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									                                              November 2010 – The Remembrance Issue

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                                 Tyne Cot Commonwealth
                                 War Graves Cemetery &
                                 Memorial to the Missing,
                                 Ypres, Belgium
       photo by Terry McDonald
                       Harcourt Memorial United Church
                     An Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Canada

              We are a people of God called together and sent forth by Christ to

                                 Rejoice ... Renew ... Reach Out
                                     whose Mission is to
     ...welcome into community all who wish to serve God and follow the way of Jesus
             ...receive and proclaim God’s reconciling healing power in all of life
                  ...work with love within the congregation and in the world.

                                       Vision Statement:
                   As we venture into the 21st century, we will be an inviting,
                 relevant and vibrant Christian community that celebrates our
                   diversity, expands our traditions of worship, explores the
                 wonder and mystery of our faith, and listens for and responds
                              to individual, local and global needs.

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                                                                                           November 2010

from Jim’s Desk                                          “Not always. At least not in the minds of some
              One Less Thing                             “What did they want you to learn?”
   Several years ago a very accomplished musi-           “The difference between notes and music. The
cian and I found ourselves in a downtown Toronto     difference between what the mind tells the fingers
cathedral listening to a renowned organist play      and feet to play, and what the heart communicates
Bach’s Fugue in G, which many of you will know       through all of that.”
has a deceptively simple theme that builds as it         “And what have you learned over the years
unfolds, moving from one hand to the other and       since?”
then to one foot and then to the other, until it         “That musicality involves more than getting all
seems that each of the four limbs is being con-      the notes right. You can be technically perfect but
trolled by a separate mind. It is a most amazing     leave everyone cold. And you can be imperfect
thing to observe and hear, with the melody mov-      but still touch others with warmth. It’s great, of
ing around from one limb to the next and the         course, when you can do both – get all the notes
notes dancing together and apart in a manner so      and touch all the hearts. But this is rare.”
complicated and challenging that none but the            “So what do you teach your students now?”
brave, and talented, and disciplined, and doubly         “That it is still important to get the notes right,
ambidextrous attempt it. When the music ended        or at least most of them right. For we are hard on
the musician beside me sighed. As he reflected on     ourselves when we don’t. But it is just as impor-
the technical brilliance of the performance –        tant to live in them. And to do that we need the
every limb and movement perfectly aligned,           courage to admit that sometimes, oftentimes, less
every note clean, pure, and true – he seemed car-    is more.”
ried away to another place and time. He remem-           We had been talking about music. But on the
bered back to a period in his youth when all of      drive home I began to wonder if we hadn’t been
these notes were within his power to play, back to   talking about life all along. How much better,
the days when his technical prowess was at its       warmer, more connected, more successful, might
height, when his fingers and feet flew over the        we be if we each just did one less thing, and freed
keys with similar speed and precision.               up this energy to invest more heart elsewhere?
   “What is it about the performance that whis-      How much healthier, warmer, might life for our-
pers to you so strongly?” I asked.                   selves and others be if we had the courage to edit
   “It whispers of a time in my life when I had      what we do and have, to let go in order to travel
greater control.”                                    more lightly, to take on anew, or to invest more
   “Did you?”                                        deeply in the fewer things we might do better?
   “Sort of.”                                        Sometimes to get to one new thing we have to do
   “What does that mean?”                            one less thing. Understanding this, embracing
   “Well, I had greater control in the technical     this, can make the difference between having a
sense. All the notes were there. Every time.”        life of mere notes and a life of music.	

