Gr a d u a t e Pro g r a m s
                                                                            P RO G R A M
        Re c o g n i t i o n a n d
                                               Musical Prologue             THE NEW ORLEANS BRASS ENSEMBLE
     Ho o d i n g C e re m o n y           Academic Procession              MICHAEL J. BLUM, P H .D.
                                                                            PAUL FORBES, M.A.
                                                                            MARTIN L. SACHS, M.F.A.
                                                                            KATHLEEN HERING-SMITH, P H .D.
                                                                            JUSTIN WOLFE, P H .D.

             School of                                                      The School Marshals

                                          The National Anthem               THE NEW ORLEANS BRASS ENSEMBLE
    Continuing Studies
                                                          Presiding         MICHAEL A. BERNSTEIN, P H .D.
                                                                            Professor of History and Economics
                                                                            Senior Vice President for

  School of Liberal Arts                                                    Academic Affairs and Provost

                                     Presentation of Candidates             BRIAN S. MITCHELL, P H .D.
                                                     for Degrees            Professor of Chemical and
                                                                            Biomolecular Engineering

   School of Medicine–                                                      Associate Provost for Graduate Studies
                                                                            and Research

   Biomedical Sciences                                                      SCHOOL OF CONTINUING STUDIES
                                                                            RICHARD A. MARKSBURY, P H .D.
                                                                            Associate Professor of Asian Studies
                                                                            The Dean of the School

  School of Science and                                                     SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS
                                                                            CAROLE R. HABER, P H .D.
            Engineering                                                     Professor of History
                                                                            The Dean of the School

                                                                            SCHOOL OF MEDICINE
                                                                            BENJAMIN P. SACHS, M.B., B.S.
                                                                            Senior Vice President and
                   Friday, May 14                                           The Dean of the School
                                                                            The James R. Doty Distinguished
                       Dixon Hall                                           Professor and Chair

                                                                            SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND
                                                                            NICHOLAS J. ALTIERO, P H .D.
                                                                            Professor of Biomedical Engineering
                                                                            The Dean of the School

                                                Closing Remarks             THE PROVOST

                                                       Recessional          THE NEW ORLEANS BRASS ENSEMBLE

                                                    The audience is requested to remain seated during
                                                      the Academic Procession and the Recessional.

                                          Reception immediately following in the Lavin-Bernick Center Ballroom.

                                           The listing of candidates for degrees is accurate as of April 21, 2010.
                                            Formal verification of degrees conferred must be obtained from the
                                                             Office of the University Registrar.

School of Continuing Studies                                                  School of Liberal Arts

