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                        International Conference on

                             August 1-5, 2011

                  Convention Center – Quebec City, Canada

General Chairmen             General Vice Chairmen    Program Chairmen
D. Mantovani, Canada         G. Laroche, Canada       H. Alamdari, Canada
T. Chandra, Australia        Dong Nyung Lee, Korea    B. Mishra, USA
S. Takaki, Japan             R. Taillard, France      F. Montheillet, France
R. Srinivasan, USA           R. Vaidyanathan, USA     K. Tsuzaki, Japan

                              International Conference on

                                       August 1-5, 2011

                         Convention Center – Quebec City, Canada

THERMEC’2011 is the 7th International conference on advanced materials built upon the proven
concept and continues the tradition of its six predecessors, Japan (1988), Australia (1997), USA
(2000), Spain (2003) Canada (THERMEC’2006) and last THERMEC’2009 in Berlin, Germany. This
conference series provides a forum for researchers around the globe to present papers on
recent advances in the overall field of science and technology of processing and manufacturing
of advanced materials.

The Conference will cover all aspects of processing, fabrication, structure/property relationships
and applications of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials including biomaterials, aerospace and
other advanced materials. Oral and poster presentations dealing with the various conference
topics listed below will be included in the conference program. In addition to the contributed
papers, the conference Executive Committee will include invited papers by promising
researchers in key areas of materials science and materials processing/manufacturing. Eminent
experts from various countries will also deliver Plenary/Keynote lectures at THERMEC’2011.

The THERMEC’2011 Conference will be held in Quebec City from Monday August 1st to Friday
August 5th, 2011 at the Quebec City Convention Centre. Registration will be open from 3pm to
7pm on Sunday July 31st at the Convention Center and the traditional Welcome Reception will be
held on July 31st from 5pm to 7pm. Capital of the Province of Quebec, which is the cradle of
French civilization in North America, Quebec City lacks nothing to charm its visitors. Its
architecture, pedestrian streets and fortifications unique in North America offer an extraordinary
historical and cultural heritage for you to explore. Take advantage of your visit to Quebec to
admire the breathtaking view from the city of the St. Lawrence waterway and its busy port, a
major commercial and tourism gateway to the North American continent.

Formatted Abstracts
The instructions for the preparation of formatted abstracts are given on the conference
website ( The deadline to submit abstracts was November 25th, 2010.
Contact our secretariat if you still have desire to submit an abstract.
Contact Information
THERMEC‘2011 is managed by the Conferium Conference Services which is the official
Conference Secretariat in Quebec City. Please contact them at
(Phone:+1-418-522-8182) if you have any question regarding registration process, abstract
submission, hotel/student accommodation or any other question relating to logistics of this

For any question relating to the THERMEC’2011 final Program and schedule for presentations,
please contact Professor Diego Mantovani at:

Student Grants
Student Grants are given on merit and on first-come-first-serve basis. There will be at least 10
grants for male and 10 grants for female students from various countries. Those students
interested in applying for a grant should contact Prof. T. Chandra at:, but
only after registering at the conference and paying student registration fees before March 4th
2011 (general due date for registration is March 4th 2011). Please note that only registered
students will be considered for grant.

Manuscript Preparation & Submission Details
*Manuscript Submission: Due March 4th, 2011 (strict due date)
The manuscripts will be reviewed by the Program Committee for the technical merit before
inclusion in the Materials Science Forum or Advanced Materials Research periodical
/proceedings published by Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

The authors are requested to send their manuscripts (the original on CD plus two photocopies
of the manuscript) with one completed Copyright Form (see address for downloading below)
by airmail or courier to reach Dr. M. Ionescu before March 4th, 2011 at the following address
in Australia:

Dr Michael Ionescu
Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organization (ANSTO)
Bldg. 53, New Illawarra Road
Lucas Heights 2234, NSW

For detailed instructions to prepare your manuscript on CD, please download the following
files from the publisher's website:
Go to: AuthorChecklist; AuthorInstructions; copyrightTransferGeneral, and follow the

Please DO NOT EMAIL your manuscript, as the Committee will not accept or acknowledge it.

