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									a quick guide to
        setting up your salon….

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                                             Setting Up Your Salon…..
Where to begin???

You’ve got the money, location and hopefully a name! Now you need to think about
transforming your ‘space’ into the salon of your dreams and getting it up and running!

Starting up is a huge project so we’ve tried to simplify it for you. Having helped thousands of
customers set up in the past, we’ve heard just about every problem and pitfall there is, so
we’re well equipped to help you out.

This pack serves as a guide to steer you through all the issues which need to be considered.

We don’t pretend to have created an exhaustive list of everything you need to remember,
but we have compiled this booklet to get you thinking on the right track. If Beauty Express
can be of any further assistance in setting up your new salon then please do not hesitate to
get in touch.

Have Fun!

                                                                 What's inside…...
                                                                 •   Planning
                                                                 •   Decorating
                                                                 •   Buying Equipment
                                                                 •   Ordering
                                                                 •   Marketing

                                                                       •   Plenty of Ideas and Tips
                                                                       •   An Open Day Countdown
                                                                       •   Equipment checklist
                                                                       •   Your notes
                                                                       •   Discount Voucher

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                                                    Setting Up Your Salon…..
Write a list of everything you will need to organise – from technical and decorating services, ordering equipment
and stock, training staff, and promoting your salon.

Measure the area of your room, and draw a plan to guide you.
Take note of doorways, windows, power points, lighting, and the position of water points.

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                                                          Setting Up Your Salon…..
Designing your salon
Before you start you need to think about the scale of your design or renovations. This will depend on the space,
budget and time you have allocated before you open. You should think about any work that will need to be
carried out on plumbing, heating, ventilation and lighting, and look into comparing quotes from a number of

Décor—first impressions count                               Ideas Guide

Decide on the general appearance and look you               To create a warm and natural feel, choose neutral
want to achieve in your salon. Think about                  paints, soft colours and wooden equipment.
colours and shades, the atmosphere you want to              For a relaxing and luxurious environment choose
create and the size you need to fill. To make small         chocolate brown and cream colours.
rooms look bigger, light colours, mirrors and the           Include towels, couch covers and uniforms in your
positioning of lighting can be used to create an            colour scheme to complement your overall concept.
illusion of space. Make walls washable for cleanliness.
Good flooring is essential to withstand every day
wear and tear, a worn looking floor will make the
whole salon look tired. Think about your reception
area, what you plan to retail and how to display it to      A Welcoming Atmosphere
best effect to maximise your profit and your business
potential.                                                  Small gestures do wonders for the atmosphere of your
                                                            salon. Keeping customers occupied while they wait is
                                                            just the beginning of the pampering experience and
                                                            can easily be achieved by providing comfortable
Good salon design is about more than creating a
                                                            seating, magazines, soothing music, tea & coffee or a
pleasant environment.
                                                            water cooler. It doesn’t sound like much, but it will be
It will have a lasting positive effect on your business

Furnishing your salon                                       Notepad
First of all decide what treatments you are going to        Reception
do, which range to use and what equipment you               Colour / Feel:
need to do them:                                            Purpose:
 Waxing           Electrolysis   Aromatherapy
 Skincare         Eyecare        Cosmetics
 Bodycare         Nails          Manicure                   Room 1
 Reflexology      Tanning        Pedicure                   Colour / Feel:
The following questions should give you an idea of          Equipment:
what equipment and quantities you will need.
                                                            Room 2
How many rooms do you have?                                 Colour / Feel:
How many staff will be employed?                            Purpose:
What treatments are you offering?                           Equipment:
In which rooms?
Do you have a reception area?                               Room 3
                                                            Colour / Feel
Do you plan to retail?

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                                                             Setting Up Your Salon…..
Choosing your equipment
We recommend that you buy the best equipment you can afford. You will be using your equipment everyday
and the items you choose are the tools to your trade, you should never sacrifice quality over saving a few
pounds. It may seem like a big expense at first but quality equipment should be viewed as an investment in the
future of the business.

Reception                                                        Retail – offer your customers more!

First impressions are formed as soon as a client enters          A great way to increase the profitability of your salon
your salon and it is likely to set the tone of their visit. It   and to give customers a better service is to retail
is hugely important that your reception area reflects            products. Your retail display could quite simply be a
the service and quality a customer can expect when               couple of shelves, a small unit on the reception desk
visiting your salon. The size of your salon will naturally       or a complete display stand. Glass shelving is ideal for
determine what you are able to do with your                      displaying products as it looks professional and fits in
reception area. Always keep the reception and                    with most salon designs. Choose retail lines to
customer area clean and tidy. Carefully select the               complement your treatments. Make sure your
appropriate furniture for this area taking the following         products are sighted near the cash point and most
into account:                                                    importantly talk about your product range. Retailing
• Will I need space for a computer?                              products such as skincare which can be used by
• Will the cash till fit here?                                   customers in between treatments and is likely to
• Is there a lockable drawer?                                    encourage repeat business. Advise customers on
• Does the colour and style match the impression I               which products would benefit them and don’t be
    want to give my customers?                                   afraid to sell.
• Will I retail products from the desk or have a
    separate display unit?                                       Check out the Retail section in The
Beauty Express offer a wide range reception desks                Beauty Book for product ranges and
and waiting chairs to give your customers a great first          ideas. Also look out for the ‘Retail Me’
impression.                                                      symbol throughout the catalogue.

