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                     Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers                                                                            February 2007


Double Trouble Sets New Records
RAW Sweeps the RRCA 10K Texas Championships
By Jeff Barnhart

T   he 2006 Double Trouble
    5K and 10K was no
                                 runners taking to the start.
                                 Juan Ruiz ran a blistering
                                 pace of 5:27 per mile for a
                                                                    The 7th annual race saw
                                                                    a total of 265 runners
                                                                    participate with a record
trouble for runners to
conquer the two races of         time of 16:54 on his way to        number of sponsors helping
the day. This year’s 5K and      a first place                                     to support the
                                 finish. On the                                    race. This was
10K courses were certified
                                 women’s side,                                     also the first
by USATF and the 10K race
                                 Della Irby tore                                   year for me to
was the Road Runners Club        up the course                                     be race director
of America (RRCA) Texas          with a time of                                    and I found,
State Championship.              20:43. Both                                       as usual, the
                                 times will be                                     members of
                                 the ones to                                       RAW worked
                                 beat in 2007.                                     together to
                                                                                   make race day
                                 The 10K race                                      go perfect once                   Always steady, Jack Hase
                                 was next with                                     again.                               wins his age group.
                                 129 runners
                                 taking the                                           Rick Sanford,           this statement. I can’t thank
                                 starting                                             the previous            enough all the volunteers
                                                       Mindi Rice wins the Women’s
                                 gun and 47                                           race director,          who helped to make my first
                                                     RRCA Texas 10K Championship.
                                 competitors                                          told me many            experience as race director
                                 running their second race of           times before the race,                double the fun, making me
                                 the day. The winners would             “Don’t worry about race               want to come back as race
                                 not only set the course                day, RAW members know                 director again in 2007. Hope
                                 records, but be the RRCA               how to put on a race.” He             to see everyone back then.
                                 10K Texas State Champion.              was right on the money with
      Ken Hall races to the      RAW member Ken Hall led
  RRCA Texas 10K Championship.
                                 the field across the finish line
                                 with a 5:29 per mile pace
With the certification, new      and set the course record at
course records were going        35:01, followed closely by
to be set by the winners of      RAW’s Craig Minyard.
each race. In addition, there
was a bonus award to any         On the women’s side,
male and female runner           another RAW regular, Mindi
who finished both races in       Rice, dominated not only
first place.                     the women’s field, but the
                                 overall race, with a pace
The runners had luck on          of 6:21 per mile giving her
their side with a perfect        a total time of 39:21. Her
day and a field filled with      record time not only earned
good competition to push all     her the women’s win, but a
runners to a fast pace. The      fourth place overall finish          Blaine Covington shows his mom, Tina, how to push it home for a strong finish.
5K race was first with 183       for the event.
            Lake Grapevine
            runners & walkers Club
            P.O. Box 2982
            Grapevine, TX 76099

rAw board and Committees                                              K2 to you
PreSIDent | Kelly Richards
vICe PreSIDent | Jeff Barnhart                                       2007 marks an exciting time in RAW’s existence
                                                                     as we celebrate our 10th anniversary! The year
SeCretAry | Steve Rush                                      promises to deliver a mix of our favorite traditions
                                                                     along with some exciting changes. We already
treASurer | Craig Minyard               started the year with what is sure to become an annual event; the first
                                             New Year’s Day Recovery Run. This new event was quickly followed by our
                                             longest standing tradition, the 9th Annual Bold in the Cold 5K & 15K race.
Susan Barnett
                                             One of our oldest traditions, the annual banquet, was reinstated in 2006
John Bush                                    and is back for 2007. Mark your calendars for March 3rd! The banquet               will be held in the same location as last year but with a new theme and
Tony Flesch                                  evening agenda. See page 8 for details.
Henry Galpin                                 RAW will recognize our 10th anniversary Disney-style with several months of              celebration culminating in a special anniversary event. We’re looking for
Cindy Lee                                    a slogan to promote the anniversary, and would love your ideas. “We’ve              Run Texas for 10 Years” and “10 Years of Running Texas RAW” have been
Thomas Okazaki
                                             suggested. Let Bridget Smith know if you have a slogan idea.
Bridget Smith                                In keeping with our goal of honoring tradition while accepting change,
                                             the current board has adopted several modifications to our club
Footprint                                    by-laws. The changes were made at the recommendation of the By-laws
                                             Review Committee after several months of soliciting feedback from the
eDItorS                                      membership. Included are changes to the election process, and in July
Kelly Carper Erickson & Kevin Wessels        we’ll elect a new board, including a new president and treasurer. The
                                             2007-2008 board will include many first-time members and officers who
DeSIGner | Lorraine Wessels                  are certain to carry on many of our long-time traditions while creating
ProDuCtIon | Doug Noell
                                             new ones. I’m eager to experience it all.
membership Data
Doug Noell      See you at the lake,   ~K2

 Calendar of Upcoming Events
 Check the RAW E-Bulletin Board to verify all events:

  RAW Calendar                                                 Upcoming Events
 Saturday & Sunday Walk/Run | 8am from the clubhouse          Saturday Night Live | 1st Saturday of every month
 Wednesday Trail Run | 7am from the clubhouse                 February 3rd, 5pm Buffalo Wild Wings, Grapevine
                                                              April 7th, 5pm Lazy Bones, Grapevine
 Friday Trail Run | 7am from the clubhouse
                                                              RAW Banquet | March 3rd, Lancaster Theater, Grapevine
 Board Meeting | 4th Thursday of each month
                 7pm at the clubhouse

         To see what’s happening, log on to

2 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
    Giving back

                                         Know someone who you’d like to
                                         recognize? Send your nomination
    to the sport                         to

In this issue, the spotlight turns to Mark Miller. While we’re sorry
that he has been suffering with an injury, the silver lining of that
cloud is that we’ve been able to see a lot more of him! Despite                                                                      •	 To	Guy	Mc	Cracken	on	the		
the fact that Mark had to severely curtail his training, he has                                                                         marriage	of	his	son,	Lance.
continued to be a regular presence at RAW events, truly “Giving
Back to the Sport.” Mark volunteered at both the Double Trouble
race and the White Rock Marathon Aid Station, and has been                                                                           CONdOLeNCeS
a regular contributor to the Footprint over the past year, writing                                                                   •	 To	Guy	Mc	Cracken	on	the		
the popular feature “On Your Mark.” Happily, Mark has made                                                                              loss	of	his	mother.
a great recovery and is back on the trails! Thank you, Mark, for
sharing your time and talents with RAW.
                                                                                                                                     •	 To	Stacie	Sauber	and	her	family	on	
                                                                                                                                        the	loss	of	Stacie’s	mother.

  RAW off to the Races                                                                                                               ThANk YOU
                                                                                                                                     •	 To	all	of	our	volunteers	who	helped	
  Jogging For Johnson 5k and 1 mile fun run                                                                                             with	the	Bold	in	the	Cold.
  February 10 - 8:30 a.m.
  Johnson Elementary School on Carroll in Southlake                                                                                  •	 To	all	of	our	volunteers	who	put	
                                                                                                                                        out	water	and	sports	drink	for	the	
                                                                                                                                        weekend	runs.	We	appreciate	each	
                                                                                                                                        and	every	one	of	you.	

                                                                                                                                     •	 Get	the	latest	in	RAW	signature	
                                                                                                                                        wear.	See	Kelly	“K2”	Richards	
                                                                                                                                        to	purchase	tops,	shorts	and	

                                                                                                                                     LOST & FOUNd
                                                                                                                                     •	 Items	in	the	Lost	&	Found	are		
                                                                                                                                        piling	up!	If	you’ve	left	something	
                                                                                                                                        at	the	clubhouse	please	check	to	
                                                                                                                                        see	if	we’ve	found	it.	All	unclaimed	
                                                                                                                                        items	are	in	the	white	cabinet	along	
  White Rock-N-Roll 5 miler                                                                                                             the	north	wall	of	the	clubhouse.

  May 5 - 8 a.m.                                                                                                                     FUTURe TRAILS
  Winfrey Point at White Rock Lake
                                                                                                                                     Coming	in	the	next	FOOTPRINT
                                                                                                                                     •	 Bold	in	the	Cold
club turn-out                                                                                                                        •	 LGRAW	Banquet
                                                                                                                                     •	 Rocky	Racoon	100
We closed the year with several high attendance days. December had several days                                                      •	 Houston	Marathon
with attendance was over 50. Mileage on those days was also high with long run
activity. Average Usage Per Weekend Day total for the year was up 3 from 2005 and
up 5 from 2004. Usage of our clubhouse during the week was also up substantially.
                                                                                                                                     Deadline	for	the	April	FOOTPRINT	
                                                                                                                                     is	March	1st.	Send	your	articles	to	
                                               Oct       Nov           Dec   2006 Totals                                             lgrawfootprint
   Weekends only                               244        299          308     3,711
                                                                                                                                     Send	your	news	for	the	footnotes	to		
   All Days                                    397        380          365     4,818
   No. of Weekends                               4           4           5        52
   Closed Days                                   1           0           1         6
   Missing Data Days                             0           0           2         0
   Average Usage Per Weekend Day                35          37          44        39