   “Wasn’t that enough?”                                                                      Jim
Harcourt Herald – The Remembrance Issue

                                                         In Jim’s article in the September Herald, he
           from Wendy’s Desk                         invited us and challenged us, as individuals and as
    What does it mean for us to be a community       a church family, to lean into “one new thing” this
and to be in community with one another? This        year. I want to pick up that challenge and invite
question has been stirring in me throughout the      you to consider what new thing you might engage
fall. Community is a term we often use in the        in that will help you to “go deeper” in your rela-
church, sometimes without giving it too much         tionship with others here at Harcourt. Will you
thought. We identify ourselves as a Christian        take a risk and sit in a different pew some Sunday
community, and hope others will do so, too. We       morning and share a conversation with someone
refer to ourselves as the Harcourt community. We     you’ve never talked with before? Will you find
talk about and lean into living our vision of being  your way into one of the sacred Listening Circles
an ever more inclusive, multigenerational, affirm-    at the end of a service? Will you invite someone
ing community.                                                               outside of your “well-
    When one of our teens,       Will you take a risk and sit in a worn” circle of friends for a
Daniel Welch, shared his different pew some Sunday morning coffee or for a meal in your
personal       “awakening” and share a conversation with some- home? Will you dare to
story in mid-September, one you’ve never talked with before? share a deep hurt or deep
we heard him speak about                                                     hope, rather than hide what
his experience of feeling nurtured and supported     is happening in your life and inside of you?
by his church community, about finding his place          The invitation to “go deeper” is for our com-
in it and discovering ways to serve and share his    mittees, teams and small groups, as well our
gifts through it. At “A Day Apart”, our fall retreat whole congregation. What one new thing might
for women, participants named a desire for deep-     we be about -together- to help us make our rela-
ening their sense of community at Harcourt, for      tionships more honest, open and rich. The choices
getting to know others better, as a key reason for   are as many and varied as we are.
attending the event. At the end of the day, there        Will we include time for checking-in with one
was a strong affirmation for the need for more        another and offering our celebrations and con-
opportunities for community-building based on an     cerns in the context of prayer, before turning to
open and honest sharing of our selves and our        our agendas and “getting down to the business at
lives. Our first Blessing of the Animals service      hand?” Will we take time for reflection once the
brought as many people together as it did dogs       meeting is done, rather than running right out the
and cats. People who have worshipped at Har-         door? Will we be more intentional about includ-
court for years and people new to the congrega-      ing conversation opportunities as part of our wor-
tion found opportunities for conversation about      ship services, to help us get to the heart of what
something they had in common – a passion for         we think, feel and believe? In what ways can we
their pets. People who might not have found their    creatively create more safe spaces and shared op-
way into community with one another unless we        portunities for exploring our lives with one an-
had done “one new thing".                            other?
                                                                                        November 2010

   Relationships with others form the spiritual          out having the words catch in our throats.
web of our lives. Relationships provide us with          Somewhere a circle of hands will open to
opportunities to practice enthusiasm, gratitude,         receive us, eyes will light up as we enter,
hospitality, love, play, prayer and questing. Mak-       voices will celebrate with us whenever we
                                                         come into our own power. Community
ing, keeping and deepening relationships is a
                                                         means strength that joins our strength to
spiritual challenge requiring the diligent practice
                                                         do the work that needs to be done. Arms to
of kindness, listening and nurturing. But the
                                                         hold us when we falter. A circle of healing.
benefits are inestimable: the intimate sharing of         A circle of serving. A circle of friends.
ideas and ideals, unwavering support that is both        Somewhere where all can be free.
honest and hopeful, the ability to be fully our-
                                                      If we can find our way into getting that kind of
selves and to fulfill God’s intentions for us.
                                                      community right here at Harcourt, imagine what
   In the book, Spiritual Literacy, a native
                                                      we would have to offer the community that lies
American writer named Skyhawk offered this:
                                                      outside our doors.
   Community. Somewhere, there are people
   to whom we can speak with passion with-                                       Wendy

