REGULAR MEETING
                                   February 7-8, 2006

                                       Calgary, AB

06-01-1   Opening Remarks by President, Coleen Dufresne
          The President congratulated Members on winning Canada West and CIS championships.
          We continue to dominate at the national level with our sports.

06-01-2   Executive Committee Report
          The Executive will make comments as we move through the agenda.

06-01-3   Declaration of Voting delegates

          Alberta               Mike McTeague, Katie Spriggs, Dale Schulha (Alternate)
          Brandon               Rick Nickelchok
          UBC                   Bob Philip, Theresa Hanson
          Calgary               Don Wilson, Teresa Penner
          Lethbridge            Sandy Slavin, Travis Grindle
          Manitoba              Coleen Dufresne, Walt McKee
          Regina                Dick White, Jill Fulton
          Saskatchewan          Ross Wilson, Tera Schneider
          Trinity Western       Murray Hall, Danielle Gardner
          Thompson Rivers       Ken Olynyk
          Simon Fraser          Diane St-Denis, Mark Nykolaichuk
          Winnipeg              Bill Wedlake, Donna Moskwa
          Victoria              Clint Hamilton, James Keogh (Alternate)

          Observers:            Mark Kosak – University College of Fraser Valley
                                Rob Johnson – UBC Okanagan

          Secretary-Treasurer   Gary Tomick
          Executive Director    Val Schneider


06-01-4   Approval of Agenda
          Motion: 06-01-GA-01               McKee/Hall                    Carried
          “To approve the agenda with additions as indicated”
                - Jack Harper Report (Strategic Plan)
                - Football Officiating Fees

06-01-5   Receiving of Minutes

          a)    AGM Minutes – May 3-5, 2005
                Motion: 06-01-GA-02        Hall/Slavin                             Carried
                “To receive the minutes from the 2005 AGM”

          b)    Special Meeting from CIS – June 6, 2005
                Motion: 06-01-GA-03         St-Denis/Nickelchok               Carried
                “To receive the minutes from the Special Meeting of June 6, 2005”

          c)    Sport Committee Minutes – November 27, 2005, January 12, 2006
                Motion: 06-01-GA-04         R. Wilson/Hanson                  Carried
                “To receive the minutes for the Sport Committee meetings held on November
                25, 2005, and January 12, 2006”.

06-01-6   Business Arising from Minutes.

          a)    Special Meeting – June 6, 2006
                Motion: 05-03-SM-21                   St- Denis/Gardner             Carried
                “To table Article 14 – Motion 05-02-GA-38 until February Meeting”
                NOTE: The sections of Article 14 tabled are 14.1 Scheduling Priority Factors,
                14.2 Models for League Structures and 14.3 General Scheduling Principles.
                Passed at the 2005 AGM were 14.4 Tournament Open Sports and 14.5 Playoff
                Guidelines. Also, new specific structures for soccer and volleyball were
                approved. Basketball remains as is due to failure to receive ¾ support for other
                specific league structures. At the 2005 Meeting a section dealing with Schedule
                Approval and Modification was passed.

                Motion: 06-01-GA-05            Nykolaichuk/St-Denis                Carried
                “To remove motion 05-03SM-21 from the table”

                Motion: 06-01-GA-06              Penner/D. Wilson             Carried
                “To table motion 05-03-SM-21 until after the Round table sessions”

                NOTE: The above motion: 05-03-SM-21 has been tabled to the 2006 AGM
                pending the report from the Chair of the Sport Committee on Scheduling.

06-01-7   Reports From CIS Committees

          a)    Board of Directors                       (D. Wilson)
                Movement towards FIBA rules has not been resolved.

          b)    Eligibility                                  (Slavin)
                Definition of integrated programs has not been sorted out.

