Briefing Session for Chairs_ Deputy Chairs and Secretaries by nyut545e2


									Briefing session on the new points-based
     immigration system for students

         Rosemary Royds & Kate Monroe
               Academic Registry
                                                       Key features
   The UKBA (UK Border Agency) Points Based Immigration System
    was introduced on 31 March 2009
   It applies to all non-EU migrants
   It affects all UK educational institutions
   It has a 5-tier framework: Tier 4 applies to students studying in HE
    (ie above NVQ Level 3)
   For each tier applicants need enough points to obtain a visa or
    entry clearance
   Applicants will need to provide a CAS (Certificate of Acceptance
    for Study) from an approved sponsor when applying for entry
   The University of York has received its licence to act as a sponsor
   Sponsorship carries responsibilities for reporting changes to
    student arrival and ‘engagement’
                                       Go-live arrangements
   From 22 February 2010 the PBIS system for students is fully

   The University is interfacing with the UKBA’s Sponsorship
    Management System (SMS) software, and issuing CAS numbers to

   We now have responsibilities for monitoring and reporting students’
    enrolment and engagement to the UKBA

   We are required to report non-arrival and changes to engagement
    within 10 working days of becoming aware of it

   Our sponsorship licence is at risk if we do not comply
                           What must the Registry do?

   Interface with the UK Border Agency staff
   Upload information about students to the UKBA software
    and download CAS numbers
   Communicate CAS numbers to students applying for visas
   Keep the information in the University and UKBA systems
    in synchronisation
   Keep copies of students’ passports and visas

   Protect the University’s sponsorship licence status
                       What must departments do?

   Report students who do not enrol at the beginning
    of a new cycle to the Registry

   Monitor student engagement with their studies

   Report changes to students’ studies (transfer,
    relocation, early submission)

   Report changes to student engagement (LoA,
    suspension, AWOL)
Any questions?
                           Contacts in the Registry

                     Kate Monroe
                PBIS Compliance Officer
                   Registry Services
                kjm116        ext 3268

Rosemary Royds                     Cathy Colless
Manager                            BSDM
rjr7 ext 2149                      cc518   ext 2095

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