                                                                                                                                         February 2007 |   FOOTPRINT 3
   40 on 40
   By Rick Sanford

   F   orty years old always seemed so
       very distant, but somehow I got
   there in record time. How could I be
   forty? I got there so fast that I didn’t
   really have time to contemplate where
   I was or how far I had come. If I had, I
   might have been saddened by the fact
   that I’ve probably lived my entire life
   within 40 miles of the hospital I was
   born in. I might have been frustrated
   by a career that didn’t measure up to
   the aspirations I had twenty years ago. I
   might have just let myself roll on down
   the hill. But that’s not what happened.
   Instead, I headed off to Greensboro,            (left to right) Kevin Wessels and Kelly Richards help Rick Sanford celebrate a “Supa” 40th birthday.
   North Carolina to run 40 miles on my
   40th birthday.                              the other was a poster-sized card from                  After the turnaround, we started picking
   I was fully prepared to make the            the “Groupies.” The “Groupies” girls                    up the pace, trying to put some distance
   journey alone and I didn’t invite anyone    (Staci Rivero, Noreen Henry, and K2)                    between us and the runners we had been
   because I didn’t want them to feel          made the cards and several more RAW                     running with earlier. At mile 30, I got
   obligated. Fortunately for me, Kelly        members added their birthday wishes.                    yet another birthday card. I made the
   “K2” Richards and Kevin Wessels             The morning was cool and misty,                         aid station volunteer take a picture of
   invited themselves. Then, we persuaded      absolutely perfect. I was anxious, but                  me and K2 with my camera phone and
   Kevin’s high school friends, Scott and      relaxed. After all, this was going to be                then it was back on the trail. We ran
   Terry Ross, to make the trip, as well.      a great day. Kevin, Scott, and Terry                    and talked. We ran and walked. We ran
   Now it was going to be a party and not      were running the marathon. K2 decided                   and laughed. K2 kept trying to knock
   just me doing something crazy in my         to join me for the 40. After a mile and                 down trees with her elbows and almost
   old age.                                    a half on the asphalt, we turned onto                   stumbled over a cliff. It was tough, but
                                               the Watershed Trails. The trails were                   somehow it was always a good time.
   We flew into Raleigh on Friday, October     narrow, almost completely shaded
   6th, and made the drive to Greensboro.      by trees, somewhat hilly for Texas                      When we hit Owl’s Roost trail at mile
   The weather was cool and the gray;          flatlanders, and infested with roots.                   35, I was on autopilot and lucky to
   overcast skies played havoc with my         More challenging than I had imagined,                   have K2 pushing me. I think that she
   sense of direction. Others suggested        more beautiful than I had expected. K2                  could have left me a long time ago, but
   that my disorientation was a sign of        ran ahead with one of the Ross brothers.                she’s stuck with me since mile 12. We
   advancing age. We eventually found          I think she was a little excited. Kevin                 finally crossed the finish line and I was
   our way to Off’n Running Sports and         stayed ever steady and ran with me                      completely spent, happy to be done,
   picked up our race packets. Then we         for the first 12 miles before the two                   happy to have had the time out on the
   went next door for pizza and had a big      courses split. We had an incredible                     trail with friends.
   laugh when saw that the lunch specials      time talking, taking in the scenery, and
   were called “nooners.”                      making friends.                                         The birthday celebration continued
                                                                                                       through the weekend, but before
   We had more adventures in misdirection      At mile 12, K2 was waiting to take me                   I knew it, it was all over. It went
   trying to find our lodging, but             on the 15 mile out-and-back section of                  much faster than I expected, just like
   eventually made it to the Motel 6. We       trail. We didn’t get too far before we                  the last 40 years. Now that I have
   checked in and picked up the soggy          both commented that we felt a lot more                  had time to contemplate, there’s no
   package that was waiting for me.            fatigued than anticipated, especially                   frustration, no sadness, no downhill
   Knowing that the weekend was going to       considering that we had about 25 miles                  slide. At 40, I realize how good I’ve
   be a party, I had shipped a six pack of     to go. Oh, well. I’m having fun and                     got it. I have a wonderful family. I
   home brewed Honcho Grande birthday          nothing’s going to stop me. We settled                  have great employers who appreciate
   beer to the hotel. Fortunately, only        in with a group of runners and formed                   my contributions and understand that
   one of the bottles broke leaving five       a train, feeding off of each other’s                    work isn’t everything. I have incredible,
   Honchos for the five of us to enjoy after   energy out to the turnaround. At about                  amazing friends. I think I’ll stay here,
   the race.                                   19.5 miles into the race, I got another                 forty miles from where I was born,
                                               poster-sized birthday card from “the                    and see if the next forty years can top
   I woke up on race day (my birthday) to
                                               Groupies.” I was amazed and ecstatic.                   the first.
   find birthday cards had been slipped
   under the door. One was from K2 and         K2 smuggled it into her drop bag so I
                                               could see it during the race.

4 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
RAW in the Kitchen                                                                                             News from
By Bridget Smith
                                                                                                               the RRCA
                                                                                                               Road Runners Club
Valentine’s Day is in the air and along       Vanilla Glazed Espresso Brownies                                 of America
with that is the wonderful aroma of           1/3 cup strong coffee
chocolate. Not only is chocolate thought      1/3 cup vegetable oil or
to be one of the most romantic foods,         unsweetened applesauce
it also holds many healing powers that        2 large eggs                                     50th Annual National
every runner should take to “heart.” Here
                                              1 (19.8-ounce) box brownie mix
                                              3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips
                                                                                               RRCA Convention
are a couple of recipes that are sure to      2 teaspoons espresso powder *                    The 50th Annual National RRCA
please. Serve along with strawberries and     2 tablespoons water                              Convention held in Chicago, IL is
champagne for a perfect after dinner          1 teaspoon vanilla extract                       scheduled for March 21-25, 2007. Race
treat! No points on these, after all – it’s   1 1/2 cups powdered sugar                        Directors, club officials and everyday
chocolate! Enjoy!                             1 tablespoon unsalted butter, softened
                                                                                               runners alike would benefit from and
Rum hot Chocolate (2 servings)                Brownies:                                        enjoy attending a RRCA convention.
                                              · Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9         The 2007 convention has a jam-
2 cups milk (skim, low fat or whole)
                                                by 13-inch baking pan with nonstick spray.     packed schedule with seminars on
3 1/2 ounces dark chocolate (bittersweet
                                              · Whisk coffee, oil (or applesauce) and          topics such as: Ethics for the Running
or semisweet), chopped in small pieces
                                                eggs in a large bowl to blend.
1 cinnamon stick                                                                               Community, Keeping the Sport Clean &
                                              · Add the brownie mix. Stir
2 teaspoons honey                                                                              Fair, Coaching Certification programs
                                                until well blended.
1 teaspoon brown sugar                                                                         and Developing an Inspiring Beginning
                                              · Stir in the chocolate chips.
1 teaspoon vanilla extract                                                                     Running Program, just to name a few.
                                              · Pour batter into prepared pan and
2 tablespoons dark rum, or to taste
                                                bake until a toothpick inserted into
(omit this for the “G-rated” version)                                                          Guest speakers
                                                the center comes out fairly clean,
                                                about 35 minutes. Cool completely.             include Helen
· Put the milk, chocolate, cinnamon stick,                                                     Klein now 83 who
  honey, and sugar into a saucepan.                                                            began running
                                              · Dissolve espresso powder into 2
· Heat gently until the chocolate                                                              at the age of 55.
                                                tablespoons of water in a medium bowl.
  is melted, stirring frequently.                                                              Helen has started
                                              · Whisk in the vanilla.
· Add the vanilla and then while                                                               and finished over
                                              · Add the powdered sugar and
  still stirring, add the rum to taste,                                                        100 marathons
                                                butter and whisk until smooth.
  one spoonful at a time.
                                              · Pour over the cooled brownies.                 and over 140
· Remove the cinnamon stick,
  pour into two cups, garnish with
                                                Refrigerate until set.                         ultramarathons.
  whipped cream if desired.                                                                    She’s finished
                                              *If you can’t find espresso powder, substitute
                                                                                               the Marathon Des Sables, a 145-mile
                                              with instant coffee that has been crushed to
                                              form more of a powder consistency.               stage race across the Sahara Desert;
                                                                                               the 5-day 100-mile Stage Race in the
                                                                                               Himalayas; and an Ironman Triathlon.
   Please send recipe ideas and comments to                    Helen is also the oldest person to
                                                                                               complete ultrarunning’s Grand Slam
                                                                                               (four 100-mile races in the same year).
                                                                                               As to why she does difficult events at her
                                                                                               age, Helen says, “I would rather wear out
              Planning a trip and                                                              than rust out.”

             need a running route?
                                                                                               The weekend has many social events
                                                                                               and daily group runs too. One of the
                                                                                               weekend highlights is the banquet
                                                                                               where the national awards are given.
                                                                                               With some luck RAW will have a few
                                                       Map out and measure                     individuals receiving awards.
                                                       a route from the largest
                                                                                               The grand finale event of the weekend
                                                       database of running routes              is the LaSalle Bank Shamrock Shuffle 8K,
                                                       in the country. Log on to               it’s the RRCA National 8K Championship
                                              to                 and the largest 8K race in the US.
                                                       map out a route anywhere                To register for the convention go to:
                                                       in the USA.                   

                                                                                                     February 2007 |   FOOTPRINT 5
  Positive Changes to the Northshore Trails!
  By Marty Metzger

  T   he Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association, or DORBA, has
      performed a lot of trail maintenance in the past couple of
  months. They re-routed the trails near Rockledge Park and Murrell
                                                                                              New Trail Distances
                                                                                   Rounded to nearest hundredth of a mile
  Park. Near the start from Rockledge Park, there is a new trail where
  southeast-bound traffic is now separated from northwest-bound.            0.00 miles Rockledge Trailhead
  This should, hopefully, reduce the risk of head-on collisions and
                                                                            2.00 miles Near the bottom of the hill after the Boy
  provide some new lake vistas. Some of the older sections of the trail     Scout camping area. There are two 2-mile posts out
  were purposely blocked off with fallen trees, but the new sections        there. Ignore the first one near the top of that hill. The
  generally take you to the same places. You don’t need to freak out        second one was out of the ground and has now been
  when you find yourself forced on a new section. What my wife, Tia,        moved to the actual 2 mile mark, before the trail
  and I liked best about the new sections is that they’re not very hard-    flattens out to approach that little dirt parking area.
  packed yet, so they’re still spongy and springy.
                                                                            3.00 miles Just before coming out of the woods
  You’re probably wondering how this changes the mileage out there.         on the pavement on the near side of the big creek
                                                                            crossing – this is on another new, very short section that
  North Texas Trail Runners (NTTR) members Paul Tidmore and
                                                                            forks left and comes out closer to the creek. The new 3
  Matt Ellis walked the entire trail with a 2-foot measuring wheel.         mile mark is very close to that fork, and if you don’t see
  They started at Rockledge immediately upon entering the trail by          it, then the pavement on the near side of the creek
  the restrooms and took the new trail that my calibrated eyeball           crossing is probably close enough.
  sees at about one-third mile out from Rockledge. Between miles
  2 and 3, they took the left turn option (past the ‘no bikes’ sign and     4.92 miles MADD Shelter water fountain
  also referred to as “the spur”) for the short winding section of trail,   5.26 miles 5-mile stake
  instead of the paved road, prior to the water crossing that is just
  ahead to the 3-mile post. Once any additional trail construction, re-     7.74 miles   Twin Coves water fountain
  routing of existing trail, etc. is completed and authority is secured     9.28 miles Gate at far end of trail
  from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, small / discreet mile
  markers will go up.