                U of Regina MBB eligibility issue has been moved to ADR.

          c)    Research & Development                       (Hall)
                Collecting data on graduation rates for student-athletes versus the general student

          d)    Sport Committee                              (Ross Wilson)
                Examining officiating fees and future increases.
                Looking at MBB format.
                Women’s hockey change of date in 2007 to one week later – feedback from

          e)    Finance                                      (Schulha)
                CIS finances are on target.

          f)    International                            (Dufresne)
                Joe Morrisettee has replaced Colin Timm.
                U of Alberta bidding on 2011 FISU Games.

          g)    Marketing                                    (D. Wilson)
                Looking at greater television exposure for national championships.
                Some sponsorships have been lost but have been replaced by new ones.

          h)    Equity & Equality                            (McKee)
                A breakout session is being planned for the CIS AGM.
                Focus on hiring more women coaches into administrative positions.

          i)    Awards                                      (St-Denis)
                A written report was circulated to all members.
                Diane will draft appropriate motions for May AGM after receiving feedback from

06-01-8   Reports from Canada West Committees

          a)    Sport Committee                            Ross Wilson
                Primary focus of the committee has been on scheduling.
                The sub-committee on Recognition Awards is to prepare a report to the

          b)    Marketing and Communications                 Don Wilson

                Don Wilson assumed this position after Wilf Wedmann resigned. No meeting has
                been held for the committee.

          c)    Sports Information                          Brad Woods
                Tera Schneider presented the report prepared by Brad Woods.

                Motion: 06-01-GA-07               Schneider/R. Wilson         Carried
                “To receive the Sports Information Report as circulated by Brad Woods”.

                Motion: 06-01-GA-08                 R.Wilson/McTeague           Carried
                “That starting in 2007 all future SID meetings will be cost-shared”.

                Motion: 06-01-GA-09                Nickelchok/Gardiner           Carried
                “That starting in 2007 all SID meetings will be held in a central location –

06-01-9   Membership

          a)    Applications
                Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary has given indication that it
                plans to make application to Canada West in men and women’s ice hockey. The
                institution has asked for clarification what category of AUCC membership
                Canada West requires. The response has been that the category “Institutional” is
                required for probationary membership.

          b)    Declaration of Sports-Preview for May AGM – Verbal Report

                No changes to declarations are anticipated.

06-01-10 Constitution, By-Laws, General & Technical Regulation (GTR’s)

          No Report

06-01-11 Finance

          a)    Audit of Canada West Financial Statement

                Motion: 06-01-GA-10               Olynyk/D. Wilson            Carried
                “That the 2004-05 audited financial statement as prepared by King and Co.
                be approved”.

          b)    Appointment of Auditor
                Motion: 06-01-GA-11             McKee/Hamilton              Carried
                “That SVS Group of Edmonton is appointed as auditor for the 2005-06 fiscal

                NOTE: This is a change from King and Co.

          c)      Secretary-Treasurer’s Report Financial Report
                  Motion: 06-01-GA-12                 R.Wilson/Olynyk              Carried
                  “That the financial report to February 1, 2006, as circulated, be received”.

                  The Secretary-Treasurer reported that our finances are on budget and no surprises
                  are anticipated.

06-01-12 Eligibility

          a) Eligibility Review Officer

               To date 34 eligibility interpretations and three exemptions to Canada West
               championships have been provided to the membership. The ERO is circulating the
               interpretations by noting the sections referred to in the eligibility regulations.

06-01-13 Scheduling

          a)      CW Tournament Date/Sites for 2006-2007              To be revised for AGM.

          b)      CW Tournament Sites (Future)                        To be revised for AGM

06-01-14 Sport Specific Schedules

          a)      Basketball (Men & Women)

               i) Schedule – 2006-07                                  Approved and Circulated

               ii) Schedule – 2007-08                                 Approved and Circulated

          b)      Football

               i) Schedule – 2006                                     Approved and Circulated

               ii) Schedule – 2007                                    Approved and Circulated

          c)      Ice Hockey (Men)

               i) Schedule – 2006-07                                  Approved and Circulated

                ii) Schedule – Long Range                                           Pending

           d)      Ice Hockey (Women)

                i) Schedule – 2006-07                                 Approved and Circulated

                ii) Schedule - Long Range                                           Pending

           e)      Soccer (Men & Women)

