   Times, dates and venues of meetings / training are also available on our web

   4. General Business
    Discussion on the need for reporting minor incidents. This is necessary for a number of
   1. Duty of Care
   2. Injured person is reassured that people care
   3. Incident recorded in the event of complications (eg: infection)
   4. Over reporting is preferable to under reporting

    General discussion held on harassment and bullying within the ANU.

    Reminder to ensure that a Claim for Time Off Work form takes place of a leave
     application. Comcare claimants should not submit leave applications through HORUS.

    A question was raised regarding the need to report incidents that occur at home.
   If a staff member is injured at home, and the injury impacts on their work, assistance can be
   sought from IPAR without submitting an Incident Notice.

   Meeting closed at 10.25am.

Next meeting

The next meeting is the combined RACLO/OSLO meeting, which is being held on
16 May 2005 (9:30am – 11:00am) in the Ross Hohnen Room, Chancelry Building.

Please forward agenda items to Colette Puniard (


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