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					                       Georges Vanier Catholic School
                            28 Finchgate Blvd. Brampton, Ontario L6T-3H9
                               Telephone: 905-792-2251             Fax: 905-792-8455
Principal                                                                     N O V E M B E R   2 0 1 0

Silvana Reda
                                                The Letter
Office Staff                                Written by a grade 8 student

 Paula Tomei                              November 11th was the day it hit me
                                       The knock on the door I knew it couldn’t be
                                      The man in the doorway handing me a letter
Superintendent                       I knew from right there it wasn’t getting better
of Schools                              I stood there in shock and started to read
                                              We are the dead here to stay
Mr. Tucciarone
                                         We lived our lives we are happy to say
                                   We ask that you hold your head up high and proud
                              For you mustn’t forget we were once living above the ground
Parish                                  As we soldiers look over the ones we love
                                      They know we are with them right up above
St. John Fisher
                                             Remember us for who we were
905-793-6610                             Even though this is not what you prefer
                                       Remember the poppies blowing tall and red
                                          They are how you shall remember us
Fr. Grima                                         They symbol the dead
                                         These poppies shall never stop growing
                                             This is our way of love showing
Associate                                      So every 11th of November
                                               I shall stand at my doorway
Pastor                                          For we all must remember
Fr. Lewis

                                 Remembrance Day
Catholic School
Council Chair
                  On November 11th, we had an assembly that was led by our
                  grades 5 and 6 students. The students helped us remember the
                  people who were killed in wars. Thank you to Ms. Baltazar and Mrs. D’Souza!
                                   Dressing for Winter Weather
                   While we have been blessed with unusually moderate Fall weather,
                   we can expect this to change at any time. Please assist us in encour-
                   aging the children to dress adequately for this weather. Except when
                   the weather is extremely cold or wet, the students will be going out-
                   side during the recess and lunch periods. Playing outdoors is a pleas-
                   ant and healthy activity when students are wearing suitable clothing. For the younger
                   students it would be helpful if parents were to label items of clothing with their child’s
                   name, so that each person can more easily locate his/her own clothing from the class
                   coat rack area. A number of items make their way to the Lost and Found (which is
                   found in our front entrance). Labeled items can be returned more easily and mixed up
                   items sorted out more readily. If your child brings home an item by mistake, please
                   return it to the school so that this mix-up may be corrected the next day!

Please join us

for our next                            School Yard Expectations
  Catholic           Please review these expectations with your children:
                                          We help each other
   School                               We respect all persons
                                        We respect all property
                                          We stay off fences
 meeting on                           We play non-contact games
                                     We use appropriate language
 November                        We stay within our school boundaries
                                We walk our bikes on school property
   30th at
                                       We eat our snacks inside
 6:00 p.m. in              We leave rocks, stones, snow, etc., on the ground.

 the school
                               Indoor Shoes                                 Lockdown Drill
                              In order to avoid bringing       We are required by Board policy to practice a procedure
                              mud, water and snow into         to protect students in the event that we have an intruder
                               the classroom, it will be       in the school who threatens their safety. This procedure
                    necessary for each student to have a       is called a “lockdown”. An announcement is made and
                    pair of indoor running shoes. Stu-         students are instructed to move away from windows and
                                                               doors and to lie on the floor. We will be conducting a
                    dents will change into this addi-
                                                               lockdown drill on December 2. We wanted to inform
                    tional pair of shoes as soon as they
                                                               you of this procedure so that you would be aware prior
                    come to class. We appreciate your          to the event. Students will be alerted to the drill and
                    assistance with this matter!               reassured that it is a drill and that there is no threat.

                      Bullying Prevention Corner
November - Everyone Needs to Learn How to Live in Peace
In November, students will focus on the message of peace. Peace is defined as inner
contentment, serenity and harmonious relations. Students will create a unique “peace
place” in each of their classrooms. The “peace place” is an area identified and deco-
rated by students that they can use to take a moment for personal reflection or to resolve conflict with
another student. This idea of having a “calming” space is used in schools, workplaces and family
Another school wide activity will be our “kindness Tree”. This Kindness Tree is to be used to demon-
strate various acts of kindness done by many students in our school.
Tips for parents:
   Help your child learn to recognize early signs that they are becoming agitated or upset.
   Create a calming space or reflection area in your home.

      Junior Girls Volleyball                               Junior Boys Volleyball
                 Congratulations to the Junior
                 Girls Volleyball team who           Congratulations to the Junior Boys Volleyball
                 placed 2nd at the volleyball        team who placed 1st at the volleyball tournament
                 tournament held at St. Jean         held at St. Jean Brebeuf . The boys have now ad-
                 Brebeuf . The girls team ad-        vanced to the family finals which will be held the
                 vanced to the finals but lost to    week of November 29th. The boys were exem-
                 the host team of St. Jean Bre-      plary models for Vanier and were gracious and
                 beuf. The girls played a strong     polite at all times.
game and represented Georges Vanier with true        Thank-you to the coaches, Ms. Baltazar and Mr.
spirit and sportsmanship.                            Tyldsley for their time and commitment to the
Thank-you to the coaches, Ms. Baltazar and           team! members were:
Mr. Tyldsley for their time and commitment to        Ayomide A., Curtis C.,
the team! Team members were:                         Liam C., Miles M., Cody
Alenea A., Camila C., Jenna C., Perena D., Tia       P., Alan P., Sean P., Brian
G., Dina I., Daniela L., and Skylar P.               R., and Daniel T.
                                                                      Santa & Mrs. Claus
                        Georges Vanier 40th                                     Pictures
                                Anniversary                       We will be having pictures with Santa
                                                                  & Mrs. Claus on December 8, 2010
                        As part of our 40th Anniversary, we       from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The
                        will be inviting former students and      cost is $10 for 1 5x7 color photo plus
                        their families to our Advent Liturgy      your child’s photo on a CD.
                        at St. John Fisher Church at 10:00
a.m. on December 14th. All of our present students will be        Please send cash only on December
taking the bus to the church. All parents are invited to join     8th.
us! In the afternoon, we will have an assembly to celebrate
the 40 years and will open the Time Capsule from the 25th         Photo’s can be taken as
Anniversary.                                                      a group picture if you
                                                                  have more than one
                                                                  child attending the

        Welcome back to Mrs. Mauti-MacNeil!
                                                                              Christmas Break is
                                                                               December 20 to
 Good-bye to Ms. Plourde. We thank her for all her                            December 31, 2010.

                                       Breakfast Club
                Georges Vanier School is currently running a Breakfast Program!

                We understand that mornings can be hectic. With parents and children hastening to pre-
                pare for the day ahead, breakfast can often be rushed or forgotten.

                  During the 2010-2011 school year we will be providing a calm time and space for stu-
dents to sit and enjoy a nutritional breakfast. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays breakfast will
be served and enjoyed from 8:30 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. Meals will consist of a fruit, cereal,
and toast. As our program develops, our meals may also evolve.

Thank you to Ms. Cautillo for organizing our Breakfast club! We currently have been able
to access grant money from “Breakfast for Learning”. However, in the new year we will be
looking for donations to keep this worthwhile program.