Food for the Journey                                     Love pursues us, though. It can be something
                                                      as small as a smile and a greeting that draws us
           When One Moment                            closer. We become curious to know if something
           Changes Everything                         more lies behind acts of human kindness, and we
                    Peter Gill                        are drawn like a magnet to iron.
   God loves you just as you are. There’s nothing        Yet even when we hear the words “God loves
you can do to make yourself loved one jot more        you”, we may be unable to take them in because
or one jot less. You have always been loved, even     we feel unworthy. For example, we may find it
when you thought yourself alone or unlovable.         incredible that words ascribed to God in Isaiah
   We awaken to awareness of this divine love in      43:4 could really apply to us, or any group of
different ways. Over the past several months, dif-    which we are part: “you are precious in my sight,
ferent members of Harcourt have told their per-       and honoured, and I love you”.
sonal ‘awakening’ story. Some grew up in the             On November 21 Paul Reeve will tell us of his
bosom of church and family, always knowing            awakening. It involves a dramatic, abrupt move-
they were loved. Others came to the awareness         ment of the Spirit that broke through feelings of
gradually, as they reflected on their life.            isolation and unworthiness. It has many of the
   For some of us, however, it can take a long        same elements as the conversion of Paul’s name-
time to become aware of being loved. We experi-       sake, Paul of Tarsus – a surprising physical expe-
ence extended spells of feeling alone, and may        rience and a call to another way of living in the
imagine ourselves lost, disconnected and isolated.    world.
It may feel like life has nothing more to offer.         The ‘Road to Damascus’ type of event has	

Harcourt Herald – The Remembrance Issue

gained something of a bad reputation thanks to               from the Spiritual Life Committee
the merchants of cheap grace who insist on a
                                                              The Spiritual Life Committee currently con-
‘born again’ experience as a litmus test for ‘genu-
                                                          sists of nine members and the six Covenanted
ine Christians’. Paul Reeve’s account helps us at
                                                          Spiritual Companions. At our creation, we defined
Harcourt to reclaim and celebrate dramatic awak-
                                                          our vision for Harcourt as “A congregation in
enings as part of our living reality.
                                                          which all members intentionally live out a deep
   Have you experienced a dramatic awakening
                                                          sense of their relationship with God.” To this end,
along your spiritual journey? Do you have the
                                                          our mission is “To provide a range of opportuni-
courage to acknowledge it and to speak of it? And
                                                          ties for members of Harcourt to nurture their
will you listen with an open mind and heart to
                                                          spiritual growth, including overseeing the minis-
those who speak of their own personal spiritual
                                                          try of trained spiritual companions.”
awakening, whatever form it may take? m
                                                              Over the years, members of the committee
                                                          have been offering a wide range of opportunities
        Pastoral Care at Harcourt                         for spiritual growth, including Prayer 101: an in-
          from the Pastoral Care Committee                troduction to prayer, experiments in Ignatian
   The Pastoral Care Committee has been consid-           spirituality for men, a body awareness workshop
ering how best to address the many pastoral care          for women, Advent meditation time in the chapel,
needs at Harcourt. Given the size of Harcourt and         and, most recently, the “Awakening” series at
the many pastoral care needs that are being iden-         both services every third Sunday of the month and
tified by the committee, it is not possible to meet        the “Conversation Circles” after each service.
these needs by a few people or by the ministerial             This year, we continue with these last two of-
staff alone.                                              ferings, along with the monthly article in the Har-
   Pastoral Care is already being offered within          court Herald, as well as a workshop on journal-
Harcourt in many ways. The Committee wants to             ling. Also the Covenanted Spiritual Companions
explore how small groups (or committees) are              are offering the 40-week Ignatian Spiritual Exer-
already meeting some of the these needs and how           cises, which began in late September, and at-
small groups might be in a better position to offer       tracted 12 people who are prepared to engage in a
care and support to their members. This would be          significant daily prayer discipline.
part of an overall pastoral care approach.                    In January, the Spiritual Life Committee will take
   Over the next few months,                                                                  a longer term
someone from the Pastoral                                                                     look to see how
Care Committee will be re-          Late Breaking News from your                              we can best foster
questing a few minutes of time           Justice & Outreach Committee                         the deepening of
at small group (and commit-                                                                   the spiritual lives
                                          Harcourt's 2010 Advent Appeal will be
tee) meetings to explain this                                                                 of those who are
                                                     split between the
approach and to get a sense of                                                                ready to engage
                                       Uganda Project and Chalmers Downtown.
what is already happening. m                                                                 in the journey. m