Know your delivery times and dates                               Supplier              Lead time / notes

Make sure when you are ordering your equipment
that you leave enough time for delivery. Whilst in
most cases delivery will be within one week or even
overnight you should allow for contingencies and                 Skincare
cover all options. You should make orders for supplies
4 weeks before opening, and equipment more than                  Nailcare
6 weeks before from any supplier to prevent
disruption. Always advise of your salon opening date
when you place your order.

Remember to think about where you want your                      Essentials
goods delivered if they cannot be delivered to your
salon and who is there to receive them. Most                     Make Up
companies allow 24 hours for you to check your
goods but you should do this instantly. It is not
advisable to leave goods unchecked for any period                Tanning
of time.
For information on the delivery times for equipment
from Beauty Express please do not hesitate to call our
advisors on the number below.

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                                                     Setting Up Your Salon…..
Equipment leasing
Spread the cost                                            Equipment Checklist
Opening a new salon is an expensive time. To make
this affordable Beauty Express can arrange leasing for
all or some of your salon equipment (minimum order             Reception Desk
£1000 ex vat). This means that you can spread the
payments over three years allowing you to save your
                                                               Waiting Chairs
cash for other things. Simply select the equipment             Retail Display Stand
you want and call our sales team. We will take your
details and forward them onto our leasing company              Manicure Table / Nail Stations
who will have an answer for you within 24hours. A
Beauty Express lease is simple to set up and will help         Support Stool
you afford all the equipment you need to get your
new salon up and running.                                      Beauty Beds

For example a selection of equipment to the value of
                                                               Magazine Rack
£1,000 ex vat would only cost £8.08 per week on a              Spa Chairs
Beauty Express equipment lease.
                                                               Client Chairs
                                                               Magnifier Lamp

Get the Best service

Try and reduce the number of suppliers you have as it      Happy to Help
is much easier to deal with one company for ordering
equipment and day to day stock. This will avoid any        Beauty Express are happy to send out quotes on
confusion as to who is delivering what products and        large orders of equipment should your bank request
will give you more control and time to spend on other      it. You will be spoiled for choice with the vast range in
things.                                                    the beauty book, so if you need any help choosing,
                                                           just ask!

Making the most of your new salon

Maintain your new Salon

Now you have created your dream salon keep it that way! Beauty Salons should be clean and safe
environments, a sanctuary where clients can relax. The cleanliness of your salon is of great importance. Make
sure all equipment, floors and tables are washed regularly. Towels and staff uniforms must be in good condition
and always clean. Your customers must be able to trust the products and tools that you use on them so make
sure that they are of good quality and safe. You must not put your clients at risk of infection as it will damage
your reputation.

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                                                           Setting Up Your Salon…..
Ordering stock
The Essentials                              Stock Levels

Before opening make sure you have           Think about your stock levels and the space you will need to allocate for
a plentiful supply of all the essentials!   storage. Your first order will be a big one, but you can use this as a
                                            guide, checking your stock after the first week to see what you will need
These are easy to forget, but you           to reorder. Most salons order on a monthly basis, allowing them to
can’t do without them!                      concentrate on the business in the salon rather than spending time
                                            ordering small items. This can also save you money on delivery costs
        Acetone                             with many companies. At Beauty Express, orders over £75 ex vat are
        Appointment Books                   carriage free, excluding equipment, see terms and conditions for full
        Barbicide Jars                      details.
        Cotton wool
                                            Starter Kits
        Couch roll
        Cuticle Sticks                      An easy way to make sure you have everything you need to begin your
        Dispensers                          treatments is to buy starter kits. Available in waxing ranges, skincare,
        Disposable Gloves                   electrolysis, aromatherapy, nailcare, and pedicure, almost all brands
                                            offer this, and some equipment can also be purchased this way. When
        Disposable Pants
                                            you reorder you can easily replenish the items you’re running low on,
        Equipment Cleaner                   reducing wastage and making ordering even easier! See the beauty
        Eyelash Tint                        book for product starter kits.
        First Aid Box
        Hand Wash                           A guide to ordering wax
        Head Bands                          1 Tub of wax = 7 sets of ½ leg treatments. You are likely to need more
        Implements                          wax than you think. Remember to order enough per therapist or
        Manicure Sticks                     treatment room, depending on the range of treatments you plan to
        Nail Files                          offer. Make treatments an experience by using co-ordinating products
                                            such as lavender wax, pre and after wax lotions. Adding a lavender
        Nail Polish Stands                  scent to the room, matching towels and relaxing music will also make a
        Opening Hours Sign                  huge difference!!
        Polish Remover
        Price List
                                            Keep up to date with treatments!
        Record Cards
        Relaxing music                      The beauty book has all the latest and best selling treatments including:
        Retail Products / Stand             Skintruth™, BodyCoffee™, Hopi Ear Candles, Tantruth, eyelash tinting,
                                            aromatherapy, waxing, make up, nail art and much much more!
                                            Other things to consider
        Surgical Spirit
        Tissues                                     Cash register
        Towels                                      Merchant account fees (to accept credit cards)
        Tweezers                                    Utilities (electricity, phone)
        Uniforms                                    Insurance
        Wax                                         Professional fees (accountant, lawyer, etc.)
        Wax Heater                                  Signage costs
                                                    Initial marketing and advertising expenses