C A N D I D AT E S F O R                Elena Shabliy, B.A.                   C A N D I D AT E S                 William Mattison Farah, B.A.
MASTER OF                               Moscow, Russia                        FOR MASTER                         El Paso, Texas
L I B E R A L A RT S                    Gilbert Perry Wilcox, B.A.            O F F I N E A RT S                 Erin Kate Forte, B.A.
                                        River Ridge, Louisiana                                                   Wahiawa, Hawaii
Lauren Ashley Alsgood, B.A.             (Degrees conferred August 15, 2009)   Margaret Schoen Anderson, B.F.A.   Tanya Lynn Goldman, B.A.
Ocean Springs, Mississippi                                                    Toledo, Ohio                       Valley Stream, New York
                                        James Buford Ellsworth II, B.S.
Robert William Drace, B.A.              Geismar, Louisiana                    Michele Nicole Basta, B.F.A.       Michael Eugene Goldston, B.A.
Saucier, Mississippi                                                          New Orleans, Louisiana             Aiken, South Carolina
                                        Mona Lisa Duffel Jones, B.A.
Thea Theresa English, B.A.              New Orleans, Louisiana                Angy Julieth Estrada, B.M.         Wilson Aaron Goss, B.A.
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        Cali, Colombia                     Los Angeles, California
Alice Franz Glenn, B.A.                                                       Leah Mindy Farrelly, B.A.          John Hunter Harper, B.A.
New Orleans, Mississippi                                                      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania           Jacksonville, Alabama
James Ryan Gillis, B.A.                                                       Valerie Michele Perez Johnson,     Kurt Reinhard Hofer, B.A.
Metairie, Louisiana                                                             B.F.A.                           San Marino, California
Onita Blanche Harris, B.A.                                                    San Antonio, Texas                 Robert Brandon Kappel, B.S.
Larose, Louisiana                                                             Casey Katherine Lard, B.F.A.       Manalapan, New Jersey
Lacey Marie Hyer, B.A.                                                        Carlisle, Pennsylvania             Christian Michael Legett, B.A.
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        Laura Faye Sirkin-Brown, B.F.A.    Mobile, Alabama
Katherine Mosier Johnston, B.A.                                               New Orleans, Louisiana             Melina Mora Leodas-Whelan, B.A.
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        Regina Nicole Smith, B.F.A.        Santa Fe, New Mexico
Kizzie Lorraine Jones, B.A.                                                   Baton Rouge, Louisiana             Alexander Romero MacLachlan,
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        John Thomas Tucker, B.F.A.           B.A.
Cheryl Ann Magee, B.A.                                                        Gainesville, Florida               Sedona, Arizona
Baton Rouge, Louisiana                                                        Elizabeth Anne Waldman, M.A.,      Jessica Grace MacLeish, B.A.
David Michael Molaison, B.A.                                                    B.A.                             Ardsley, New York
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        Albuquerque, New Mexico            Amanda Beth Magdalena, B.A.
Megan Marie Richardson, B.A.                                                  Ryan Watkins-Hughes, B.F.A.        Cookeville, Tennessee
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        Atlanta, Georgia                   Paul Marinaro, B.A.
Lana Rodriguez                                                                Ricola Jason Willie, B.F.A.        New Orleans, Louisiana
River Ridge, Louisiana                                                        Coolidge, New Mexico               Duncan Paul Daniel May, B.A.
Sarah Stafford Scott, B.A.                                                                                       Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Alexandria, Louisiana                                                         C A N D I D AT E S                 Caitlin Brigid Mellicant, B.S.
                                                                                                                 Ellicott City, Maryland
Shelita Marie Sells, B.A.                                                     FOR MASTER
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        O F A RT S                         Catherine Rachael Miller, B.S.
Brian Wayne Shinault, B.A                                                                                        Tempe, Arizona
Metairie, Louisiana                                                           Phillip Anthony Berns, B.A.        James Hooker Minge, J.D.
Jennifer Elizabeth Smith, B.A.                                                LaPlace, Louisiana                 New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        Roberta Rea Beyer, B.A.            Danielle Marie Murphy-Cannella,
Eduardo Platon Teixtira, B.A.,                                                Lexington, Massachusetts             B.A.
  M.B.A.                                                                                                         Manhattan Beach, California
                                                                              Christopher Denton Brown, A.B.,
Salvador, Bahia Brazil                                                          A.B.J.                           Gwendolyn Mae Murray, B.A.
Vanessa Tolino, B.F.A.                                                        Marietta, Georgia                  Seattle, Washington
Indiana, Pennsylvania                                                         John Adikes Bundschuh, B.A.        Gabriel Leobardo Ocampo, B.A.
Monica Maria White, B.A.                                                      Hollis, New Hampshire              Chicago, Illinois
Kansas City, Missouri                                                         Christopher Daniel Burke, B.A.     Kristen Pasmore, B.A.
Judyth Annette Wier, B.S.                                                     Toms River, New Jersey             Joplin, Missouri
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        Heriberto Jose Cabada, B.A.        Samantha Jean Peitler, B.A.
(Degrees conferred December 31, 2009)                                         Coral Gables, Florida              Inwood, New York