                i) Schedule – 2006                                    Approved and Circulated

                ii) Schedule - Long Range                                           Pending

           f)      Volleyball (Men & Women)

                i) Schedule – 2006-07                                 Approved and Circulated

                ii) Schedule – 2007-08                                Approved and Circulated

06-01-15 Awards
         The awarding of all-star certificates at sites for Canada West Championships was
         discussed. The procedure that has been agreed upon has the recipient’s school prepare
         the certificates and have them mounted or placed in a folder for appropriate presentation
         to the athlete. A suggestion was made that perhaps we should present all-star certificates
         in sports where selections are made right after the championship (e.g. wrestling, women’s
         rugby, field hockey, etc.). An appropriate Canada West folder into which the certificates
         can be inserted would enhance the presentation of the certificates.

           ACTION: Coleen Dufresne to check with our supplier of individual awards in Winnipeg
           to see if such folders are available and what the cost would be.

06-01-16 Convenor and RIC Reports

           a) Football R.I.C.
              Motion: 06-01-GA-13                   R.Wilson/D. Wilson              Carried
              “That the Football RIC Report, as circulated, be received”.

                ACTION: V. Schneider to follow up with Brian Small’s request for travel to meeting
                at Vanier Cup.

           b) Soccer -Part of the Soccer Minutes
              Motion: 06-01-GA-14                      R. Wilson/McKee              Carried

            “That the Soccer Convenor’s Report, as found in the soccer coaches meeting
            minutes, is received”.

06-01-17 New Business

         a) Printing Score Sheets

            The Secretary-Treasurer will review with the Chair of the Sport Committee to
            determine if Canada West needs to continue to print score sheets.

         b) Sending in Score Sheets

            At the SID’s meeting in April the Secretary-Treasurer will clarify which copy of each
            score sheet is required to be sent in to the Canada West office for eligibility purposes.
            Some members have been tardy in sending in score sheets to the Canada West office.
            The score sheets are the only way we can verify that student-athletes have used

         c) Cost-Shared Meetings

            The Secretary-Treasurer reminded the membership that Coaches meetings (when held
            in a central location) and Regular Meetings are cost-shared. Please ensure that copies
            of travel receipts for these meetings are submitted right after the meetings.

         d) Public Criticism of Game officials by Coaches

            The Executive Director reported that there had been a number of incidents where
            coaches had publicly criticized the performance of game officials in the media. We
            need to take a strong stance on this behavior or else we are going to run into difficulty
            with officials associations in assigning officials for our events. There is a provision
            for dealing with this type of behavior in our by-laws but we need to make a stronger

            Motion: 06-01-GA-15                      McKee/Philip             Carried
            “That Canada West has “zero tolerance” for the public criticism of game
            officials and that this be incorporated into the by-laws”.

            ACTION: V. Schneider to prepare appropriate wording to go into the by-laws for the

e) Adjustment of mileage reimbursement for Canada West Travel

   Discussion took place on mileage paid at universities ranging from $ .32 cents per km
   to $ .45 cents per km. No action was taken on this item at this time.

f) Article 4.1 c) Appointment Form for voting delegates to meetings

   A friendly amendment was made to delete any reference to an Appointment Form in
   the by-laws. The procedure of the President’s office or designate notifying the
   Executive Director via e-mail or Fax appointing voting delegates to meetings seems
   to be working.

g) Practice times for Visiting teams (hockey)

   Discussion took place that it was impossible to mandate practice times for ice hockey
   because a number of members do not have arenas on their campuses. Teams need to
   make their own arrangements for practice times and when required pay for rental

h) Canada West on-site vehicle rentals

   A possible arrangement with Enterprise Car Rental for renting vehicles for Canada
   West ground transportation was discussed. Members pointed out that in many cases
   15-passenger vans were required by teams. Can Enterprise supply 15-passenger vans
   in every center?
   ACTION: Coleen Dufresne to look into this on behalf of the membership.

i) Digital Video Exchange Using a Server

   Ross Wilson circulated a report outlining the requirements for filming, downloading
   and up-loading digital video exchanges. It was pointed out that this was more than a
   football topic and that it has ramification for other sports that exchange video. It was
   pointed out that Red Card’s proposal is for the software needed to analyze and break
   down game video. It was also pointed out that there is other software available to
   handle these tasks. The Universities of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Regina had
   utilized this system on a trial basis during the 2005 football season and found it to be
   highly successful. After much discussion it was determined to use digital video
   exchange for the 2006 football season on a trial basis. The U of Saskatchewan
   offered to provider their server to host the digital exchange.

