Dear IB Diploma Programme Coordinator This year OSC is offering 20 by nyut545e2


									                                                                                 Thursday 18th November 2011

Dear IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

This year OSC is offering 20 full scholarships (tuition and accommodation) to IB students from state state-funded
schools and colleges during our 2011 Spring Revision Courses in Oxford. This exceptional opportunity is
aimed at deserving students who would not otherwise be able to attend our courses. Each scholarship is for
one course that lasts for two and a half days during which a whole IB subject can be revised. We are
offering the scholarships in Course 0 (April 7th – 9th), Course 2 (April 12th – 14th) and Course 6 (Apr 22nd –
24th). Details of the courses – and subjects offered during each – can be found on the website Please go to
In order to make the best selections, we will need clear, full but concise statements supporting an
application. Our criteria for selection include financial, academic and personal aspects of the student’s
situation and the degree of need that they may have. We are providing these scholarships specifically to
                      up                                                                              their
help them in the run-up period to their exams in May so they can gain the highest possible grade in the
chosen subject, which would presumably be a critical one for their future plans. Our classes are small (no
more than 10 students). Students have the help of an experienced IB teacher for 7 hours a day, and would
also be required to do a further 2 hours of homework each evening – either by themselves or with other
students. Because so many students attend these courses, we are normally able to arrange teaching groups
so that students are with others of a comparable grade.
With the application form, we ask the student to write statement backing up their application but we will
also require the school, through you or the Head of School, to write a letter in support of each student.
Your letter will, of course, be treated in total confidentiality. In it, please briefly address each of the
following points:

•    the case for the student based on her/his academic situation
•                                                                                if
     the case for the student based on her/his financial situation (for example, if you have some element of
     school fees, is the student in receip of a scholarship or bursary?)

                                            state-funded in IBAEM, we will only be awarding one
As there are over 275 schools registered as state                ,
scholarship to a student from any one school. But, you could support 2 separate students if you feel that
they are equally deserving of help during their revision programme and then leave us to make the final
If a student from your school is successful, we would appreciate it if you could include an item on his/her
success in your school’s newsletter or on your website mentioning OSC and our website.
This is the fifth year that we are promoting this successful scheme and we would welcome any comments
and suggestions you might have. We hope we will be able to help one of your well deserving students.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Allen
Academic Manager

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