Kimberly Quatroy Aucoin, B.A.                                                 Kristin Leigh Condotta, B.A.       Valerie Marie Piet, B.S.
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        Keller, Texas                      Idaho Falls, Idaho

Corey Max Brenner, B.A.                                                       Georgia Dewstoe Daniels, B.A.      Mark Wayne Pryor, B.A., M.A.
Lanesborough, Massachusetts                                                   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania           New Orleans, Louisiana

Timothy Joseph Keane, B.A.                                                    Bryan Alan Davis, B.A.             Xiaowei Qu, B.M.
Palm Springs, California                                                      New Orleans, Louisiana             Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Lozarie Denay Hodges Riley, B.A.                                              Christopher Peter England, B.A.    Lauren Ashley Romero, B.A.
New Orleans, Louisiana                                                        Morgan Hill, California            New Orleans, Louisiana

Danica Marie Sagona, B.A.               Stephanie Joelle Smolarski, B.A.
Chattanooga, Tennessee                  Ocala, Florida
Nathan Savin Scott, B.A.                Beibei Yang, B.A., M.A.
Andover, Massachusetts                  Xinyang, Henan, China
Lisa Ann Shelley, B.A.
Tigard, Oregon                          C A N D I D AT E S F O R
Elizabeth Christine Skilton, B.A.       D O C TO R O F
Nashua, Iowa
Danielle Renee Smith, B.A.
Springfield, Illinois
                                        Carolyn Anne Day, M.Phil., B.A.,
Brian Joseph Walters, B.A.                B.S.
Chautauqua, New York                    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
John Thomas Walters, B.A.               Anne McNeill Gibson, B.A., M.A.
Prescott, Arizona                       Davidson, North Carolina
Corey John Waters, B.A.                 David Hervas, B.A., M.A.
Amesbury, Massachusetts                 Alcala de Henares, Spain
Kane-Elaine Hebert Wischan, B.A.        Marc Christopher Maddox, B.S.
Covington, Louisiana                    Wichita, Kansas
Christopher John Young, B.A.            Lori Michelle Roe, B.A., M.A.
Chicago, Illinois                       Fairhope, Alabama
Bing Qing Zhang, B.A.                   Stanley Serafin, B.S., M.A.
Austin, Texas                           Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
(Degrees conferred December 31, 2009)   Whitney Voltz, B.A., M.A.
Graham Duncan Hall, B.S.                New Orleans, Louisiana
Greenville, Texas                       (Degrees conferred December 31, 2009)
Christopher Raymond Knorr Kent,         Denise Tatum Frazier, B.A., M.A.
  B.A., M.A.L.D.                        Houston, Texas
Alpena, Michigan
                                        Marcel Ionesco, B.A., M.A.
Sarah Elizabeth Nawoichik, B.A.,        Brasov, Romania
Lexington, Massachusetts                Lihong Shi, B.A., M.A., M.A.
                                        Shengang, Lianoning, China
Kevin J.B. O’Connor, B.A.
Hornell, New York                       (Degrees conferred August 15, 2009)

Adrianne Carroll Ott, B.S.              Alicia Aviles-Quiñones, B.A.,
Acworth, Georgia                          M.A., M.A.
                                        Lajas, Puerto Rico
Pellerree Amelia Steadman, B.A.
Hattiesburg, Mississippi                Richard Mark Conway, B.A., M.A.
                                        Ansty, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Chloe Alexis Thibodeaux, B.A.
Opelousas, Louisiana                    Conard Crutchfield Hamilton,
                                          B.A., M.A.
(Degrees conferred August 15, 2009)
                                        Williamsburg, Virginia
Adam Stewart Beebe, B.A.                Lori Michelle Jahnke, B.A., M.A.
Chicago, Illinois                       Albert Lea, Minnesota
Matthew Dylan Chaldekas, B.A.           Misha MacLaird, B.A., M.A.
Wixom, Michigan                         Oakland, California
Lori Rose Dowell, B.A.                  Mirzam Cristina Perez, B.A., M.A.
Carthage, Tennessee                     San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Thomas Arthur Evison Jr., B.A.          Harimialy May Rajaonson, B.A.,
Tabernacle, New Jersey
Jane Laurance Gruning, B.A.             Antananarivo, Madagascar
New Orleans, Louisiana
                                        Ramsey Tracy, B.A., M.A.
Horacio Marcelo Quiroga, B.A.,          Ann Arbor, Michigan
Montevideo, Uruguay
Daniel Raisbeck, B.A.
Bogotá, Colombia
Adam Christopher Rappold, B.A.
El Campo, Texas
Lamont David Rodgers, B.A.,
Lehighton, Pennsylvania

