Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology by ps94506



        The Annual French-American
        Ophthalmology and
        Otolaryngology Symposium
               A Two-Day Symposium

                                                               JUNE 5th
                                                  JUNE 6th, 2009
                                                             Mount Sinai
                                                      School of Medicine
                                               The New York Academy
                                                         of Medicine
                                                                     New York, NY

                                                                     Sponsored By:
                                                   Mount Sinai School of Medicine
                                                Department of Ophthalmology and
Sponsored by            Provided in           the Department of Otolaryngology –
                        Conjunction With
                                                           Head and Neck Surgery
                                           The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                 Pierre and Marie Curie University,
                                           Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, Paris, France
 This program is designed to provide a unique global perspective of important medical
 topics in research and development in the fields of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology.

 At the conclusion of the meeting, participants will be able to:
        • Define new approaches to patient treatment.
        • Appraise performance and outcomes of patient care.
        • Apply new research in patient care.
        • Manage and appropriately treat diseases of the eye and head and neck.
        • Analyze treatment options for ocular and periocular diseases.
        • Identify patients at a risk for complications of thyroid surgery.
        • Assess and reduce complications associated with thyroid surgery.
        • Assess the clinical indications for orbital decompression and provide an
          overview of the surgical techniques.
        • Evaluate sinonasal neoplasms and their indications for treatment from
          both a therapeutic and surgical approach.


 OTOLARYNGOLOGY                                         OPHTHALMOLOGY
 FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 2009                                 FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 2009
 7:30AM – 1:00PM                                        7:30AM – 1:00PM
 Mount Sinai School of Medicine                         Mount Sinai School of Medicine
 1468 Madison Avenue @ 101st Street                     1468 Madison Avenue @ 101st Street
 Stern Auditorium                                       Stern Auditorium
 SATURDAY, JUNE 6th, 2009                               FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 2009
 8:00AM – 12:00PM                                       1:00PM – 5:30PM
 Mount Sinai School of Medicine                         Mount Sinai School of Medicine
 1468 Madison Avenue @ 101st Street                     1468 Madison Avenue @ 101st Street
 Stern Auditorium                                       Stern Auditorium
                                                        SATURDAY, JUNE 6th, 2009
                                                        7:30AM – 12:00PM
                                                        The New York Academy of Medicine
                                                        1216 Fifth Avenue @ 103rd Street
                                                        Conference Room 20
                                    ———————              AGENDA                            ———————

                                                 Friday, June 5th, 2009
                     Mount Sinai School of Medicine • 1468 Madison Avenue @ 101st Street, Stern Auditorium
7:30 AM . . . .Welcome Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:00 . . . . . .Introduction

8:15 . . . . . .Management of eyelid after facial palsy (USA – Eric Genden, MD)
8:30 . . . . . .Blepharoplasty: choosing the appropriate patient. How to prevent and manage the periorbital rejuvenation complications
                (Monaco – Philippe Berros, MD)
8:45 . . . . . .Non-cosmetic uses of Botox and fillers for eyelid and periocular conditions (USA – Murray Meltzer, MD)
9:00 . . . . . .Orbital volumetric shifts and surface anatomy: A three dimensional exploration of the periocular region (USA – Ebrahim Elahi, MD)
9:15 . . . . . .Orbital decompression - The otolaryngologist perspective (USA – Satish Govindaraj, MD)
9:30 . . . . . .Management of orbital trauma (USA – William Lawson, MD, DDS)
9:45 . . . . . .Benefits and limits of information given to the patient in the case of ENT surgery for benign lesions
                (France – Olivier Laccoureye, MD, PhD)
10:00 . . . . .Break and Exhibits
10:30 . . . . .Complications of surgery of the orbit (France – Jacques Lagier, MD)
10:45 . . . . .Orbital complications of sinus surgery: diagnosis and prevention (France – Philippe Herman, MD, PhD)
11:00 . . . . .Poster Presentations (not CME accredited)
12:00 PM . . .Lunch
1:00 . . . . . .Conclusion of Joint Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology Session