     Thank you to
       our 2006
    Double Trouble

6 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
RAW Remembers and Reflects on the Life of
“Cleveland Ray” Paschal
By David Ball

M     any knew him as “Cleveland
      Ray” because the dude was from
Cleveland. He was here on a 2 to 3-year
                                                       One thing’s for sure, you could always
                                                       count on a friend like Ray. He valued
                                                       his friendships; and always had a kind
assignment with Sabre as a computer                    word or a corny joke for you on a 5
programmer. It was a family decision                   a.m. morning run.
for his wife and four children to remain
in Cleveland, so Ray joined RAW and                    Many who knew Cleveland Ray
ran with us.                                           didn’t know he had run 27 marathons,
                                                       numerous triathlons, and was training
As a fellow runner, you didn’t need                    for his first 50-mile race when they
much more information than that. With                  discovered he had a brain tumor.
a quirky Midwestern accent and hokey                   Throughout his battle with brain
sense of humor, you couldn’t help but                  cancer, he took on the challenge as
like Cleveland Ray. A simple straight                  he would a tough long race. He wore
forward guy, he’d be embarrassed, but                  his RAW running clothes to chemo              “Cleveland Ray” embodied the spirit of RAW.
honored, by all the attention going his                treatments and loved to sport his
way these days. Yet Ray Paschal was                    Austin Marathon finisher’s jacket.         in Cleveland, Ohio. Ray’s wife,
                                                                                                  Josey (a.k.a., “Sweets” to Ray), noted
                                                                                                  how much Ray loved to run in the
                                                                                                  neighboring parks, so she established a
                                                                                                  fund for a memorial bench in a nearby

                                                                                                           Cleveland Ray was only 47
                                                                                                           years old when he died, but
                                                                                                           he left a lasting memory on
                                                                                                           our hearts about friendship,
                                                                                                           brotherhood, and the spirit
                                                                                                           of what RAW is all about.

                                                                                                  Cleveland park. Both of these funds
                                                                                                  are still available to donate to. There is
                                                                                                  information at the Clubhouse or contact
                                                                                                  me, David Ball.
                                                                                                  Finally, the RAW board has designated
                                                                                                  some club funds to the City of
                                                                                                  Grapevine to plant a cedar elm tree on
                                                                                                  our RAW west route in Ray’s honor
                                                                                                  with a memorial stone at its base. It
                                                                                                  will read, “The Lord is my shepherd.
                                                                                                  Cleveland Ray Paschal. 2006”. The
            Ray Paschall (center) fulfilling his two favorite roles: loving father and husband.   exact time and date of the planting is
                                                                                                  to be determined, but all members are
                                                       Ray never whined about his disease.        invited to attend. Watch the bulletin
first and foremost a loving father and                                                            board for updates. Cleveland Ray was
husband, two titles he coveted most.                   But one of the last things he told me
                                                       was how he would like to help other        only 47 years old when he died, but
Many early morning run talks drifted
to his family back home. Man, this guy                 people with what he had. Thus was          he left a lasting memory on our hearts
loved being a family man. He loved                     born the Ray Paschal Memorial Fund         about friendship, brotherhood, and the
life, loved people, and he loved to run.               through the Taussig Cancer Center          spirit of what RAW is all about.

                                                                                                            February 2007 |     FOOTPRINT 7
UltraCentric 2006: Strictly from a Volunteer’s Point of View
by Byron Benoit

I  volunteered at a previous year’s UltraCentric when it was
   run on a regular quarter-mile high school track. My reasons
for wanting to partake in the ’06 Ultracentric were: 1) the ’06
                                                                     The live band that played until midnight was a nice touch for the
                                                                     competitors. On that note, the race director Robert Tavernini
                                                                     seemed to have all of the bases covered. Now, I know he did not
course was approximately a 1.2 mile out-and-back closed course       go it alone, but to step up and take over a race of this magnitude,
at Meadowmere Park, 2) it was the national championship for          I’m sure was no small task. Once again I know it takes the
the 24-hour run, and 3) I had heard that Dean Karnazes and           efforts of many for this event, but I would like to mention Jay
Pam Reed were going to be participating. That alone had me           Norman, who was in charge of volunteers and seemed to be
envisioning a Billy Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs battle-of-the-         everywhere.
sexes type event.
                                                                     Yes it was cold, as temperatures dipped into the low 30s, but
Well, I am here to tell you it did not disappoint. Even though the   it was hardly noticeable with all of the laughing, joking and
battle-of-the-sexes scenario did not play out (Reed was off of her   carrying on that was done by me, Marty and Tia Metzger, and
game), Karnazes, after finishing 50 marathons in 50 days with        Joe Luccioni. Feel free to address these folks as the “Conehead
his 50th marathon being New York a few weeks earlier, he was         Gang,” because at one time, we had the orange traffic cones
in the process of running home to San Francisco. He had been         on our heads hooting and hollering for each runner that came
running 40 to 50 miles a day before coming to the Grapevine          through our aid station.
event. That’s right. After Ultracentric he was going to fly back
to the spot where he had left off and continue his run home to       I did make it back out on Sunday morning to see the finish.
San Francisco.                                                       This was my favorite part – getting to see them stop. Now I will
                                                                     admit, I have made the statement, as many have, on how this
Of course, RAW’s own, Scott Eppelman was a member of the             event is insane. Hell, it’s down right ludicrous! But I will also
elite field as well. The most intriguing runner would have to be     admit that I am in awe of someone who can run for that long.
Jesse Itzler (, who’s sole motivation          My friend, Joe Luccioni, summed it up the best when he said,
was to run 100 miles in 24 hours to raise money for charity. He      “Every runner out there has a story as to why they would sign up
rolled into town in a fancy RV and brought his own fans who          for such an event”.
appeared to me more of a party posse. Believe me, they partied
until the wee hours of the morning (view his website to get more     If you have some time to volunteer for the 2007 event, I would
of his objective).                                                   highly encourage you to witness it in person. I’m sure there will
                                                                     be a cone your size!

                      2007 LGRAW Annual Awards Banquet

                             M r                                                RAW

8 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
The Non-Existant Review of The Anti-Turkey Trot…
That Never Happened
By Ken McInnes

O    f course, it never happened. The day did not
     begin sunny and cool. There were not twenty
or so runners out at Rockledge Park and they did
not all hit the trails together around 7 a.m.. There
was no pace, so no one who did not run did not
run fast. As not expected, no one short-coursed it
and turned around after only a couple of miles and
because there really was no one out there. No one
ran long distance.
Once no one returned to the empty parking lot,
there were no holiday libations served in hot
chocolate. Besides, that would be against the law
and no one wants to break the law! There were no
giant pastries sitting on a table in the sun because
someone (no one?) forgot to not bring them. Next
year, we won’t try to not have the non-event not                      FOOTPRINT EXCLUSIVE: an anonymous photographer spots RAW members
                                                                             after the Anti-Turkey Trot. No one admitted to being there.
happen. It wouldn’t be tradition without it.

  Life is Like a Marathon:
  A Look at the New York City Marathon
  By Andrea Lorden

  I ’ve run the New York City marathon three times. The first,
    in 2002, was nearly record cold. The second, in 2003, was
  nearly record heat. And finally, in 2006, I ran in nearly perfect
                                                                         Brooklyn, there were cheering people everywhere. This
                                                                         cheering and support accompanied by ample water stations,
                                                                         first aid stations, and port-a-lets was interrupted only to cross
  weather and conquered every last demon I possess. But, I get           the five bridges throughout the course. Just as you entered an
  ahead of myself.                                                       emotionally dark moment, someone in the crowd would yell
                                                                         for you, not randomly at the mass of runners, but for you! It
  For those who don’t know me, I broke out in a “heat” rash              was all along the course, and it was amazing!
  after the 2003 NYC race. The doctors found the excessive post
  race fatigue and the rash were symptoms of Acute Leukemia.             As for challenges, they ranged from small (navigating the
  After a month in the hospital, I was a shell of the runner who         several miles of discarded clothing) to medium (for me, the
  had completed NYC only two months earlier. Barely able to              Queensboro Bridge which seems to only go UP) to large (mile
  navigate from bed to couch, miraculously, I was alive and              23 doesn’t appear to be a hill but is, in fact, a mile long hill!).
  in remission. I know there are others in our group who have            I had the advantage this time, but conquering these obstacles
  endured great difficulties, and I hope all will see the NYC            again… well, I still needed help! Thanks to the crowd,
  marathon like I do… as a parallel to life’s joys and challenges.       knowing I had done this with cancer, and my neighbor and
                                                                         running buddy, Tom, I made it!
  Each race has its own obstacles. For NYC, it begins with
  catching the bus to Staten Island three hours before start time!       As we entered Central Park, the gentle rolling paths of the
  But this challenge is quickly rewarded when you cross the              park were all that remained. While completing the last two
  Verazano-Narrows Bridge. Not only is it a preview of the first         plus miles of the course, I was able reflect upon the five
  1.5 miles of the race, but the view into the “athletes village”        boroughs of New York City and all the wonderful ethnic and
  lets you know you are not alone in this journey (just like life).      cultural diversity the neighborhoods offered for viewing that
                                                                         day. The best way to spectate this race is to run it!
  The start, a moment I anticipated for nearly three years, was
  the same as in years past. With nearly 38,000 runners crossing         Crossing the finish line brought the usual… relief, joy, and
  the bridge, never have I heard so many feet and so little              exhaustion. For me, it completed an unexpected, difficult, and
  talking. The emotion of the day was tangible.                          strangely rewarding three-year journey that ended where it
                                                                         started. Now all that was left was to pick up our bags and get
  One of the best things in life, support from family and                back to the hotel, but that is another story! Go to the Big Apple
  friends, is exemplified by the NYC marathon. As we entered             and experience it all for yourself.

