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					Volume 1, Issue 5

August 2008                         The Southside News
Special points of interest:         Madison Police Department-South District
•   Was that a horse I saw in
    my neighborhood?
                                    The Wheeler Report
                                    Submitted by: Capt. James Wheeler

                                    Changes at the South District

                                                           During the last few weeks there have been a couple
                                                           of changes at the South District. Tracie Jokala has
                                                           been promoted to the rank of Detective. She had      Captain Wheeler
                                                           been assigned as a Neighborhood Police Officer in
                                                           the Badger Rd/Cypress Way neighborhood. Tracie worked very hard in
                                                           the neighborhood to bring about positive change. Fortunately for us,
                                                           she will still be assigned to the South District.
                                    Det. Tracie Jokala
                                                       Officer Gloria Reyes has been selected to take the place of Detective
                                    Jokala as the Badger Rd/Cypress Way Neighborhood Police Officer. Gloria has worked in
                                    the South District as a beat officer and is aware of the challenges in the
•   Fishing tales galore with old
                                    neighborhood. Gloria is bi-lingual, and a founding member of Amigos En Azul, a group
    and young folks!                that was formed to bridge communications with our Hispanic community. She is also
                                    certified as a car seat technician and participates in the car seat checks held at our local
                                    fire stations.

                                    Both officers bring various skills to their jobs, which will make them valuable assets in
                                    the community.

                                                               Upcoming Events in South District
•   Meet the Magnolia/Cypress
    Neighborhood Officer            August 18                Early Childhood Center Reunion               Penn Park

                                    August 21                Joining Forces For Families Latino Women’s   Penn Park

                                    August 23                Boys & Girls Club Back-2-School              Penn Park

                                    August 27                4th Wed. Property Owner’s Meeting            MPD-South District
                                                                                                          Community Room

                                    August 28                Family and Community Town Supper             Penn Park

                                    September 14             Ice Cream Social-South Madison Peace         Penn Park
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                       Cypress/Magnolia News
                       Submitted by: Officer Gloria Reyes

                       Hello, my name is Officer Gloria Reyes and I am the new Cypress/Magnolia
                       Neighborhood Officer. I have been a Madison Police Officer for 6 years and have
                       worked a variety of districts and beats. I am very excited to start working with
                       residents, landlords, neighborhood association and community leaders to maintain and
                       improve the safety and quality of life of residents who live in this neighborhood.

Officer Gloria Reyes
                       I am a strong supporter of Problem Oriented Policing. Problem Oriented-Policing
                       involves police, residents, neighborhood association and organizations working together
                       to find causes to neighborhood crime problems and develop responses to problems
                       based on those causes. Community policing is a collaborative effort between the Police
                       Department and the community in finding long-term solutions to crime and decay in the

                       The Cypress/Magnolia neighborhood is challenging. I will work diligently in facing the
                       challenges surrounding this neighborhood and will work closely with community
                       stakeholders in identifying the needs of the community.

                       I urge the residents in this community to become involved in what is happening around
                       you. This is your neighborhood and with our collaborative efforts we can significantly
                       reduce the issues that affect your safety and quality of life.

                       I will continue working on property management issues by maintaining constant
                       communication with landlords and the City Attorneys Office. Our next (JOHN School)
                       Joining and Organizing Healthy Neighborhoods Course will be held on October 29, 2008
                       at the South District Station.

                       If you have any questions or concerns, or would simply like to meet your new
                       Neighborhood Police Officer, please feel free to email or call at:
             , 577-5629 (c), or 266-4439. I look forward to meeting you!
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                           Fisher/Baird Neighborhood
                           Submitted by: Officer Tammi Droessler

                           The heat of summer is here and Bram’s Addition and Penn Park are feeling it. But, the
                           neighborhood is heating up in a good way.

                           Penn Park Partners (PPP) is a group of South Madison Stakeholders that are trying to
 Officer Tammi Droessler   bring more positive, family-friendly activities to Penn Park. PPP is organizing events in
                           the park during the evening hours. Mt Zion Church held a bible study in the park on July
                           16. It was a magical event for those that attended. I heard many folks state they would
                           like to see this again. The Catholic Multicultural Center had a Family Night in the park
                           on July 30. An estimated 60-70 kids enjoyed the magic, entertainment, snacks and face
                           painting. Thanks to our partners for bringing these activities to the park

                           There are many events still planned. By the time you get this message some of these
                           other FREE events will have taken place. Please come out and join the fun.