                                                                                         November 2010

from the Stewardship Committee                           To all the people [we] can
                                                         As long as ever [we] can”
    Let's think about Stewardship.                       Harcourt needs our time, talents and financial
          What does it mean?                          support. What might you bring to our congrega-
     Stewardship is our response to the commis-       tion? What does “Stewardship” mean to you? m
sion to look after what we have been given. As an
obvious example, parents look after their children,             Technical Difficulties
but we are all stewards of their care, and their
                                                                  from the Worship Committee
parents' care and well-being. We look after our
neighbours, near and far. We are responsible for           Last winter, at the opening ceremonies of the
our environment; for looking after the creatures      Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, many
we bring into our homes, or domesticate for our       viewers winced when the fourth arm of the
use; for the earth that sustains us; for the air we   Olympic torch refused to rise due to a malfunc-
breathe and the water that is a necessity of life.    tion in the hydraulic lift, and left speed skater
And we are the stewards of Christian values.          champion Catriona LeMay-Doan standing by
    Let's think of Stewardship as Discipleship or     helplessly. The first, knee-jerk reaction may have
our personal ministry. We are called to do God's      been embarrassment on behalf of our country, and
work. As God’s disciples, we come to church each      a need to blame the carelessness of those who had
Sunday to engage in communal worship. We par-         obviously been neglectful in the making of the
ticipate in many groups within the church to the      arm. However, common sense says otherwise. It
benefit of our friends both within the congrega-       is not a huge leap of logic to conclude that no-
tion and further afield. With our financial offer-      body could possibly have wanted that fourth arm
ings, we support the work of the church locally;      to succeed more than those who created it. They
and our support of the Mission and Service Fund       must have desired its success more than any spec-
ensures the work of God continues beyond our          tator there!
immediate boundaries.                                     In fact, the phrase “technical difficulties” ex-
                                                      ists because things go wrong with machines. No
    Let us think of Stewardship as our response to
                                                      one at our church is more aware of this than our
Harcourt's purpose: to welcome and strengthen
                                                      tech crew. We are fortunate to have a dedicated
in community all who wish to serve God's
                                                      group of volunteers who devote hours to operat-
world and follow the way of Jesus.
                                                      ing the media at the back of the church, not only
    In the months to come, we will have the oppor-
                                                      for Sunday services, but for weddings and funer-
tunity to reinforce our commitment to Steward-        als as well. Despite on-going recruitment efforts,
ship. Let's remember to                               one reason the crew spends so many hours is they
     “Do all the good [we] can                        are so few in number. The equipment requires
    By all the means [we] can                         some training, the job is a bit intimidating for
    In all the ways [we] can                          many, and many people simply don’t have the
    In all the places [we] can
    At all the times [we] can                                                   continued on page 10 >>
Harcourt Herald – The Remembrance Issue