   Motion: 06-01-GA-16                    R. Wilson/McTeague           Carried
   “That Canada West move to digital filming, downloading and up-loading of
   game film for the 2006 football season utilizing the U of Saskatchewan’s server”.

j) NOTE: UBC agreed to defer the next two motions to the AGM pending receipt of the
   reports by Ross Wilson on Scheduling and the Ad Hoc Committee’s report on

   Motion:                   Hanson/Philip                Deferred to AGM
   “In all team sports that offer the same genders (i.e. basketball, volleyball, soccer,
   ice hockey), each Member must participate annually in both men’s and women’s
   of the same sport.” (Example: Women’s volleyball and men’s volleyball).

   NOTE: This is a revision for Article 2.2 c).
   Rationale: For ease, fairness and balance of scheduling. In some situations (i.e.
   soccer), travel would be more cost effective if men and women’s teams travel

   Motion:                   Hanson/Philip                  Deferred to AGM

   “In the event the above motion passes, Members that do not currently comply
   with the above policy (i.e. currently participate in women’s soccer but not men’s
   soccer), have a period of two (2) years to add the opposite gender in the same
   sport. Should a current Member be unable to meet the conditions as stated they
   can seek approval from the Board.”

   NOTE: If the above motions pass, the wording in Article 2.5 (f) and (g) would
   need to be changed to reflect the above changes for new membership applications.

k) Motion: 06-01-GA-17                   St-Denis/McTeague          Carried
   “That the Chair of the Sport Committee prepare for circulation prior to the
   May AGM a report which shall recommend changes to Article 14 – Scheduling -
   of the By-Laws based on discussions from the February 7, 2006, Round Table
   and consultation via a survey conducted among Members”.

   Motion: 06-01-GA-18             St-Denis/Hamilton           Defeated (14-4)*
   “That a completed application shall be submitted in writing to the CANADA
   WEST President sixty (60) days prior to the Regular Meeting (February) once
   every four years (the next consideration is February 2008”.

   * Change to by-laws requires 100 per cent approval. Becomes a Notice of Motion for
   the 2006 AGM.

   NOTE: The above is a change in the first paragraph in 2.5.1 of the By-Laws –
   Applying to Become a Member.

   Motion: 06-01-GA-19                       Hanson/McTeague               Carried

   “That motion 06-01-GA-18 be re-considered”

   Motion: 06-01-GA-20                 Slavin/Grindle            Carried
   “That motion 06-01-GA-18 be tabled to the AGM pending the report from the
   Ad Hoc Committee on Membership”

   Motion: 06-01-GA-21                Slavin/Nickelchok           Carried
   “That a Membership Task Force be created with the following terms of

1. Objective of Ad Hoc Committee
   To review section 2.5 of the Canada West By-Laws to address the feedback
   received during the February 7, 2006, Round Table discussion.
2. Responsibilities
   The Committee is tasked with drafting a revised section 2.5 that captures the
   direction provided during the February 7, 2006, Round Table discussion.
3. Membership on the Ad Hoc Committee
      a. One member from each of the Pacific, Central and Great Plains Divisions
       b. A member of the Executive will chair the Committee
       c. The term for the Committee is February 2006 to May 2007
4. Time Frame
       a. Submit an up-date of the committee’s work to the May 2006 AGM
       b. Submit a report to the membership for review at the February 2007
          Regular meeting
       c. Collect feedback from membership and complete a final report for May
       d. Membership to review and, if applicable, approve the revision at the May
          2007 AGM

NOTE: Ad Hoc Committee membership – Chair, Clint Hamilton, Diane St-Denis, Dale
Schulha, and Rick Nickelchok.

j) Jack Harper Report

   Diane St-Denis wanted to know what has happened to the Jack Harper Report and
   what action had been taken on the report since it was a strategic plan for Canada
   West. The President indicated that this was work in progress and would be dealt with
   in greater detail at the 2006 AGM. Some members asked that this report be circulated
   again to the membership.
   ACTION: V. Schneider will circulate the report to the membership.