                           Aug   16        Madison Blues Society - Blues Kids        3:30-5:30 pm
                           Aug   18        Early Childhood Center Reunion
                           Aug   21        JFF Women’s Group Potluck
                           Aug   28        Family and Community Town Supper

                           South Madison Generations (SMG) is a project that brings Quaker seniors together with
                           Boys & Girls Club kids and CDI kids. These groups join together for fun activities and
                           build lasting relationships. We recently rented MSCR pontoon boats for a morning of fun
                           and fishing on Lake Mendota. Kids and seniors caught some beautiful bluegills and a
                           nice crappie. Word has it they never even made it to the freezer!

                           I am currently working with our investigator unit, a retired investigator and another
                           neighborhood officer to put together a Junior CSI class. It will be held in Penn Park in
                           September. We hope to teach kids more about police work and how to solve crimes
                           using evidence techniques that we will teach them. It should be loads of fun for all of

                           The Southside Raiders and cheerleaders started daily practice on Aug 4. Please come
                           out and support our local athletes and enjoy the park.

                           Enjoy the summer,
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                       West High School News
                       Submitted by: Officer Dan Murphy, Educational Resource   The transition from middle school to high
                                                                                school can also be challenging for some
                       It’s hard to believe but summer vacation is              students. I will be working with school
                       slowly coming to an end and the start of                 administration in this capacity to help
                       school is around the corner. I hope                      address some of the issues new students
                       everyone had a safe summer and used the                  encounter. My hope is to facilitate a
                       time to rejuvenate as we anticipate the                  positive start to the year by contacting
                       commencement of the 2008-09 school                       some students, along with West High’s
                       year.                                                    Coordinator of School Engagement, prior to
Officer Dan Murphy
                                                                                the start of school.
                       One of my goals as we transition into the
                       new school year is to be as visible as                   Once again I look forward to the return of
                       possible in and around the school though a               staff and students and hope everyone has
                       variety of activities. I would like to focus on          enjoyed some needed rest and relaxation
                       a more educational approach with students                over the summer break. If you need to
                       by strengthening collaborative relationships             contact me prior to the start of the school
                       with staff. Specifically, this would entail              year I can be reached at the South Police
                       spending more time interacting with                      District at 266-5938. My direct number at
                       students in their classrooms. While I did                school is 204-4123.
                       have a number of opportunities to speak in
                       classes last year, I hope to build this into
                       more of a focal part of my time at West.

                       Triangle Neighborood
                       Submitted by: Officer Jean Stenson

                       The Ethnic Fest is scheduled for August 17, 2008 from 11AM to 6PM in the 600 and 700
                       blocks of Braxton Place and Bayview. This is a multicultural event with a variety of ethnic
                       food vendors. From the diverse entertainers, assorted arts and craft makers/exhibits and
                       a variety of activities for children this festival features something for everyone for all ages
                       and interests. Continuous outdoor entertainment will be provided on stage throughout the
Officer Jean Stenson   day. Best of all this is no admissions fee.

                       For more information call 256-7808. Hope to see you all there!

                       Additionally, I am very pleased to report that the calls for service at Brittingham Park and
                       401 West Shore Drive are almost non-existent. I have noticed that the park is once again
                       being used for healthy activities such as picnics, fishing, sports and planned events. Many
                       thanks to the local neighbors, mayors office and parks department for their cooperation in
                       making these changes.
 Volume 1, Issue 5
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                     South Investigations
                     Submitted by: Lt. Jane Stoklasa

                     South District Detectives and Officers conducted numerous investigations in July. Some
                     of the cases include:

                     Homicide investigation at 910 W Badger Rd. Daniel Wright was arrested and charged for
                     the homicide of Cassandra Mays.

                     Arrest in homicide investigation from January 28, 2008, at 714 West Shore Dr. Adam
                     Peterson arrested and charged for the homicide of Joel Marino.

                     Ongoing Investigations
                     Detectives continue to follow leads and solicit information, in the investigation of the
                     homicide of Larry Gardner, on Cypress Way, in November 2007.

                     South Transfer Point
                     Several batteries and robberies occurred at the STP. Investigations by officers and
                     detectives resulted in the arrests of several people who are responsible. On 7-29, a rider
                     battered a Madison Metro Bus Driver, and the suspect is still at large. The driver received
                     facial and head injuries.