                                                                                                            February 2007 |   FOOTPRINT 9
   Author’s note: Just yesterday, Carl Stipe ran by on the pavement and yelled over to me with a smile, “You know, there’s a
   perfectly good road right here!” True, but here’s what y’all are missing, taken from the draft of my book, Run Long! :

   A Case For Running In The Soft
   By Marty “Buster” Metzger

  S   oon after returning home from my weekend run, I heard
      Tia come in from her walk. “Well, it happened again”
  she tells me. “I saw so-and-so at the clubhouse and they said
                                                                   and relies less on your leg muscles and more on your core
                                                                   muscles. Leverage and movement are initiated from the
                                                                   spine outward. Running in slightly slippery mud or snow
  they saw you this morning and wanted to know what you            emphasizes this even more! A few months after I shifted
  were doing running in that ‘ditch’!” I’m frequently asked the    the majority of my training miles to soft surface, I noticed
  same question by those who are apparently unaware that the       that my balance had improved tremendously. I was taking
  ‘ditch’ is actually called, “The Buster Trail.” Here are some    my socks and pants off one night, and realized I was able to
  reasons why I run this way.                                      stand comfortably on one foot while waiving the opposite
                                                                   leg all over the room – cool!
  Fun – the view of grass, clover and wildflowers instead of
  pavement, and covering more varied terrain, seems more           Advice for those attempting their first run in the soft
  like play and less like a workout. There are also fewer cars
  to be concerned about.                                           Start out slow on a smoother surface, like the outer edges of
                                                                   soccer fields or existing dirt trails. Take time to build ankle
  More natural and effective workout - foot plant, stride          strength before attempting more uneven or rocky surfaces.
  length and pace vary much more, so it’s more difficult to        Get familiar with the location of hazards before running the
  maintain a rhythm when the trail is constantly going up and      same ground fast, in the dark, or when covered with water.
  down while twisting from side to side. This brings a wider
  selection of muscles on line, especially around the ankles,      Be one with the trail – Forget what your mother taught you
  knees, and core.                                                 about keeping your shoes clean. Instead of fighting your
                                                                   way around trail features, run right through the softer ones
  Feels better during the run – most runners prefer the            or use them to your advantage. Running through shallow
  softness of blacktop over concrete, and the difference from      puddles feels great after the first one of the day, cooling the
  blacktop to soft grass is obviously more significant. Then       feet, making your shoes softer and squishier for a while,
  there’s my favorite – spongy, squishy soil after a rain.         bringing out that carefree childhood spirit and rinsing off
  Feels better afterward – tied to the point above, the            that cow patty you enjoyed earlier. Instead of trying to step
  difference in impact means that muscular and skeletal            over the taller tree roots with as little clearance as possible
  soreness is greatly reduced. Since leaving the pavement, I’ve    (risking the dreaded face-plant maneuver in the process,
  been able to handle higher mileage weeks and more frequent       especially in the last few miles of the day), step right on
  long runs. Where my weekly mileage was previously                them and enjoy a brief foot massage on the push-off. The
  limited by soreness, now it is limited only by available time.   same goes for large rocks, instead of wasting effort going
  Much less pounding means recovery is MUCH quicker,               around them, step up and launch off with a big “Wooo
  and tapering is less critical because there is less damage to    WHOOOO!” Warning: Loose rocks pose a particular hazard
  heal. When I added cycling and triathlons to my running          of rolling your ankle.
  agenda, I was amazed to meet so many 40 – 60+ year old
                                                                   Get some trail gators – to keep the trail from being one
  cyclists who were former runners who’s “knees couldn’t
                                                                   with you. They look like spats made of stretchable fabric
  take the impact anymore!” I was also surprised at how
                                                                   and serve to keep pebbles, prickers, stickers, and other
  high the average age was in the local trail running club,
                                                                   annoying debris out of your shoes, while keeping your
  where I found the crowd to be far more (mature?) than the
                                                                   socks from becoming permanently discolored. Trail shoes
  snowboard generation I had expected.
                                                                   make a big difference when there are rocks present or when
  Shoes last a lot longer – again a result of less impact over     conditions are a little on the slippery side, but I usually wear
  time, which supports the idea that body parts might last         road shoes on dry grass or firm soil.
  longer as well.
                                                                   Practice leaning well forward when going down into
  Improves running form and balance – I found that                 gullies, increasing your speed and momentum before you
  running on a soft surface made it easier to implement the        begin climbing out the other side, rather than wasting energy
  form aspects associated with Chi Running and The Pose            braking on the way down and then starting in low gear to
  Method. I’m gradually getting more comfortable leaning           slowly climb up the other side. If you feel apprehensive or
  further forward and landing more on the forefoot instead         the gully is particularly steep/deep, wait until you are closer
  of my heal. In order to avoid the face-plant maneuver, foot      to the bottom before leaning forward and increasing speed.
  plant is shifted further underneath the body rather than         With more repetition, you’ll become more comfortable
  out front, which removes the associated braking forces,          beginning your forward lean earlier and higher.

10 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers
                          Annual holiday Party
 By Cindy Lee

 Have you ever seen a cleaned up, polished up, dressed up
 group of runners? A sight to behold!
 It happened at this year’s RAW Holiday Party at the beautiful
 home of Rick and Linda Fogle. For the few of you that were not
 there, let me till you what you would have seen:
  1) All your pals, only without the sweat
  2) The other half of many of your pals
      (possibly the better half)
                                                                                 Kelly Richards and Kelly Eppelman celebrate
                                                                                 the Eppelman twins first RAW holiday party.
  3) Many smiling faces
  4) Joe Luccioni and Tony Domeniec guarding the liquor, Jim
     Barnett wearing a silly elf hat, and Kelly “K2” Richards with
     straight hair (now that’s not something you see everyday)
  5) Lots and lots of delicious food
  6) Lots and lots of delicious food disappearing
  7) All the wonderful people that make this club so special,
     celebrating together this wonderful time of the year

  P.S. Would the person who brought the asparagus wrapped in
  bacon please step forward!!! YUM!!                                             Über-hip couple, Mike and Susie Eccleston.

   Hosts Rick and Linda Fogle put on a first-class event.        Courtney Noell, Chuck Kennard and George Rivero
                                                                     singing another chorus of “Feliz Navidad.”

            Thanks Rick & Linda for a wonderful party!
                                                                                           February 2007 |     FOOTPRINT 11
   White Rock Marathon Aid Station
   RAWaiian Style!
   By Bridget Smith

                    The “Purple People Cheerers” were in top form at the Mile 10 aid station, drawing big kudos from the Aid Station Director.

   W      hat do you get when you mix about 40 RAW
          volunteers, five gazillion gallons of Gatorade, lots
   of water, rocking music, Hawaiian shirts, a slight tropical
                                                                                   recently returned from Iraq, Debra may also get the award
                                                                                   for most distance traveled to volunteer – having driven all
                                                                                   the way from Ft. Worth. Thank you, Debra.
   breeze, and about 4,000 runners? You wind up with a
   whole lot of fun and good times! That is exactly what                           Making his very welcomed debut to the RAW team was
   happened on Sunday, December 10. In true RAW fashion                            our newest photographer, Matthew Barnhart. Thanks,
   (extra large purple shirts and all), we were able to have                       Matthew, for some great behind-the-scenes shots of the
   one of the best aid stations along the 2006 White Rock                          RAW crew in action!
   Marathon course.
                                                                                   In closing, it can’t be said any better than Laura Hamil, Aid
   It could not have happened without the overwhelming                             Station Director for this year’s race, did. For those of you
   efforts of Thomas Okazaki (you know him as our own                              who may not have seen it, the following is a direct quote
   “T.O.”). T.O. rallied the troops to bring together a great                      from the email she sent to RAW thanking us for being there:
   crew for this year’s event. The team this year was made up                      “You all really ROCKED yesterday! I could not believe the
   of seasoned veterans (Joe Luccioni, Rick Sanford, Chris                         enthusiasm with your group of volunteers. My day was so
   Reyher, Marty and Tia Metzger, K2, Ken McInnes, Gary                            much fun because I got to visit so many of the aid stations
   Howsam, and John Bush, just to name a few) as well as a                         and see you work. You all definitely know what you are
   few new victims…er… we mean “newcomers.”                                        doing! Your themes were great, your volunteers were great,
                                                                                   and your food I got to sample really hit the spot!”
   Extra special recognition goes out to Debra Stuart for her
   unbelievable spirit and energy through out the morning.                         Next year’s race is already scheduled for Sunday,
   You may remember her lovely Hawaiian “ensemble,”                                December 9, 2007. If you haven’t blocked that day off yet,
   complete with grass skirt and flowered headband. Having                         consider it done! Aloha!

12 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
                                                                                                      RAW Around the World
                                                                                                      Kevin Wessels

                                                                                                   Amsterdam, we found a hotel about          The park twisted through the sand
                                                                                                   30 minutes west in a town called           dunes along the sea on brick paths.
                                                                                                   Zandvoort. It is on the North Sea
                                                                                                   and gave us some stunning views            The running was incredible.
                                                                                                   and sunsets.                               Occasionally, I’d see someone walking
                                                                                                                                              their dog, but I usually had the trails to
                                                                                                   We had a train station about a half-       myself. In the mornings, the sun came
                                                                                                   mile from our hotel. This made it so       up over the dunes around 7:30 AM and
                                                                                                   easy to get to surrounding towns, such     made for a picture-perfect moment.
                                                                                                   as Haarlem and Amsterdam. The train        Later each day, I would watch the sun
                                                                                                   would take us to the middle of the         set on the opposite side, over the North
                                                                                                   city, which was perfect for touring. The   Sea. At night, not only could we see
                                                                                                   trains ran every 15 or 20 minutes, so it   the faint lights of England, but countless
                                                             Kevin Wessels trying his best to
                                                                   look European chic.
                                                                                                   was great to get to and from any place     stars and constellations.
                                                                                                   we wanted to see.
                                                                                                                                              We were fortunate to be able to take
                                                       My wife, Lorraine, and I had a great        Another benefit being outside the city     a trip to Europe last fall. And getting
                                                       opportunity to vacation in The              was the open running space. Unlike a       to stay in such a beautiful place was
                                                       Netherlands this past September.            city filled with pedestrians, bikes, and   icing on the cake. It was so easy to
                                                       We were joined by my mother who             traffic, Zandvoort was out by itself. It   balance our touring agenda with some
                                                       was also making her first trip to The       was separated from the neighboring         unforgettable vacation running.
                                                       Netherlands. Instead of staying in          town of Overveen by a nature park.

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                                                          Huge Selection of                            5505 Colleyville Boulevard                    Trained and
                                                          Technical Apparel                              Colleyville, TX 76034                   Knowledgeable Staff
                                                         Latest Accessories                              Mon. - Fri. 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.               Weekly Social Run
                                                                                                            Sat. 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
                                                                                                            Sun. Noon - 5 p.m.

