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 Weekly Newsletter of
  The Rotary Club of
                         CLUB MEETING : 24 JULY 2008
                         JENNY KRUGER opened             Hong Kong in February
                                                                                                   THE LINK
    Durban North         the meeting with a stirring     and March next year. Dis-
    District 9270,       invocation. CHIC STEELE         trict is looking for team
     South Africa        recited The Four Way Test       members and a team                       ROTARY CLUB OF DURBAN NORTH
                         and BARRY GARLAND
                         welcomed our guests –
                                                         Rotarians are asked to
                                                                                                           WEEKLY NEWS
President :
Lorna Comins             Assistant Governor ELSA         submit names of possible                      ISSUE NO 6 — 31 JULY 2008
Tel: 031 571-1107        LE ROUX, JANE EVERITT           candidates.
Fax: 031 574-5844        guest of HILARY, LAURA
Cell : 083 4199 494
                         DONET, DEBBIE O’HA-             BRENDA SWANEPOEL               WELCOME DISTRICT GOVERNOR HENNIE
Secretary:               GEN and CHARLES                 announced a fellowship
Hilary Augustus
P O Box 20209
                         CHOU guest of Honorary          function on 3rd August.
Durban North 4016        Rotarian MICHAEL PAN.           Members are invited to                                    This evening we welcome Governor
Tel: (031) 579-2850      Secretary HILARY read out       walk from Umhlanga to                                     HENNIE DE BRUIN on his official visit to
Cell: 082 5560 299       a letter of thanks from The     Umdloti along the beach
E-Mail:                  Rencken Centre, for Men-        and then recharge batter-                                 our Club.     tally Handicapped Adults in     ies at the Bush Tavern                                    We look forward to hearing your vision
Web:                     Wartburg, for the financial     restaurant. Arrangements                                  for Rotary in our District and how Durban
                         assistance with the instal-     to transport the walkers                                  North can play its part in “Making
                         lation of a cold room.          back from Umdloti are be-
Editor:                  President LORNA advised         ing made.
                                                                                                                   Dreams Real.”
Clive Raaff
082 4967 705             with regret that she had
Assistant Editor:        received a letter of resigna-   HILARY announced the
Gerard De Broglio        tion from DAVE ROBIN-           attendance at 93.30%.
083 4077 163             SON. DAVE is unable to          Birthday wishes offered to     NORMAN ON MALARIA
                         fulfil his Rotary obligations   ALAN DUNCAN BROWN,
Mike Hartley             at present and thanked the      SHIRLEY PIEK and TRIS
082 2922 108             Club for the friendships he     TILLARD. DAVE FLITTON          Think back to when you were very           not having stag-
Hilary Augustus          had made. He is very will-      was congratulated on his       young, lying on your back on the soft      nant water lying
(031)579 2850            ing to assist with any pro-     fifteenth anniversary of       grass looking up at the clouds. You        around and
The Club meets at        jects in the future.            joining Rotary and KENNY       hear running water. Egyptian pharaohs      spraying the
cocktail hour every      LORNA reminded the              was offered strength and       on the royal barges selecting a the site   larva before it
Thursday at :            meeting of the District Gov-    support after his nasty hi-    for their tomb. The mighty Amazon          hatches. The
DHS Old Boys Club,       ernors visit next week and      jacking experience last        River, rivers in the Congo, India and      use of mosquito
Gainsborough Drive,      urged all to attend. The        week. GUSSIE was again         China. With all this water comes the       nets assists in
Durban North at 5.15     dress code is changed to        inveigled into the Ser-        most notorious insect on the planet.       people not be-
for 5.30 pm              jacket and tie for the          geants slot (with more risky   The mosquito. Our speaker was our          ing bitten by
                         males, our ladies always        stories) and closed the        own “Professor” NORMAN NEW-                these little dev-
  Visitors are most
                         look smart.                     meeting with inspirational     BERRY, who was introduced by               ils. NORMAN recommended that anti
                         LORNA advised of a              words.                         KARAM MAHARAJ. NORMAN ex-                  malaria medication be taken before
                         Group Study Exchange to                                        plained the cycle of the mosquito and      entering a known malaria area. MER-
                                                                                        how it carries the malaria strain which    VYN McGREGOR thanked NORMAN
                                                                                        infects millions of people on the earth.   for his interesting presentation.