06-01-18 Specific Sports

         BASKETBALL (Men)

         Motion: 06-01-MBB-01                  Nickelchok/Olynyk         Defeated (2-21)
         “That each school participating in basketball increases their annual contribution by
         $1,000.00 for traveling officials for league games”.

         Concern was expressed that by reducing the number of officials from 100 to 70 could
         result in young officials not being given an opportunity to develop.
         There was a general feeling that a liaison person be utilized to carry coaches concerns to
         the Coordinator of Officials. Members are prepared to look at funding for such a


         Motion: 06-01-FH-01                  Hamilton/McTeague           Defeated (1-6-1)
         “Set playoff location and if host does not qualify through three tournaments then it
         becomes a four team championship. Three-team event is round robin as currently
         stated in the regulations, four-team is semi finals Saturday and gold and bronze
         matches on Sunday. Location of tournaments and championship would continue on
         the current rotation as specified in CW PR’s with addition of the fourth school”.

         The motion was not supported because this year field hockey moved from three
         tournaments plus a three-team play-off format. It is difficult to justify having all teams
         enter into play-offs. Does this mean the tournaments are meaningless if no team is

         Motion: No mover. The motion becomes redundant based on the above.
         “Rotation of tournaments should be adjusted to:
         2006-07 – A, V, BC, C (Championship)
         2007-08 – V, BC, C, A (Championship)


         2006 Football Schedule- Mid-Week game adjustment

         SFU and UBC are currently working on a solution with the affected teams.

Motion: 06-01-FB-01                St-Denis/Philip               Carried
“That Canada West utilize a 7th official starting in 2006 providing the CIS moves to
seven officials and that the CFL makes a long-term commitment to funding the 7th

Motion: 06-01-FB-02              R. Wilson/Schneider           Carried
“That Canada West increase the game fees paid to football officials by $5.00.”

NOTE: This increases the fee for the referee to $120 and $110 for the other officials.
      V. Schneider to see if he can negotiate a three-year agreement.


Motion: Deferred to May AGM
“That the cost-sharing for the CW Championship Tournament be for travel and
referee costs”.

ACTION: Mike McTeague to get further information and report to May AGM why cost
for traveling officials should be cost-shared.

Motion: Deferred to May AGM
“That the tournament rotation be as follows:
       2006          Lethbridge
       2007          Victoria
       2008          UBC
       2009          Alberta

ACTION: Sport Committee to review the rotations and report to May AGM.


Motion: 06-01-SOCC-01                     Slavin/Hamilton       Carried (13-2)
“That Canada West adopt the Stats Crew package for soccer for 2006 and that
member institutions take the necessary steps to be able to record the information
required. All parties including coaches need to work together to ensure the
implementation is successful”.

The problems that were encountered last year were discussed and every effort will be
made to eliminate them for 2006.


          A question was raised whether the requirement for teams to bring an official to the
          wrestling championships applied when air travel was needed. The response was if SFU
          can supply qualified officials then there is no need for teams to bring officials with them.

          NOTE: This decision was made too late and some teams had already purchased airline
          tickets to bring an official with them. SFU was able to accommodate the traveling

06-01-19 Information Items:

          a) BLG Awards – Calgary – Monday, May 1, 2006
          b) AGM – Simon Fraser – May 2-4, 2006

06-01-20 Adjournment
         Motion: 06-01-GA-22              Penner/Grindle                Carried
         “That the meeting be adjourned.”

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