                                                              Serving Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers
                                                       LGRAW Members always receive a 10% discount on regular-priced merchandise 
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                                                                                                                                                       February 2007 |   FOOTPRINT 13
  Four Marathons                          back-to-back weekends starting with
                                          the Austin/Cowtown combo in 2004.
                                                                                   hurt anyway. Trail runs are easier
                                                                                   on my body. Besides, I love how
                                                                                                                            This revamped mar
                                                                                                                            pleasant surprise. It

  In Nine Days                            In the past, I always had to choose
                                          between the Rockledge Rumble
                                                                                   well they feed you during and after
                                                                                   the run. My biggest concern was
                                                                                   spraining an ankle or not making
                                                                                                                            next best-kept-secre
                                                                                                                            Antonio finally got
                                                                                                                            right. There were n
                                          50K and the San Antonio Marathon         the cutoff time. I tried not to worry    loops or big hills. It
  By Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki                because they were scheduled on the       about it and just run hard and fast.     scenic loop through
                                          same weekend. This year it would be
  It’s not everynine days.get to meet
                 day you                                                                                                    of southeast San An
                                          different. I would run them both.        My finishing time was 6:19 and           the trail of historic
   someone who has run four                                                        getting close to 2 p.m. There was
  marathons in             Sometimes      I agonized over my choices for the                                                hard 2 hour half ma
                                                                                   no time to lose. A 5-hour drive to       little after that, but
  opportunities come along in life and    following weekend: (a) Ultracentric      San Antonio awaited me. I try to eat
  you have to seize the moment when       6-hour / Louisiana Trail 50K or (b)                                               the last 3 miles. I ro
                                                                                   twice between marathons, once right      Alamodome at 4:27
  it comes. Back in November of 2006      the Oklahoma Marathon / Route            after the race and then as close to
  that chance came along for me. Here     66 Marathon, together in Tulsa,          my normal dinner time as possible.       Oklahoma Marath
  is my story.                            Oklahoma. I chose Tulsa because          Pasta seems to work best for me,         you get two marath
                                          both races would be in the same city,    but Brahm’s works, too. I ordered        on the same weeken
  Along with training, logistics          allowing more recovery time. Also        the usual: grilled chicken sandwich,     city? I had concern
  and planning become paramount           a large number of RAW members            fries, Sprite, and a banana split.       grassroots event wo
  in attempting an adventure like         would be there that weekend.                                                      because the Inaugu
  this. I also had to consider proper                                              San Antonio Marathon: It’s always        Marathon was sche
                                          I was extremely fortunate that the       good to arrive at a marathon early
  refueling, ice baths to minimize                                                                                          following day. The
                                          weather was ideal for distance           because there’s a better chance of
  post race damaging inflammation,        running on both weekends: sunny,                                                  list was depressing
  and massages to loosen up stretch-                                               finding a good parking place. I rolled   the number of runn
                                          cool, low humidity, and temps in         into San Antonio at 10:00 p.m. the
  resisting knots in my legs.             the upper 50s. With the exception                                                 years. This was a sh
                                                                                   night before and parked my car in an     this little marathon
  The more marathons and ultras I run,    of some small hills at Rockledge         AMC theater parking lot and slept
                                          Rumble, all three marathons were                                                  out to be a somethin
  the more my body seems to gradually                                              inside my vehicle until 3 a.m. I got
                                          flat, fast, and smooth.                                                           because something
  adapt and my recovery time gets                                                  up and drove to the Alamo at 4 a.m.      necessarily make it
  shorter. I ran my first marathon in     Rockledge Rumble 50K: I lead off         By contacting the San Antonio Road       event harkens back
  December 2002 in Dallas. After four     with the longest and hardest race and    Runners, I was able to get my race       Where this maratho
  years and 36 ultras and marathons,      got it over with. I didn’t worry about   packet picked up for me since there      and glitz it more tha
  I was ready for this. Along the way,    the next day because it was going to     was no way I would be able to make       its innocence and c
  I did a number of marathons on                                                   the race expo in time on Saturday.

     Editor’s note: Keith Hale is a RAW member and this son’s Andrew and Joseph are on the Grapevine Faith team.

    Grapevine Faith 2nd at State Cross Country Championships
    By Milenko Martinovich, Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    WACO - Grapevine Faith cross country coach, Keith Hale,            The difference in the race was that Ovilla’s boys placed their
    said the goal for his boys and girls teams entering Saturday’s     five qualifying runners in the top 28; Faith had four.
    TAPPS State Championships was to be on the podium,
    signifying top-three finishes. His squads achieved those           Ovilla finished with 76 points to Faith’s 77. “We were
    objectives, and the boys squad came tantalizingly close to a       thinking we could get first or second,” said Faith’s Austin
    second consecutive state title. Faith’s boys, the reigning Class   Bracy, who was third overall. “We knew it could come down
    3A champions, almost won the 4A title, finishing one point         to one or two points, and it came down to one point. But our
    behind defending champion Ovilla Christian at the Bear Run         team ran their hearts out. That’s all that matters.”
    Cross Country Course. Faith’s girls, third in 3A last season,
                                                                       The girls were paced by an unlikely leader in freshman
    took second, also behind Ovilla Christian.
                                                                       Brittney Brooks, who finished third in 14 minutes, 1.96
    “I’m very, very pleased,” Hale said. “To finish one point          seconds. Brooks finished only six seconds behind the
    behind a great team like Ovilla is a great achievement. We         winning time, and it was only her second race of the season.
    knew they were going to be the team to beat. We came close.”       Kirsti Wallace joined Brooks in the top 10, finishing ninth.
                                                                       Faith tallied 50 points to Ovilla Christian’s 30.

14 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
 rathon was a          The marathon course was four             along to course. They appeared out          After the start, my legs loosened
 t could be the        loops through a scenic, paved            of nowhere to take pictures and cheer       up. I carried a zip lock bags of
 et in Texas. San      trail in a wooded park along the         me on. The main road, not too far           cookies and munched on them to
  their course                                                  from the trail, made following your         keep fueled. It was strange seeing
no more double                                                  favorite runner very easy by car.           the other marathon course I ran the
 t was a fast and                                               After 19 miles, I still had a shot at       day before off to the side in the park.
 h the rural areas                                              finishing around 3:35, fast enough to       I took advantage of the tail wind
 ntonio following                                               qualify for Boston. Unfortunately,          going out, but got punished by it on
  missions. I ran a                                             lactic acid began to take its toll and I    the way back. I noticed a few other
 arathon. I faded a                                             finished around 3:50.                       runners on the course who also ran
  slammed down                                                                                              the marathon the previous day. I hit
 oared into the                                                 I hope this marathon is back again          the halfway mark around 2 hours. I
7.                                                              next year. The half marathon                was less fresh today and crossed the
                                                                course, which was just a simple             finish at 3:58.
 hon: How do                                                    out and back, would be a must do.
hons scheduled                                                  I went back to the hotel for another        After the disappointment at the
 nd in the same                                                 ice bath and a foam roll massage.           Heartland 100-Miler in early
ns that this little,                                            Surprisingly, nothing much was open         October, this was a very gratifying
 ould be canceled                                               in downtown Tulsa on a Saturday             moment. I used these four finishing
                                                                                                            results to qualify and join the
ural Route 66            Thomas Okazaki and Tony Flesch after   afternoon. We did find a Subway
                                                                                                            Marathon Maniacs at the Ruthenium
eduled for the             the inaugural Route 66 Marathon.     sandwich shop and I wolfed down a
                                                                                                            level as MM #408. I found it is
  early registration   Arkansas River. A number of              sandwich, chips and a Sprite.               better to get right back into the
  considering          delightful monuments and statutes                                                    saddle again after a setback and
ners in previous                                                The Inaugural Route 66
                       dotted the course. As a tradition,       Marathon: Don’t you just love               just move on to your next big racing
 hame because          all participants were handed a                                                       goal, rather than sitting around and
  really turned                                                 inaugural marathons with their brand
                       red balloon to release at the start.     new course, extra goodies, and the          wondering what might have been.
 ng special. Just      The top 50 finishers were given a                                                    You never know what each year
  is bigger doesn’t                                             excitement? This was the big race in
                       customized plaque with the finishing     Tulsa that weekend. A huge highlight        will bring. If there is something out
t better. This         place on it.                                                                         there that you want to do, don’t wait,
  to a simpler time.                                            was listening to fellow RAW
                                                                                                            do it now.
 on lacked in size     I traveled to Tulsa with Kim Danahy      member, Sam Thompson, speak at
 an made up for by     and Tony “Flash” Flesch. I was           the pre-race pasta dinner. He talked        Aim high and chase your dreams!
charm.                 surprised by them a number of times      about his recent 51 marathons, in 50
                                                                states and DC, in 50 days.

          RAW Recovery Run Starts 2007
          on the Right Foot
           J  anuary 1, 2007 dawned as a sunny, chilly, breezy morning. It was ideal for
              staying in bed, yet over 40 hearty (or was it hungry?) individuals gathered for
           the first-ever RAW Recovery Run. Most everyone kept their run or walk brief
           with the exception of Mark Miller who ran 13 miles.

           Runners, walkers, and slackers alike were treated to a wonderful breakfast
           cooked by Cindy Lee and Bridget Smith that included cooked-to-order waffles,
           scrambled eggs, pounds of bacon, and dozens of pastries and sweets. There were
           gallons of coffee and the Champagne was still flowing at the mimosa bar.

           Everyone that participated in the activities was given a 2007 Runner’s World
           calendar courtesy of Bart Yasso. A run or walk with friends, followed by an
           abundance of food and a gift...what a RAW-onderful start to 2007!