*BEFORE MAILING YOUR MANUSCRIPT ON CD: Kindly put your CD in a clear plastic hard
case, label the CD cover with your full name and your email address before sending it, either
by air mail or preferably by courier to Dr. Michael Ionescu at the above address, so to reach it
before March 4th, 2011.
Manuscript Review & Notification
The Program Committee will contact you via email by April 25th, 2011 and inform you if any
major changes in your manuscript are required after the Committee has reviewed it for the
scientific contents. If you do not receive our email by April 25th, 2011, this will mean that your
manuscript is accepted for inclusion in the periodical/proceedings without any changes.

Manuscript Length
Manuscript length is limited to 6 pages maximum (A4 size) for invited and contributed papers.
All figures/tables must be included in these pages. Due to size restriction and cost of the
conference proceedings/periodical, any manuscript over 6 pages will incur a fee of CDN$300 per
extra page in your manuscript which must be paid with your registration fee before March 4th,
2011. Any manuscript exceeding 8 pages in length will NOT be included in the

It is suggested that NO COLOR pictures/figures/photographs should be included in your

Oral Presentation
The date, time and session of your presentation will be available for viewing in the
THERMEC’2011 final Program expected to be on the web site ( by May
25th, 2011. Time for oral presentations will be 20 minutes for invited and contributed papers,
including 5 minutes for discussion.

Audio-visual Aids for Oral Presentation
Only Power Point presentations (including PC facilities) will be available for oral presentations.
Please bring your file on a memory stick, or external hard drive or CD, and make sure you
upload it in your presentation room the morning of your presenting day, before the beginning
of the first session. Identified assistants will be available in each room 30 minutes before the
starting time. Any other AV facilities you might require for your presentation will incur fees.
Please contact the secretariat at before June 25th, 2011 if you
need any special audio visual facilities regarding your presentation.

Poster Presentation: Students & Non Students Authors
Authors (both students and non students) presenting posters at THERMEC’2011 are
requested to bring and display their own poster on the morning of their assigned Poster
session at the Convention Center. The registration desk will provide velcro to affix the posters
to the boards as well as a board number to be used to display the poster. Posters must be
affixed before 12pm (noon) on the assigned day of the Poster Presentation session.
    Your poster dimension should not exceed 3',3 feet height by 4 feet width (1 meter
     high by 1,2 meters wide)
    Posters are scheduled to be presented on August 2nd and 4th. For more information see
     website after May 25th, 2011
    All authors are requested to take their poster off from the poster boards by the end of
     the Poster session on Aug 4th, 2011.
    Please DO NOT MAIL posters to the Conference Secretariat. THERMEC
     Secretariat does not assume any liability for mailed posters and will not acknowledge
     receiving it.
    Please note that poster and oral presentations have the same scientific value at
     THERMEC’2011. Manuscripts for both presentations will be reviewed for the scientific
     merit and will be included in the periodical/proceedings.
    The Organizing Committee is eager to ensure maximum scientific impact from the
     poster sessions. To this end, the committee will visit the posters during the poster

Authors Registration: March 4th, 2011
Authors presenting (oral or poster) must register before March 4th, 2011 in order for the
Program Committee to include their presentation in the final Program. Without receiving the
full registration fees payment before due date, the manuscript cannot be sent to reviewers for
reviewing before it is included in the periodical/proceedings. Authors registration is
mandatory/compulsory before March 4th, 2011, please note.

Conference Registration Information
To attend THERMEC’2011, you have to register online at
    Registration will not be accepted by telephone;
    Each delegate must fill a separate registration form;
    No registration will be confirmed unless full payment is received;
    If any problem in registering online, please contact the Conference Secretariat at

Registration fees for Authors (presenting poster/oral), Delegates or Students* include:
    Welcome Cocktail on Sunday, July 31st;
    THERMEC’2011 Final Program;
    THERMEC’2011 Abstract Book;
    A CD version of Trans Tech Publications including all manuscripts submitted;
    Luncheons and Coffee breaks (morning and afternoon);
    Conference Gala Dinner on Wednesday, August 3rd;
    Official satchel of THERMEC’2011.

