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					                                       Protecting the Ogeechee, Canoochee, and Coastal Rivers


 Send Donations to our
 headquarters at:                                                                         Enjoying the Rivers and Coast
 PO Box 1925                                                                              All year long, Ogeechee Riverkeeper
 Statesboro, GA 30459
                                                                                          offers opportunities to enjoy our
 Phone: (866) 942-6222
                                                                                          waters and meet like-minded stewards
 E-mail us at:                                                                            for our communities.
                                                                                          This year’s guided paddle trips
                                                                                          explored the tributaries, creeks,
                                                                                          ponds, marshes, rivers, and shoals.
                                                                                          The paddlers were of all ages, and
                                            Our byword is ACTION.                         came by kayak and canoe, and
                                           Our focus is on RESULTS.                       enjoyed fresh air, picnic-style lunches,
                                       Our aspiration is for EXCELLENCE.                  and friendly conversation under shady
                                                                                          hardwood branches.
 Guests enjoy oysters at the
 High Tide at Wormsloe benefit,
 February 2010. Photo by:
 Sturgis Studios                    Help us Fulfill the Promise of Clean Water. Donate today.

                                    Our Supporters are Saving the Rivers and Coast
                                    Georgia's coast and rivers are   electricity for our homes and      fresh water system by using
                                    being threatened by the          businesses in Georgia.             less energy in our homes,
                                    conversion of forests to         Burning coal releases mercury      picking up litter, and talking
                                    developments -- houses,          into our air and water, which      with our elected officials.
2010 Photo Contest Winner,          shopping centers, roads…         becomes even more toxic in
                                    and sewage plants, which         our blackwater rivers, and         Our members and supporters
Jerry Newsome. Presented at
                                    have spilled untreated water     contaminates fish.                 are critical to these efforts.
the Wild and Scenic Film Festival
                                    and sewage into our river                                           Take a peek inside at a fraction
in Statesboro, April 2010
                                    system.                          As your voice and as careful       of the work that occurred this
                                                                     stewards of the Ogeechee           year thanks to your support!
                                    When these wet and low-lying     River basin, our goal is to stop
                                    areas are converted from         companies from polluting our
                                    growing trees to homes,          air and water, to prevent
                                    subdivisions and other hard      polluters from abusing
                                    surfaces, water flows are        environmental laws, to
                                    changed. These changes can       educate citizens about their
                                    flood neighboring land owners    rights, and to make certain
                                    and even leave future            that our government agencies
The Ogeechee River Mill near
Warrenton hosted a party
                                    homebuyers with sinking          keep a sharp eye on these
benefitting Ogeechee                houses.                          activities to ensure
Riverkeeper and Georgia River                                        compliance with the law.
                                    Coal-fired power plants                                             Dianna Wedincamp collects a
Network. Photo by: James                                                                                water sample near Midville,
                                    generate most of the             We can all help protect our
Newsome                                                                                                 where a sewage spill occurred.
    Warren County: Bartram                 Hancock County: Stream Pollution Monitoring, Garden Club
    Book Launch & Paddle,                  Mercury Presentation
    Proposed Biomass Energy
    Plant permit review                        Glascock County: Stream Pollution Monitoring

                                                    Washington County: Campaign to stop pollution from proposed
                                                    dirty coal fired power plant, Plant Washington

                                                              Jefferson County: Lions Club Mercury Presentation,
                                                              Wadley Sewage Spills Investigation

                                                                  Burke County: Midville Sewage Spills Investigation

                                                                      Jenkins County: Millen Sewage Spills Investigation

                                                                                     Screven County: King America Coal
                                                                                     Ash Investigation, Jackson Branch
                                                                                     Monitoring Results

                                                                                            Bulloch County: Storm Drain
                                                                                            Stenciling, Rivers Alive Cleanup,
Emanuel County:
                                                                                            Film Festival
Ogeechee Tree Planting,
Stream Pollution Monitoring                                                                          Effingham County:
                                                                                                     City of Guyton Waste
                                                                                                     Water Facility Proposal
Candler County:
Caney Branch and City of Metter                                                                             Bryan County:
Sewage Treatment Plant                                                                                      Richmond Hill
Monitoring                                                                                                  Elbow Swamp
                                                                                                            Sewage Plant
Evans County: 5th Anniversary Membership                                                                    Investigation

    2010 Paddle Trip Locations

       Ossabaw Island Trip

       McCroan’s Bridge, Louisville    Liberty County: Chemtall Air
                                       and Water Pollution Permit
       Savannah-Ogeechee Canal         Comments, Laurel View River
                                       Proposed Wastewater Treatment
      Coastal Basin, Richmond Hill
                                       Plant Investigation
       Canoochee River, Fort Stewart                                                                 Chatham County:
                                                                                                     High Tide at Wormsloe
                                            2010 Off-the-Map Activities:
                                                                                                     Benefit, Larchmont Estates
                                            Atlanta—Plant Washington Court                           Little Ogeechee River
                                            Hearings to defend our rights to clean                   Sewage Plant Investigation,
                                            water and air                                            Alexandra Cousteau’s
                                                                                                     Exhibition Blue Planet,
                                            Jekyll Island—Georgia River                              Rivers Rock! Benefit
                                            Network Conference Presentations