                                                                                                           Cindy Lee making her speciality: RAWaffles

                                                                                                                   February 2007 |     FOOTPRINT 15
 Learning to Float
 By Kevin Wessels

 I  recently read the book, Einstein
    Factor, by Richard Poe and Win
 Wenger. One of the chapters discussed a
                                               would “communicate” with me through
                                               a constant narrative. He would tell
                                               me what he was doing and why. From
                                                                                             Take-aways: Most importantly, Scott
                                                                                             left me with lessons that I would write
                                                                                             down in my training log after each run.
 group of scientists discussing different      the first repeat, I was amazed at the         Here are some of the best and most
 experiments to create genius-level            difference in my running. Scott “ran”         interesting a-ha’s.
 skills. One of the group members              the first four intervals and they were so       1. The more you relax, the faster
 wanted to learn how to play the violin.       smooth. I ran the fifth one and felt that          you run.
 She was instructed to pretend she was         I was pressing the pace. He told me to          2. You’re always preparing for the
 a famous virtuoso using a method              relax, but my ego said I had to run as             next section, whether it’s the next
 called “Model Thinking.” While she            fast “by myself.” My pace was faster,              mile, the next 20 miles, or the
 would practice for her lessons, she           but I felt bad. I put my final interval at         next day.
 would pretend she was this brilliant          risk just to run fast on this one trying to     3. You don’t race a marathon or run
 violinist half the time. The results were     prove something. Scott ran the last one            a 20-miler. Instead, you relax. The
 astounding. She had somehow tapped            showing me why it’s best to run relaxed.           goal is to relax for all those miles.
 into her internal genius and shocked                                                          4. It’s not about time, but running on
                                               The next day, I had my weekly 6-mile
 everyone on how quickly she learned to                                                           feel. When you run relaxed, the
                                               run. What an eye-opener. I normally
 play the violin.                                                                                 times will come.
                                               slog through this mid-week run, but
                                               Scott had us really pick up the pace.           5. When running uphill, use your
 Setting up the plan: Hmmm. A light
                                               Surprisingly, it felt better and every             momentum and speed, rather
 bulb went off in my head. Could I use
                                               mile was faster than the week before,              than trying to push your body with
 this technique for running? Could I
                                               It seemed like I was using more                    one leg.
 pretend I was a great runner and get
 similar results? I decided to do it while I   momentum at the faster speed and less
                                                                                             Final lesson: The most important lesson
 was training for a trail marathon.            strength.
                                                                                             from using “Model Thinking” was to
                                               More results: Each week, the runs             run like I was floating. By floating, you
 Activating the plan: I chose one of my
                                               got faster, but I didn’t feel like I was      (a) increase endurance, (b) increase
 idols as my “virtuoso.” Scott Jurek, who
                                               expending any more effort. It was             speed, (c) increase strength, and (d)
 has won the Western States 100-miler
                                               amazing watching the running paces            decrease fatigue. Although it worked
 seven times in a row and Badwater the
 past two years. I couldn’t think of a         come down, not only during the week,          on the roads, floating really impacted
 better person to emulate for my race.         but on the trails and my long runs.           my trail running. I was amazed at the
                                               Each run thereafter, it seemed like I         distances I could cover with ease.
 The method called for the student to          was becoming less connected to Scott
 “enter” the expert’s body. For some           while, at the same time, his techniques       This was most evident in my trail
 reason, I wasn’t comfortable with             were becoming more ingrained. They            marathon. Although it was a tough
 that. Instead, I chose to let Scott Jurek     came naturally to me and I adopted            course filled with hills, stumps, and
 “enter” my body to show me how to use         them as my own. I also saw that I could       roots, I simply floated over the terrain
 my own running abilities. Granted, it         call on Scott any time I needed instant       and glided down the trails. My last miles
 was awkward, but I decided to stay with       coaching. He helped me during some            felt as easy as my early miles. It was a
 the technique.                                long runs, especially when I hit bad          run like I’ve never experienced before.
                                               spots. I even called on him a couple          Perhaps you could adapt this technique
 The results: Our first workout was 6          of times during my marathon just to           to help you achieve your own goals,
 x 800m repeats. While running, Scott          smooth things out and relax.                  whether they’re for running or not.

                                               Keep Grapevine Beautiful Park Clean Up
                                                                  March 3, 2007 at 8:30 am
                                                                Casey’s Clubhouse (Park & Dove)

     Keep Grapevine Beautiful                      • Refreshments following clean up at 11:30 am.
         Park Clean Up                             • Kids and families are welcome to participate.
       March 3, 8:30-12:30pm                       • Sign-up at the clubhouse or contact Thomas “T.O.” Okkazaki

16 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
Get hIP
health and Injury Prevention:
The Importance of Core Strength in the Athlete
By Dr. Patrick Doyle

All force generated by the musculoskeletal system           gait, and/or injury. I could write another page on how
in the upper and lower body either originates, is           to strengthen your cores, but instead I’ll include this
stabilized by, or is transferred through the trunk          website. _ core.
and lower torso. Given this fact, if individuals are        htm. There is a great set of beginner exercises for
to develop their full strength and power potential,         core strengthening and stability using an exercise
then focus should be placed on the core muscle              ball. Although not using a ball is acceptable, you will
groups. These include the abdominal, hip, and spinal        get a much more effective core workout using a ball.
musculature, as well as the deep trunk muscles. Core        If you feel inclined to take it to the next level, or just
strength can be defined as the ability to attain and        want to ensure proper ratio balance then consult a
maintain proper alignments of proximal body parts           personal trainer or sports medicine doctor.
during movement, in order to heighten the efficiency
of distal body parts.                                       There are several ways to test core strength balance.
                                                            Muscle testing is the most common, but a gait
The relationship between core strength, speed and           analysis is also a valuable tool used by some
power capabilities is very important. Athletes must         sports medicine doctors to evaluate core stability
have the core strength to handle the horsepower             and strength. A gait analysis will pinpoint any
they are capable of generating peripherally.                abnormalities in your gait biomechanics that
Increases in speed and power require more core              could lead to an injury down the road. It will also
strength to handle this added load. Thus, simple            help explain current pain patterns you may be
testing to monitor core strength levels should be           experiencing at the time of the gait analysis. Some
done periodically. Core strength erosion often              common running injuries associated with poor gait
masquerades as postural and technical problems.             biomechanics or weak core strength include:
Also, core strength erosion is often indicative               • Piriformis syndrome
of lifestyle issues - poor nutrition, hydration,              • Iliopsoas tendonitis
supplementation, or sleep habits.                             • Plantar fascitis
                                                              • Runner’s knee
Although many think of core strength being                    • ITB syndrome
necessary in events with “impact” (jumps/throws),             • Achilles tendonitis
it is equally important in all events because it is a         • Shin splints
prerequisite to proper function of multiple muscle
systems. Core strength is a prerequisite to efficient       Some things that can affect your gait biomechanics
running, especially in the endurance athlete.               include: injuries, running surfaces, muscle
                                                            imbalance, and running equipment like shoes, socks,
Your body must be not only strengthened, but                shorts, and tops.
muscle groups strengthened in the correct ratios in
order to perform at optimal levels and prevent injury.      You must have a strong core foundation to eliminate
Your core muscle group agonist/antagonist ratios            or reduce any chance of injury. Core strength is
should be:                                                  essential for power transfer from the lower to upper
  • Back/Abdominals - 3:2                                   body and upper to lower body during all physical
  • Hip Extension/Flexion - 3:2                             activities. A weak core, and lack of understanding
  • Hip Adduction/Abduction - 3:2                           of how core function affects movement and sports
                                                            performance, will lead to diminished results and a
Of the three ratios listed above, the first is most often   greater likelihood of injury.
abused. It seems some of us are programmed to do
5 sets of 500 crunches for core strengthening and           For information on obtaining a gait analysis, call
neglect the back muscles. An imbalance in any of            Dr. Patrick Doyle at 214-969-6999.
the above ratios can lead to an inefficient running

                                                                                         February 2007 |   FOOTPRINT 17
SunRock II: Sunmart 50 miler/White Rock Marathon Double
By Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki

Saturday – Huntsville, Texas: “Are you             As I started my final loop, my spirits were
all right, sir?”                                   lifted by the fact I was only going to have
                                                   to navigate this course one last time. I also
I opened my eyes and peered upward toward          didn’t want to be out on these trails after
the sky. A nice gentleman was staring down         dark, so that was another good reason to
at me, with a very concerned look on his           move faster.
face. “I’m OK, I’m OK, just give me few
minutes.” Seconds earlier, I tripped on a          I felt more alone during those final ten
hidden tree root at mile 13 at the Sunmart         miles. Most of the 50K runners had finished
Fifty Miler.                                       for the day and the 50 milers were now all
                                                   spread apart. I enjoyed the solitude. Feeling
As I was landing onto the soft sand, I pulled      strong, I did end up passing a good number
my right calf muscle. I was now on the             of runners toward the end. After three loops,
ground, flat on my back, gritting my teeth         I was more familiar with certain landmarks
and grimacing in pain. Soon, another pair of       which were going by much more quickly.
concerned lady runners stopped and asked
if there was anything they could do to help.       As I finished, the clock read 10:38 plus
I tried to keep my cramping leg straight to        change. Wow! What an enthusiastic and                    Thomas Okazaki trying to get through
prevent any further damage. Bending it only        loud crowd at the finish. One could barely be               the throngs of T.O. groupies.
made it worse. I wondered if my 50-mile run        heard talking over all the whistles and noise.
was in jeopardy.                                   I had lost my afghan blanket at Bandera last
                                                                                                    runners, but, to be quite honest, I prefer
                                                   year, so I was so delighted to see that they
I had another bad fall again later in the race                                                      the taste of real food. I rely on cookies,
                                                   were still being included in the finisher’s
and stumbled and nearly went down many                                                              cola, pretzels, and PBJs on my longer ultra
                                                   award selection. The newly-designed
more times during the day. But, hey, that’s                                                         runs. The junkier foods get into my system
                                                   Summart Tyvek jackets also looked sharp,
trail running at this wonderful state park,                                                         quicker and provide the calories that I need.
                                                   so I glady coughed up some more dinero for
just south of Huntsville.                          that too. Hey, if you just ran 50 miles you      I started to feel bad along the east side of
After doing the 50K race at Sunmart last           might as well reward yourself, right?            the lake, but kept driving my arms to keep
year, I wanted to raise the bar and try                                                             the pace up. There were no legs cramps
                                                   Sunday – Grapevine, Texas: The alarm
running the 50 miler, this time, followed                                                           coming up that big hill at 20 miles. That
                                                   clock went off at 5 a.m., arrrgh, but
by the Dallas White Rock Marathon the                                                               was a relief! My pace was slowing a bit,
                                                   fortunately, the White Rock Marathon is
next day. I had been looking forward to this                                                        but I was still making good time. I started
                                                   a late 8 a.m. start. I had plenty time to get
weekend for almost a year.                                                                          to get hungry, despite having cookies with
                                                   ready. I drove to American Airlines Center
                                                                                                    me, along Swiss Avenue, so I grabbed some
I started running better. The pain in my           and parked my car. I like to keep a sleeping
                                                                                                    starchy pretzels from a kind soul and that
calf subsided and my leg was loosening             bag in the car to keep myself warm and
                                                                                                    really seemed to help.
up again. The course seemed hillier than I         read the Sunday paper as I wait for the start.
recalled. There is a remarkable section on         When doing back-to-backs, I like to stay off     This year, they started the half marathoners
the 50-mile course where you pass close            my feet and relax as much as I can.              an hour later, so there was now more
to a dam. One can see the start across the                                                          company on this part of the marathon course
                                                   It normally takes about 2 to 3 miles to get
lake and hear people partying. On the third                                                         than in previous years. With two miles to
                                                   loose, but I was encouraged how much
of four twelve-and-a-half mile loops, I was                                                         go, I knew finishing was no longer an issue.
                                                   better my legs felt than last year. I have
ready to jump in the water and swim across,                                                         I wanted to come in strong so I started
                                                   found I really prefer to get off the course as
because I was tired and feeling bad.                                                                to push the pace. There is nothing more
                                                   soon as possible, when doing these doubles,
                                                                                                    gratifying than to be able to finish the last
Even though I felt bad between miles 25 and        so I try pushing the pace for the first half
                                                                                                    mile of a marathon flying down the road.
35, I made sure to keep eating and drinking        and see how the cards fall from there.
to refuel and keep up my electrolytes. In                                                           A little bit of a drizzle start to fall when I
                                                   I look forward to checking in on the RAW
long events like this, when you’re running                                                          finally crossed the finish line at 4:20:48.
                                                   aid station at Mile 10 and hope everything is
all day, the body does have the ability to                                                          Ironically, it was a PR for the White Rock
                                                   going well for the many volunteers helping
recharge again. I have an ultra pace and a                                                          Marathon, and after five attempts, it came
                                                   out that morning. When that moment came,
race pace. Right now, I was in neither; I was                                                       after running a 50-miler the day before! It
                                                   it was definitely one of the highlights of the
stuck in survival mode, trying to get past                                                          was just another reminder how much hard
                                                   day. I gave a lot of high fives, hugged one of
that critical cutoff time before the final loop.                                                    work and perseverance in your training will
                                                   my aid station captains, Bridgett Smith, and
                                                                                                    eventually pay off for you as a runner.
In running ultra distances or even back-           gratefully chugged down a bottle of Sprite
to-back marathons, the mental game is so           generously provided by Byron Benoit.             It doesn’t matter what race, sex or age you
crucial. I try to defeat the course with my                                                         are…once you’re at the starting line, it’s just
                                                   I was also carrying some Oreos,
mind first by visualizing a successful finish                                                       you, the clock, and whatever goal you have
                                                   affectionately called “TO-reos” by some
and reaching certain goals. Confidence,                                                             set for yourself. Run your own race and
                                                   friends at the clubhouse, and Chips Ahoy
focus and perseverance are all key elements.                                                        enjoy the day. See you on the trails!
                                                   cookies in a zip-lock back to keep me going.
Try not to limit yourself in what you think        I know gels are used successfully by many
are capable of doing.

