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Elm Leaf Sep 2008.qxd


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									                                                                                     September 2008 issue

What’s                    Message from Mary
                          Since the last time I wrote to you in       the world and not the entirety of
inside...                 the Elm Leaf, I have been to two            God’s work in the world.
                          very interesting conferences. The
St Peter’s                first was the annual Rupert’s Land          God is at work in the world,
Website .............2    Clergy Residential Conference. The          reconciling the world to God. Dr.
                          second was a course offered by the          Van Gelder reminded us of the
Let’s Rebuild an          Interim Ministry Network, an                essence of who we are — the body
Orphanage ........3       ecumenical and international group          of Christ, the communion of saints
A Camper’s                whose mission is to offer training          — and that in this culture the church
Perspective.......4       and support for interim ministers.          is the only institution that has both
                                                                      the mandate and the power to be a
The Cost of               The speaker at the clergy conference        reconciling force in society.
Cheap ................5
                          was Dr. Craig Van Gelder, professor
What if Jesus             of Congregational Mission at Luther         The parish of St. Peter’s is in the
had a Blog? ......6       Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.            very fortunate position of being in
                          His theme was “The Missional                an interim time, a time that can be
10 Years Ago in
                          Church”. Often we talk about the            likened to a retreat. You have the
the Elm Leaf ...10
                          mission of the church. We write             opportunity as well as the necessity
Diversions.......11       mission statements for our parishes         of taking the time to discern what
                          and our dioceses. We begin to think         God is doing in the world and how
                          that the activities we are engaged in       this parish is called to participate in
Matters ............12
                          are ‘our’ mission. Dr. Van Gelder           God’s reconciling mission. Then
Creation Care             asked us to remember that in fact           you will be able to search for the
Events .............13    God is the one in whose mission the         person who can best provide the
Upcoming                  church is engaged.                          leadership that you will need for the
Events .............14                                                next stage of the adventure.
                          Mission is not primarily an activity of
Housing                   the church, but an attribute of God.        The Interim Ministry Network
Issues..............15    God is a missionary God. There is           training program gave me some
St Peter’s in             church because there is mission, not        tools that we can use in this process
Pictures...........16     vice versa. The Church must not             of discernment. Essentially you will
                          think its role is identical to the Missio   be looking at three things: your
                          Dei; the Church is participating in the     gifts, your passion, and the common
                          mission of God. The church’s mission        good. Imagine drawing a circle.
                          is a subset of a larger whole mission.      This circle represents the gifts that
                          That is, it is part of God’s mission to     God has given you. You can also

think of these as your assets. Now draw              St. Peter’s Website
another circle that overlaps the first. This one
represents your passions, the things in life that
                                                     The website is a pleasure to work on, but can be
you are passionate about. Now draw another
                                                     a challenge from the standpoint of getting the
circle overlapping the first two. This circle
                                                     information from parishioners. For those of you
represents the common good. You might also
                                                     who do not know, my email address is
think of this circle as representing what God is
                                                     normfoster@shaw.ca. I could use more pictures
doing in the world, the Missio Dei.
                                                     from parishioners, and the more pics the better.
There should be a triangle where your gifts,
                                                     The most popular page seems to be the
your passions, and God’s mission in the world
                                                     "upcoming events"; it's there that folks can find
all overlap. The triangle represents your calling,
                                                     out what's coming up within the parish. Most
your part in God’s mission.
                                                     visitors to the site are from Canada, with the
                                                     U.S. as a close second, and some as far away as
We will have several Interim Ministry events or
                                                     Great Britain and Japan.
workshops over the next year. We will be
discussing together the gifts that God has given      stpetersanglican.ca - Fast Facts
St. Peter’s, what are St. Peter’s passions, and
what is God doing in the world around us. We         Number of hits (Jan 08 to end of Aug 08): 54,142
will see where they overlap, where God is            Unique visitors (Jan 08 to end of Aug 08): 1347
calling St. Peter’s for the future.
                                                     Top 10 most popular pages:
In order to begin the process, it would be helpful        URL                          Viewed
if you could think of a time when you really felt         /                              89
that St. Peter’s was doing what God intended; a           /upcoming.htm                  52
time when you could say to yourself, “This is             /groups.htm                    28
what the church is supposed to be doing!” Then            /services.htm                  27
share your story with other parishioners. Ask             /contact.htm                   27
what their memories are. We will begin to                 /links.htm                     26
create a picture of St. Peter’s strengths.                /newsletter.htm                25
                                                          /newmembers.htm                23
                                    Mary Lysecki          /sitemap.htm                   19
                                                          /GreeningChurches.pdf          19
                                                     Top 5 search keywords:
                                                          Keywords                      Percent
                                                          winnipeg                      14.3 %
                                                          anglican                       8.2 %
                                                          church                         7.5 %
                                                          peter                          5.4 %
                                                          st.                            4.7 %

                                                     The site is truly a labour of love, and also a work
                                                     in progress; everyone's patience is appreciated.

