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                                                                     Foreword
                                                                     Catch up with Paralegal
                                                                     Congratulations
                                                                     Meet our Lecturers
                                                                     Our Courses in 2004
                                                                     Corporate Training
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                                                                       Cape Town, 21.11.2003
 The South African School of Paralegal Studies +
 The South African Institute of Legal Training

 Foreword                                              assisting M. Paloma Werner. Lou-Ann graduated
                                                          from our Paralegal Diploma with distinction in July
In our newsletter IV/2002, we undertook to “start         this year and has shown herself to be more than
2003 with renewed energy and zeal to promote              capable. As a past student, she feels quite at home
paralegal practice”. This energy has carried us           with us and will no doubt, through personal
through many events in 2003:                              experience, be able to competently advise students
                                                          on many School/Institute related matters.
In July we celebrated the graduation of 57 Paralegal
Diploma Graduates. We are pleased to report that          We promise to continue in 2004 with drive and
many of our graduates have already found                  energy... Anyone needing zest to continue their
rewarding employment. Inside, you can read about          Paralegal Studies should study with us. We have the
how the first weeks on the job have been for one of       interests of our past and present students at heart
the Paralegal Graduates 2003.                             and we have become a dynamic team!

Our chief principal has through his activities with the    Catch up with Paralegal Practitioners who
NPI and SAQA been engaged in several workshops            graduated from The South African School of
relating to the drafting of the Legal Practise Bill and   Paralegal Studies.
of unit standards for a National Diploma in Paralegal
Practice. Indications are now that these matters
should be finalised in 2004.                                                               Cape Times,
                                                                                           Career Times
Corporate training has become a norm for us as our                                         Tuesday,
reputation for quality legal training is by now well                                       June 17 2003
established in the world of business. Several in-
house training seminars were again presented in
Gauteng to Stannic and Standard Bank. In Cape
Town Investec Private Bank instructed us to present
a tailor made seminar. Read more about our                Faiz Gamaldien graduated from our Senior
seminars on the back page.                                Paralegal Diploma in 2001. Faiz works at
                                                          Legal Wise as a Paralegal Practitioner.
Lastly, on a personal note, our team has recently
been joined by Lou-Ann Mcloughlin, who will be

                                           Our Mission:
                 ”Training paralegals to play a vital role in South African justice.”
Sarah-Jane    Bosch     spoke    to   paralegal         The School spoke to Sharon Telo. Sharon
practitioner Faiz Gamaldien in an article               graduated from our Paralegal Diploma with
entitled “Foot soldiers of the law “ and wrote          distinction in July this year and was appointed
as follows:                                             at Buchannan Boyes as a conveyancing
                                                        secretary in October.
“What does your job entail? Paralegal
practitioners work in a legal environment and have a                Average day at the office: I draft
sound knowledge of legal principle.… My job is to                   bond documents, make appointments
liaise with policy holders and assist them with their               for the clients to sign, organise my files
legal problems. This includes attending to bail                     that are ready for lodgement while
applications for clients who have been arrested and                 keeping my files up to date.
sourcing an attorney if required.
                                                        Best part of the job: The best part of the job for
Average day at the office: Most of my time is           me is to see things coming together and making
spent attending to various clients' queries on the      clients happy.
phone and providing legal advice.
I also do face-to-face consultations with clients who   Worst part of the job: There is nothing that I
have received summonses, warrants of execution,         really hate doing at work. Nothing aggravates me or
and who have been dismissed from their jobs.            frustrates me. My job is very pleasant and
Best part of the job: It's satisfying to follow a
matter through to its end, and obtain the desired       Why did you choose this career? I have always
resolution for the client and the company.              been interested in the legal field and this was just a
                                                        great opportunity for me to do what I wanted to do.
Worst part of the job: It's frustrating to be
dependent on third parties in order to get the job      What else would      you have liked to do? I would
done, or get the desired resolution. There is nothing   have loved to have   worked with animals, particularly
worse than trying to resolve a matter when you are      horses, because it   is something that really appeals
dependent on others and have no control over their      to me as an animal   lover.
                                                        Are you paid enough? I think I am paid enough,
Why did you choose this career? There is not            I’m happy with the amount that I’m getting.
enough assistance available for members of the
community who cannot afford legal assistance. I         What do you do in your leisure time? I go
was always interested in a legal career, and this       shopping, spend time with my family and boyfriend,
particular job appealed to me because of its broad      go for walks with my dogs and sometimes I’ll ride at
scope.                                                  the stables.

