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									Types Of Acne Scar Creams

Acne is a skin condition that mostly leaves the skin scarred. Acne scars can have an contrary
outcome on one s face and many of these scars are very challenging to remove. However, certain
methods are available to get rid of acne scars and enhance the appearance of the face.

There are some types of acne scar removal creams available in the market for getting rid of acne
scars.These creams offer a comparatively simple and effective way for acne scar removal. In
addition, many of these products could be bought over the counter at any local supermarket or
pharmacy, although some products which are relatively stronger expect medical prescriptions.
These creams work to get rid of acne scars by addressing the factors that cause acne such as,
excessive oiliness, blocked pores and bacterial infections. However, certain brands of cream
require cleansing and exfoliating products to clean the skin before the coating of the actual

Before using any scar cream to get rid of acne scars, one should always refer a dermatologist.
Since there are many types of skins and the differ from one person to another, it is critical for
one to choose the right one for them. Although acne scar creams offer an easy way to get rid of
acne scars, they often start certain side effects in the body such as, skin peeling, dry skin, skin
discomfort and redness.

Another method to get rid of acne scars is laser treatment. In this procedure, a laser is applied to
stimulate collagen production in the skin and thus, reducing scar visibility. There are various
versions in this treatment which include non ablative (without re moving tissue), ablative
(removing layers of the skin) and micro-ablative (microscopically removing tissue). Special
types of lasers are employed for this treatment and generally, a physician determines the
necessary intensity level and wavelength of the laser depending on the existing scar tissue. The
laser treatment for acne scars is one of the popular treatments as it takes less time and the results
can be obtained within days of the procedure.

However, this treatment procedure, especially the ablative method leaves the open skin exposed
and the skin wound care should be applied to shield the skin. The skin also contains a risk of
infection after the operation and hence, it should be checked on a regular basis. When this
method is applied for removing scars, it usually carries a heavy price tag. Normally, the
approximate costs of laser acne scar treatment ranges from $300 to $5,000.

There exist certain methods to get rid of acne scars and the consumer is at liberty to choose.
However, each one of them carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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