* Students fee is ONLY applicable to undergraduate, master and doctoral students who must
provide a proof of status (including the name and email address of the supervisor) stating
that they are full time students.
Registration fees for the Accompanying Program include:
    Quebec City Tours from August 1st to 4th (more details will be posted on the web site
      after February 2011);
    Full access to the Welcome Reception on Sunday, July 31st;
    Conference Gala Dinner on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Registration fees are as follow (Canadian dollars - CDN$):

                                                             Before March 4th    After March 4th
  Authors (must have registered AND paid by March 4th, 2011) $880                 $N/A
  Delegates                                                  $990                 $1250
  Students*                                                  $590                 $800
  Accompanying Program                                       $550                 $550
  Extra Ticket for the Conference Gala Dinner                $120                 $170
  Extra Pages in the Conference Proceedings /Periodical $300                      $300
  Additional Proceedings/Periodical (prior to May 30th)      $100                 $170
  Invitation letter for Visa (if required via Priority Mail) $75                  $75
  6 days Bus Pass** (July 31st to August 5th included)       $26,50               $26,50

*Students must provide a proof of status (name and email address of a supervisor or
**You can buy a 6 days Bus Pass through the registration process. It allows you to use the
public transportation everywhere in Quebec City. This option is not required if you plan to
lodge downtown (see below list of hotels).

All authors making any presentation (no exception, please) including THERMEC Committee
members, are requested to register and pay their conference registration fee before March
4th, 2011. The Committee will be unable to include a paper in the final conference Program
and in the Conference proceedings/periodicals if the author registration fee is not received
before March 4th, 2011. The Committee believes that all participants, including THERMEC
Committee members and invited/keynote speakers, should pay the registration fee which has
been the THERMEC policy since 1988; we would appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Methods of Payment
  • Credit card: VISA, MasterCard, American Express
     Please register online; be assured that the Secretariat has most recent and safe
     technology in place for e-transactions in order to ensure a safe online registration.
  • Bank Transfer (see more details regarding payments at Please
     make sure your Institution will include your name on the label of the transaction, to
     avoid unexpected delays.

Cancellation Policy
A cancellation request should be notified in writing to and/or A nominal charge of CDN$280 will be requested for cancellation
received before April 7th, 2011. Cancellation received after April 7th, 2011 and prior to June
7th, 2011 will incur a 50% cancellation fee. After June 7th, 2011 please note that no fee will be
refunded. Registration fees will be refunded only at the conclusion of the Conference. Please
note that all bank charges incurred in refunding fees will be deducted from the refunded
amount. Substitutions will be accepted at any time for a fee of CDN$50, plus any difference in
registration rates.

Registration Desk Location
All delegates and companion should register for the conference and collect their name badges
and papers at the registration desk, which will be open at the times mentioned here below
and situated at the Quebec Convention Center: 1000, Boul. Rene-Levesque Est, Level 4,
Quebec City.
     Sunday, July 31st 2011 – Pre-registration: 3pm to 7pm (Welcome Reception from 5pm
        to 7pm). It is highly recommended that you try to register on this day, if you’re
        already in town.
     August 1st to 5th 2011 - Registration Desk will be open every day from 7am to 5:30pm.

Final Program on website: May 25th, 2011
To find the day, session and timings of your presentation, please check the Conference Final
Program expected to be on the website ( by May 25th, 2011.

If you have any difficulty in accessing information about your paper presentation schedule
(time/session and date), please contact the secretariat at after
May 25th, 2011. We request you not to ask us to change and reschedule your day and time of
presentation due to tight THERMEC’2011 final program schedule.

Hotel Accommodation
Rooms have been reserved for the congress participants. Special rate negotiated with hotel will
be applicable for the period preceding and following the THERMEC’2011 congress. We have
negotiated the lowest rates for participants with various hotels in Quebec City. Please note
that August 1st-5th is considered to be very high summer/festival season in Quebec
City, which is a highly touristic destination and on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Therefore, we ask you to make your hotel accommodation reservation before June 1st, 2011.