                                                                                          Norm Foster

Rebuilding an Orphanage in Uganda
Let’s help rebuild the girls’ dormitory at the      We will be looking for ways to support this
orphanage in Nabusanke, Uganda!                     fund-raising and to work with St. Barnabas
                                                    parish in this effort. If you would like to
When Bishop Donald Phillips and his wife            donate, you may send a cheque, written to St.
Nancy worshipped with us in August, they            Barnabas Anglican Church with “Uganda Fire
noticed our outreach table in the narthex and       Fund” on the memo line. Donations of any size
the photo of children from our companion            are welcome.
diocese in Central Buganda. Nancy said that
an orphanage in the companion diocese had           Mail to:
burned in July, and she thought the orphanage
was located in the parish whose children were       Envelope Secretary
pictured in the photo.                              St. Barnabas Anglican Church
                                                    730 McPhillips Ave.
Nancy was correct, and the Central Buganda          Winnipeg
parish is St. Phillip’s, located in the community   R2X 2H8
of Nabusanke. St. Phillip’s is the companion
parish of St. Barnabas Anglican Church here in      Thank you, and please keep the children and
Winnipeg.                                           adults of St. Phillip’s parish, in the village of
                                                    Nabusanke, in your prayers.
All the children escaped the fire, but with just
the clothes on their backs. The building                                          Outreach Committee
destroyed was a dormitory—home to 30 girls,
their two caregivers, and a young child whose
mother is one of the caregivers. So far St.          Morning Bible Study Group -
Barnabas has raised funds for bedding and
mattresses for the children, but the cost of         Come Join Us!
rebuilding the dormitory will be about $14,000.
                                                     Are you interested in deepening your
                                                     spirituality and exploring your faith? The
Each year, our Outreach Committee raises
                                                     morning Bible study group meets Tuesdays
funds, through our soup lunches, for the
                                                     from 10:00 to noon beginning October 7 at
Diocesan Orphan Fund, which helps children in
                                                     the church.
Central Uganda with school fees and other
educational expenses. Rebuilding the dorm in
                                                     “The weekly lectionary readings are
Nabusanke will require additional money,
                                                     explored through activities and articles that
besides what we send for the Orphan Fund.
                                                     encourage a rich engagement with the
                                                     biblical text. Art images, contemporary
St. Barnabas has established a fund for this
                                                     writings, and consideration of current issues
purpose. International financial transactions are
                                                     offer meaningful ways to link faith and
costly, so St. Barnabas will hold funds until
                                                     life.” From Seasons of the Spirit.
enough to make the transfer worthwhile has
been raised. Then the transfer will be made
                                                     For further information contact Ann
through the Diocese of Rupert’s Land to Diocese
                                                     Harwood at 477-4310.
of Central Buganda.

Pioneer Camp - A Camper’s Perspective
Manitoba Pioneer Camp is a Christian camp at           Tip: don’t fall asleep in a canoe. Everyday, we
Shoal Lake that is supported in numerous ways by       slept at a different island. At the islands, we
St. Peter. We collect monies at the pew level, some    had fires, pumped water, and made our tents.
parishioners volunteer and/or work at the camp, and,
of course, some of our younger members attend the      Evening games were a lot of fun. But there
camp. I asked Ben to share his experience this         were a few problems along the way. The forest
summer.                                                on the island is designed to torture you when
                                                       you are running away or trying to catch
I did a lot of things at Pioneer Camp this             someone. Well, the trees have no leaves near
summer, but here are some of my favourites.            the base so you can’t hide and the bushes and
The canoe trip was a                                                              lower branches are
barrel of fun... we                                                               often bare and full of
literally brought a                                                               thorns, perfect for
barrel with us that was                                                           scratching you! The
full of food. But one                                                             swamp is a problem
cabin stole OUR cheese.                                                           because of 1 thing:
I’m not saying any                                                                mud! One time, a kid
names... cabin 2! We                                                              was running away
canoed at least 3 hours                                                           from someone else in
a day which, weirdly                                                              a game, and he ran
enough, is considered a                                                           through the swamp.
short canoe trip. On                                                              Soon he found he
day 2 of the trip we                                                              was not wearing any
paddled about 5-1/2                                                               shoes, because they
hours because we had been given bad directions         had gotten stuck in the big honkin’ barrel of
on how to get to Black Feather Coast. We were          mud. Now, back to the games. We often played
ahead and were canoeing really slowly and it           games that somehow involved capture-the-flag
was a very nice, warm, sunny day... I fell asleep.     and was quite exhilarating.
I soon awoke when the counselor in the stern of
the canoe splashed me with ice cold lake water!        And finally: clubs. There were many clubs
                                                       (clubs are a once a day activity). There was an
                                                       Ultimate club, a cliff jumping club, and a stalk-
                                                       Hydro club (Hydro was a nickname for one of
                                                       the counselors)! Those are just some of the fun
                                                       things that happened at camp.

