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The heart wrenching story from Japan just keeps getting worse and as you know, it all started with a
massive M9.0 earthquake. That big one has made a lot of businesses in the United States think a lot
harder about a seismic fastening program on their campus.

If you run a business in a seismically active zone, preparedness, and more particularly a seismic fastening
program, is key to ensuring that your business keeps on running after an earthquake strikes.

A seismic fastening program should be at or near the top of your list of priorities.

And it doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, neglecting the earthquake threat and the
associated need for a seismic fastening program could prove to be very costly in many ways.

What we have seen in Japan is stark evidence of exactly why it’s so important to take Step #1 to
earthquake safety and identify all the potential hazards around the workplace and then fix them with a
seismic fastening program.

The Japanese video footage clearly shows the taller, heavier items toppling onto areas right where
people had been sitting and working just moments before the big quake struck.

If that didn’t get home the message about why it’s in your best interests to undertake a seismic
fastening program around your office, laboratory or warehouse then apparently you need a ton of

Seismic Mitigation

QuakeHOLD! Industrial is the leader in non-structural seismic mitigation. This year we are celebrating 20
years of being in the business of seismic mitigation. It includes laboratory fastening, clean room
fastening, data center seismic mitigation, and office equipment safety fastening. These are all variations
of a seismic fastening program that can be tailored for your business.
Our innovative countertop fasteners, floor fasteners, and laboratory restraints protect employees from
seismic risks within the workplace.

There are innovative and cost effective methods of fastening based on client preference and a seismic
fastening program can be custom designed for every aspect of your specific operation.

We offer our industrial, corporate, and government clients a four phase maintenance program to
manage all of your earthquake safety and preparedness needs.

Our trained in-house installers are familiar with a seismic fastening program for clean room protocol,
data centers, warehouse racking and even the CEO's office.

Any of our seismic fastening program options will meet Seismic Zone 4 standards and getting it done is
not time consuming, nor will it interrupt your productivity.

From a business standpoint it’s clear cut - by not doing anything about earthquake preparedness at your
workplace you are just inviting trouble because a) earthquakes are unpredictable; and b) we’re overdue
for a big one according to the experts. So surely it makes much more sense to take care of it now before
it’s too late and you’re left second guessing your apathy.

Seismic Protection Products and Services

Earthquakes are unpredictable, so being prepared is the most practical course of action to take. If your
equipment is unsecured it could be damaged or trashed and the best way to prevent that from
happening is to take action now to avoid major financial and logistical headaches later.

QuakeHOLD! Industrial is the leader in seismic fastening programs and earthquake preparedness. Check
us out to see our full range of seismic protection products and services. And regardless of the size of
your operation, a free evaluation will determine how best to meet your needs. If you run a business in
an earthquake zone you need to be prepared and we strongly encourage you to get a seismic fastening
program started today.

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