                                          l end ar

                November 2010

     l end ar

Harcourt Herald – The Remembrance Issue

Technical Difficulties – continued from page 7               ceremonies in Vancouver, where the fourth arm
time in their busy lives to help out. Our crew is           was “fixed” by mime Yves Dagenais, and Catri-
under serious pressure to make sure the media               ona LeMay-Doan given her chance to light it as it
part of the service flows smoothly, and we are               was finally raised up, with much cheering from
convinced that no one in the church wants that              the audience. Our tech crew needs to be raised up,
smooth flow from slide to slide, or that clear               not pushed down. We need to cheer them at every
sound from the microphones, more than they do.              opportunity, rather than boo at them for every
However, running the equipment is a learning                moment that did not quite work. Our options
process, and sometimes things go wrong. Unfor-              should be only these: affirm them, or join them!
tunately, when that happens, there are those who
look to blame, rather than sympathize and en-
courage. Our crew have heard comments that are               What do you think about this idea?
quite hurtful, including suggestions that they                            Harcourt’s Green Team
should be fired! Seriously, that’s the last thing               Harcourt’s “Green Team” has been researching
Harcourt needs. Other churches have stories of              the installation a Solar Electric (Photovoltaic)
tech crew volunteers giving up altogether because           system on the gym roof.
the negative attention received, when things went              There are 3 reasons why the “Green Team”
wrong, was severe enough to make them stay                  started researching the idea.
home.                                                         1. Respect for creation is an important Christian
   Perhaps Harcourt’s reaction to technical diffi-                value held by the church. This renewable en-
culties could look more like the grace and humour                ergy project would have a positive environ-
shown at the closing                                             mental impact and would be a visible expres-
                                                                 sion of Harcourt’s desire to live with respect
             AMP              S, STAMPS!!
   STAMPS, ST                       ellowship
                                                                 for God’s earth.
                       urt Women's F                          2. The solar array would provide a tool to en-
         Caroline Harco                   saving your
                        of approval on
                                                                 gage with the wider community. It is expected
      Put your stamp                       e need only
                          sy Mission! W                          that people outside of Harcourt will be inter-
  stam  ps for the Lepro                          actu-
                                ps (that's a lot,                ested in the project and will want to learn
  two more    pounds of stam                        eat-
                                   r a one-year tr               more about the project and Harcourt as a
   ally) in orde r to save up fo                osy. All
                              ering with lepr                    whole.
   ment fo  r someone suff                          d in
                                   all countries an           3. The financial analysis performed indicates
    stamps ar e accepted, from              a monetary
                           those without                         that an investment in the proposed solar array
    all amounts. Even                          ully tear
                               value).   Caref                   would result in a net benefit to Harcourt. The
     value  (“Permanent”                             rder
                                    g a small bo
     around the    stamp, leavin              box in the
                                                                 revenues generated by the array can be used
                             stamps in the                       to fund various projects in the future.
     arou nd it. Put your                          nks so
                                  e offices. Tha
      credenza   upstairs by th                             But we really want to know what you think!
      much for your                                         Please join us for a coffee after the service on
                                                            Sunday, October 31st.
- 10 -
                                                                                                                                          November 2010

        If you did not drop in
on the 31st there is still
an opportunity to do so
on Sunday, November
14th   after the 9 o'clock
service at around 10am
or after the 10.30am                        Parking Lot
service around 12 noon.
A copy of the proposal
will be available at that
time for those who are
interested. Your Green
Team looks forward to
your input! 
                                              Back Door
        Here are some of the
questions we have asked                                                                              Garden
ourselves so far. We
think you will have
some questions too.
  array? An independent con-                         appearance	
  building? The tops of the pan-
sultant has reviewed the roof structure and con-                                    els are planned to extend only 32” above the steel
firmed that the roof structure can support the                                       roof panels. While the panels will be visible, they
snow and wind loads resulting from a solar array.                                   will not overshadow the other architectural ele-
Will the roof leak as a result of the solar array                                   ments of the building.
mounting? The solar panel mounting system uses                                      Will	
specialized clips that clamp to the seams of the                                    pact	
  status? This issue has been
roof sheets and do not require holes to be made in                                  discussed with the General Council office as well
the roof. Based on experiences of similar installa-                                 as the city councillor for the ward where Harcourt
tions, the proposed solar array is not expected to                                  is located. Based on the responses received, this
have any detrimental effects on the lifespan or                                     project should not impact Harcourt’s property tax
performance of the roof.                                                            exemption or its status as a charitable organiza-
  array? The roof is currently 10 years                         Are	
into its expected 40 year life so it should not re-                                 teed? These items cannot be guaranteed because
quire replacement during the 20 year duration of                                    they depend on several uncontrollable factors such
the microFIT contract.                                                              as the number of sunhours and whether there	