                     Two vehicle fires, determined to arsons, were investigated. July 25: 1100 Ann St and
                     July 15: Bridge Rd. No arrests yet.

                     Penn Park
                     Follow up on weapons being fired, in the Penn Park area, continues. Arrests for
                     possession of illegal drugs on July 17.

                     July 27          Armed robbery of a man, in a parking lot at 500 blk of Moorland Rd.
                     July 26          Strong Armed Robbery of a cab driver in he 300 blk of S. Park
                     July 24          Armed robbery in the 300 blk of S. Mills St
                     July 1           Strong Armed Robbery in the 2200 blk of Cypress way

                     Lewd and Lascivious Behavior
                     July 22  Man was arrested for exposing himself to a woman, in the Waunona Woods
                              Ct area
                     July 23  Unidentified male exposing himself to lifeguard and 2 young swimmers at
                              Esther Beach. No arrest

                     Citizens receiving fake checks, in the mail, asking them to cash the checks at a bank,
                     and spend the money at certain stores and money wiring services. Checks are

                                                                                  (Continued on page 5, South Investigations)
 Volume 1, Issue 5
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                     (Continued from page 4, South Investigations)

                     Stolen Vehicles
                     Male and female arrested and charged for selling several vehicles, belonging to other
                     people, to salvage companies. Suspects falsified titles for the vehicles, and sold them
                     and had them towed for junk.

                     Graffiti on the wall of the business at 1200 Ann St.

                     Criminal Damage to Property
                     July 25      A glass door and a window, were broken at Lincoln School, by someone
                                  throwing rocks. No entry was made, to the school.

                     July 25              10 blk Sunfish Ct
                     July 8               200 blk S Park
                     July 20              1000 blk Mound St

                     June 30         Surplus It, 901 Watson Rd
                     July 3          Early Childhood Learning Center, 833 Hughes Pl
                     July 9 & 3      Blue Moon Tavern, University Av
                     July 27         Beth Israel Center, 1406 Mound
                     July 27         Johannsen’s Greenhouse, 2600 W Beltline
                     July 7 & 23     Pella Windows, 2604 Todd Dr
                     July 3          Enterprise Car Rental, 960 S Park
                     July 20         Monona Plumbing and Fire, 3118 Watford Way
                     July 26         Best Value Inn, Perry St
                     July 19         JC Mortgage, 995 Applegate
                     July 12 & 21    Overhead Door Co, 917 Watson
                     July 25         Walters Swim Shop, 1639 Monroe
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                                           South Operations
                                           Submitted by: Lt. Stephanie Bradley Wilson      MPD Mounted Horse Patrol

                                           Prostitution Arrests                            The MPD Mounted Horse Patrol has been
                                                                                           out and about in the South District.
                                           Recently prostitution enforcement was           In July, Capt. Jill Klubertanz (horse
                                           conducted in the Badger Rd area. Seven          partner Hawk) and Officer Sarah
Madison Police Department—South District   adults and one juvenile were arrested           McLaughlin (horse partner Beau) traveled
                                           during the late night operation. Adult          through Vilas, Olin and Brittingham Parks,
                                           violators received a city ordinance ticket of   the Fisher-Baird, Cypress-Magnolia
                                           $676 for Loitering for the Purpose of           neighborhoods, the South Transfer Point
                                           Prostitution. The juvenile was cited and        and Wingra Bike path. Besides helping
                                           has a mandatory court appearance.               with patrol, the officers worked on helping
                                                                                           their partners enhance their speeding
                                           If you witness solicitation occurring in your   sensory, bridgework and water obstacle
                                           neighborhood, please call the 911 Center        abilities. Horse patrol also assisted at the
                                           to report the behavior. The activity may        successful Johnny Winston, Jr. Street Ball
                                           cease prior to an officer’s arrival, but the    Tourney held on August 9 at Penn Park.
                                           documented activity allows MPD to
                                           develop strategies to respond to the
                                           problems. Prostitution is not a victimless
                                           crime! It impacts the quality of life in
                                           neighborhoods by bringing undesirable
                                           behavior, drug trafficking and increased
                                           traffic to your doorsteps. It also has a
                                           debilitating impact on the women who
                                           engage in the life style.