To reserve a room, please book your accommodation online during the
registration process. You will be offered a hotel reservation choice; you can then easily book
a room during the process. Please DO NOT book directly with the hotel. Hotels will not book
room for you at the room rate given to the THERMEC Committee. Hotel allocation will be made
on a first-come first-served basis and once all rooms will be reserved by the participants, it will
be impossible to guarantee additional rooms at the room rate indicated on the website. Please
register and reserve your accommodation early as Quebec City is highly touristic in
the beginning of August!

The Organizing Secretariat will be able to arrange special accommodations in case of special
needs such as the use of a wheelchair. Please do not contact the hotels given on the website
directly. Again, we strongly suggest you to make your hotel room reservation through the
Conference Secretariat at the time of your registration.
To book and reserve a room, one night hotel accommodation deposit must be paid at booking
with your credit card in order to guarantee the first night. You will be asked to pay your stay
directly at the Hotel (less one night deposit) ONLY on check-out.

The following hotels are available. Price ranges from CDN$125 to CDN$259 per night
excluding taxes (single or double occupancy same room cost). For more details, please visit
our web site:

The hotels here below are located in the Quebec City downtown area, within minutes walking
distance to the Convention Center where THERMEC’2011 will be held, to the touristic and
enjoyable places, and all attractions. The Committee highly recommends you to stay and
enjoy elegant, beautiful and safe Quebec City downtown area. Please note that hotel rooms
are generally large and include two double beds, and that costs do not vary for single or
double occupancy:

   1. Hilton Quebec Hotel            :   $215              (THERMEC Conference Headquarter)
   2. Delta Hotel                    :   $209 - $259*      (Less than 5 minutes walk)
   3. Palace Hotel                   :   $209 - $249*      (Less than 5 minutes walk)
   4. Marriott Hotel                 :   $209              (Less than 5 minutes walk)
   5. Loews Le Concorde              :   $189 - $199*      (15 minutes walk)
   6. Château Laurier                :   $199              (15 minutes walk)
   7. Fairmont Château Frontenac     :   $259              (20 minutes walk)

The following hotels are located in Ste-Foy (10 km from downtown, 30 minutes direct bus
ride and bus every 10 min from 6am to midnight). The room rates excluding taxes are:

   1. Sir Wilfrid Hotel              :   $125
   2. Lindberg Hotel                 :   $135
   3. Plaza Hotel                    :   $142 - $165*
   4. Quebec Hotel                   :   $169 - $189*

* Final price may vary from number of beds as well as view.

Laval University Dormitory for Students
A number of rooms have been reserved at Laval University student dormitory mainly for
students participating at THERMEC’2011. Please consult the Accommodation section on the
website: for more information and method of booking a room at the
dormitory. First preference will be given to students on a first-come first-served basis. If you
are a student, we suggest you to register and pay the registration fee first, and then book a
student accommodation in second instance.

Travel Information & Visa Requirements for Attendees
Participants requiring a visa should contact as early as possible the closest Canadian Embassy
in their country. They will provide information on the specific requirements for issuing VISA.
In some countries, for some participants, it may take up to 3 to 4 months to get a Canadian
Visa. Participants especially from China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Iran, India, Brazil and
eastern European countries must apply for their visa at least 3 months prior to THERMEC
2011. Please note that as soon as you pay your registration fee for THERMEC’2011, you can
ask the Secretariat for an invitation letter for the visa. Please ask the Conference Secretariat
to send you the invitation letter for visa only after you have fully paid registration fees.