                                                                                      Benjamin LeNabat

                                                       A     lways do right. This will gratify some
                                                          people and astonish the rest.
                                                                                        ~ Mark Twain

Sunday School - The Cost of Cheap
During the 2007-2008 Sunday School year, the        provided by their employers. And we learned
children of St. Peters spent time looking beyond    that in many parts of the world, children
their own little corner of the world to find ways   younger than those doing the research were
to help others. We made cookies as our              forced into the same work environments as
contribution to the Church bazaar, we made          their elders.
and sold Christmas tree stocking ornaments so
we could buy warm socks for homeless folks,         As we worked, the Sunday School students had
we sent greeting cards, complete with some          given their project the working title “China is
very bad jokes, to Canadian soldiers serving in     not Cool” a reflection of their initial concern
Afghanistan, and we hosted a hot dog lunch to       over poor quality products. As their learning
raise money for Ronald McDonald House.              grew and focused more on the people
                                                    producing the goods, the project was renamed
All of the Sunday School students, no matter        “The Cost of Cheap.” The challenge to the
their age, participated in our outreach programs    youth at the beginning of the project had been
but in the spring, the biggest kids’ class was      to not only find out about an issue, something
given a special challenge. They were asked to       they did very well, but also to find a way that
choose an issue - any issue they could think of.    they could address it. Knowing how what they
Their task was to learn about their issue,          had learned had changed their attitudes, they
determine what its causes were and who it           felt that making other people aware of the
affected, and try to find a solution. The issue     problem was the best way for them to begin to
the young people chose began vaguely as cheap       find ways to solve it. So, again being modern
plastic toys from China. News stories of toy        children, they decided to create a web site.
recalls were very current at the time and the       They compiled the information, organized it,
concern the class had was that the toys were        and found appropriate images to speak when
poorly made, unsafe, and didn’t really give         they didn’t know what to say, then passed the
good value for the price people paid for them.      information to Norm Foster who agreed to
                                                    design the web site for them.
We began our project with an experiment
making homemade “plastic” out of heated milk        “The Cost of Cheap” report is (or will be
and lemon juice. We considered what it might        shortly) available by going to the St. Peter’s web
be like for someone making plastic like ours all    site (www.stpetersanglican.ca). Please look at it.
day and then thought about how different it         And think about what you learn from it when
would be to use harsh chemicals to make real        you go to the store looking for a great “Made in
plastic. Being 21st century kids, the St Peter’s    China” bargain.
group continued their research by googling
“cheap plastic toys.” We crowded around                                              Yvonne Kyle
Mary’s computer and started to learn about how
the toys were actually made. The project            I’d like to extend a big thank you to Ben, Noah, and
expanded from its focus on toys to a look at        Eric who were the prime authors of “The Cost of
how many factories in China operate. We             Cheap” and to Rebecca, Liam, Marissa, Adrian, and
learned about unsafe and unhealthy work             Sapphire who helped out when they could. And
environments, underpaid workers working 12          thanks too to Mary for letting us hang out in her
to 15 hour days, and staff forced to live in        office for weeks on end, and to Norm for creating the
crowded quarters and eat the meager rations         web site.

What if Jesus Had a Blog?
A blog is an internet site where the writer can     now about 2000 years old, with gospels
write or show pictures about something, every       attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
day, updating it continually. Others can see the    Each of these was written at least 30 years after
pictures or what has been written, using their      Jesus died.
own computer, without leaving their house. The
Cherry Street Habitat for Humanity project has      There is controversy about exactly who the
a blog where new pictures are posted every          writers of the gospels were, and exactly which
evening, to show the progress on the Cherry         parts of each gospel each author in fact wrote.
Street build.                                       And there are differences among the gospels;
                                                    there are inconsistencies in some of the reports
Blogs exist on all sorts of subjects;               about a particular incident or parable, some
entertainment, politics, people’s trips or          stories are only in one gospel, and so on.
projects, medical topics, religion, and many        Frankly this lack of knowledge about who the
others. The computer age and the internet –         writers were, and the differences among the
including blogs – can overwhelm us with both        gospels, has always bothered me. It makes the
words and pictures. It used to be that, at least    Bible less credible.
with the written word, there were only daily
newspapers – with the content                                     Let’s consider, for comparison, a
controlled by the owners – and                                    modern person from about 30-40
books – which took a long time                                    years ago who talked a lot; for
to get written and published.                                     example Tommy Douglas, the
These still exist. Then came                                      CCF Premier of Saskatchewan; or
radio, then TV. These made                                        John F. Kennedy; or Martin Luther
information more quickly                                          King. We have recordings and
available, but were still                                         films of exactly what they said on
controlled by corporations.                                       various occasions. We have their
                                                                  own writings and speeches. These
But blogs allow opinions by an                                    give precise information.
individual to become very public very quickly.
And often they permit others to link up and         But in Jesus’ case apparently no one wrote
add their own views or information. Contrast        anything down for at least 30 years. Paul, who
that to Jesus’ time: no computers, no blogs. He     never met Jesus, started writing his letters to
was just one person. And all he did was talk. He    various cities after his sudden revelation or
did not, as far as we know, write anything –        conversion on the road to Damascus, about 5
except in the sand – although he could read.        years after Jesus’ death. Imagine the arguments
                                                    there would be over exactly what Tommy
What if Jesus had had a blog? Or what if he         Douglas or Kennedy or King said or did, if
were alive to-day and was writing a blog?           someone were writing it for the first time now,
What would he say?                                  30-40 years later, or even 5 years later, without
                                                    any previous written records, photos or videos!
Let’s recall first what Jesus did do. He talked –
a lot. But because he did not write, we rely on     Who would you trust to give an accurate
books, written years after he died, to tell us      version? Fox news? CNN? The CBC? The KW
what he said. We have the New Testament –           Record? Stephen Harper? How accurate would

