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        Serving our readers with
       credible editorial, resulting
 in trusting relationships between our
                                                                       Facts & Rates March 2006 – February 2007

                                                 With the current push to provide municipal
                                                                                                              Winner: Architecture, Building
                                                                                                              & Interior Design 2002 & 2003

                                                                                                            Winner: Environment, Landscaping
                                                                                                               & Horticulture 2002 & 2003
                                                                                                                 @ Sappi PICA Awards
        readers and publications,
                                                 services and infrastructure to South
   thereby providing our advertisers
                                                 Africa’s urban population, Urban Green File offers the ideal advertising
        with receptive audiences
                                                 platform. Any company wanting to communicate its products, technologies
   Mission statement:                            or services to those responsible for the planning, development and manage-
                                                 ment of our cities, should make use of this magazine.
  To provide readers with knowledge,
    empowering them to successfully
                                                 Coined as ‘the journal for the planning professions’, Urban Green File is
     develop and manage sustainable
                                                 the publication of choice for the custodians, planners, designers and man-
 cities and towns. To promote integrat-
                                                 agers of the urban environment. Who are these people? As can be seen
  ed urban environmental planning and
                                                 from the circulation breakdown (overleaf) these range from municipal man-
  management where multi-disciplinary
                                                 agers to consultants (town planners, architects, consulting engineers, land-
   teams of experts work together for
                                                 scape architects, environmental consultants). Together they form the group
      the greater good of our cities.
                                                 of people who specify all the products and technologies used in the develop-
                                                 ment of infrastructure in our cities.
               Publishers of:
      • The Civil Engineering Contractor
                 • Mining Mirror                 Urban Green File has an extremely loyal readership of approximately
           • Plant Equipment & Hire              3500 people of which over 1000 are paying subscribers. This provides an
                • Building Africa                advertiser with an independent measurable indicating that subscribers have
               • Architechnology                 chosen to read Urban Green File, greatly enhancing the chances of a
               • Urban Green File
                                                 reader noticing an advertiser’s message.
                • African Mining
            • African Energy Journal
         • African Heating & Cooling             Its success can probably be ascribed to its independent and critical voice.
  • Journal of Facilities Management in Africa   The magazine is not afraid to comment on urban development issues and its
                   (JFM Africa)                  regular Inspiration and Insult columns draw significant reader response.
       • Water Sewage & Effluent Africa
                                                 Another regular, Battle of the ‘burbs, compares different suburbs to each
                 (WASE Africa)
                  • Pit & Quarry                 other so as to establish which is best planned and managed.
          • African Mines Handbook
                                                 Its innovative editorial mix is successful in attracting readers and this should
                  Contact                        be of interest to advertisers with infrastructure products and technologies
                   Candis Allen
                                                 that can aid urban development – whether it is waste management technolo-
        (advertisement sales executive)
            Tel: (+27 11) 603-3960               gy, infrastructure products for roads, stormwater or hard surfaces or prod-
           Fax: (+ 27 11) 234-6290               ucts that contain seepage into groundwater, Urban Green File should be
              Cell: 082 558 3380                 the advertiser’s first choice.
                                                 The fact is both municipality officials and planning professionals prefer to
                                                 read Urban Green File. Wouldn’t you, the advertiser, like to follow suit
                                                 and ensure that your message is read by your target market?

       Brooke Pattrick Publications
                          (Pty) Ltd
        Building # 13, Pinewood Office Park,
                  33 Riley Road, Woodmead
Private Bag X40, Rivonia, 2128, South Africa
           Terms and
          Deadline dates
                                                      Urban Green File
                                                                                  Facts & Rates   March 2006 – February 2007

