Advanced Diploma in Insurance

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					                                    Examination Prizes 2010
The CII is constantly updating its examination subjects to meet the changing demands of our
profession. To keep pace with these changes, the Insurance Institute of London has further reviewed
its range of examination prizes and finds that it is now able to offer new opportunities to sponsor
prizes. Those subjects shown in purple are available for sponsorship.

Benefits to sponsors
Sponsorship of an examination prize sends a strong signal that your company is committed to
professionalism. Your company’s name will appear in the Institute’s Annual Report and on our
website. Your chief executive will be invited to meet your prize winner at the Institute’s Annual
General Meeting and Prize Winners Evening held in September. Your firm will also have the
opportunity to issue a press release.

Prize administration
For ease of administration and to ensure independent adjudication, senior staff of the Chartered
Insurance Institute and the Insurance Institute of London select the candidates to receive awards.

The way ahead
If you or your company are interested in sponsoring a prize, which are valued at £250, please contact
Allison Potts, Secretary on 020 7397 3914.

                         The Worshipful Company of Insurers’ Award
            For exceptional achievement in the CII’s Advanced Diploma examinations
             To commemorate the Insurance Institute of London’s Centenary in 2007

Advanced Diploma in Insurance
Prize - The Fedden prize for the Associateship – sponsored by the Insurance Institute of London
Prize – The Runner-up prize in the Associateship – sponsored by the Insurance Institute of
Risk, regulation and capital adequacy                   Business and economics
(510)                                                  (530) or PO4 and P92

             COMPULSORY UNIT                                         COMPULSORY UNIT
Prize – The Compulsory Units prize sponsored by Xchanging Ins-sure Services

Life and disability underwriting (555)                 Life and disability       Risk management (655)
                                                       claims (556)              Prize sponsored by RSA
                                                                                 Risk Solutions

Life assurance (735)                                   Principles of property    Commercial property
                                                       insurances (745)          insurance underwriting
                                                       Prize sponsored by        (750) Prize sponsored by
                                                       RSA Property              Mitsui Sumitomo
                                                       Investors                 Insurance
Liability insurance (755)                              Personal lines            Motor insurance (765)
Sir Denis Marshall Prize sponsored by                  insurance (760)           Prize sponsored by
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert                                  Prize sponsored by        Amlin
                                                       Norwich Union
Principles of marine insurance (770) John
Winmill Memorial Prize sponsored by Marsh

Principles of reinsurance (785)                        Private medical          Underwriting
Prize sponsored by Aspen Re                            insurance (790)          management (815)
                                                                                Prize sponsored by
Claims management (non-life) (820)                                              Insurance broking (930)
Prize sponsored by Amlin                                                        H B Sedgwick prize
                                                                                sponsored by Marsh

                                                       Marketing (945)

Diploma in Insurance Prize – Prize sponsored by AXA Corporate Solutions
Insurance practice and regulation          Business practice (PO4)                   Insurance law (P05)
(PO1)                                                                                Prize sponsored by
     COMPULSORY UNIT                                COMPULSORY UNIT                  Elborne Mitchell
Commercial insurance practice    Personal insurance practice (P11)
Prize sponsored by Norwich Union

                                           Property claims handling (P18)            Commercial
                                           Prize sponsored by Ace Group              insurance contract
                                                                                     wording (P21)
                                                                                     Prize sponsored by
                                                                                     the LBIA
Underwriting practice (P80) (first         Insurance broking practice (P81) (first
sitting Oct 08)                            sitting Oct 08)

P85 Claims practice (first sitting         P86 Personal insurances (first sitting    P92 Insurance
Oct 09)                                    Oct 09)                                   business and finance
                                                                                     (first sitting Oct 09)

P93 Commercial property and                P94 Motor insurance (first sitting Oct    P96 Liability
business interruption (first sitting       09)                                       insurances (first
Oct 09)                                                                              sitting Oct 09)

Certificate in Insurance
Insurance, legal and regulatory            General insurance business (IF2)          Insurance
(IF1)                                                                                underwriting
                                                                                     process (IF3)
Insurance claims handling process          Motor insurance products (IF5)            Household insurance
(IF4)                                                                                products (IF6)

Healthcare insurance products              Packaged Commercial Insurance
(IF7)                                      (IF8)

Qualification – Certificate in Contract Wording
Comprising PO5 & P21
Prize sponsored by Xchanging Ins-sure Services

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

Diploma in Financial Planning

Certificate in Financial Administration
Comprising CF1 & FA1 or FA2

Certificate in Financial Planning

Certificate in Mortgage Advice
Comprising CF1 & CF6