                                           OPHTHALMOLOGY AFTERNOON SESSION
                     Mount Sinai School of Medicine • 1468 Madison Avenue @ 101st Street, Stern Auditorium
Moderators: Gabriel Coscas, MD; Quan Dong Nguyen, MD; Steven Schwartz, MD; Eric Haim Souied, MD, PhD
1:00 PM . . . .Spectral Domain OCT: Outer retinal layers in AMD (France – Gabriel Coscas, MD)
1:12 . . . . . .Updates on Complement Inhibition and Therapy for Geographic Atrophy (USA – Jason Slakter, MD)
1:24 . . . . . .Frontiers in Imaging (USA – Steven Schwartz, MD)
1:36 . . . . . .Choroidal Imaging with OCT (USA – Rick Spaide, MD)
1:48 . . . . . .OCT in High Myopia (France – Alain Gaudric, MD)
2:00 . . . . . .20, 23, 25 G for Vitrectomy: Indications for Size Choice (USA – Diana Do, MD)
2:12 . . . . . .Optimized Follow Up for Anti-VEGF Treatment in Exudative AMD (France – Eric Haim Souied, MD, PhD)
2:24 . . . . . .Cone Rescue in Retinal Degenerations: A Translational Approach (France – José Sahel, MD)
2:36 . . . . . .Pharmacologic Agents in Development for Retinal Vascular Diseases (USA – Quan Dong Nguyen, MD)
2:48 . . . . . .Panel Discussion / Questions and Answers
3:00 . . . . . .Break and Exhibits
Moderators: Laurence Desjardins, MD; David Abramson, MD; Jerry Shields, MD, Carol Shields, MD
3:30 . . . . . .Intra-arterial Melphalan in the Treatment of Retinoblastoma (USA – David Abramson, MD)
3:42 . . . . . .ERG Monitoring for Retinal Toxicity during Intra-arterial Chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma (USA – Scott Brodie, MD)
3:54 . . . . . .Hot Topics in Uveal Melanoma (USA – Carol Shields, MD)
4:06 . . . . . .Novel Therapeutic Modalities for Malignant Choroidal Melanoma (France – Laurence Desjardins, MD)
4:18 . . . . . .The effect of Tamsulosin (Flomax) on the Iris Vasculature in Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome (USA – Alan Friedman, MD)
4:30 . . . . . .Tumors of the conjunctiva (USA – Jerry Shields, MD)
4:42 . . . . . .Case Presentations (USA – David Abramson, MD; France – Nathalie Cassoux, MD, PhD; France – Laurence Desjardins, MD;
                USA – Carol Shields, MD; USA – Jerry Shields, MD)
5:18 . . . . . .Panel Discussion
5:30 PM . . . .Adjourn
                                   ———————              AGENDA                          ———————

                                             Saturday, June 6th, 2009
                                           OTOLARYNGOLOGY MORNING SESSION
                    Mount Sinai School of Medicine • 1468 Madison Avenue @ 101st Street, Stern Auditorium
8:00 AM . . . .Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:20 . . . . . .Introduction

8:30 . . . . . .Complications after thyroid surgery: incidence and risk factors (USA – Eric Genden, MD)
                Management of vocal paralysis after thyroid surgery (France – Olivier Laccoureye, MD, PhD)

9:15 . . . . . .Lethal outcome after tonsillectomy: keypoints of the medical and judiciary evaluation (France – Olivier Laccoureye, MD, PhD)
                Management of benign laryngeal lesions (USA – Kenneth Altman, MD, PhD)
10:00 . . . . .Break and Exhibits

10:30 . . . . .Acute upper airway obstruction in children: diagnosis and management (France – Vincent Couloigner, MD)
               Endoscopic management of airway obstruction in the pediatric patient (USA – Michael Rothschild, MD)

11:15 . . . . .Recent advances in sinus/skull base endoscopic surgery (France – Philippe Herman, MD, PhD)
               Strategy for removal of sinonasal neoplasms (USA – Satish Govindaraj, MD)
11:45 . . . . .Questions and Discussion
12:00 PM . . .Adjourn

                                            OPHTHALMOLOGY MORNING SESSION
                    The New York Academy of Medicine • 1216 Fifth Avenue @ 103rd Street, Conference Room 20
7:30 AM . . . .Registration and Continental Breakfast
Moderators: C. Stephen Foster, MD; Douglas Jabs, MD, MBA; Phuc LeHoang, MD, PhD; Narsing Rao, MD
8:00 . . . . . .Inflammatory Markers for Dry Eye Disease (USA – Daniel Brocks, MD; Penny Asbell, MD)
8:12 . . . . . .Infectious Keratitis (France – Laurent Laroche, MD)
8:24 . . . . . .Updated Management of Scleritis (USA – Douglas Jabs, MD, MBA)
8:36 . . . . . .New Insights in the Pathophysiology of AZOOR (USA – Rick Spaide, MD)
8:48 . . . . . .Ocular Toxoplasmosis: To Treat or Not to Treat? (USA – Narsing Rao, MD)
9:00 . . . . . .Tissue Diagnosis of Primary Intraocular (Retinal) Lymphoma (USA – Chi-Chao Chan, MD)
9:12 . . . . . .Voclosporin for Non-infectious Uveitis – The Role of a New Calcineurin Inhibitor (USA – Quan Dong Nguyen, MD)
9:24 . . . . . .New Diagnostic Procedures in Uveitis (France – Bahram Bodaghi, MD, PhD)
9:36 . . . . . .New Immunomodulatory Therapies (USA – C. Stephen Foster, MD)
9:48 . . . . . .Case Presentations (USA – Narsing Rao, MD; USA – Quan Dong Nguyen, MD; France – Phuc LeHoang, MD, PhD)
10:08 . . . . .Panel Discussion / Questions and Answers
10:30 . . . . .Break – Poster Presentations and Exhibits
Moderators: Howard Cohn, MD, Robert Ritch, MD
11:00 . . . . .Understanding the Narrow Angle by Videogonioscopy (USA/France – Howard Cohn, MD)
11:12 . . . . .Systemic Manifestations of Exfoliation Syndrome (USA – Robert Ritch, MD)
11:24 . . . . .Update on Non-Penetrating Glaucoma Surgery (France – Yves Lachkar, MD)
11:36 . . . . .Case Presentations (USA/France – Howard Cohn, MD; USA – Robert Ritch, MD)
11:48 . . . . .Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks
12:00 PM . . .Adjourn
12:15 . . . . .Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology guided tour