School of Medicine–Biomedical Sciences

C A N D I D AT E S                  Kristen Daniel Talbot, B.S.           Christopher Michael Hodnette,    (Degrees awarded December 31, 2009)

FOR MASTER                          Baton Rouge, Louisiana                  B.S.                           Weichao Guo, B.S., M.S.
                                    Heather Marie Torres, B.A., B.S.      Pensacola, Florida               Anyang, China
                                    Fort Worth, Texas                     Ari Joseph Hyman, B.A.           Joseph Paul Nemargut, III, B.S.
Saira Ahmed, B.S                    Patrick John Viviano, B.S.            Beaumont, Texas                  Raleigh, North Carolina
Belleair Beach, Florida             Mandeville, Louisiana                 Mona Jodari-Karimi, B.S.         Julie Ann Semon, B.S., M.S.P.H.
Dustin Robert Anderson, B.S.        Caroline Horne Walker, B.S.           Chico, California                DesMoines, Iowa
Farmington, Utah                    Dallas, Texas                         Ryan Kyle Jones, B.S.            (Degrees awarded August 15, 2009)
Sabrina Baranello                   Alex Woehlke                          New Orleans, Louisiana
                                                                                                           Tung-chin Chiang, M.S., M.S.P.H.
Eastport, New York                  Chicago, Illinois                     Ronak R. Kedia, B.S.             Taipei, Taiwan
Joseph Anthony Barbercheck,         Keith Wong, B.S.                      New Orleans, Louisiana
                                                                                                           Thomas Christopher Freeman,
  B.A., B.S.                        Anaheim, California                   Kara Ann Krutsinger, B.S.          B.S.
Crown Point, Indiana                Yao Yang, B.S.                        Portland, Oregon                 Durham, North Carolina
Ahmed Abdalla Mohamed Bashir,       Beijing, China                        George Franklin Lasker, B.S.     William Grady Gunn, B.S.
  M.B.B.S.                          (Degrees awarded December 31, 2009)
                                                                          Marietta, Georgia                Hattiesburg, Mississippi
New Orleans Louisiana                                                     Shelby Alaine Lloyd, B.A.
                                    Katalin Lelkes Lyons, B.S.                                             Nathalia Gabrielle Holt, B.S., M.S.
Daniel Harrington Desmond, B.S.     East Amwell, New Jersey               Loveland, Colorado               Ventura, California
Lake Forest, California                                                   Michael Logan Maccurdy, B.S.
                                    David Gentry Nielsen, B.S.                                             Wen-Tzu Lai, M.S.
Kevin Michael Frank, B.S.           Metairie, Louisiana                   Slidell, Louisiana               Taichung, Taiwan
Saline, Michigan                                                          David Joseph Newton, B.S.
                                    Christopher George Suciu, B.S.                                         Tereance Alixandre Meyers, B.S.,
John Craig Garrett, B.A.                                                  Ocala, Florida
                                    Wilmette, Illinois                                                       M.S.
Danville, California                                                      Diem Nguyet Tien Nguyen, B.S.    Covington, Louisiana
                                    Thomas Ngo Trang
Rachel Elizabeth Sheldon Gelfond                                          El Monte, California
                                    League City, Texas                                                     Diederik van Bodegom, B.Sc.
San Francisco, California                                                 Vaughn Eugene Nossaman, B.S.     Linschoten, the Netherlands
                                    (Degrees awarded August 15, 2009)