Invitation Letter for Canadian Visa from THERMEC’2011 Committee
If you require an invitation letter from the THERMEC Committee for your Canadian visa, you
must pay the registration fee first. Upon registration online, you will be able to request an
invitation letter. The necessary information you provide online will enable us to prepare this
letter. Any follow-up should be done by contacting the or

THERMEC Committee is authorized to send invitation letters for Canadian VISA only to the
delegates already registered and who have paid their registration fee. In this invitation letter
for visa, we need to mention that you are a registered delegate/author and
attending/presenting scientist at THERMEC’2011. If someone is accompanying you, a
separate visa letter is required to be sent by the secretariat but only after your accompanying
person has registered and paid the related fees.

Invitation Letter required by courier
If you need an invitation letter for the canadian visa by registered COURIER service UPS, a
charge of CDN$75 will apply and must be paid along with your registration fee at the time of
registration. Please make sure you provide all the information such as name, surname, date
of birth, place of birth, citizenship, passport number, expiry date, and a local phone number
(where you or your secretariat can be joined) for the Canadian visa letter.

VISA Letter by regular mail
THERMEC Committee can mail you an invitation from Canada by regular mail, once without
charge. We DO NOT take responsibility if the letter we mail reaches you in time or not because
of the unreliability of the postal mailing system in some countries. If you want to make sure that
you receive an invitation letter within a week or ten days, we strongly suggest the option above
(by courier).

We suggest and recommend that delegates especially from PR China, Russia, Poland, Belarus,
Iran, Ukraine and some Eastern Europeans countries should ask for a VISA invitation letter to
be sent to them by the secretariat by courier service UPS. This requires extra payment of
courier service fee of CDN$75 which must be paid by delegates with registration fee by March
4th, 2011. Our past experience has shown that sending letters by air mail either does not reach
in time or does not reach at all in some countries, due to delay in the mailing/delivery system.
Social Program

Sunday, July 31st, 2011: Welcome cocktail, 5pm - 7pm
The reception will be held at the Quebec Convention Center. All registered participants and
their registered accompanying persons are cordially invited to this cocktail.

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011: Conference Dinner & THERMEC Honor Award Ceremony:
The Conference Banquet will be held in conjunction with the THERMEC Distinguished Award

Accompanying Person Program: The Accompanying Program will include different tours
during THERMEC’2011; more information will be announced on the website in mid February

Please note that a minimum number of 25 people is required to make the Accompanying
Program possible. In case it is cancelled due to unforeseen reasons, we will refund the fee of
the tour components to those who had registered.

THERMEC’2009 Exhibition/Sponsorships Coordinator:
Few spaces are still available for booths and exhibitors. To reserve an Exhibition Space
(Display Spaces/booths) for your organization at THERMEC’2011, please contact:
You will find more information on the Website under the “Sponsorship & Exhibition” section:

Air Canada is the official convention airline
Air Canada is one of the finest airlines to fly to Canada and to other North American cities,
from various parts of the globe. Air Canada has provided the THERMEC’2011 Committee with a
promotional code for all participants for the forthcoming conference in Quebec in August 2011.
The use of the promotional code will allow travellers to use the Air Canada website to
make/create/pay their own booking at “15% off” the best economy or business airfares that are
on offer at the time a booking is made. The promotional code is available for THERMEC’2011
participants ONLY and can be used at any time before THERMEC’2011 is held in Quebec City.

If you wish to book, please go to the Air Canada website: . On the first page
or leading page you will see an area (left hand side midway down) that is called “Promotion
Code” under the section called “Flights”. To obtain the 15% discount, the Promotional section
must be FILLED IN with the correct code, which is: FNMH6J91 (That is F N M H 6 J 9 1). Then
just follow the prompts to complete the booking.