                                                                                                                                                           - 11 -
Harcourt Herald – The Remembrance Issue

is snow accumulation on the panels. The estimates                                  Update on the Uganda Project
of power production are based on many years of                                                     Norma Fear
accumulated climatic data.
                                                                                    This is the time of year when we have to make
         a decision about travel plans to Mbale, Uganda
   output? Shading from any                           for 2011. This entails more considerations this
source will reduce the power output of the solar                               year since it will be election year in Uganda and
array. It is the understanding of the subcommittee                             travel safety has become an issue. After seeking
that electricity generation estimates received are                             advice from Ugandans we have decided to delay
based on site specific observations that account                                our departure until after the election is held al-
for the effects of shading. As trees grow in the                               though no definite date has been set so far, just
future, it may be necessary to prune them to pre-                              hints that it will be held in late January or early
vent shading.                                                                  February. At the present time we are planning to
    go in March.
  array? Yes. Performance monitoring                                  Of the 22 students receiving assistance from the
allows changes in power output to be detected                                  Norben Student Sponsorship Fund this year, 5
early. A sudden decrease in power output could                                 will have completed their courses at Diploma level
indicate an equipment problem. If corrected                                    by the end of the year. One has already found em-
quickly, the impact of an equipment problem on                                 ployment, two are now looking and two will not
revenue can be minimized.                                                      finish their courses until December.
                                                                                    The project as a Mission Project for Harcourt
                                                                                                          United Church has 'sur-
major components of the system all                                                                        vived' almost 4 years now
carry product warranties. The panels                                                                      and we are very grateful
are warranted for 25 years and the                                                                        for the support we have
inverters are warranted for 10 years.                                                                     received from members of
   Yes.                                               the congregation, along
The solar array can be added to Har-                                                                      with family and friends, in
court’s current insurance policy. It is
                                                                                                9         providing funds for stu-
estimated that the additional cost will                                            Kampala                dent expenses. We appre-
be $90 per year.                                                                       9                  ciate the wonderful coop-
                                                      eration of the Harcourt
  investment?                                       Lake               treasurers in getting the
Several different analyses have been                                                                      money to our account in
preformed. The simple payback will                                                                        Mbale, Uganda for distri-
                                                              Mbale is a town of about 80,000 people
be between 10 and 14 years. This                              adjacent to Mt. Elgon National Park,
                                                                                                          bution under our supervi-
would be between 8% and 10% return                            250km northeast of Ugandaʼs capital,        sion by members of our
on investment. The initial invest will                        Kampala.                                    Uganda committee.
                                                                                 [Map: Wikipedia Commons] We will be very grateful if
be $85,000 to $95,000. m

- 12 -
                                                                                                November 2010

this support continues for                                                               For the past 2 years we
the next four years so that                                                              have been able to raise
the remaining students will                                                              some funds for student
be able to complete courses                                                              expenses by purchas-
to the Diploma level. Next                                                               ing and bringing back
year we expect only two                                                                  beads for sale. Some of
students will be at Secon-                                                               these are made by one
dary School, with 15 pursu-                                                              student, some by the
ing courses at college level.                                                            mother of another stu-
Fees at college level have                                                               dent, and some by a
increased every year, and                                                                young      man     who
new fees and other require-                                                              teaches Ugandans to
ments are added, sometimes                                                               make the beads and
at the beginning of the                                                                  experiments with new
courses, others as the year                                                              designs. We hope to
progresses. So far we have                                                               sell these after church
been able to meet all ex-                                                                during coffee break
                                   Norma and Ben Fear and Juliet Namuwenge 
penses for these students                                                                twice before the end of
                                  Juliet had a difficult year last year . Her grand-
and with your help expect to mother, who had raised her following the death of           the year. We hope
be able to get them all up to her parents, succumbed to cancer. Juliet had several church members will
a level where they will be male relatives who, as is the custom in Uganda, in-           support this project as
able to find salaried em- herited the grandmotherʼs estate including the home they have in the past
ployment.                       she had been raised in and any property. Juliet is  a since all money from
   Sponsored students in- good student and this year will finish a 2½-year Di-            sales goes into the stu-
                                ploma course in English Education. In 2011 she will
clude two in Nursing; one in                                                             dent fund. m
                                be ready to teach English at a Secondary School.
Child Study; two in Catering [Photo: Ben & Norma Fear]
and Hotel Management; one
in Tourism; one in English (Secondary Level                                     Zehr’s Tapes
Teaching); one in Electrical Engineering one in                    Recently there was a letter from   Chalmers
Business; one in Population Studies; and two oth-               Community Services Centre thanking this
ers who hopefully will pass their Sr. 6 Government              Congregation for the $400.00 they received
exams this year and go on to College level courses              from Zehrs Tapes collected here at Harcourt.
of their choice. In addition, we are assisting two                  Ruth and Gord Kaufman will continue to
young women who are upgrading from Certificate                  sort and add the tapes, and, as you know, the
to Diploma level while being employed, one a                    money will continue to go directly to
Primary teacher, one a lab technician. One student              Chalmers. Thanks to those who save them for
who passed his Sr. 6 previously will also be return-            us. Blessings... Ruth
ing to school, course as yet undecided.
                                                                                                           - 13 -
Harcourt Herald – The Remembrance Issue

