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“If you’re serious about generating, and converting

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more prospects via the internet, over the phone, or

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in person then you need a CRM System and fast… ”

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 Winning with CRM?

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 Losing Opportunities?

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 Most people don’t know
 the life time value of their
 customers, do you?
• Are you managing your leads as best you can?
• Frustrated by an empty sales pipeline?
• Submitting proposals but no invoices?
• Are you tracking your best lead “source”?
• Generating leads, but no conversions?
• Is your lead generation on auto pilot?
• Hate doing “follow ups”?

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Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are preventing you from
winning with a successful CRM Strategy. Answer each of the questions below,
add up your total NO responses then, get in touch.
                                                                                       YES NO
Are your customer segments clearly defined?
Have you created an ideal customer profile?
Do you know what data elements you need to store about your clients?
Have you set your CRM goals and objectives?
Can each goal be tracked and measured?
Do you have a CRM solution in place?
Have you allocated the required Human, Technical & Financial Resources?
Is your CRM solution accessed just by your sales team?
Is your CMR system integrated into your sales order processing/invoicing system?
Do you know how many steps you have in your sales process?
Is each step in your process clearly defined?
Do you know how many people are at each step in the process at any one time?
Do you know the source(s) of where your leads are coming from?
Are you satisfied with the level of business coming from each source?
Are you clear on what criteria must be satisfied before sending out a proposal?
Do you have an automated lead generation/prospect list building tool?
Do you have a Free offer that helps to qualify prospects in advance of meeting them?
Do you always track your prospecting and sales activities on a daily basis?
Do you know your cost per sale?
Do you know the life time value of a client?
Do you know your cost per lead?
Do you know how many sales you need to give you the revenue you want?
Do you know how many leads you need to give you the revenue you want?
Do you have a clear definition of what a lead is and what it means to you?
Do you use a CRM system in your event management?
Do you use a CRM system in your email marketing?
Do you use a CRM system in your telemarketing?
Do you get a lot of Requests for Information/Proposals (RFI/RFP)?
Do you have a defined process for dealing with such requests?
Are you happy with the conversion to sale from such requests?
Do you have a system in place for managing customer /technical support?
Do you have a prepared list of FAQ support issues and solutions?
Do you have an automated follow up system to actively pursue sales opportunities?
Do you know the value of your “database” at the moment?
Do you know how many prospects are located in your local geographical area?
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