                                                 HONORARY PRESIDENTS FOR THE OPHTHALMOLOGY PROGRAM
                                                 Gabriel J. Coscas, MD (France)                 C. Stephen Foster, MD, FACS (USA)
                                                 Professor of Ophthalmology                     Founder
                                                 Chairman Emeritus                              Massachusetts Eye Research and
                                                 Eye University Clinic                             Surgery Institute
                                                 Hospital of Creteil                            Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology
                                                 University of Paris XII                        Harvard Medical School

                                                 COURSE DIRECTORS and PLANNERS
                                                 Eric Genden, MD (USA)                          Douglas A. Jabs, MD, MBA (USA)
                                                 Professor and Chairman, Otolaryngology         Professor and Chairman, Ophthalmology
                                                 Mount Sinai School of Medicine                 Mount Sinai School of Medicine
                                                 Philippe Herman, MD, PhD (France)              Phuc LeHoang, MD, PhD (France)
                                                 Professor of Otolaryngology                    Professor and Chairman, Ophthalmology
                                                 Lariboisiere Hospital                          Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
                                                                                                Pitie-Salpetriere University Hospital
                                                 Zinaria Williams, MD (USA)
                                                 Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology             Quan Dong Nguyen, MD, MSc (USA)
                                                 Mount Sinai School of Medicine                 Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
                                                                                                Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute
                                                                                                Johns Hopkins University and Hospital

                                                 MOUNT SINAI FACULTY — OTOLARYNGOLOGY
                                                 Kenneth Altman, MD, PhD                        William Lawson, MD, DDS
                                                 Associate Professor, Otolaryngology            Professor and Vice-Chair, Otolaryngology
                                                 Director, Grabscheid Voice Center
                                                                                                Michael Rothschild, MD
                                                 Eric Genden, MD                                Clinical Professor, Otolaryngology & Pediatrics
                                                 Professor and Chairman, Otolaryngology
                                                 Satish Govindaraj, MD
                                                 Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology

                                                 MOUNT SINAI FACULTY — OPHTHALMOLOGY
                                                 Penny Asbell, MD                               Alan Friedman, MD
                                                 Professor of Ophthalmology                     Clinical Professor, Ophthalmology
                                                 Daniel Brocks, MD                              Douglas A. Jabs, MD, MBA
                                                 Associate of Ophthalmology                     Professor and Chairman, Ophthalmology
                                                 Scott Brodie, MD                               Murray Meltzer, MD
                                                 Associate Professor, Ophthalmology             Professor of Ophthalmology
                                                 Ebrahim Elahi, MD
                                                 Associate Clinical Professor, Ophthalmology

                                                 GUEST FACULTY — OTOLARYNGOLOGY
                                                 Philippe Berros, MD (Monaco)                   Olivier Laccoureye, MD (France)
Directions:                                      Oculoplastic Surgeon, Ophthalmology            Professor in Otolaryngology
www.mssm.edu/theschool/directions/shtml          Princess Grace Hospital Monaco (CHPG Monaco)   G. Pompidou European Hospital
                                                 Monaco                                         Paris, France
Parking is available on E. 99th Street between
Madison and Park Avenues                         Vincent Couloigner, MD (France)                Jacques Lagier, MD (France)
                                                 Pediatric ENT                                  Ophthalmology and Maxillofacial Surgery
                                                 Necker Hospital, Enfants Malades, AP-HP        Founding Member, French Society of
                                                 Paris, France                                    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
For Registration Information Contact:                                                           Nice, France
Lori Berardis, Program Coordinator               Philippe Herman, MD, PhD (France)
                                                 Professor in Otolaryngology
Tel: 212-731-7950 • Fax: 212-731-7930
                                                 Lariboisiere Hospital
E-Mail: lori.berardis@mssm.edu                   Paris, France