               Notice Board                                     Margaret Rose U.C.W. will meet
                                                                Wednesday, November 10th at 1:30pm
                                                                in the Friendship Room. Our guest
                  Mark your calendars on                        speaker will be former member Elizabeth
                  Sunday December 12th                          Stafford, who will tell us about her visit
            for the Harcourt Turkey Dinner.                     to Oberammergau.
          Watch the upcoming Sunday Bulletins for                          All women welcome.
           further details and how to obtain your               In the business session, we will discuss
                   tickets – on sale soon!                      the future of the group.

                Think Christmas Flowers                      October 1st 2010 marked the launch of a new
         I know that ghosts and goblins may still be         website and online monthly magazine devoted
         lurking on late fall evenings, but the Flower       to facilitating wellness and connection
         Committee would be delighted if you'd look          www.onethousandtrees.com .  The web-
         ahead to Christmas. If you would like to            site contains a direct link to the magazine, as
         have flowers placed in the church over the          well as a monthly calendar of events, a re-
         holiday season in memory of a loved one,            sources page (featuring books, CDs, and web-
         or if you'd like to sponsor other Christmas         sites of interest), and an inspirational quota-
         decorations, please let me know:                    tions page. The magazine provides information
         Ann Middleton for the Flower People,                on those people, organizations and events that
         519–836-3033 or famiddleton@gmail.com               help to facilitate wellness and connection, as
                                                             well as a sense of community, appreciation,
                                                               and giving back. Please visit:
           Chalmers Comm
             Service Centre
          food needs for                                 House Concert in Your Neighbourhood! 
                kidney beans or
                                              A member of the Collective Kitchen group here at Harcourt
                  baked beans
                                              is hosting a "house concert" featuring Kevin Ramessar (gui-
                           the shopping
         Drop them off in                     tar) on Friday, October 29th at 7:30 pm  Tickets:  $25 
                          ting Area of
          cart in the Gree                    Hosts:  Steve & Lyn Marfisi, 21 Oriole Cres., Phone: 519-
                   the Church.
                                              822-0993 or email: lynmarfisi@sympatico.ca   Proceeds to
                        urt-sponsored         Woodland Christian High School.  Price of ticket will see you
          The next Harco
               Saturday Supper                  get a $10 tax receipt.  Refreshments will be served. 
                      th December
           Saturday 11                                            Hope you can join us!

- 14 -
                                                                                         November 2010