the writers be? How would they interpret               • who can be a priest or minister (still going
things, and would they add or leave out things?          on)
                                                       • who can be a bishop (still going on)
And there are things in the Bible which are            • who can be confirmed in a church (still
impossible to prove:                                     going on)
   • Jesus walking on water                            • who can be married in a church (still going
   • Jesus making wine from water                        on)
   • the feeding of 4000 people from the loaves
     of bread and fish brought by a boy             The discussions over rules or dogma can, it
                                                    seems to me, become so distracting that one can
Should we believe these stories? What in the        almost forget why the church was started. (For
Bible can we really trust? How valid are any        example, bishops from Africa boycotted the
reports written, for the first time; 30, 40 or 50   Lambeth Conference over gay marriage, as if
years after the events? Furthermore, what we        this were Africa’s greatest problem. I can hear
read is in English, not the original Greek. The     my Malawian friends saying to each other:
Bible has been translated, and edited, often by     “Wow, that’s the church I want to join; they
people with a vested interest in having us          don’t let gay guys marry, that is really going to
believe certain things.                             solve our problems. And we’ll get even more
                                                    support from the PWRDF !”)
Consider what has happened over the
intervening 2000 or so years. The Christian         But what would Jesus say, if he had a blog to-
church has gone through many changes. First it      day? That’s an interesting question. It requires
was persecuted by the Romans and other Jews,        research. In research about any subject one
including Paul until his conversion. The            starts by finding out what is already known
Romans killed any Christians they could find,       about the subject, largely through reading- or
until the Emperor Constantine was converted in      talking to people. Often there is quite a lot
313 AD. Christianity then flourished, but there     known, and often it is inconsistent. One has to
was collusion between the Roman emperors and        decide what to accept, and what to reject from
the Church. Who knows how that influenced           what you read or hear.
what written records were passed down?
                                                    How does one decide how to proceed? You
During the middle ages the Christian church         have to first decide WHAT IS THE QUESTION
split into various groups: Coptic Christians,       YOU ARE TRYING TO ANSWER. It’s really
Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox; there were        important to be clear about this: WHAT IS THE
2 popes in the Catholic church in Europe            QUESTION?
around 1400, with real battles between their
respective supporters; then the Anglicans split     Which brings us back to Jesus. What question
off, then the reformation came along and            was He trying to answer? He said a lot of
produced Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians,      things, and gave many parables. Some are
Mennonites, and later Pentecostals, etc.            confusing and can be interpreted many ways,
                                                    In the parable of sowing seeds the gospel of
There have been church councils to decide:          Matthew includes an interpretation of what
   • what to believe                                Jesus was trying to say, but we have to make
   • what should be in the Bible                    our own decision about what that parable – or
   • what should be said during prayers             any parable – really means. To-day we have
   • what should be in a Sunday service             another parable about seeds of wheat versus