                                           UW Football

                                           The University of Wisconsin has again
                                           provided funds to MPD to be used to staff
                                           extra patrols in the four residential
                                           neighborhoods (Regent, Dudgeon/Monroe,
                                           Vilas and Greenbush) which are affected
                                           by noise, alcohol, crowds and related
                                           problems stemming from the UW football
                                           games. These extra patrols will be staffed
                                           on an overtime basis for the seven home
                                                                                           Important MPD Numbers
                                           The expectations for officers working
                                           these extra patrols are to be proactive in      Non-Emergency Dispatch          255-2345
                                           contacting residents and visitors who are       Crime Stoppers                  266-6014
                                           engaging in problem behaviors. Officers         Speeders Hotline                266-4624
                                           will cite for unreasonable behaviors or         Reporting Abandoned Vehicles    266-4624
                                           actions that adversely impact the quality
                                           of life in the four neighborhoods.

                                           If you decide to host a party or participate
                                           in tailgating, open intoxicants are not
                                           allowed on Madison streets and sidewalks.
                                           Please remind your guests of the City’s
                                           regulations regarding alcohol use.
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                     MADISON AREA CRIME STOPPERS

                          HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION

                                    LARRY GARDNER

     On November 21st at 9pm Larry Gardner, who is pictured above, was the victim of a
     homicide, which occurred in the 2200 Block of Cypress Way. The Madison Police
     department and the community need your help in solving this crime.

     If you have any information that might assist in identifying those involved in this
     case, please call Crime Stoppers at 266-6014. Callers to Crime Stoppers can remain
     anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1000.

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                                                APPLY NOW TO BE ONE OF
                                                 MADISON’S NEXT ADULT
                                               SCHOOL CROSSING GUARDS

                                                       WE NEED YOU!!!
  •           Work with great kids and families
  •           Serve your community

  •           Work part-time Monday-Friday (no evenings or holidays)
  •           Summers and school breaks off

  •           Health and life insurance available, WI Retirement plan, and more...
  •           $13.30-$15.70/hour, approx. 10-14 hours per week

      Taking applications now for fall 2008 employment. Obtain an application from the City’s website at or call Human Resources Department Job Opportunity Line
         (608) 266-6500. Interviews for eligible applicants will begin approximately August 18, 2008.

          MPD Annual Survey:

          MPD is conducting its annual survey where we solicit information on the concerns
          and quality of life issues of individuals in our community. To access the survey,

          Please take a few moments to share your opinions to help improve our service.
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                                             Community Policing News
                                             Submitted by: Sgt. Dave McClurg

                                             During the month of July the South CPT has invested a significant amount of time
                                             dealing with the ongoing problems with the misuse of the South Transfer Point. We
                                             have made numerous arrests for trespassing and various other ordinance violations. We
                                             have also helped Detectives arrest a group of males who were involved in batteries and
                                             strong-armed robberies of citizens at the transfer point.

                                             Early in the month we ran an underage sting and tested area liquor stores. Most area
                                             businesses did a good job monitoring underage purchasers. Madison Bazaar on South
                                             Park Street sold to underage buyers on two occasions and received citations.
The officers, standing left to right, are:
Officer Steve Chvala, Officer Scott
Beckfield, Officer David Dexheimer,          We ran an operation in conjunction with the Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms and the
Officer Tom Finnegan, Officer Rahim          Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation addressing the drug and firearm issues
Rahaman and Sgt. David McClurg
                                             currently on the South Side. We will be running additional operations throughout the
                                             year with both agencies.

                                             In addition we have been working on addressing trespassing issues in the 2900 blk of
                                             Coho St., continuing issues at 910 W. Badger Rd. and a problem with after bar parties
                                             on Burdette Ct.

                                             If you have problems we can assist you with please feel free to contact us at
                                             (608) 266-4830.

                                                                          The South Police District encompasses the
                          Madison Police
                          Department-South                                areas of the city of Madison which are south
                                                                          of the south shoreline of Lake Mendota, and
  Captain James Wheeler
  Lt. Stephanie Bradley Wilson, Operations
                                                                          the areas south of Regent Street and
  Lt. Jane Stoklasa, Detectives
  Mrs. Connie Topper, Administrative Support                              Speedway. The South District is bounded to
  825 S. Hughes Place
  Madison, WI 53713
  Phone:         (608) 266-5938
                                                                          the east by Monona Avenue, and on the West
  Fax:           (608) 266-4453
  Website:                             by Seminole Highway.
  Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.

    “Policing in Partnership with our Community”

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