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					                     NOLA ROLLER
        Costume Designer/Wardrobe Stylist
                                 IA Local 705
                       M- 323-459-4447 F 323-332-6790


Hair Battle Spectacular    Oxygen                  3 Ball Productions
Tough Love Couples         VH1                     High Noon Productions
Celebrity Fit Club:
Boot Camp 6 & 7            VH1                     Granada / ITV
Celebrity Fit Club 2-5     VH1                     Granada
American Idol Extra        Fox Reality             Fremantle
High School Musical;       ABC                     Jay and Tony Show
Get In The Picture
The Pick Up Artist         VH1                     3 Ball Productions
Don’t Forget The Lyrics    Fox/ VH1                Pilot RDF
Paradise Hotel 2           Fox Reality             Richard Hall, EP
Party Monsters Cabo        E!                      3 Ball Productions
Bull Run                   Spike TV                Rocket Science Labs
U.S. of ANT                LOGO
Estate Of Panic            Sci Fi                  Endemol
Red Light/ Green Light     VH1                     DME Productions
Monday Night Football      ABC Sports
World Figure Skating       ABC Sports
The John Henson Project    Spike TV                Fred Mendes, DIR
Opening the Tombs of The
10,000 Mummies             Fox                     Steve Beim, Dir
That’s Life                Fox                     Bob Loudin, Dir
Taboo                      TNN                     Morris Abrahams, Dir
TVLand Kitschen            TVLand                  Ted Lange, Dir

Film Credits:
Costume Designer

A Plumm Summer             Theatrical Release      Steve Beswick, UPM

On Air Credits

How Do I Look?             Style Network           Celebrity Stylist
NutriSystem                Infomercial             Makeover Stylist
Live From The Red Carpet   E!                      Celebrity Stylist
Hair Battle Spectacular    Oxygen                  Wardrobe Designer
E! Morning Show            E!                      Fashion Expert
                            NOLA ROLLER
                       Stylist/Costume Designer
                               2020 N. Main St. Loft #018
                                 Los Angeles, CA 90031
                            M-323-459-4447    F-323-332-6790

Commercial Campaigns
Product                        Production Company        Director

NutriSystem                    Center City Film          Brian Isley
Poise                          MJZ                       Ray Dillman
Botox Cosmetic                 World Hero                Scott Young
Neosporin                      MJZ                       Ray Dillman
Del Taco                       World Hero                Scott Young
Dairy Management               Gartner                   Raymond Bark
Toyota                         Millenium                 Doug Taub                    Station Wagon             Jim Tozzi
Kia                            Station Wagon Films       Jim Tozzi
Morgan Stanley                 Gartner                   Ray Dillman
Bank Of America                Gartner                   Ray Dillman
Clorox                         Station Wagon Films       Kevin Ward
Yamaha                         Crossroads                Scott Young
Lincoln Navigator              Addiction Films           Scott Young
Miller Beer                    Station Wagon Films       Jim Tozzi
L.A. Times                     Strong Arm Productions    Scott Young
Citibank                       Burson Marsteller, N.Y.   Darrell De Makes
Visa                           Sinc Box                  Bruce Sommers
Bomba                          Station Wagon Films       Jim Tozzi
Poloroid                       Station Wagon Films       Jim Tozzi
Phoenix Coyotes                The Dakota Group          Scott Young
Casino in the Sun              The Dakota Group          Scott Young
L.A. Times                     HBRA                      Scott Young
Tostitos                       Station Wagon Films       Jim Tozzi
Barona Casino                  The Dakota Group          Rich Underwood
Sharp Health Care              The Dakota Group          Danny Weisberg
Sharp Electronics              DT Media                  Rich Underwood
Caterpillar                    A Band Apart              Ray DeMache
Isle of Capri Casino           Media Imagery             Ben Di Angelo
Accord                         Cuculoris                 Egil Egilsson
AM South Bank                  Gartner                   Ray Dillman
Pepto Bismol                   Station Wagon Films       Jim Tozzi
Comp USA                       Crossroads                Scott Young
Colgate                        Gartner                   Ray Dillman
Countrywide                    Gartner                   Ray Dillman
The Army                       Gartner                   Ray Dilman
Duke University                Gartner                   Raymond Bark

Coors Light                    Life and Style            Energy Magazine
Coors                          Provana Hair Care         California Apparel News
American Eagle Outfitters      Neosporin                 NutriSystem

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