Kindly note that you are welcome to travel by any airline to THERMEC’2011, this is your choice.
THERMEC’2011 Committee does not take any responsibility for the fares charged and conditions
imposed by Air Canada.
National Committee
H. Alamdari          U. Laval            H. McQueen            U. of Concordia
P. Bocher            ETS                 M. Militzer           UBC
M. Brochu            McGill U.           D. O. Northwood       U. of Windsor
P. Chevallier        U. Laval            C. Ravindran          Ryerson U.
E. Essadiqi          NRC                 P. Wanjara            NRC
M. Fafard            U. Laval            M. Wells              U. Waterloo
M. A. Fortin         U. Laval            J. Wood               U. Western Ontario
R. Laplante          U. Laval            S. Yue                McGill U.
G. Laroche           U. Laval

International Advisory Committee
 E. Arzt               Germany            K. Marthinsen          Norway
 R. Barbosa            Brazil             T. McNelley            USA
 H. Bhadeshia          UK                 M. Militzer            Canada
 W. Bleck              Germany            B. Mishra              USA
 I. Bott               Brazil             R. Montanari           ITALY
 Y. Brechet            France             F. Montheillet         France
 F. G. Caballero       Spain              M. Mousa               Jordan
 A. Carrado            France             M. Niinomi             Japan
 T. Chandra            Australia          E. J. Palmiere         UK
 Young Won Chang       Korea              Y. Peng                P.R.China
 S. Chen               P.R. China         P. Prangnell           UK
 J. De Hosson          The Netherlands    C. Ravindran           Canada
 A. DeArdo             USA                W. Reimers             Germany
 E. Essadiqi           Canada             F. Rizzo               Brazil
 T. Furuhara           Japan              J. Rodriguez-Ibabe     Spain
 E. Holm               USA                O. A. Ruano            Spain
 Y. Houbaert           Belgium            T. Sakai               Japan
 A. Inoue              Japan              D. Santos              Brazil
 M. Ionescu            Australia          S. Sharma              India
 M. Jeandin            FRANCE             L. L. Shaw             USA
 R. Kaibyshev          Russia             O. D. Sherby           USA
 K. Kainer             Germany            P. Sittner             Czech Republic
 Suk Joong L. Kang     Korea              C. Sommitsch           Austria
 Young Won Kim         USA                R. Srinivasan          USA
 C. Klinkenberg        Germany            R. Taillard            France
 P. Knauth             France             S. Takaki              Japan
 E. Kozeschnik         Austria            M. Tatoulian           France
 Ohjoon Kwon           Korea              K. Tsuzaki             Japan
 T. G. Langdon         USA                R. Vaidyananthan       USA
 Chong Soo Lee         Korea              N. Wanderka            Germany
 Dong Nyung Lee        Korea              R. Yang                PR China
 Jai Sung Lee          Korea
 M. Mahoney            USA
 D. Mantovani          Canada
Scientific Committee

 G. Abbruzzese           Italy               A. Lodini           France
 V. Acoff                USA                 A. Makino           Japan
 O. Andersen             Germany             V. Massardier       France
 H. Asanuma              Japan               J. Merker           Germany
 B. Bai                  China               H. Miura            Japan
 A. Belyakov             Russia              F. M. Montevecchi   Italy
 H. Berns                Germany             B. H. Morales       Mexico
 M. M. Beppu             Brazil              S. Nagraj           India
 D. Bhattacharya         USA                 D.O. Northwood      Canada
 E. Blangino             Argentina           José L. Ocaña       Spain
 O. Bouaziz              France              S. Ochiai           Japan
 M. Brochu               Canada              M. Oehring          Germany
 H. Buchkremer           Germany             Y. Ohgoe            Japan
 B. Buchmayr             Austria             C. Paglia           Switzerland
 U. Chhakingal           India               M. T. Perez Prado   Spain
 Woong Y. Choo           Korea               D. Ponge            Germany
 D.A. Cortes-Hernandez   Mexico              F. Prima            France
 M. Demura               Japan               V. Randle           UK
 C. Desrayaud            France              P. Rios             Brazil
 Z. Di                   PR China            Y. Saito            Japan
 M.L. Di Vona            Italy               Y. Sakka            Japan
 C. Esling               France              A. Salinas          Mexico
 E. Essadiqi             Canada              G. H. Sanchez       Spain
 D. Ferguson             USA                 J. Sankar           USA
 D. Field                United States       V. Sansalone        France
 H. Fukutomi             Japan               W. Schneider        Germany
 V. Gavrilyuk            Ukraine             H. Seop Kim         Korea
 M. Geers                The Netherlands     J. Sietsma          The Netherlands
 M. Haidopoulos          Belgium             J. Siwka            Poland
 M. Hermans              The Netherlands     K. Suzuki           Australia
 H. Hermawan             Malaysia            A. G. Svyazhin      Russia
 K. Higashi              Japan               A. Tachibana        Japan
 J. C. Huang             Taiwan              T. Takagi           Japan
 L. L. H. Huang          Taiwan              M. Tan              Singapore
 B. Huneau               France              M. L. Terranova     Italy
 Sun-Keung Hwang         Korea               N. Thandani         USA
 M. Ikeda                Japan               W. Tillmann         Germany
 C. Imbert               Trinidad & Tobago   Y. Tomota           Japan
 T. Ishihara             Japan               M. Trovalusci       Italy
 G. Itoh                 Japan               C. Tsao             Taiwan
 P. Jacques              Belgium             R. Tsay             Taiwan
 W. Kaiming              PR China            N. Tsuji            Japan
 M. Kassner              USA                 S. Tsurekawa        Japan
 Y. Kawamura             Japan               S. Vogel            USA
 S. Kleber               Austria             E. Vogli            Germany
 M. Krzyzanowski         UK                  W. Wang             Pr China
 N. Llorca-Isern         Spain               P. Withers          UK
                                             Y. Zhang            France
                                             Liang Zuo           PR China