David Abramson, MD (USA)                       Laurent Laroche, MD (France)
Professor of Ophthalmic Oncology               Professor of Ophthalmology
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center         Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
New York, NY                                   Centre Hospitalier National d’Ophtalmologie des Quinze-Vingts
                                               Paris, France
Bahram Bodaghi, MD, PhD (France)
Professor of Ophthalmology                     Phuc LeHoang, MD, PhD (France)
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie               Professor and Chairman
Pitie-Salpetriere University Hospital          Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
Paris, France                                  Pitie-Salpetriere University Hospital
                                               Paris, France
Nathalie Cassoux, MD, PhD (France)
Consultant                                     Jason Slakter, MD (USA)
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie               Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology
Pitie-Salpetriere University Hospital          New York University
Paris, France                                  New York, NY

Chi-Chao Chan, MD (USA)                        Quan Dong Nguyen, MD (USA)
Immunopathology Section Laboratory             Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
National Eye Institute                         Wilmer Eye Institute
Bethesda, MD                                   Baltimore, MD

Howard C. Cohn, MD (USA/France)                Narsing A. Rao, MD (USA)
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology   Professor of Ophthalmology
Cornell University                             Doheny Eye Institute
New York, NY                                   Los Angeles, CA
Consultant Ophthalmologist
American Hospital of Paris                     Robert Ritch, MD (USA)
Paris, France                                  Professor of Ophthalmology
                                               The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
Gabriel Coscas, MD (France)                    New York, NY
Professor Emeritus Chairman
Department of Ophthalmology                    José Sahel, MD (France)
Universite Paris XII                           Professor of Ophthalmology
Creteil, France                                Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
                                               Fondation Ophtalmologique A. de Rothschild
Laurence Desjardins, MD (France)               Paris, France
Chairman of Ophthalmic Oncology
Institut Curie                                 Steven D. Schwartz, MD (USA)
Paris, France                                  Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
                                               Jules Stein Eye Institute
Diana Do, MD (USA)                             Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Wilmer Eye Institute                           Carol Shields, MD (USA)
Baltimore, MD                                  Professor of Ophthalmology
                                               Thomas Jefferson University Hospital,
C. Stephen Foster, MD (USA)                    Wills Eye Institute
Professor of Ophthalmology                     Philadelphia, PA
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA                                     Jerry Shields, MD (USA)
                                               Professor of Ophthalmology
Alain Gaudric, MD (France)                     Thomas Jefferson University Hospital,
Professor and Chairman                         Wills Eye Institute
Department of Ophthalmology                    Philadelphia, PA
Lariboisière Hospital
Paris, France                                  Eric Haim Souied, MD, PhD (France)
                                               Professor of Ophthalmology
Yves Lachkar, MD (France)                      Creteil University Eye Clinic
Head, Department of Ophthalmology              Creteil, France
Saint Joseph Foundation Hospital
Paris, France                                  Rick Spaide, MD (USA)
                                               Vitreous, Retina, Macula Consultants of New York
                                               New York, NY
Tarifs du congrès pour les participants français :

Médecins : 500 €

Internes et chefs de clinique : Gratuit (sur justificatif)

    Renseignements et inscriptions sur le site internet



                             APPEL À POSTERS

  Les organisateurs appellent les participants à proposer des posters ou des cas
         cliniques qui seront présentés et discutés en session plénière.

    Adressez vos abstracts (maximum 300 mots) ) à l’adresse internet :

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        Mount Sinai School of Medicine                                                                                      US Postage
        Box 1193                                                                                                                PAID
        One Gustave L. Levy Place                                                                                          White Plains, NY
        New York, New York 10029                                                                                           Permit No. 7033

International Conference

The Annual French-American
and Otolaryngology
A Two-Day Symposium

FRIDAY, JUNE 5th and
SATURDAY, JUNE 6th, 2009


     TARGET AUDIENCE                                                SPECIAL NEEDS
     This course will be valuable for practicing                    The Mount Sinai School of Medicine is in full compliance
     ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, oral maxillofacial        with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act
     surgeons, plastic surgeons, senior residents, surgical         (ADA) and is accessible for individuals with special needs.
     fellows and allied health professionals involved in the care   If you would like to attend this conference and require
     of ophthalmology and otolaryngology patients.                  any special accommodations, please contact The Page and
                                                                    William Black Post-Graduate School at 212-731-7950.
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     The Mount Sinai School of Medicine designates this             activities. All faculty participating in the planning or
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     Category 1 Credit(s)™. Physicians should only claim            disclose to the audience any relevant financial relationships
     credit commensurate with the extent of their participation     and to assist in resolving any conflict of interest that may
     in the activity.                                               arise from the relationship. Presenters must also make a
                                                                    meaningful disclosure to the audience of their discussions
     VERIFICATION OF ATTENDANCE                                     of unlabeled or unapproved drugs or devices. This
     Will be provided to all professionals.                         information will be available as part of the course material.

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