                                            Columbus—Georgia Academy of
                                            Science: Mercury Presentation
 Mercury Pollution Is a Problem for Women and Children
  In 2009, dozens of volunteers collected      Here are some tips for making safer
  over 80 fish from the Ogeechee,              choices for you and your family when
  Canoochee and coastal Rivers. The            eating fish and seafood:
  fish were sent to a University of Georgia
  laboratory to test the mercury levels.       Choose smaller fish and eat
                                                 smaller portions. Mercury builds
  Mercury is a dangerous pollutant that          up in larger, older fish. In general,
  can cause birth defects and other              eating smaller fish will help you
  neurological system damage when                reduce your mercury levels.             Kids at play in the calm waters of the
  mothers eat mercury contaminated               Safer choices include:                  Canoochee River.
  seafood or feed polluted fish to their               Redbreast or bream
                                                          instead of largemouth          Photo by Linda Smith
  young children.
  The results of our fish collection found             Flounder or sea trout
                                                          instead of king mackerel
  that mercury was particularly high in fish
                                                       Chunk light tuna instead
  in the Ogeechee and Canoochee
                                                          of albacore tuna
  Rivers, and with lower levels found in       Vary the type of fish you
  smaller coastal fish.                          eat. Choosing different types of
  We are working to stop the sources of          fish from different locations will
  mercury pollution to our rivers.               help you reduce your risk.
  However, in the short-term, we want to       Get your mercury levels tested.
  help you and your family make safer            Ask your doctor about blood tests,
  choices when enjoying fish from our            or visit our website to learn about     Jan and Alexandra Cousteau tour the
  rivers and coast.                              a simple, at-home hair test.            Ogeechee River with Mike Neal of Bull
                                                                                         River Cruises. Alexandra’s Expedition
                                                                                         Blue Planet Team visited Savannah with
                                                                                         Ogeechee Riverkeeper. Alexandra
  Visit for detailed results on the
                                                                                         spoke to a crowd of 200 at Savannah
  fish collection, mercury pollution and how you can protect yourself                    Country Day School about the
  and your family from mercury contaminated fish and seafood.                            importance of protecting our waters.

                                    You Can Keep Mercury Out of the Rivers
                                    In Georgia, the majority of our electricity is produced by burning coal, which puts mercury
                                    into our air and our river basin. Blackwater rivers, like the Ogeechee and Canoochee, are
                                    really swampy and create a unique water chemistry. Those are the conditions that
                                    convert the mercury from air pollution into its more toxic form. According to the US
                                    Environmental Protection Agency, ninety-nine percent of the mercury in Ogeechee River
                                    system comes from air pollution.

                                    Unfortunately, Georgia currently has three new coal plants proposed in south Georgia, all
                                    near vulnerable blackwater river systems: Plant Washington on the Ogeechee (see map),
                                    Plant Ben Hill near Fitzgerald, and Longleaf in Early County. These three plants, if built,
                                    would be allowed to add and estimated 10,000 more pounds of mercury to our air in south
                                    Georgia over 50 years.

                                    The electricity they produce would be transported to the metro-Atlanta region and beyond.
Eat smaller fish such as these      While sucking up over 40 million gallons of water every day from our rivers and wells,
redbreast in order to reduce high   these three coal-burning plants would leave a legacy of pollution for our children and
mercury levels in your diet.        grandchildren to clean up.
Photo by Tim Goodson
                                    Each of us can make our fish safer to eat by reducing the amount of electricity we use.
                                    Take the pledge to save electricity today at: and find tips on how to
                                    save up to $100/month on your electric bill.
                                                                                                                                     US Postage
                                                                                                                                    Non-Profit Org
                                                                                                                                     Permit #174
                                                                                                                                   Swainsboro, GA

River Report 2010

 Send Donations to:
 Ogeechee Riverkeeper
 PO Box 1925
 Statesboro, GA 30459
 Phone: (866) 942-6222

 E-mail us at:

                                                                                                            Printed on recycled paper. Please recycle, or
                                                                                                            better yet, pass on to a friend!

2010 By the Numbers                                                                                                Board of Directors
135 Site visits and stream sites monitored for                                                                         Jim Abbot, Chair
                                                                                                                    Thomas Black, Vice-
6,500 People educated on Mercury Pollution                                                                                Chair
at Buckarama, Great Outdoors Show,
community festivals and civic club presentations                                                                  Ann Hartzell, Secretary

15 Pollution permits reviewed and commented                                                                      Larry Hodges, Treasurer
                                                    Brandon, Nate and Frank collect a truck full of trash                Gerry Cowart
                                                    while volunteering for the Rivers Alive Buckhead
1 Clean Water Act Case won to stop pollution        Creek Cleanup in Jenkins County.                                       Willard Fell
from a road built illegally through wetlands
                                                                                                                         Tim Goodson
40 Citizen activists trained in Clean Water Act
compliance by attorneys with GreenLaw                                                                                 James Newsome

1 Permit Appeal Filed to Stop Air Pollution from                                                                            Don Stack
a proposed dirty coal plant in Washington
                                                                                                                           John Thrift

3 Rivers Alive cleanups held adding to the
831,972 pounds of trash removed and 37,308                                                                        Honorary Directors
volunteer hours recorded statewide
                                                    2010 Rivers Rock! Steering Committee (l-r, Jamie
                                                    Smith, Kelly Weber, Jason Nielubowicz, Ashliegh
                                                                                                                           John Lewis
1,000+ Emails and calls logged by                   Womack, David Acuff, Candice Connell, Neely North,
volunteers to elected officials to promote a        Margaret Hubbard, and Carter Hubbard. Not pictured,                    Phil Odom
pollution-free Ogeechee basin                       Jessica and John Mnieckowski).
                                                                                                                         Jim Reichard
                                                    Rivers Rock! in Savannah, GA was hosted by Moon
500 Volunteer hours logged by stream                River Brewing Company, and raised money for both                      Linda Smith
monitors, storm drain stenciling, and other hands   Altamaha Riverkeeper and Ogeechee Riverkeeper.
-on activities                                      Music was provided by Junkyard Angel. For more
                                                    information and pictures visit:
                                                                                                                        Stephen Vives