  K. Ameyama              Japan             B. Mishra              USA
  Z. Barber               UK                Fumiyoshi Minami       Japan
  H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia   UK                R. Montanari           Italy
  D. Bhattacharya         USA               S. M. Montevecchi      Italy
  W. Bleck                Germany           F. Montheillet         France
  Y. Brechet              France            John W. Morris         USA
  A. J. Deardo            USA               M. Niinomi             Japan
  J. T. M. De Hosson      The Netherlands   E. J. Palmiere         UK
  C. Estournes            France            E. Poliak              USA
  G. Gottstein            Germany           O. Paris               Austria
  A. Howe                 UK                P. Prangnell           UK
  Hideki Hosoda           Japan             P. Rios                Brasil
  Y. Houbaert             Belgium           J. M. Rodrigez-Ibabe   Spain
  Haruyuki Inui           Japan             N. Sammes              USA
  M. Jeandin              France            Loredena Santo         Italy
  John J. Jonas           Canada            D. B. Santos           Brazil
  R. Kaibyshev            Russia            Yasunori Saotome       Japan
  K. U. Kainer            Germany           J. Schroers            USA
  Y. Kawamura             Japan             Chengia Shang          PR China
  P. Knauth               France            C. Sommitsch           Austria
  Dongil Kwon             Korea             S. Takaki              Japan
  Ohjoon Kwon             Korea             N. Tsuji               Japan
  Dong Nyung Lee          Korea             Kaneaki Tsuzaki        Japan
  Chong Soo Lee           Korea             R. Vaidyanthan         USA
  U. Lienert              USA               Rui Yang               PR China
  D. Matlock              USA               Liang Zuo              PR China
  T. R. McNelley          USA
  Hugh McQueen            Canada
  M. Militzer             Canada
Topics and coordinators
Advanced Materials in Biomedical & Bioengineering Applications : D. Mantovani,
M. Niinomi, T. Webster, D. Letourneur

Aerospace Structural Metallic Materials & Ti Alloys : F. Montheillet, Chong Soo Lee,
Y. Waku, S. Yue

Al Alloys : K. Marthinsen, G. Itoh, M. Wells, S.B. Kang, Xinming Zhang

Composites: V. Acoff, R. Taillard, J. Yang, S. Ochiai, Zhang Di, Soon H.Hong

Degradable Metals for Biomedical Applications (3rd Intl Symposium ): F. Witte,
D. Mantovani, M. Staiger, Yufeng Zheng

Dynamic Behaviour of Materials : D.E. Eakins, K. Hokamoto, C. Bolme, R. Montanari, J.J.
Yoh, T. Mashimo