Chelsea Midori Grimes                                                     New Orleans, Louisiana
Beverly Hills, California           Manish Bhartiya, B.A.
                                    Vienna, Virginia
                                                                          Shelby Marie Padway, B.A.
William Hart Grozinger, B.A.                                              Alameda, California
Shreveport, Louisiana               Christopher David Blackstock,
                                                                          Brittany Lyn Peterson, B.A.
                                      B.A., B.S.                          Medina, Ohio
Thomas Andrew Jackson, B.A.,        Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  B.S.                                                                    Ashwin Prakash Rao, B.A.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana              Neal Wayne Bost, B.S.                 Kenner, Louisiana
                                    Beaumont, Texas
Eric Matthew Kasprowicz, B.S.                                             Meghan Rose Waters, B.A.
Vienna, Virginia                    Christina Colleen Calfee, B.A.        Novato, California
                                    Gainesville, Florida
Megan Kathleen Killion, B.S.                                              Brett James Welke
New Orleans, Louisiana              Carolyn Farley Campbell, B.S.         Lake Charles, Louisiana
                                    Denver, Colorado
William Kraemer Lang, B.S.                                                Martin Devitt White, B.S.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio                 Adam Charles Cerise, B.A.             Western Springs, Illinois
                                    New Orleans, Louisiana
Akshar Pankaj Patel, B.S.
Natchitoches, Louisiana             Stephen Michael Combes, B.S.
                                    New Orleans, Louisiana                C A N D I D AT E S F O R
Alayna Claire Rockenschuh, B.S.                                           D O C TO R O F
Lafayette, Louisiana                Zachary Stephen Daniels, B.A.
                                    Cincinnati, Ohio                      PHILOSOPHY
Michael Lawrence Rosenberg,
 B.A.                               Sima Ajit Desai, B.S.
                                    Chattanooga, Tennessee                Shaowei Chen, B.M., M.S.
Arlington Heights, Illinois                                               Suqian, China
Travis Stephen Roth, B.A.           Colin James Devlin, B.S.
                                    Marblehead, Massachusetts             Zhuang Feng, B.M.
Gulf Breeze, Florida                                                      Xiuyan, China
Karthik Vellore Kanaka Sabapathy,   Matthew Maxwell Gestaut, B.S.
                                    Hopkinton, Massachusetts              Torrance Tremayne Green, B.S.,
  B.A.                                                                      M.S.P.H., M.D.
Plainview, New York                 Jaclyn Merilee Beth Gorovoy, B.S.     Bolton, Mississippi
                                    Fort Myers, Florida
Aman Seth                                                                 Padma Sandeep Koka, B.T.
Short Hills, New Jersey             Matthew Edward Harnach, B.S.          Vijayawada, India
                                    Chicago, Illinois
Ross Michael Simon, B.S.                                                  Lyndsay Vanhoy Rhodes, B.A.
Winter Haven, Florida               Mallory Marie Herlevic, B.S.
                                    Monroe, Louisiana                       B.S.
Mark Chadwick Soileau, B.S.                                               Faith, North Carolina
Ville Platte, Louisiana             Chad Anthony Hille, B.S.
                                    River Ridge, Louisiana                Jane Sibley Titterington, B.A.
Stacy Yi-Ru Sun                                                           Prairie Village, Kansas
Walnut, Louisiana

