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									Snap QlikView Into Your Environment

Wherever your users are, regardless of how they need to see and interact with their data,
QlikView is designed to seamlessly fit into your environment. Enrich existing applications,
drive Web sites with QlikView searches, and enhance portals with QlikView analytics.
Leverage your existing security architecture within QlikView and deploy using the latest
virtualization and cloud technologies to bring the leading BI solution to all of your users

Integrated Comprehensive Security
Advanced security allows you to control
access to analytics as well as who sees what
- the right documents, the right data, and the
right results to the right user. QlikView has
been designed to integrate with enterprise
security architecture standards while still
allowing unlimited flexibility by delivering

•Out of the box support for single sign-on for
solutions such as CA Siteminder, Oracle
Oblix, and IBM Tivoli WebSEAL, as well as support for custom single sign-on solutions.
•Document access authorization through NTFS or QlikView's Document Metadata Service
•Ability to leverage existing user and group security definitions from standard directory
service systems such as Active Directory, SunOne LDAP and Novell, while providing a flexible
architecture to fit into your enterprise security standards.
•Ability to enforce group and individual user policies from document level to granular row
and column level security from existing security definitions

Complete and Open API’s
QlikView's application and deployment options enable you to deliver the right functionality
through the right medium to each user group. Control each aspect of your QlikView
implementation programmatically. QlikView interacts with your existing applications and
automates your existing business processes by providing:

                                          •Core QlikView APIs: Marry QlikView to your
                                          existing business processes using QlikView's built
                                          in automation interface.
                                          •Java integration: A full Java API and enterprise
                                          JavaBeans components allow complete integration
                                          of QlikView and Java applications.
                                          •QlikView OCX: Provides an embeddable solution
                                          for both standalone and client-server based
                                          •Ajax integration: Provided by the QlikView

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Workbench, our JavaScript libraries allow complete integration with our Ajax client

QlikView Mashups Enrich the Web
Bringing QlikView functionality to the Web is
another new and exciting way for your users to
access their analytics, and for you to enrich the
content on your Web site. The QlikView
Workbench product enables:

• web site integration using Microsoft
Visual Studio. Drag and drop QlikView graphs,
charts, and list boxes into your ASP website.
•Coarse and fine grained mashups with external
web content such as maps, news feeds, images,
and other web based content.
•Custom visualizations use the power of the QlikView engine to drive your own custom
visual objects.
•Customized AJAX content and extended QlikView controls

                                          Microsoft SharePoint Integration
                                          QlikView provides the "QlikView Web Parts for
                                          Microsoft SharePoint" product to facilitate rapid and
                                          simplified integration. This product enables the
                                          dissemination of QlikView analytics through
                                          Microsoft SharePoint powered portals. Individual
                                          QlikView analysis objects can be embedded and
                                          used inside SharePoint, delivering information to
                                          users within their corporate home page

Virtualization and Cloud Support
QlikView leads the industry in creating
and deploying solutions in cloud and
virtual environments that support
enterprise flexibility and cost
management. As pressures on IT grow
to maximize existing investments and
lower on-going expenses, realization of
cloud and virtual technologies are
becoming integral pieces of solution
architectures. QlikView meets these
needs head on by:

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•Optimizing the internal QlikView engine for virtual and cloud deployments
•Powering public and private cloud deployments to minimize asset costs and deployment
•Supporting virtualized environments that fully utilize existing hardware
•Supporting hosted environments to support multi-tenant solutions offered to your clients,
internally and externally

                    Entrance C, 1 Floor, 376 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia 2128
        Tel: 0861 BUS INT Fax: 011797-9325 Website:

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