Wireless Networks Possibilities for Lakewood

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					Muni Wireless Networks:
  Possibilities for Lakewood

           Presented by Lakewood Public Library

                      Kenneth Warren
- Bob Hazeldine - John Guscott - Nick Kelley - Dave Popeck -
                      August 10, 2005

     Benefits of Muni Wi-Fi
Improves economic activity?

Attract/retain residents?

Improves city services?

Improves personal productivity/quality of
 life of Lakewood citizenry?
City Wide Wi-Fi


Targeted Neighborhood(s)

Scattered Hotspots
    Necessary Equipment
Internet Feed

Network Hardware Infrastructure –
 router, access points, antennas

User Equipment – wireless network
 adapter; computer or mobile
 communications device
       Data Circuit Costs
 Telecom Companies:

 Cable Television Companies:

 Ultra-broadband:
    Network Infrastructure
Straight wi-fi or wi-fi mesh?
Access points
Network management software
Where to locate? Who will install?
       User Equipment
+ PCMIA/USB Adapter


          Issues to Resolve
 Populations to Serve
 Coverage
 Costs
 Charging for Service
 Physical Maintenance
 Security
 Terms of Use
 User Technical Support/Training
 Legal Minefields
Ohio House – H.B. 188

U.S. House – H.R. 2726 IH

U.S. Senate – S. 1294 IS

U.S. Senate – Broadband Investment
 and Consumer Choice Act
     U.S. House – H.B. 2726 IH

 Pete Sessions of (TX)
 introduced May 26, 2005

 To prohibit municipal governments from
  offering telecommunications, information,
  or cable services except to remedy market
  failures by private enterprise to provide
  such services.
          Ohio House Bill 188
 If two or more competing private enterprises provide
  electronic commerce services, a government agency must
  not engage, through the expenditure of public moneys, in
  any activity to provide or offer those services or to expand
  similar services to the public.
 Any provider of electronic commerce services that resides or
  does business in Ohio has standing to bring a cause of
  action for appropriate relief in a court of competent
  jurisdiction challenging the provision of those services by a
  government agency in a manner that is not in accordance
  with the bill's exception procedures (see Sec. 1306.28).
 Nothing in the bill, however, prohibits a government agency
  from providing electronic commerce services to the public in
  the absence of two or more competing private enterprises
  providing those services.
        U.S. Senate – S. 1294 IS
 Senator Lautenberg (R) of NJ
 introduced June 23, 2005

“No State statute, regulation, or other State
  legal requirement may prohibit or have the
  effect of prohibiting any public provider from
  providing, to any person or any public or
  private entity, advanced telecommunications
  capability or any service that utilizes the
  advanced telecommunications capability
  provided by such provider.”
      Broadband Investment and
         Consumer Choice Act
 Senator Ensign (R) of NV
 introduced July 27, 2005

“In the event that market failure leads to
  State or local governments to contemplate
  construction of their own communications
  services, the option to enter that market
  should be first provided to commercial
  providers under similar terms to ensure that
  such governments are not competing
  unnecessarily with private industry.” Sec. 2,
       Successful Projects
Hermosa Beach CA

Chaska MN

Dayton OH

Dublin OH

 - quarterly reports
         Potential Applications
 E-mail/IM communications & Web browsing

 Filesharing/downloading

 Digital Cities Initiative: e-government apps

 OneCleveland: exclusive content/applications; distance education
  possibilities for “Café University”

 24/7 access to library: enhanced catalogs, databases, KnowItNow
  24X7 reference service, Web site

 Machine-to-machine communication: automate devices; parking
  meters, surveillance cameras, traffic signals
    Future User Applications
 Consumer electronics networking

 IPTV/Media device:
media center PCs; portable media devices

 Gametown: Gaming/entertainment networks for
  residential branding

 Wi-Fi VoIP phones:
asterisk PBX, Skype phones
 Future Wireless Technologies


Ultra Wideband

WPAN – Wireless Personal Area Networks
 Where Do We Go From Here?
 Form ad-hoc executive group

 Study Intelligent Community “best practices” and other successful
  projects around the world

 Start small – phase it in

 Exec. Group/Council draft RFPs for all phases

 Develop viable business models and long-term funding strategies

 Hold Lakewood Tech Summits every six months