                                                                                        The strain is however controllable by
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JAIME SEASE—Our new Rotary daughter introduces herself                                    COMMITTEE REPORTS
                                    JAMIE our Youth Exchange student from Minne-          MIKE THOMSON in the absence of MIKE NEALE reported on Foundation mat-
                                    sota has been with us for two weeks. She attends      ters.
                                    Northlands Girls High School and is already in-        Ambassadorial scholar LAURA WALDRON had unfortunately withdrawn from
                                    volved in the choir and orchestra. JAMIE is enjoy-      the program. She has however joined Rotaract so she remains part of The Fam-
                                    ing the company at an all girl’s school and is          ily of Rotary.
                                    adapting to the “strictness” of the establishment.     The Club will continue with the Group Study Exchange program hopefully host-
                                    She thanked all involved for a great two weeks.
                                                                                            ing inbound teams and selecting suitable candidates for outbound tours.
                                    Members are encouraged to get to know this de-
                                    lightful young lady and include her in your leisure    We will investigate Matching Grant opportunities – the club currently has three
                                    activities.                                             open grants.
                                                                                           The Club will be encouraged to increase the contribution to the Annual Giving
                                                                                            program, trying for $100 US per member.
News from our Ambassadorial
                                                                                          ROB THOMPSON reported on fundraising activities and future plans.
                                                                                           The Virginia Air Show catering had been a great success, exceeding the figure
ANNA’S parents from America have been
on a short tour of our province. A warm                                                     raised last year. ADRIAAN was complemented on the organisation.
welcome to Steve and Mary as they visit us                                                 Planning for The Christmas Fantasy is underway.
this evening. We trust they have enjoyed                                                   Other projects being planned / considered are a fun walk, a breakfast with a ce-
their time in Kwa Zulu Natal and being with                                                 lebrity speaker, night racing, a fashion show, an orchestral evening, a beer fest.
their daughter Anna                                                                        The 101 Club draws will continue, a wine tasting evening at Kensington Square
                                                                                            and a golf day.
                                                                                           ROB was keen to partner with businesses in our fund raising efforts.

“Left over” food appreciated                                                              BARRY GARLAND reported on the Vocational committee meeting.
                                                                                           A Robus Fund request will be taken to the Board for approval.
                                          PETER GOODERSON advised that the                 The vocational visit to JEFF’S business will be rescheduled.
                                          “left over” food from the Airshow had            A vocational awards evening will be held.
                                          been delivered to NOAH in Shaka’s                Adult Based Education is being investigated.
                                          Kraal. He had received a letter of appre-        A visit to the Durban Traffic Control Centre by Parkhill students is being planned.
                                          ciation and he was presented with a ban-
                                          ner made by the children. PETER’S com-
                                          pany have supported this cause for many          CLUB DIARY
                                          years and have also benefited from the           CLUB MEETINGS
                                          East Coast Radio Toy and Food story.             July 31    : District Governor’s Official Visit
                                                                                           August 7   : Leslie Livingood & Jenny Kruger : “ I
                                                                                           August 14  : Kevin O’Brien : Air Traffic Control at
Rotaract Induction                                                                                       Durban International
                                                                                           August 21  : June Flitton : Ascot
ANDREW MECHANIC is inducted as
Rotaract President by IVAN ZALTZ-                                                          PROJECTS & FUNCTIONS
MAN. We take this opportunity to con-                                                      August 3     : Walk from Umhlanga to Umdloti—
gratulate ANDREW and Past Rotaract                                                                        Jaime’s 16th Birthday
President LAUREN DE CHARMOY on                                                             August 16    : Rotary Foundation Seminar
                                                                                           September 7 : PRLS Seminar
their marriage this Saturday and wish                                                      September 20 : PR & Membership Seminar
them every happiness in the future.

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