weeds, (Matt 13:24-30; 36-43.) with an                But we know how difficult it really is, because
interpretation, apparently quoting Jesus.             our neighbour might not feel the same way
                                                      towards us. Our neighbour is a weed. Or we
What question do these gospels and parables           disagree about something, which makes us
address? To me the main question Jesus raised         angry. It’s sometimes difficult to feel love even
was:                                                  towards someone you profess to love, such as a
“How should we live our lives?” :(6 words)            spouse, a child or some good friend, if you have
or, for an individual;                                a disagreement.
“How should I live my life?”, (still 6 words)
                                                      Love thy neighbour? That’s asking a lot! And
Think about that question: “How should I live         what does He mean by “Love thy neighbour”?
my life?”                                             To me it’s like you try to treat your family: with
                                                      respect, help them, be useful – like wheat – talk
In to-day’s parable, he’s essentially saying you      to them, listen to them, enjoy each other’s
have a simple choice; you can be wheat, that is,      company, be supportive, don’t be a weed, smile
be useful, like Wheaties, Breakfast of                and be joyful with each other.
Champions. Or you can be a weed, that is
someone who obstructs progress, and works in          Imagine if Anglicans loved Catholics during the
opposition to those trying to be helpful That’s a     time when Mary Queen of Scots, a Catholic, was
pretty simple choice. Every morning when you          fighting with the Anglican Queen of England,
wake up, ask yourself: what am I to-day? Wheat        Elizabeth or if Catholics really loved so-called
or weed?                                              heretics during the Inquisition or if Jews loved
                                                      Palestinians, and vice versa, to-day or if whites
And then consider; what is Jesus’s answer?            loved blacks, and vice versa or if Muslims loved
What are all these parables and stories and           Christians, and vice versa: no Sept 11
writings really telling us? To me the main
message boils down to 3 words: “Love one              The list is endless. Lack of love leads to conflict.
another” or “Love your neighbour” or it is            This remains the challenge: how to convince
sometimes written, “Love your neighbour as            people that love is the answer, when there is so
yourself” (5 words)                                   much baggage, so much bloodshed, so much
                                                      disagreement over many things which seem
With Google one finds that this phrase of 3 or 5      important to countries and individuals?
words is in the Bible about 10 times:
3 times in Matthew, twice in Mark, once in each       Blogs are one approach. Habitat’s blog spreads a
of Luke, Romans, Galatians, James and also in         positive message of love for neighbours.
the Old Testament: Leviticus, Zechariah               Perhaps progress also can come through other
So the question: “How should I live my life?” (6      innovations of the computerized world: “social
words) has a 5 or 3 word answer: “Love thy
neighbour as yourself” or “Love one another”

This is illustrated by the parable: wheat loves its
neighbours, but weeds mess things up.
That is what Jesus would talk about on his blog.
                                                      A       dolescence is a period of rapid
                                                         changes. Between the ages of 12 and 17,
                                                         for example, a parent ages as much as 20
It sounds so simple. Love your neighbour.                years.
                                                                                      ~ Al Bernstein

networking”, as seen with Facebook: an
individual links by computer with his or her               The Story Behind the Sermon
own friends and all these friends “love” or at
                                                           Last July we drove to Waterloo, Ontario for the
least respect one another: This makes one circle
                                                           weekend. Actually it was to see our son Kyle
of friends. Each of them links with all of their
                                                           who is a new assistant professor at the
friends, making more circles, all of which are
                                                           University of Waterloo.
connected, so you get to be “friends” with all of
the friends of all your friends. At first this seems
                                                           On Sunday, July 20, we decided we would attend
to be very shallow. But Facebook and other
                                                           the local Anglican Church, St. Columba’s. After
similar networks, and blogs, allow people who
                                                           dropping Kyle at the University, we arrived at
are physically separated, with very different
                                                           church and walked in and sat down. St.
backgrounds, to band together to support
                                                           Columba’s is a small church and visitors were
causes, such as Obama in the ongoing US
                                                           even more obvious than usual in an Anglican
                                                           Church. The fellow next to us in the pew saw
                                                           we were visitors and introduced himself. When
There is no limit to the number of such circles:
                                                           we explained we were visiting Kyle, he said “I
all of them are linked, and in principle everyone
                                                           know Kyle, he used to come to the faculty
in every circle could be a friend. We would just
                                                           lounge for coffee when he was a master’s student
need to keep making more linked circles,
                                                           here.” It turned out that Hugh Kerr not only
including more people in circles based on love,
                                                           remembered Kyle from his master’s days but he
respect, hope, and peace.
                                                           had talked to him recently at a faculty meeting.
Love IS the answer. That is Jesus’s answer to his
                                                           It also turned out that Dr. Kerr was giving the
question about how to live our lives. It’s up to
                                                           sermon that day. We were very impressed with
us to pass it on.
                                                           this sermon and asked if we could obtain a copy
                                                           for publication at St. Peter’s in the Elm Leaf. He
                                    Hugh Kerr1
                                                           was only too happy to agree. This was Dr. Kerr’s
               St. Columba Church, Waterloo, ON
                                                           last Sunday at St. Columba’s as he and his wife
                                                           have since moved to be closer to their children in
1. Hugh Kerr is distinguished professor emeritus in
   mechanical engineering at the University of Waterloo.

                                                           The final touch to this story was St. Columba’s
                                                           use of “Eternal Father Strong to Save “ (the Navy
                                                           Hymn) as the closing hymn. We had sung the
                                                           traditional version at Lynda’s father’s funeral
                                                           exactly one year previously, as he was a sailor
                                                           during WW II. At. St. Columba’s the modern
                                                           version – which is full of hope – was used and
                                                           this seemed to be a message directly to us.
                                                           Needless to say there were no dry eyes in our

                                                           It is indeed a small world and the Spirit works in
                                                           it everywhere.

