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					Tips For Test in School

Exam at school may be ready to come to us. Whether it's a test for daily tests, mid semester,
semester, or the National Exam. As students, we must be prepared to deal with it. Especially for the
exam which will determine the future of the National Exam. Here I have a few tips for friends who
will face a test of whether school exams and national exams even increase class. These tips include
the preparation before the test and after running the test.

1. Before the Exam Preparation
a. Dividing time learned. We are although smart in dividing the study time. Learning is best between
the hours of 20:00 to 21:30. It would be better if we learn between the hours of 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 or
after we pray tahajud until dawn.
b. Refreshing Refreshing or refreshment of the brain is very important and obligatory for students
like us. We can take a vacation or to the resorts while washing the eyes and refresh the brain and
the mind before we carry out the test. Of course this will increase the motivation and enthusiasm in

c. Prayer Learning without praying that all of it with pride. Pray without studying it without learning
is tantamount to lying. So pray every moment that we feel with the Creator. Because only He
substances that give help when we have difficulty in dealing with the exam. d. Many charity Many of
our friends are smart but do not succeed, while those who just barely known even by rogue instead
he succeeded. It's all because of science or lucky. People who are dumb fail with smart people.
People who are smart with the less intelligent people, but people are intelligent it is still inferior to
that lucky person. And those who are lucky are the lucky person is someone who is always close to
the creator and a lot to do charity work. So lots of charity is also no harm other than we'll get a
reward also increases the sense of solidarity towards each other.

2. Implementation Exam
a. Try to get up early and prepare everything not to get a forgetfulness. If it still managed to open
the book just a repeat of what is learned overnight.
b. Try breakfast beforehand.
c. Before leaving for school pamitlah with parents especially mother-lebi demgan if necessary kissed
his hand and ask for your blessings. Because the mother is a blessing of God's blessing as well.
d. When getting exam try to relax.
e. Pray first.
f. Before starting work on the problems smile first. Because with a smile everything will be
wonderful including when he found the question difficult.
g. Do the easy questions first.
h. Use the best time.
i. Double check the work before leaving the exam room.

3. After Undergoing Testing
a. Prepare lesson materials that will be tested tomorrow.
b. No need to discuss a new test carried out earlier because then there are two possibilities if we are
correct then we would be happy, but if one of us will be disappointed automatically will reduce the
enthusiasm for learning. So the key, PD only. Assume that what you do is correct all.
c. The latter is that we submit all to God. Because He is the Supreme Originator. Do not forget to
always pray and do good all the time.
So from my earlier tips. Good luck and Good Luck?

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