            Caroline Harcourt
           Women’s Fellowship
                                                                        P assages
                   Ruth Tatham                            Deaths:
                                                                        Alan Conn,
   Constable Tina Ryan gave a very informative                    husband of Marian Conn,
and pertinent illustrated talk on Self-Protection                   on October 2nd 2010
Against Fraud to the CHWF on October 18th. A
large number of questions from the audience were
answered by her from her experience as part of
the Guelph Police Services Fraud Squad.               Church women.  40 Years of Food and Fellow-
   The November 8th meeting, held as usual in         ship  celebrating 40  years to March 4, 1996 has a
the Friendship Room at noon, will be an every-        great collection of recipes for all occasions.
woman participating get-together; each person is          A wonderful book is Simply in Season com-
asked to bring one snapshot or photograph con-        missioned by the Mennonite Central Committee
nected to some event in their life, and share their   to promote understanding of how the food choices
thoughts of that time with five other women, so        we make affect our lives and the lives of those
that new friendships are made and older friend-       who produce the food (lots of good recipes too).
ships cemented. Members of the UCW are always             Jan Karon's Mitford Cookbook and Kitchen
welcome as are newcomers. Bring your own              Reader is dedicated to faithful readers, and to all
sandwich and be prepared to have fun.
                                                      who know that good food isn't just for bodily
   Mark the annual Christmas lunch and program
                                                      nourishment; it’s also for making memories,
on your calendar – Monday, December 13th
                                                      drawing families closer and sweetening
promptly at noon. The members of the Margaret
                                                      friendships.  Even without the recipes there is a
Rose UCW and the Caroline Harcourt Women’s
                                                      lot of "fun stuff" in the book.
Fellowship always join together for this before-
Christmas treat.                                          Extending the Table is an invitation to follow
                                                      Salvestiano Lopez's (a Toka Indian Church
                                                      leader) counsel and enjoy the gifts of people from
  Notes from the Harcourt Library                     Argentina and Bangladesh to Yugoslavia and
                    Irma Webb                         Zambia.  The stories and recipes help us enter into
   Thanksgiving is just nicely past (although we      the lives and situations of the people and to be
should be thankful always) and no doubt you had       changed by them in significant ways.  Food is a
a lot of good times and great food.   And why         medium of  communication; but it is more. In a
would someone from the library be talking about       mysterious way, it is part of the message, as Jesus
food?  Well, it might surprise you that the library   so vividly portrayed in the breaking of bread and
holds quite a few good cook books and just for        distribution of the cup.
fun we would like to tell you about them.                 Come to the library and see for yourself, and if
   A United Church library ought to (and in our       the cookbooks do not interest you, browse and you
case, does) have Recipe books from the United         will surely find other books that attract you! m

                                                                                                    - 15 -
                       Harcourt Memorial United Church
                  An Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Canada

                                           Worship Times:
                                      Sunday 9:00am and 10:30am
                           (In July & August – one service only at 10:00am)
                   A nursery is provided on Sunday morning for babies and toddlers.
        Children’s Church and Breakfast Café are held in conjunction with the 10:30am service.
                                         StillPoint Worship
                              12:45-1:15pm – Wednesdays in the Chapel
                    The People with Reverend Wendy Brown, Reverend Jim Ball
                       & Kyla Riach – Children, Youth & Family Minister
                           Director of Music Ministry: Alison MacNeill

             The Life & Work of Harcourt Memorial United Church
              Chair of Council: Roz Stevenson; Clerk of Session: Linda Stockton-Wigmore
                      Treasurer: Brian Magee; Envelope Secretary: Heather Hoeg
                                 Harcourt Sponsored Groups:
    Children’s Church, Grade 6,7,8 Youth Group, High School Youth Group, Breakfast Café,
  Guides, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Margaret Rose UCW, Caroline Harcourt Women’s Fellowship,
Women’s Spirituality, Men’s Spirituality, Morning Mindstretch, Dancing With Scripture Bible Study,
   Men’s Breakfast Group, Choir, Handbell Choir, Harcourt Independents, Collective Kitchen,
          Sacred Circle Dance, Walking the Labyrinth, Harcourt Bridge Club, Tai Chi,
     Quilting Group, Prayer Shawl Ministry, The Learning Circle, Seniors Skyping Seniors
                               Groups using Harcourt facilities:
   Royal City Preschool, LightShine Singers, Kiwanis Music Festival, Stroke Recovery Canada,
          Guelph-Wellington Chapter, Rainbow Chorus, University Women-Civic Affairs,
       Guelph Concert Band, Guelph Chamber Choir, K-W Symphony Baroque & Beyond,
              KAIROS Guelph Committee, Alpha Rhythm Roots Drumming Group,
 College Heights Secondary School – School to Career Program, Socatots Guelph, Zumba Dancing
                               On-going Outreach Involvement:
 Mission & Service Fund, Advent & Lenten Appeal, Project Uganda, Welcome-In Drop-in Centre,
   University of Guelph Campus Ministry, Hunger Relief (Saturday Night Suppers; Chalmers
       Community Services Centre who sponsor Chalmers Downtown and Chalmers West)

                                  – All are Welcome! –

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