                                                                                                   Jim Daun

Ten years ago
         After reading the Elm
                                 Leaf from September
         change, the more they                           1998, I am struck by "th
                                 stay the same". Repairs                           e more things
        the reports of activities                           to the church (in this ca
                                   of parishioners, recrui                            se the roof ),
        Guild - all of these are                           tment for both the Ch
                                 as relevant today as th                          oir and Altar
        the names have stayed                             ey were a decade ago.
                                  the same.                                        Even some of

        Some of you will no do
                                 ubt remember the new
        financial assistance of                           roof and insulation pu
                                the Men's Breakfast G                              t on, with the
       wouldn't be surprised                          roup. I wasn't here at
                                if the men contributed                          the time, but I
       one thing that will alw                          more than just financia
                                ays be required of a bu                           lly. Repairs are
       it's in use.                                     ilding like St. Peter's,
                                                                                 given how often

       September is a time of
                                  new beginnings, and it
       in 2008. There was an                                was no different in 19
                                Adult Faith Diocesan                                  98 as it is today
       Junior Confirmation, an                           Group, a call for those
                                   announcement calling                             interested in
       well as registering child                            for teachers for Sunday
                                  ren, and a report from                                 School as
       previous activities, as                              St. Peter's Seniors desc
                                well as other upcomin                                  ribing their
                                                         g events.
      The report about the su
                                 ccess of the Plant Stan
      raised over $5,000 - w                              d really amazed me. Th
                               hich is like, I don't kn                               is fundraiser
      exaggeration, but it is                           ow, $10,000 in 2008 do
                               still an incredible amou                         llars (okay, a slight
      amount of effort and or                             nt of money)! I can't im
                                 ganization required to                               agine the
      people involved in it.                              achieve this, but kudo
                              I'm sure it was also a                                 s to all the
                                                       great opportunity for
     One item that particula
                                rly resonated with me
     achievements of some                                was a list of academic
                              of our young people.                                 and athletic
     since graduation back                             Since this was the first
                              in June, it included th                            issue published
     nice to be able to follo                          e awards won by seve
                              w the accomplishmen                               ral students. It's
     parish.                                          ts of our youth in thei
                                                                               r life outside the

 It was also bittersweet
                           to read the names of pe
 Peter's. Yes, change is                           ople no longer involved
                          inevitable, with people                              with St.
 to be able to reflect on                          moving away or passin
                           how they made a diffe                             g away. It's nice
                                                  rence in our parish lif

Compiled from the Sept 1998 issue by Karen Sawatsky


                                                               The Ten Commandments
   Anagrams - Books of the Bible                           (sung to the tune of “Do-Re-Mi”)
Unscramble the letters of these words to discover
books of the bible.                                       One, don’t worship other gods.
                                                          Two, no graven images.
       seesign                  moodytenure               Three, don’t take God’s name in vain.
                                                          Four, the Sabbath is for rest.
       hemw a t t                   hobaida               Five, respect your family
                                                          Six, don’t ever, ever, kill.
         usedox                    ijeerham               Seven, be faithful to your spouse.
                                                          And don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t wish for
      visitclue                    hemplion               others’ things.

        nailed                         ashoe

  nominaltaste                  tileaccesses

    violentera                      b e s h r ew
                                                               Prayer in the 21st Century
     lastagain                    socialsons
                                                          A mother was teaching her three-year-old
     hazephina                   s h i p i n p i pa l     the Lord's prayer. For several evenings at
                                                          bedtime she repeated it after her mother.
     a s h e e ps i n                 human               One night she said she was ready to solo.
                                                          The mother listened with pride as she
         onmars                   chairhaze               carefully enunciated each word, right up
                                                          to the end of the prayer. "Lead us not into
Stumped? The answers can be found on the bulletin board   temptation," she prayed, "but deliver us
in the church hall.                                       some E-mail, Amen."

Vestry Matters
While the minutes of each vestry meeting are        Vestry also supported motions to replace toilets
posted on the bulletin board in the Narthex for     and the furnaces. These replacements have
all to read, we thought it would be useful to       taken place. The replacement of the 40 year old
give a brief digest of what is happening at         furnaces with new high efficiency models is
Vestry and Corporation for each edition of the      expected to result in a significant fuel savings
Elm Leaf. This digest covers the period from        commencing this winter. The low flow toilets
the June 19, 2008 meeting of Vestry to the          are also expected to reduce our water usage and
September 09 meeting of Corporation.                prevent overflowing.

