Transmission SolutionS
Traditionally one of the largest business   •   Optical networking and services layer      2. 1994-2009: Turnkey national rollout
sectors in Saab Grintek Technologies, we        technologies supporting 100 Mbps to           of a Tellabs 6300 managed transport
offer focused, turnkey and end-to-end           40 Gbps                                       solution for a major fixed line operator
solutions and services in:                  •   Echo cancellation and voice-quality           in South Africa (Ethernet over SDH)
•   Managed access systems for integrated       enhancement (VQE) solutions.                  national projects
    voice and data services (PDH, ATM,                                                     3. 2007 – ongoing turnkey national
    Frame Relay, SDH or IP) for the         The solutions we offer deliver simplified         rollout of a Tellabs 8600 managed edge
    provision of a variety of business      network design and increased service              solution (IP/MPLS) for a major GSM
    services over high-capacity backbone    options through multi-service platform            cellular operator in South Africa
    networks                                capability. Our customers have                 4. 2008 – ongoing turnkey national
•   Managed transport systems for           experienced significant reductions in             rollout of a Tellabs 7100 optical
    Ethernet over new generation SDH,       Opex and Capex through unified network            transport project for a major GSM
    PDH(?) networks supporting multi-       management capabilities.                          cellular operator in South Africa.
    service provisioning platforms (MSPP)
•   Managed edge systems with IP/           SucceSS StorieS:
    MPLS platform with TDM, FR, ATM,
    SDH, Ethernet access aimed at the       1. 1994-2009: Turnkey national rollout of
    deployment of mobile transport              a Tellabs 8100 managed access solution
    networks, and Ethernet and IP VPN           for a major fixed line operator in South
    services                                    Africa
•   Multi-service router systems
                      saaB GrinTeK
                      Saab Grintek Technologies (SGT) is a             •   Programme / project management skills
                      telecommunications company offering                  relevant to the industry
                      a comprehensive range of end-to-end              •   Generic and specific training in
                      services and solutions to operators, OEMs,           telecommunications in general, as well as
                      enterprise and governments. We specialise in         specialised training on equipment from
                      integrated, leading edge and comprehensive           respective OEMs
                      solutions across the entire spectrum of          •   Power solutions and efficiency
                      telecommunications. Our company’s vision             optimisations to reduce power usage on
                      is to be the innovative systems integrator of        the overall power grid
                      choice for telecommunications solutions.
                                                                       “Your PArtNerSHiP to teLe-
                      Utilising expertise from all our divisions,      coMMuNicAtioNS SucceSS”
                      where necessary, and in conjunction with our
                      partners, we are able to offer any combination   The company has been in the industry for
                      of:                                              over 20 years and has its headquarters in
                      • Technology strategy and network                Centurion in South Africa. SGT has built up
                          consulting                                   a solid reputation in the industry for delivery
                      • Wireless and wireline core and access          and consistent, measureable value add to its
                          transmission                                 customers.
                      • End-to-end turnkey network solutions
                          from concept to deployment and support       The company has been ISO 9001:2000
                      • Managed services including partial or          accredited for 11 years through DEKRA
                          complete outsourcing and out-tasking of      and will be implementing the latest ISO
                          entire networks or sub-sectors               9001:2008 accreditation and boasts industry
                      • Planning, installation, commissioning,         proven processes and procedures.
                          integration and optimisation

www.saabgrintek.com          coNtAct
                             customers who want to know more about Saab Grintek technologies must contact
                             SGt Marketing on telephone: +27 (0)12 672 8296 and our Nigeria office
                             on +234 (1) 892 8465 or email: sgtinfo@grintek.com

                                                                                              issue 1 - November 2009

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