Tips For Children Love Learning at Home by yogaesthi


									Tips For Children Love Learning at Home

The success of children in school must be supported by a learning atmosphere that is created
at home. This is because at learning that the children endured at school not much longer with
the time spent studying at home or outside school. In the USA for example, the children's
school time is no more than 180 days in one year. And even then only takes about 9 hours
each day. In Indonesia, the time to learn that served children in school and even much less
because the cut off time of the semester, national and religious holiday, and also Sunday, so
the practical number of school days about 240 days each year. That was the time spent each
day just around between 2-6 hours each day. If it is assumed children spent 6 hours in school
each day, equivalent to 60 days in a year when there are a total of 240 days of school, then
the rest of the time outside of school. What is meant by studying at home means not only
learn the theory from scientific books, but learning in a broader sense. Here's how to strive
for the learning process at home with the kids still fun:

1. When children as young as pre-school, you as parents can transmit the preference learning
by letting them see and hear you read. If necessary, invite them to visit the library. If they are
able to read, no one made their own library card.

2. Provide a variety of stationery and drawing equipment at home to stimulate their creativity.

3. Get used to create the children engage in activities that benefit the development of their
abilities, do not just give or dictate something to do.

4. Help your child to complete a job according to the phases of age and allow them to try to
do it themselves without your help if it is possible. Develop a rational attitude and mindset.
Teach them also to be consistent with the schedule of completion of work or activity around
the house. Make schedule or planned activities at home with them if necessary. When the
child was sitting in elementary school, accompany and assist them to complete homework
from school. For that, you need to convince them that homework is an important element in
the process of mastering a science, so it is important to always do my homework.
Comfortable for children to learn at home, especially finish homework, give it a special place
in the quiet house to study. That way, their achievements in school would be proud.

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