Vestry approved the outreach committee’s            Vestry supported a proposal to hold an ‘invite a
request for support of the immigration for          visitor’ Sunday. This project is still in planning
additional members of the Hamin family. This        stages.
should not place any financial obligation on the
parish as Abdul Hamin (the local sponsor) has       The finance committee reported that envelope
been able to support family members who have        giving was about $5500 below budget as at the
immigrated to Canada in the past. Our last          end of May. (It was $4100 below budget at the
sponsored family has moved to Alberta.              end of August). The finance committee
Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council has a       investigated the shortfall and determined that it
fund that can also be used to support refugees if   was due to the loss of members (through death
necessary.                                          or moving away) rather than to members not
                                                    meeting pledges.
 Coffee Fellowship Ministry
                                                    Vestry received a detailed report from the
 Coffee hosting volunteers needed! This             Creation Care Committee and supported a
 important ministry of hospitality is a great       motion to split the funds raised at the January
 way to meet and share fellowship with each         100 mile lunch between Fort Whyte Alive and
 other and to participate in the fellowship         the development of a bicycle rack at St. Peter’s.
 services offered by our church. We are in          (Additional funds for the latter to come from
 need of more couples or individuals to help        general revenues).
 out if this ministry is to continue
 uninterrupted Sunday to Sunday.                    Corporation has ordered 1000 new visitor
 Otherwise, this important opportunity of           envelopes based on an updated design.
 sharing will be impacted.
                                                    Corporation approved a “Volunteer Fair” to be
 There has been a loyal group involved for a        held on Sunday, September 28. This fair will
 long time and we need more volunteers. It          allow the various groups at St. Peter’s to
 does not matter if you are available all year      highlight their activities and hopefully to attract
 or part of the year — we just need to know         new members.
 to schedule accordingly. To find out more
 about what is involved please contact                                                       Jim Daun
 Coordinator Garth Panting at 477-5719 or                                             Rector’s Warden
 email at dgcart@shaw.ca Many thanks for
 sharing your gifts.

Creation Care Events
SUMMER                                                  problem and make a difference in our
It is already the beginning of August, the week         environment? St Peters has already made some
after a group of 14 parishioners from St Peters         significant changes in becoming more
drove and cycled to Fort Whyte. There, some             environmentally responsible. This week, two
rode by buggy to see the bison following the            high efficiency boilers were installed, the yard
northern trail, others joined the Edible Wild Walk      around the church is now a splash of colour —
to discover nature’s gifts. It was a wonderful          much of the waste for compost coming from those
afternoon and likely to be repeated by popular          living in apartments, while the church is now
demand.                                                 cleaned using bio-degradable products.
                                                        Research is underway to purchase a cycle rack.
During this week, there has been further food for       These are just a few recent tangible changes and
thought, reflecting how in tangible ways climate        if parishioners have further ideas, the Creation
change is affecting lives. Stephen Womboga              Care Group or Vestry are very open to
from our companion diocese in Central Buganda           suggestion.
writes, “Your email found us not enjoying life that
much because a lot of things have changed, one of       FALL
them being the climate… nowadays it’s very              There are several opportunities to grow in
unpredictable because we are having more dry            spirituality and awareness during the months of
spells than normal.”                                    September and October. Further information is on
                                                        the bulletin board:
Knowing Stephen brings the reality much closer
as we realize how the way we live our lives             “The Eco-System Drama” - Putting it all together. 13
impacts those we know in Central Buganda. Our           Sept 10.0 - 2.0 Field based discussion in the
geographical distance from Uganda may tempt             Pembina Valley with biologist Dr Staniforth.
us to sit back, however, as Anglicans our fifth         Families welcome.
mission statement is “to strive to safeguard the
integrity of creation and sustain and renew the         “Pass the Living Flame.” Women’s Singing Circle
earth” as was stressed at Lambeth Conference.           with Caroline McDade at St Peters Church 25-28
                                                        Sept. “ To gather women to sing our love, our
Bishop Sue Mosley, diocesan bishop of N.S and           despair and our hope for all beings and for the
P.E.I, wrote an inspiring and insightful article this   earth. In song, silence and ritual, we will name
week from Lambeth on the need for care of the           that which we love, that for which we weep, and
environment to become a priority for the Anglican       give wings to our lives to move love into action”
Communion. She writes “Environment is a top
priority for some provinces and must be a high          “Goose Flights” at Fort Whyte. End of Sept.
priority for all of us. In the Global South,            Watch the bulletin board space so you can then
safeguarding creation is a day to day activity, not     watch migration happening above your head.
an intellectual exercise.” She goes on to define
what the church can do through education, liturgy       “Take and Eat”: A Conference on Food and Creation
& worship, and empowerment for action.                  Care. Oct 3-5 at Providence College in
                                                        Otterburne, MB. See list for impressive cross
Often a call to action and responsibility is            section of panelists involved.
overwhelming. How can we as individuals and
as faith community touch the near edge of a                        Fenella Temmerman and Maureen Tate