Energy Materials: F. Abe, V. Viswanathan, Xuejie Huang, R. Srinivasan, O. Bouaziz

Fracture & Mechanical Behaviour: F. Minami, Dongil Kwon, Z.F. Zhang, T. Chandra

Friction Stir Processing / Welding: M. Mahoney, P. Prangnell, R.S. Mishra, Y.S. Sato

Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Storage Technologies / Batteries: N. Sammes, P. Knauth, J. Hertz,
Toshiyuki Mori

Intermetallics: Y.W. Kim, H. Inui, R. Yang, M. Oehring

Metallic Glasses & Their Processing /Bulk Metallic Amorphous Materials: Hidemi Kato,
J. Schroers, Hyeong Seop Kim, C. Byrne, Do Hyang Kim, E. Napolitano, Jun Shen

Mg Alloys : K.U. Kainer, E. Essadiqi, K.S. Shin, Xiaoquin Zeng, Y. Kawamura, C. Ravindran

Modeling & Simulation: P. Bocher, R. Loge, Kyung Jong Lee, Zhengyi Jiang, D. Ferguson

Multiscale Mechanica lModeling of Complex Materials & Engineering Applications:
S.S. Babu, P. Trovalusci, M.G.D. Geers

Nanostructured Materials : L.L. Shaw, E. Gaffet, K. Ameyama, Jai Sung Lee, Qing Jiang

Neutron Scattering & X-Ray Studies of Advanced Materials: K.D. Liss, U. Lienert, S.
Kohara, T. Sasaki, V. Honkimaki, Kewei Xu,

New Methods in Steel Design: W. Bleck, D. Raabe, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe

Severe Plastic Deformation: Maria T. Perez-Prado, N. Tsuji, T.G. Langdon, K. Xia, Saiyi Li
Smart/Intelligent Materials & Processes: K. Mizuuchi, R. Vaidyanathan, P. Sittner, A.
Imam, H. Hosoda

Steels (HSLA/IF/TRIP/Stainless/Bainitic/HNS):
S. Takaki, E. Poliak, A.J. DeArdo, A. Howe, K. Tsuzaki, D.B. Santos, Sung Joon Kim, Chengjia
Shang, C. Klinkenberg, Yun Peng

Superalloys/ High & Super HighTemp.Materials: C. Sommitsch, T. Matsuo, Tian Sugui, A.
Wusatowska-Sarnek, K. Maruyama

Surface Engineering/Coatings: M. Jeandin, B. Mishra, Fuhui Wang, Jung Joong Lee

Texture: D. Brown, Dong Nyung Lee, Hirofumi Inoue, J. Szpunar, Liang Zuo, C. Esling

Thermomechanical Processing : Steels (Prof. John J. Jonas Symposium):
P.D. Hodgson, S. Yue, M. Militzer

Thin Films & Interface Engineering: N.M. Ravindra, A.M. Hodge, Zoe Barber, M. Ionescu, M.

Welding & Joining: H.K.D.H Bhadeshia, Hidetoshi Fujii, W.S.Chang, Shan-Ben Chen

Endorsing Organizations:
The Minerals, Metals, Materials Society (TMS), USA
ASM International, USA
The Japan Institute of Metals, Japan
The Iron & Steel Institute of Japan
The Japan Institute of Light Metals, Japan
The Society of Materials Science of Japan, Japan
The Japan Society for Technology for Plasticity, Japan
The Korean Institute of Metals & Materials (KIMM), Korea
Chinese Society for Metals (CSM), P.R. China
Societe Francaise de Metallurgique et Materieaux, France
Associanzione Italiana di Metallugia, Italy
Indian Institute of Metals, India
Bond voor Materialenkennis, The Netherlands
The Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), Canada

Sponsoring Organizations:
THERMEC’2011 is proudly associated with the following organizations:
    Dynamic Systems Inc, USA
    Air Canada
    National Science Foundation, USA
    U.S. Air Force Office for Scientific Research (AFOSR), USA
    Laval University, Canada
    Technology Conventions, Australia

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