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									      History	of	the

The census has collected information about the                                             My Story Book: My home

population every ten years since 1801 (except                                    My home in pictures:                                      My favourite place at home:

in 1941). It is a fantastic source of historical



information. Census statistics provide a unique and                                                                    Spinning	

detailed snapshot of our population, showing how
                                                                                         dad’s	pipe

the lifestyles and characteristics of the population                          I have lived here for a	year.
                                                                              I live here with   all	my	family	and	a	lodger.	
                                                                                                                                           This is my favourite place because
                                                                                                                                           my	house	is	crammed	and	we	share	a	toilet	

are always changing.                                                          Before	we	shared	a	house	with	another	family.
                                                                              My home has             6   rooms and    what	are	
                                                                                                                       they?         TVs
                                                                                                                                           with	our	neighbours,	so	I	like	to	go	outside	and	play	
                                                                                                                                           with	my	friends.	I’m	lucky	I	have	lots	of	friends.

Using the Me and My Community Timeline, pupils
can learn about the history of the census and see how our society has changed. They can also use the
Victorian Child’s Story Book and Victorian Flash Cards to compare and contrast the differences in their
lives. The resources from Me and My Story for the 2011 Census can be used for direct comparison.

Learning outcomes                                                   Curriculum links
   Know that the first census took place in 1801.                       History
   Understand how our society has changed since 1801.                   English or Welsh
   Be able to compare my life to a Victorian child’s.                   ICT

Lesson activities
1.	Change	over	time
   Ask pupils to think about how their lives will change over time. Use the slides which include prompts
   of 10, 20 and 50 years in the future. Ask them to describe how their lifestyles and needs might
   change as they age.
   Moving on from their own lives, ask them to think about how society has changed over time. Present
   the slides which show stats and images from 1801, 1901 and 2001. Ask pupils to spot and describe
   the differences that they observe.
   Explain that the characteristics and lifestyles of our population are always changing, and that since
   1801 the census has collected and shared information about our society’s make-up.
   You can use the About Census slides to give your pupils some background information to the census.

   Resources:                   Resource	title                              Slide	/	sheet	number
   PowerPoint	Slides

                                Slides - History of the Census              1-10

   PowerPoint	Slides

                                About Census                                1-16

Teacher	notes:	1
2.	History	of	the	Census
  Use the Me and My Community Timeline to show the history of the census and how society has
  changed since 1801. You can walk through the interactive version as a class, or pupils can study the
  printed version independently.
  Working individually or in small groups, pupils could pick a time period to research online. They could
  then produce a visual snapshot of that time period in PowerPoint which they will present to their peers.

  Resources:                           Resource	title                                                           Slide	/	sheet	number

                                       Me and My Community Timeline                                             1-5


                                       Me and My Community Timeline                                             1-5

3.	Victorian	child’s	census                                                                   Victorian Child’s Story Book
  The Victorian Child’s Story Book provides a book
  completed by a fictional Victorian child in 1851. It
  follows the same format as the book that is completed
  by pupils in the My Story for the 2011 Census section,
  and so it can be used for direct comparison.
                                                                                    My Story Book: Me
  In small groups or as a class, they could directly
  compare their stories and describe the differences in
                                                                 	 Arthur	SmithName:
                                                               		 9	years
                                                                        ,      Age:                                                                        Climbing	trees,	
                                                                		 I	don t	have	one
                                                                               Class:     Me in pictures:                                                  playing	football	

  their lives. They could select a page to stick on to poster
                                                                                                                                                           and	dancing	to	
                                                                		 12	January	1851
                                                                                          Brown	fuzzy	hair                                                 music!

                                                                                                                      Quite	tall

  paper and annotate both pictures with the differences
                                                                                          Big	ears                                       Interests                                    Possessions
                                                                                          [that	I	hide	under	                      I	work	a	lot	or	                              My	marbles!	They	
                                                                                          my	hat]                                  am	at	school	but	                 My          were	such	a	special	
                                                                                                                                   whenever	I	have	              favourite       treat	that	my	

  and similarities, adding more detail about their own life
                                                                                                                                   time,	I	love	playing	                         mother	and	father	
                                                                                                                                   with	my	friends.                              saved	to	buy	me.	

                                                                                          Mother	says	I	am	

  and adding questions for the Victorian child.                                           handsome,	but	                                                           Food
                                                                                           ,                                                               Plum	pudding	is	my	
                                                                                          I m	not	sure?
                                                                                                                                                           favourite	special	

  They could write a letter to the Victorian child,                                     Me in three words:                         My best achievement:

  introducing themselves as a friend and describing their                  Hardworking
                                                                                                      Getting	a	job	at	the	factory	
                                                                                                      and	helping	to	give	money	to	my	

  life and asking more questions about the Victorian                       Cheeky                     parents.

  child’s life.
  Close to census day they could write their own diary and then write a diary of a Victorian child on
  census day in 1851.
  They could work in pairs, role-playing a modern day and Victorian child and having a conversation
  about their lives, using the book as prompts. Questions are provided on the slides to aid conversation.

  Resources:                           Resource	title                                                           Slide	/	sheet	number

                                       Victorian Child’s Story Book                                             1-7

  PowerPoint	Slides

                                       Slides - History of the Census                                           11

Teacher	notes:	2
4.	Building	Victorian	pen	portraits                                               People in our community
  The Victorian Flash Cards provide images of two Victorian
  family households; rich and poor. In small groups, ask pupils to
  create a portrait of the Victorian people’s lives by sticking each
  image on poster paper and annotating information about their
  housing, work, health etc. Use the slides as prompts.
  You could then get your pupils to each share their portraits
  with another group and to see if they produced similar or
  different images. Or you could ask them to present their
                                                                        Victorian family one –1851

  portraits to the class.
  Using the slides, reveal which household is rich and poor. Whilst there were significant changes in
  the lives of rich and poor families during the Victorian period, the points on the slides can be used to
  highlight some key differences around the middle of the era.
  Explain that the census is used to identify the characteristics of our population. In Victorian times,
  it was important to identify the large number of poor families, so that decisions could be made by
  Government to try to improve their lives. The slides provide some information about the changes that
  occurred in Victorian times.

  Resources:                   Resource	title                                      Slide	/	sheet	number

                               Victorian Flash Cards                               1-2

  PowerPoint	Slides

                               Slides - History of the Census                      12-21

5.	Census	in	100	years
  Ask your pupils to imagine they are living in 2111 - 100 years in the future. What would life be like?
  Use the slides as prompts. You could get pupils to write a short paragraph about their lives or they
  could complete one or more pages from My Story Book. This can be accessed in the My Story for the
  2011 Census section.

  Resources:                   Resource	title                                      Slide	/	sheet	number
  PowerPoint	Slides

                               Slides - History of the Census                      22

6.	Building	My	Community	game
  You could use the game as a prompt to discuss how things change over time. As you go through
  the stages of building the community, you could discuss how the different factors would change in
  different eras, i.e. would the population increase/decrease, would the houses look any different etc?

  Resources:                   Resource	title                                      Slide	/	sheet	number

                               Building My Community game                          n/a

Teacher	notes:	3

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