                                                      (published six times a year in February, April, June, August, October & December)
                                                      Standard rates (excl VAT) March 2006 – February 2007
 Bookings: First day of the month prior to            Size                  mm    (trim)    mm     (copy area)   6+          4-5insertions 1-3insertions
         the month of publication
   (NB: no cancellations will be accepted             FP                    297 x 210       280 x 195            R7700       R8350           R9250
               after this date)                       I/2 vertical          297 x 100       282 x 85             R5650       R6150           R6600
 A surcharge will be levied for cancellations
           of contract bookings.                      I/2 horizontal        140 x 210       125 x 195            R5650       R6150           R6600
 Material: Fifth day of the month prior to            1/3 vertical          297 x 65        282 x 50             R4650       R5000           R5350
           month of publication
                                                      1/3 horizontal        95 x 210        80 x 195             R4650       R5000           R5350
• Brooke Pattrick Publications accepts no             1/4pg                 140 x 100       125 x 85             R4150       R4550           R5000
responsibility for slight variations in colour on
advertisements.                                       Strip                 55 x 210        40 x 195             R3950       R4350           R4600
• No position can be guaranteed, unless the           • all rates in South African Rand
advertiser has paid a surcharge or if it is a         • Rates for black & white advertisements: 75% of full colour rates
cover booking.
• Advertisement material must be supplied
in digital format as stipulated and will be kept    Mechanical data                                    Circulation:
in the advertisement material archive for a                                                            Jan – Dec 2004
period of no longer than six months from the        Format:            A4                              Readership breakdown
date of that material's final insertion.            Trimmed size:      297mm x 210mm                   Municipalities: ................................37%
• Brooke Pattrick Publications accepts no           Type area:         280mm x 195mm                   Municipal managers and managers of the follow-
responsibility for advertisements that are          Bleed size:        303mm x 216mm                   ing municipal departments: town planning/urban
supplied without a colour proof.                                                                       development, roads and infrastructure, environ-
                                                    Printing method:   Offset Litho                    ment, waste management, water, sanitation and
• Standard production rates apply for any           Binding:           Perfect bound                   parks
additional work required to make digital work                          Allow an extra 2mm bleed        Private developers: ........................11%
press-ready, including converting open files                           into the spine area of a DPS    Property developers and owners of large facili-
or resizing advertisements. Alterations will                                                           ties or land (ranging from office parks and build-
be charged for.                                     Reproduction material:                             ings to golf courses and major factories).
• In the event that material does not reach         • Digital files required – no film accepted        Planning professions: ....................33%
us on time as instructed on the                     • Closed press-optimised PDF file                  Professionals who are advising both municipali-
advertisement confirmation letter, Brooke           • or 300dpi Tiff (CMYK, real ad size)              ties and private developers on urban develop-
Pattrick Publications reserves the right to                                                            ment and infrastructure delivery. These range
                                                    • or 400dpi JPG, high quality                      from town planners and landscape architects, to
repeat old material, or to charge the client          (CMYK, real ad size)                             consulting engineers, architects and environmen-
for the advertisement without it appearing,         • All files must have 3mm bleed and                tal consultants.
or to place the advertisement in a future             crop marks                                       Contractors: ...................................10%
edition of the same magazine.                       • A colour proof of the ad must                    Companies responsible for the construction of
• Should an advertising agency be                     be submitted                                     urban development/infrastructure projects (civil
contracted to manage direct bookings, the           • Files can be supplied (PC/Mac) on CD,            contractors, landscape contractors, building con-
value of the initial booking may not be               optical disks, 1.44Mb disks or via e-mail        tractors and sub-contractors)
diminished                                            (e-mail file not exceeding 4MB)                  Technology & product companies:....9%
• Payment for advertisements strictly                                                                  Urban Green File is mailed independently and
                                                    • A conversion charge of R250 will be              addressed personally by title, name, job designa-
30 days from the invoice date.                        applicable if the advertisement must be          tion and company to a carefully researched audi-
• Agencies forfeit a portion of commission if         resized or is supplied as an open file           ence.
payment is not received within 45 days from         • Advertisements can be e-mailed to                Net sales: 1098
the invoice date and all commissions after                           Controlled free distribution: 2 494
60 days.

We sell on value
rather than price

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