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                                                      Setting Up Your Salon…..
Time Planner
A countdown to opening your salon.

                        Things to do                                              Notes

 12 weeks to go         Measure room, gather quotes and collate designs.
                        ORDER FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT

 10 weeks to go         Think about staffing and recruit if necessary.
                        Begin renovating and decorating.
  8 weeks to go         Staff training
  6 weeks to go         Organise promotional material and start advertising in
                        the local press
  4 weeks to go         Order salon stock and consumables from Beauty
  2 weeks to go         Ensure all equipment is set up and that you have
                        enough stock.
                        Set up retail display stands.
                        Make plenty of appointments and ensure all day to
                        day operations are organised
   1 week to go         Ensure your salon in dust free and clean. Invite local
                        newspapers along to your opening event.

NOW OPEN                Congratulations!! Buy some fresh flowers and open
                        your new salon for business!!

Marketing                                                  Staff
Marketing your salon                                        Recruitment and Training

Having a fantastic new salon is just the tip of the         Take on the task of recruiting staff well before you
iceberg! You need to allocate some of your budget           plan to open. Try to organise staff training in
to marketing and let people know who you are and            advance, so that you are all fully ready for business
what you do! Promoting your salon doesn’t need to           when the salon opens.
cost the earth. You can send some information to
local newspapers, post some fliers or do some               Uniforms
promotional opening offers. Once you have built a
loyal base of customers, the word will hopefully            And don’t forget the uniforms! Having professionally
spread and do some of the marketing for you!                dressed staff can make a huge difference to the look
‘Recommend a friend’ or ‘2 for 1’ offers are good for       and atmosphere of your salon, and its worth getting it
encouraging new business whilst rewarding your              right! Beauty Express offer a full range to suit all
existing customers.                                         budgets! See the beauty book for full details.

Keep your clients happy

The best and most cost effective way to promote your business is by word of mouth. If a client is satisfied with
their treatment and enjoyed their visit to your salon then they will come back again and again. Plus they will
recommend you to their friends and family.
Collect customer contact information e.g. an email address, mobile number, home address, and then you can
email, text or mail them with new products or services and special offers.

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                                                       Setting Up Your Salon…..
Okay! Lets get started
Now that you have read this guide you will have             See for yourself and visit our showroom
made your choices and will be ready to place your
order for salon equipment and stock items. If you’re        If you are having difficulty selecting the equipment
not ready or need more advice and information               that is best for you then make an appointment to visit
don't worry, just call Beauty Express and we’ll be          the Beauty Express Showroom in Glasgow. We have a
happy to help.                                              huge selection of equipment for you to try and our
                                                            sales team can advise you on the various options
                                                            and colours available.
                                                            To book an appointment please e-mail us or contact
Why choose Beauty Express?                                  our sales team who will happily give you some ideas
• Award winning customer service                            on how to make the most of your trip to Glasgow.
• Advice on the best products and equipment for
• Ongoing supplier for equipment and                        Lo-call: 0845 702 3803
• Easy ordering by phone, web, email or fax                 For information on places to stay visit
• Fast delivery                                   
• Huge professional product range

Ready to order . . . . . . .
Order by phone
Call 0845 702 3803 and our helpful sales team will be happy to help you. Quote SSPO8

Request a catalogue
Call 0845 702 3803 and we will post you a copy of the latest Beauty Book crammed full of essential and exciting
professional products.

Order online
Many salons are now choosing to place their stock orders online at This
gives you the flexibility of ordering at a time that suits you. The website is extremely easy to use and recently
received the HBSA Professional Hair and Beauty Award for excellence, for ‘Best Website 2007’

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10% Salon Start Up                                          FREE Skintruth Gift Pack
                                                            When you spend £100 ex vat on your first furniture
Discount Voucher                                            and stock order.
To help you get up and running we will give you 10%         Simply quote SSP08 before you order and choose
off your first furniture and opening stock order. Simply    either a Skintruth Manicure Kit or a Skintruth Pedicure
quote SSP08 before you order.                               Kit.

Subject to terms and conditions.                            Subject to terms and conditions.
No cash alternative will be offered.                        No cash alternative will be offered.
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.         Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Valid Until March 2009.                                     Valid Until March 2009.

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