School of Science and Engineering

C A N D I D AT E S                 Layne Patricia Gardella, B.S.      David Michael Long, B.S.           Kenea Chukwunomnso Udobi,
FOR MASTER                         Fort Lauderdale, Florida           Palm Desert, California              B.Sc.
                                   Rita Sudhir Golikeri, B.S.P.H.     Sarah Rachel Lukens, B.S.          Asaba, Nigeria
                                   Houston, Texas                     Oakdale, Conneticut                Barbara Tierney Walsh, B.S.
Aisha Ali                          Leah Emily Grossman, B.S.          Cali Marlana Meyer                 Saint Louis, Missouri
Chicago, Illinois                  Westlake Village, California       Hammond, Louisiana                 Chuandao Wang
Pavan Kumar Ananth, B.A.           Xinying Guan, B.S.                 Kaitlyn Anne Meyers, B.S.          Hefei, China
Washington, District of Columbia   Lianyungang, China                 Baton Rouge, Louisiana             Kelsey Oren Brown Ward, B.S.
Shoib Bajaj, B.S.E.                David Huckleberry Gutman           Sara Christina Mizany, B.A.        Leawood, Kansas
Kenner, Louisiana                  Tucson, Arizona                    San Francisco, California          Seung Hee Yoon, B.S.
Mohamed-Aly Reda Bakeer, B.S.      Brooke Jaclyn Hansen, B.S.         Christopher Cain Nguyen, B.S.      Seoul, Korea
Metairie, Louisiana                Cranbury, New Jersey               Shreveport, Louisiana              John Paul Zepecki, B.S.
Bennett O’Brien Battle, B.A.       Connie Ho, B.S.                    Jason Forrest Ohlstein             Corning, Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas              Wilmette, Illinois                 Glenmoore, Pennsylvania            Amy Qian Zhang, B.S.
John Franklin Berry, B.A.          Franz Michael Hoffmann             Michael Matthias Olson, B.A.       Jennings, Louisiana
Columbus, Georgia                  Taunusstein, Germany               Hamden, Conneticut
Allison Blodorn, B.A.              Christopher Ramsay Holdgraf,       Laura Popich Patron, B.S.E.        C A N D I D AT E S F O R
Santa Barbara, California            B.S.                             New Orleans, Louisiana             D O C TO R O F
William Rea Brian, B.A.            Fairway, Kansas                    Haley Nicole Peterson, B.S.        PHILOSOPHY
Collierville, Tennessee            Ping Hu, B.S.                      Lake Oswego, Oregon
Susan Leigh Bursch, B.S.           Bejing, China                      Kun Qian, B.S.                     Kuppuswamy Arumugam, M.Sc.
Nashville, Tennessee               Kari Inoue, B.A.                   Nantong, Jiangsu, China            Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India
Kristen Ann Butcher, B.S.          Japan                              Jennifer Renee Rainville, B.A.     Bonnie Lynn Barrilleaux, B.S.,
Metairie, Louisiana                Peter Arthur Jacobson, B.Sc.       Fayston, Vermont                     M.S.
Nicholas Edward Calvo, B.A.        Lincoln, Nebraska                  Alexander Bragg Ramos, B.A.        Kenner, Louisiana
Del Mar, California                Swati Jain, B.S.                   Shreveport, Louisiana              Gail Samuels Blaustein, B.S.,
Clelie Claire Carpenter            Lake Charles, Louisiana            Rachel Regn, B.S.                    M.M.
Sunshine, Louisiana                Scott Robert Jennings              Edison, New Jersey                 New Orleans, Louisiana
Vinodhkumar Chellamuthu            Shreveport, Louisiana              Andrew Micheal Reynolds, B.A.      Stefan Thomas Boettner, M.S.
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India          Ferdous Kadri, B.S.                Sterling, Massachusetts            Rheinberg, Germany
Amanda Shinae Chung                Slidell, Louisiana                 Kelly Anne Ross, B.S.              Priya Shilpa Boindala, B.Sc.,
Greenville, Texas                  Christine Okjin Kang, B.S.,        Boulder, Colorado                    M.Sc.
                                     M.H.S.                                                              Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Kyung Min Chung, B.S.                                                 Christine Margaret Sassane, B.A.
Seoul, Korea                       Cerritos, California               Doylestown, Pennsylvania           Ramon Alberto Espinoza-Lewis,
