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									           Best Buddies University, College and High School Program Manual

Soliciting Donations
Remember to include our charitable number in donation requests!
Our charitable number is: 89530 0861 RR0001

Acquiring donations is another way to support group activities and fundraising. Donated products
can be used in several ways:

•   Prizes for a raffle (gift certificates, movie passes)
•   Refreshments to sell or to consume at group activities/meetings (pizza, pop)
•   Materials and Supplies (ingredients for a bake sale, decorations for a dance)

When seeking out donations, utilize the businesses in your community. Ask your HSC/SEA, SA,
and chapter members for contacts that they may have throughout the community. When asking
for donations, it is a good idea to give the prospective donor some information about Best
Buddies Canada and your chapter as well as specific details about what you need donated and
why. Presenting them with a donation request letter outlining all these details is an effective way
to get this message across. Follow up the letter with a polite phone call. You must write a thank
you letter to businesses that have given goods, merchandise or money to your chapter. A thank
you letter lets donors know that you appreciate their support and can possibly help you build a
relationship with those businesses so they will be more likely to donate to your chapter in the

Tax Receipts
Best Buddies Canada can provide tax receipts to people and businesses that donate money or
merchandise. However, providing tax receipts for merchandise can be complicated so it is
important to check with the Best Buddies Head Office before promising a tax receipt for donated
merchandise or products. When offering businesses a tax receipt, be sure to follow the guidelines
set out in the “Fundraising Summary” in your Chapter Finances insert.

All the collected information must be sent to the Head Office and we will issue the tax receipt to
the business/donor for the full allowable amount. Inform your donor that it may take some time for
them to receive their receipt.

Please note that by law we cannot issue tax receipts to companies that donate gift certificates.
To issue a tax receipt all donations must be a minimum of $20.00.

Service Clubs
One of the easiest ways to raise money and raise awareness in your community is to
approach local Service Clubs!

There are many volunteer service clubs that exist in your community. Some of these groups,
which can be found in communities across Canada are: the Knights of Columbus, Civitan,
Kinsmen and Kinettes, Kiwanis, Lions, Optimists, Rotary, Royal Canadian Legion, the Shrine and
           Best Buddies University, College and High School Program Manual

Shriners. Like Best Buddies, these groups consist of participants who aim to give back to their
communities and can be ideal partnerships for your chapter.

Many of these service clubs are in the position to offer the following services to your chapter:

•   Space to hold meetings
•   Kitchen space to prepare community/group meals
•   Equipment to lend/donate
•   Financial support
•   Combined fundraising efforts
•   Logistical support to your chapter group activities and/or fundraisers

All of these clubs have websites where you can research the chapters located in your region. We
invite you to visit these sites so that you can make contact with their local chapter executives.
Remember that the people who belong to these clubs are also interested in their communities.

Here are the websites where you can find the local chapter contact information. NOTE: There are
many other volunteer service clubs in your area that you could approach for help. Our list is not
exhaustive. Communicate with your local city and Program Manager/Coordinator for more ideas.

Knights of Columbus
Lions Clubs 
Royal Canadian Legion
Shrine & Shriners

Finally, besides simply being able to contact these service clubs to ask for assistance on behalf of
your Best Buddies Chapter, we encourage you to find out more about their missions and

* Note: Even though some of these sites are only in English, many of these organizations are in
francophone communities and function in French.

We encourage you to speak with your Program Manager/Coordinator or
Executive Director prior to contacting a service club or any other local
                                   SAMPLE DONATION LETTER

Best Buddies Canada – (name of Chapter)
Use your local address and local phone number not the Toronto Head Office

April 28, 2008


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is (NAME) and I am a (AGE) year old student from (SCHOOL). I am also my school’s
Campus Coordinator/Chapter President for Best Buddies Canada. I am writing to make a
formal request for a donation to help us continue to do great community work, creating lasting
friendships for students with and without intellectual disabilities.

Best Buddies Canada is a national charitable organization that helps to create friendships
between individuals with intellectual disabilities and University, College and High School
students. There are several chapters in the (CITY) area including (LIST SCHOOLS. Windsor
Secondary started up the first high school chapter in North Vancouver.) The more exposure
that we receive as a (Vancouver chapter), the greater our chances are of attracting other high
schools to join Best Buddies.

The objectives of the program are to help individuals gain valuable life experiences, leadership
skills and, above all, help establish new friendships. Through the program, high school
students with an intellectual disability are given an opportunity to enjoy the same experiences
most people take for granted – going for coffee, watching a movie or enjoying a day in the
mountains with friends. I meet with my buddy at least twice a month. We have a great time
when we are together and I have learned so much from him/her and about how positive an
impact our friendship has had on (him/her) -- and also on me.

Presently, we are limited to the number and types of social activities due to very little funding.
As part of our fundraising plan, we are approaching local businesses, services clubs, and
individuals to see if they will consider a donation in the range of $25 - $250. Your gift would
really benefit our chapter and its members.

Thank you in advance for supporting the SCHOOL Best Buddies chapter, allowing us to
continue holding successful group activities for years to come. We know the funds will help
with many memorable days for our Buddies and Student Buddies!

Yours truly,

Campus Coordinator/Chapter President – (SCHOOL) Best Buddies

(SCHOOL) Best Buddies is a division of Best Buddies Canada
Charitable Business Number # 89530 0861 RR0001
                                 SAMPLE THANK YOU LETTER

Best Buddies Canada – (name of Chapter)
Use your local address and local phone number not the Toronto Head Office

June 25, 2008

Joe and Jane Smith
200 Northfield Place
Your Town, Province
X1X 1X1

Dear Mr. and Ms. Smith:

Thank you for your support in donating to our school’s Best Buddies Month event. Your gift of
$300 helped support the Best Buddies by allowing our chapter participants to attend a play and to
help pay for prizes for our contest. Your generous donation has contributed to this chapter’s
success in creating and maintaining friendships and in strengthening overall community

Your support was recognized at our latest group meeting and in a press release sent to the

It is through the support of you and caring individuals like you that we are able to continue our
mission to spread the spirit of friendship and promote inclusion in our community.

In the future, please continue to consider our program if you are considering donating to a
charitable organization.

In Friendship,

Campus Coordinator/Chapter President – (SCHOOL) Best Buddies

(SCHOOL) Best Buddies is a division of Best Buddies Canada
Charitable Business Number # 89530 0861 RR0001

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