18 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
  First Steps
  The New Runner’s Guide
                                                                                Keep your RAW
Getting Started: Start Slowly                                                  membership current
Run more slowly than you think you should.
                                                                             RAW now offers on-line renewals (and new
The quickest way to get burned out on a new running                            memberships) through
program is to start out too quickly. Even the most seasoned
veteran can fall victim to this, usually when racing. It’s
not always easy to hold back, especially when you’re eager,
excited, and anxious for results.                                         Of course you can still renew at the clubhouse
                                                                           or through the mail. Fill out the membership
To determine if you’re running the “right pace” try the one
                                                                         application on pg. 27 and drop it off or send it in.
and only training method that has not been disputed or re-
written over the years: the “talk test”.

You should be able to talk comfortably while running; slow
it down if you’re running out of breath. Don’t hesitate to
alternate running and walking. If you feel lousy, take a
breather and walk for a while. It’s not a sign of weakness,
just common sense. The aim is to “train, not strain.” If           Do Try This at Home:
you are already fit from another sport, such as cycling or
swimming, it is still important to go a little easier at first     A Runner’s Guide to Ice Bathing
than you might want to.
                                                                   By Julia “J-Lo” McCloud
The important thing in the first few weeks is to get in the
habit of exercise. Develop a training routine and make it part
of your schedule. It doesn’t matter where or when, but try
to be consistent. Find a training partner, if possible; on days    M     ost of us feel pretty accomplished after a 20-miler
                                                                         and a post-run ice bath is the last thing we feel the
                                                                   need to conquer. But, before you ditch an icy dip for Los
when motivation is low, a commitment to meet your partner
will help keep you going. If you do run with a partner, it         Amigos and a hot shower, allow me to impart my humble,
should be someone of similar fitness. Joining a club that          tried-and-true experience on the subject: It works.
caters to beginners can help with motivation and be a good
source of advice and coaching.                                     Now, I don’t have a flashy expert quote to insert here,
                                                                   and frankly I’m not going to insult RAW’s savvy
                                                                   readership by preaching the benefits of icing ad nauseum.
Runners Speak: Aerobic                                             But, spend 10 minutes on the rocks, and you too will
Exercising or running at a steady pace so that the exertion        enjoy freedom from the pain and discomfort that
level does not leave you excessively out of breath.                accompanies the joint-pounding, masochistic pastime we
                                                                   call long-distance running
Equipment, Gadgets & Gizmos:                                       For those of you willing to try this at home, simply pour
Penguin Sport Wash®                                                three bags of ice into a tub filled, to hip-level, with cold
                                                                   water. Clothing is optional, but I’ve found that pre-
Ironically, exercise, especially running, is hard on technical     heating a sweatshirt in the dryer helps, as does sipping
apparel. Using the apparel for the very purpose it was             a hot beverage. I also recommend that someone keep
designed for can actually ruin it. Sweat, grime, sunscreens,       you company (not recommended for new relationships
and lotions can ruin the effectiveness of technical gear, retain   or children, however, as colorful language is imminent).
residue, and leave an unpleasant smell (even before you begin      Finally, set a timer. Enduring this frosty fix for 10
your run).                                                         minutes earns you bragging rights, but sit there any longer
                                                                   and you’re just plain stupid.
Penguin Sport -Wash®
This wash is a residue free detergent that removes trapped         I hope at least one of you will heed this advice and
odors and restores factory applied waterproofing to                experience the benefits of ice bathing. Most of you,
high-tech fabrics.                                                 however, are going to toss this advice right into the
Available at:       runner’s best-practices graveyard, where it will rest
                                                                   alongside stretching and proper nutrition.

                                                                                               February 2007 |   FOOTPRINT 19
        On Your Mark
        Dealing with Setbacks
        By Mark Miller, 2005 RRCA Southern Region Runner of the Year

     Abraham Lincoln is widely regarded as one of our nation’s           3. Learn from the experience. This follows naturally from
     greatest presidents. However, on his path to greatness, he          honest self-evaluation. Every experience in our lives — good
     experienced the following: His younger brother and mother           and bad — can and should be a learning experience. We
     died during his youth and a sister died during childbirth. His      can glean lessons that allow us to come back healthier,
     first love died in 1835. In Lincoln’s first political campaign      fitter, and smarter.
     (Illinois Legislature), he finished 8th out of 13 candidates.
     He twice lost campaigns for the U.S. Senate. He filed for           4. Rely on others. When you’re struggling with your running,
     business and personal bankruptcy at one time in his life.           talk to others about it. RAW is full of wonderful, caring, and
     Two of his own children died before the age of 13. Despite          knowledgeable people who are willing to help. If you’re
     these setbacks, Lincoln is remembered as one of the most            experiencing a problem, chances are that someone else in
     influential people in American history.                             the club has gone through something similar. Tap into that
                                                                         experience, not only for insight, but for encouragement and
     If you run and race long enough, you will likely experience         support.
     a setback in your running. A series of sub-par performances
     will leave you scratching your head. An injury can sideline         5. Get back in the game. No setback is permanent. Injuries
     you. Illness or fatigue will cause you to miss key workouts. It     do heal. As soon as it does, get off the couch. Don’t be
     happens to just about all of us at some point. How we deal          discouraged if your first several workouts and races back
     with these setbacks can reveal a great deal about us as             are slower than before. Just keep getting out there and
     runners…and maybe even about us a people. Here are six              improvement will come.
     keys I’ve found in overcoming setbacks:
                                                                         6. Use your set back as a motivator. Nothing increases my
     1. Be honest with yourself. Was your setback self-inflicted?        desire to run like not being able to run. If an injury forces you
     Did you over train, under train, overeat, under sleep? If we        to the sidelines, let that downtime remind you why you love
     look close enough, we can usually pinpoint a cause and              running and let that strengthen your drive. Volunteer for a
     effect relationship.                                                race or two, and you’ll be itching to get back out there.

     2. Allow yourself time to heal. I once missed an entire             We all experience set backs. How we deal with them goes
     season in college because I kept trying to come back                a long way in determining our success in running…and
     too soon and ended up worse off for it. The wait can be             beyond.
     frustrating, but it is a necessary step in the process.

     Whether	training	or	racing…always	look	
              good…get	your	RAWear	now!
                                      Summer wear:	singlets,	Cool-Max	hats	and	shorts
                                      Safety wear:	long	sleeve	bright	yellow	shirts

                                         Sweatshirts	                  $40                Long-sleeve	shirts	               $15
                                         Shorts	                       $20                Beanie	Caps	                      $10
                                         Singlets	                     $20                Socks	                            $5
                                         Cool-Max	hats	                $15                Gloves	                           $2

                                         Contact Kelly “K2” Richards to make a purchase.