Alexander Drake Cigan              Sakshi Kaul, B.Sc.                 Elizabeth Nichole Saunders, B.S.     B.Sc.
                                   Toronto, Canada                    Waxahachie, Texas                  Arequipa, Peru
Oswego, Oregon
Heidi Connahs                      Brigid Ann Kirlin, B.A.            Edward Fulton Selser, B.S., M.S.   David Michael Fobes, B.S.
                                   Indianapolis, Indiana              Terrytown, Louisiana               Huntington Beach, California
Brighton, United Kingdom
Ashley Nicole Denmark, B.S.        Elizabeth Keely Kvochak, B.S.      Tasneam Mahmoud Shagroni,          Samantha Francois, B.S., M.S.
                                   Brentwood, Tennessee                                                  New Orleans, Louisiana
Saint Louis, Missouri                                                   B.S.
Michael Paul Dicharry, B.S.        Donald Christopher La Seur, B.A.   Houston, Texas                     Samantha Lee Gerlach, B.S.
                                   The Woodlands, Texas                                                  Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Metairie, Louisiana                                                   Carly Ann Shevinsky
Danielle Helene Drabeck, B.S.      Jamie Lee, B.A.                    Ramona, California                 Nathaniel Scott Ivey, B.A., B.S.
                                   La Canada Flintridge, California                                      Charlottesville, Virginia
Los Angeles, California                                               Richard Ephraim Silbert, B.S.
Marco Fulvio Elegante, B.S.        Helen Paige Leonard, B.S.          Wilmette, Illinois                 Anne-Marie Jacob, B.S.E., M.S.
                                   New Smyrna Beach, Florida                                             New Orleans, Louisiana
Salt Lake City, Utah                                                  Nicholas Sparks, B.S.
Jeremy Nathan Ford, B.S.           Benjamin Jake Levine, B.S.         London, Conneticut                 Fay Oh Kim, B.S., M.S.
                                   New Orleans, Louisiana                                                Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Goldsboro, North Carolina                                             Adam Michael Stewart, B.A., B.S.
David Anthony Fried                Qi Li, B.Ed.                       Pittsburg, Pennsylvania            Timothy Michael Luis, B.A., M.S.
                                   Chengdu, Sichuan, China                                               Columbus, Ohio
Flossmoor, Illinois                                                   Andrew Thomas Tracey, B.A.
Ann Elizabeth Fritsche, B.S.       Yuyuan Lin, B.S.                   Chatham, New Jersey                Laura Katherine Manning, B.A.,
Dallas, Texas                      New Orleans, Louisiana             My-Huyen Mary Tran, B.A., B.S.       M.S.
                                                                      New Orleans, Louisiana             Richmond, Virginia
Siddharth Subhash Gaikwad,         Rebecca Lee Lipinski, B.S.
  M.B.B.S.                         Stratford, New Jersey              Tim Twelbeck                       Tara Joy Massad, B.S.
                                                                      Mainz, Germany                     Portland, Oregon
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tara Mathews, B.S., M.S.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Celine Marie McConville, B.A.,
Centerville, Iowa
Qingkai Meng, B.Eng.
Chifeng, Nei Mongol, China
Erie Hector Morales
Santiago, Chile
Jenny Morgenweck, B.S.
Somers Point, New Jersey
Shaefali Pillai Rodgers, B.S.,
Mumisai, India
Ashish Vikas Sangwai, B.S.
Akola, Maharashtra, India
Amos Matthew Smith, B.S., M.S.
Merion, Pennsylvania
Jianwei Sun, M.E., M.S.
Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Feng-Ju Weng, M.S., M.S.P.H
Taipei, Taiwan
Ning Wu, B.S., M.S.
Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Yuanyuan Wu, B.S.
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
Wei Xiong, B.S., M.S.
Bejing, China
Ahmet Zehir, B.Sc.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Jingjing Zhan, M.S.
Anquing, China
Xiujuan Zhang, B.S.
Weifang, Shandong, China


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