              Mark Your                            November 1
              Calendars                            Christmas Bazaa
                                                    Baking, books, pr
                                                    crafts gratefully
                                                                     good time of
                                                    This is always a
                                                                       n. Plan on
                                                    fellowship and fu
                                                                      me shopping,
               December 13                           coming, doing so
                                                                       stay for
                                                     visiting and then
                Cookie Walk
        This is a great way to
     do your Christmas baking
     and have a good time
     doing it. We will be
     asking for LOTS of                            October 2
     cookies. You bring a
                                             Parish Pot Luck Dinner
     batch (or 3 or 4) of your
                                               and Talent Auction
     favourite Christmas
                                                                  you can donate.
     cookies on the 12th and      Start thinking of what talents
     then come back in the        Ideas from past years: cleaning
                                                                   to an
     morning to buy an empty      eaves troughs, driving someone
                                                                    ating a
     box (or 2) and fill them     appointment, cooking a meal, don
                                                                     a casserole or
     with a wonderful             weekend at your cottage, baking
                                                                      or knitting,
     assortment of goodies.       a batch of your specialty, sewing
                                                                    King will be our
     Stay for a cup of coffee,    cleaning a flower bed etc. Brian
                                                                     evening of fun
     visit with friends and go     auctioneer. This will be a great
                                                                    ing and inviting
     home with your Christmas      and fellowship so plan on attend
                                                                      re is a sign-up
     baking finished.              your friends and neighbours. The
                                                                    tion forms are
                                   sheet in the Hall and talent auc
                                   in the Narthex.
                                                                      the church
                                   If you need a ride, please phone
                                    office - 488-8093.

                                 T   he secret of a good sermon is to have a good
                                 beginning and a good ending, then having the two as
                                 close together as possible.
                                                                       ~ George Burns

Housing Issues for the Federal Election - Open the Door To Families
“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the   years. Now that a federal election is
least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”         underway, all of us have an opportunity to
                                                         raise these issues with candidates. Please urge
We are all familiar with our Lord’s words in             your candidate to “Open the Door to Families”.
Matt. 25:34-46 teaching us to see how we are to          The “tear-away” box below is for your
live our faith by loving and caring for each             convenience – keep it at the door, or by the
other. We individually support many good                 phone so that you can ask candidates their
causes, but at St. Peter’s we have taken the             position on the following questions, express
decision to express our faith as a community by          your concern on housing issues, and encourage
becoming involved in housing issues in our               them to take action. All candidates will have
neighbourhood. Our national church, together             websites and you can communicate that way
with our Lutheran Partners, is also concerned            too.
with housing issues and has encouraged all
churches to urge our governments to become               Thank you for your action
more active in ensuring adequate housing for
low-income Canadians—700,000 of whom rely                                                  Outreach Committee
on food banks each month, because so much of
their income is needed to pay high housing               (Questions 1-3 developed in a draft document by Murray
costs.                                                   MacAdam, Social Justice and Advocacy Consultant, Diocese of
                                                         Toronto on behalf of the Anglican Church of Canada)

At St. Peter’s, we
recognize the
fundamental                 Questions for Candidates for Federal Election:
importance of
adequate housing            1. Will you support renewed federal government funding for two
for the health,                key programs to help homeless people and low-income people
education and                  (the Homelessness Partnering Initiative and the Residential
security of children,          Rehabilitation Assistance Program), both of which are due to
families and                   expire in March 2009?
communities. We
acknowledge the             2. Will you support an expanded affordable housing program by the
deficit of decent,             federal government to replace the $1.4 billion affordable housing
safe affordable                program?
housing and
advocate for                3. Provincial housing ministers are eager to meet with federal
housing programs.              government leaders to discuss housing issues. Will you work
We deplore the                 with the provinces to develop a comprehensive housing strategy
waste of resources             as part of an overall national poverty reduction strategy?
in having 150 homes
on the Kapyong site         4. Will you work to make the vacant houses on Kapyong base
sitting empty,                 available to families and agencies on short term leases while the
heated and
                               long range development process for the area is conducted?
maintained, for 4

St Peter’s in Pictures
Anglicans are
known for enjoying
food & drink at any
occasion and
St. Peter’s is no
exception. Here are
some images from                                                            Bill an
                                                                     some           d
our welcome back                                                            grub fo Bob rustle u
                                                                                    r the h       p
Sunday on                                                                                   ungry
September 7...                                                                                          s

                                            ts in line pat
                               Everyone wai
                                                  e Anglicans
                                  like good littl

                                                                     work ll this w
                                                                         s up       or
                                                                               one’ ship
                                                                                    s ap

          There’s plenty for ev
                                eryone... plus leftovers

                                                                Comfort foo
                                                                            d + fellowsh
                                                                                         ip = soul foo

                                                                         All original artwork used in this
                                                                         issue of the Elm Leaf was created
                                            gregation                    by Marissa Nociar. Photos
                                a happy con
         A fed co ngregation is                                          provided courtesy of Ian Chalmers.

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