What else would you have liked to do? I am              Travel opportunities? My job does not have any
particularly interested in property law and would       travel opportunities.
enjoy conveyancing.
                                                         Congratulations
Are you paid enough? It's difficult to say. Each
individual determines whether their salary is           The highest achievement in paralegal training at the
sufficient, and I am satisfied with mine.               School/Institute is the Senior Paralegal Diploma
                                                        and the Commercial Law Diploma. We would like
Rate your job on a stress level of 1 to 10:             to congratulate the following students who passed
Stress levels tend to be around 6. Dealing with         the diploma in Rondebosch in the fourth term 2002
people can be demanding, even though it is              and the first, second and third term 2003:
interesting and satisfying to assist the community.     (* = distinction)

What do you do in your leisure time? I spend            Claire Brown             ShelleyCrowie*
as much time as possible with my wife and our           Naomi Gideon             Isoldé Hesse*
dogs. We love traveling and long drives.                Greg Higgs               Nerisa Jacobs
                                                        Ruanda Nel               Monika Newman
Travel opportunities? There are          not   many     Patricia Norris          Sharlene Overmeyer
opportunities for travel in this job.”                  Geraldine Palm*

                                          Our Mission:
                ”Training paralegals to play a vital role in South African justice.”
 Meet our Lecturers

Criminal Law & Procedure
               “After completion of my Law degree             office of the Master of the High Court (previously
               at the University of Natal (Durban) I          known as the Supreme Court) and started in April
               headed out to Cape Town, where I               1986 as an estate controller. I was promoted to
               attended the School of Legal Practise          Assistant Master’s level in 1993 and in 1997
               and completed my articles with Van             successfully applied for the post of Deputy Master. I
               Der Ross and Motala in Mitchell’s              have 17 years of experience in supervising the
Plain.                                                        administration of estates, including deceased
                                                              estates, insolvencies, curatorships and trusts, but
I then joined Morgan’s Attorneys in Mitchell’s Plain          learn something new in this exciting field every day.
as a partner and dealt mostly with the Criminal
Litigation.                                                   I have lectured at The South African School of
                                                              Paralegal Studies in Wills and Estates for many years
Needing to branch out, I left Morgan’s and practised          and always remind students that there are two sure
under Kirsten and Kirsten Attorneys in Rondebosch             things in life: DEATH and TAXES.            Invariably
and dealt with civil and commercial work, but                 students ask for assistance or advice on the estate
retained criminal litigation as my core work.                 of a family member. Whether you are going to
                                                              practice as a paralegal in this field or just
At present I am senior partner at Africa & Associates         broadening your general knowledge, the course
in Woodstock and deal exclusively with Criminal               content is very informative and interesting and one
Litigation and Trusts.”                                       day, it will come in handy! In recent years, there
                                                              have been dynamic changes in this field as a result
IRMA DICK                                                     of new legislation and Constitutional Court cases.
                                                              The School maintains high standards and as a
Wills & Estates
                                                              matter of principle ensures that the course material
                                                              is updated regularly.”
                  “I commenced my studies at the
                  University of the Orange Free State in
                  Bloemfontein and graduated with a
                  B.Proc in November 1985. I was
                  fortunate to secure employment in
                  Cape Town at the

 Our Courses in 2004
 Paralegal Diploma Course
    Subjects
       Introduction to South African Law, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Debt Collecting, Wills + Estates,
       Property Law + Conveyancing, Office Practice Management.
      Schedule
         Term 1            10.02. – 26.03.04       Term 2    19.04. – 25.06.04    Graduation      15.07.04

 Short Certificate Courses
   Senior Paralegal Diploma Course / Commercial Law Diploma Course
      First Term & Third Term                                  Second Term & Fourth Term
         Civil Litigation, Property Law + Conveyancing,              Criminal Law & Procedure, Business Law,
         Debt Collecting                                             Wills + Estates

      Schedule
         First term                                         Second Term
         Commencing       02, 03, 05 February 2004           Commencing      26, 28, 29 April 2004
         Examination      29, 30 March, 01 April 2004        Examination      21, 22, 24 June 2004
         Third term                                          Fourth term
         Commencing       19, 20, 22 July 2004               Commencing      04, 05, 07 October 2004
         Examination      13, 14, 16 September 2004          Examination     29, 30 November, 02 December 2004

                                             Our Mission:
                   ”Training paralegals to play a vital role in South African justice.”
 Corporate Training

The Four-day seminar gives an overview on four subjects of importance to corporate clients. It aims to raise the
level of competence of personnel who need to effectively communicate with clients and legal advisors or
practitioners in a legal or business environment. It covers the general principles of contract law and focuses on the
different types of business entities. The procedures involved in civil litigation, debt collecting and deceased estates
are also studied.
The Insolvency seminar is aimed at businesses or corporations, which employ staff who deal with insolvent estates.
The course will provide students with insight into the legal procedures, which apply on insolvency. Particular
attention will be given, from a practical point of view, to the effect of a sequestration order, the role of the trustee
and liquidator, lodging of claims and the rights of creditors.
The Labour law seminar is of interest to managers or staff of human resource departments within the corporate
environment. The syllabus is comprehensively dealt with and gives a sound overview of what is a major concern in
any South African organisation.
Should we present seminars, these may be tailor made to suit your specific needs in terms of student number, the
focus, times or length of the course or other matters of importance to you.

 In the Next Edition

Why study Debt Collecting? What do Debt Collectors do?
Meet our Chief Principal and our Tax Law lecturer.
How to prepare for the job search? Some words of advice from the CV & interview workshops presented to our
Paralegal Diploma Students.

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                                           Our Mission:
                 ”Training paralegals to play a vital role in South African justice.”

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