20 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
Running My First Marathon & Beating My Goal!
By Jessica Roberts

I  didn’t plan to run a marathon
   in 2006. In fact, if anyone had
suggested it in January, I would
                                           November and gradually started
                                           increasing my distance.
                                                                                      I had three goals for this marathon
                                                                                      (thanks, Tony Flesch!). The first was
                                                                                      to finish and feel good, the second
have laughed…a lot. I rediscovered         As my mileage increased and I spent        was to beat five hours, and my stretch
running in April 2005 after a good         more time with RAW, I started really       goal was to hit 4:45. The first time
friend very strongly reminded me           considering training for a marathon.       I knew I could hit my stretch goal
that I had been an athlete back in         I set Spring 2007 as my target. I          was right after mile 23. I absolutely
college. I was 42 years old, way           found out in July that I would be          knew I would hit my goal at mile
overweight and had recently been           moving to Seattle in the fall and          25. I know I ran the last mile with
sent to the emergency room by              registered for the Seattle Half            the silliest smile on my face and am
my doctor for high blood pressure          Marathon. During the summer on a           fairly sure I ran it faster than any of
that was close to stroke level. I ran      long run, someone asked me which           the other miles. As I approached the
in college as part of field hockey         race I was training for. It occurred
training and sporadically over             to me that maybe I could run a
the years, but not very far and not        marathon in 2006. At the end of                  I had three goals for this
very fast.                                 August, I changed my registration for            marathon…to finish and feel
                                           Seattle to the full marathon.                    good, to beat 5 hours, and my
As I got into a good exercise routine                                                       stretch goal was to hit 4:45.
and started watching my diet, the          I woke up on Marathon Day to find
pounds started to fall off. I set a goal   that it was a cold, miserable, rainy
over the summer to finish a 5K under       day. It was close to freezing and
30 minutes and finally achieved it in      actually snowed driving down to
November 2005. That was the first          the start. We were freezing waiting        finish line and could see that I would
time I was able to run the whole 5K        to get started, but by the time I saw      beat my goal (I finished in 4:40:37),
distance. I also reached my target         the first mile marker, I was nice and      the grin got bigger and I have to
weight in December 2005 – 60               warm and happy with my decision to         admit that I did cry as I crossed the
pounds less than I weighed when I          wear shorts and a jacket.                  finish line.
started – and am happy to say I am
still at the same weight today.            It was really fun to run through           I will never forget running my first
                                           downtown Seattle and then on               marathon. I am looking forward
In the fall, I went online to Runner’s     the floating bridge over Lake              to running my next one in Eugene
World and followed the beginner            Washington. That was probably              and I registered to run Seattle
10K training plan and ran the 10K at       my favorite part of the race. I had        again next year. Thanks to all of
the Cowtown Marathon in February           to watch my pace during the first          the encouragement from my RAW
2006 – a cold, miserable rainy day         10 miles or so, trying hard not to         friends, especially Tony, who
– and reached my goal of finishing         go too fast with all the excitement        provided endless encouragement in
the race in under an hour. At that         of actually running a marathon. I          person and via email, Joe Luccioni,
point, I was completely hooked on          wanted to make sure I would have           Tom “T.O.” Okazaki, Kirsten,
running. I ran another 10K in April        enough left to finish. As we turned        and Chris Reyher. Special thanks
and decided I wanted to try and run        to the hilliest part of the race at mile   go to my husband, Randy, for his
longer distances.                          20½ - and it was literally a turn          continuous support of my 4 A.M.
                                           straight uphill - I was very glad I        running habit and for being out
I heard about RAW from several                                                        there in the rain for me during the
races and went on a Sunday morning         had been training on the Seattle
                                           hills since October. We ran hills for      marathon. I couldn’t have done it
to run with the club. I was able to                                                   without everyone’s support.
finish the whole eight miles that day      about four miles through the Seattle
(thanks Kirsten Keats!) and knew I         Arboretum until it flattened out
found a running home. I set a goal         again for the last push back through
of running the Dallas Half in              downtown to the Space Needle.

                                                                                             February 2007 |   FOOTPRINT 21
  Twas early on the morning before Christmas…
  By Marty Metzger
  …and I was running northward near Scott’s Landing, reflecting on what a special day tomorrow would be, and that tonight
  would be Christmas Eve! As I scanned the trail ahead, I noticed three men in coats walking northward with an unusual sense
  of purpose. This is rather unusual for this area, and I thought about it as if it were the three modern day wise men headed
  toward their urgent appointment later that evening.
  As I ran closer, my vision of three kings turned out to be Joe Luccioni, John Bush and Chris Reyher, who felt compelled to
  comment about my running attire, “Hey Marty, what did you do - decide to run in your pajamas?”
  Hah, three wise men? No, just three wise guys.

Columbus Marathon 2006                                                   We all met Friday to visit the Elevator Brewpub Microbrewery
                                                                         where we sampled some microbrews such as ‘Bleeding Buckeye
                                                                         Pale Ale’. Then we headed back to the hotel and the VIP room.
By Tony “Flash” Flesch                                                   We pretty much took over the Concierge Suite on the VIP floor
                                                                         for the next few days! Needless to say, the concierge, Quinn,

S   hortly after the Austin Marathon last year, Staci “Tini”
    Rivero and I made a plan to run the Columbus Marathon.
It wasn’t long before we had a group planning to go: Tini &
                                                                         knew us by name and what we liked, by the time we left.
                                                                         On Saturday morning, we went to the marathon expo. It was a
                                                                         very nice expo for a mid-size marathon, bigger than many much
George Rivero, Noreen “Diva” Henry, Julia “J-Lo” McCloud,                larger marathon expos, with lots of free stuff and free food.
Rick “Supa” Sanford, and me. Ray Henry also planned to go                Tyson Food’s main plant is in Ohio and they had a big booth, so
to cheer on Diva and do a brewpub tour.                                  we sampled plenty of chicken. There were also lots of Clif bars
J-Lo (an Ohio State Buckeye alumnus) struggled with some                 & Blocks. I think there might even be a picture or two with the
injuries early on and was the first to drop out of the race. Rick        Clif Shot girls to prove it.
decided to run a 40-miler in North Carolina the weekend before.          After several hours at the expo, we went back to the hotel to
In the meantime Steve “Dog Dude” Rush and Mark Sparks (if                relax a little, then decided to go to an historic area of Columbus
he could arrange his work schedule) decided to join. Of course,          called “German Village” for lunch. This area was originally
training for an October marathon means you get to train in the           settled in the early 1800s by German immigrants and the
nice HOT, Texas summer. I think I heard Tini once say she was            buildings have been fully preserved and restored. We went to
never marathon training in the summer again – but I am sure              the Schmidt’s Sausage Haus and Restaurant for lunch, which
she forgot it by now! Even with the heat, training went good             has been a landmark and in the same location since 1866. After
throughout the summer. Good until three weeks from marathon,             lunch, we walked around the village and inside a few shops for
that is. That’s the date that Diva broke her foot…again, just as         awhile. We purchased some chocolate / peanut butter buckeyes
she had done earlier in the year three weeks from Austin. The            as well as some authentic buckeyes. A buckeye is a nut, similar
next time we train, her three-week-out long run plan is not to           to a chestnut, from a buckeye tree.
get out of bed that day!
                                                                         We went back to the hotel and relaxed in the VIP room and
                                                                         watched some TV and chatted. In no time it was time for
                                                                         dinner. After checking out a few places, we decided to go to the
                                                                         Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner, which was located in an old ice
                                                                         house. It was a very “cool,” pun intended of course, building.
                                                                         Then, we went back to the hotel for some rest and to get ready
                                                                         for the morning.
                                                                         On Sunday morning, we all met in, where else, but the VIP
                                                                         room. From the VIP room on the 12th floor, you could look right
                                                                         down on the Marathon start line which was awesome. We stayed
                                                                         in there until fifteen minutes before the start, walked out and
                                                                         into the start area, saw the National Guard flyover and we were
                                                                         off and running!
                                                                         Columbus has a great course. It starts downtown on a nice
        Hansel and Gretel, aka Staci and George Rivero, test out their   wide street, goes through some pretty neighborhoods, then into
         marathon clothes the day before the Columbus Marathon.          the historic German Village. The runners then travel by the
                                                                         Brewery District, the Arts District, and all around the Ohio State
Mark Sparks arranged his schedule to run, and Diva was now               University Campus and Buckeye Stadium, before returning
out, so Sparks copped Diva’s room on the VIP level of the                through Victorian Village to a fast downhill finish in the Arena
Hyatt — sweet! Tini & George, Sparks, and I arrived on Friday.           District. It was perfect weather, great friends, and a terrific time
Dog Dude had gone a few days earlier to visit his Buckeye                in Ohio. As Diva would say, “Gooooo Buckeyes,” or did she say
relatives, and I was staying a few days extra to visit my Dad.           “Bucket Heads?”

22 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
                                             how did you find out about RAW?                 What running gear would you never
                                             Through my newlywed husband,                    travel without?
                                             Rick Hanson and Craig Minyard.                  My green hat that our dog, Sophie, took a
                                                                                             bite out of.
                                             Who was the first person you met at RAW,
                                             or that first showed you the trails or really   Do you do anything special before or
                                             “took you in?”                                  after running or do you have any pre/
                                             Tony Flesch & Staci Rivero. I could barely      post-race ritual?
                                             keep up with them the first time out.           Usually after a long run or race I go over
                                                                                             to Chick-fil-A and get a large Chocolate
                                             Why running?                                    milkshake, with extra whip cream and a
                                             It is a time for me think and clear my          cherry on top.
                                             head. I love my early runs, when I get to
                                             see everything from shooting stars to the       GU, Gel, or Gatorade?
                                             sun rising.                                     GU

                                             Do you have a favorite place to run?            What has running taught you about
                                             Mission Bay, San Diego.                         yourself or what have you learned
                                                                                             about life through running?
   Jessica Hanson is all smiles, even when   What has been your fondest running              It has giving me a great sense of
     the weather is “Too Hot To Handle”.     memory?                                         confidence and achievement, knowing
                                             When my husband proposed during                 that I can train hard for 8-12 weeks,
   In Step With                              a trail run in Vermont.

                                             Where is the most unusual or unique
                                                                                             then finishing a race and meeting
                                                                                             my goal time.
   Jessica Hanson                            place you’ve ever run?                          What would the members be surprised
                                             The beaches of Costa Rica.                      to learn about you?
                                                                                             When I turned 16, I got my tongue pierced.
how long have you been running?              What do you consider your biggest               It was a phase, I took it out after a year.
I’ve been running since 2002.                running achievement?
                                             My first marathon last year at White Rock.      Anything else you’d like to add?
how long have you been a RAW                 I’ve haven’t been running for all that long     That’s all I have to say about that...
                                             and still have many goals that I would like
A little over a year.
                                             to achieve.

                                                                                                     February 2007 |   FOOTPRINT 23
     Welcome to all our new members
     New members                          Renewals
     William Battershell                  Michael Ahearn                   Kristen Jett
     Michael & Janet Bomboy Family        Tracy Altman                     Chuck Kennard
     Dan Butler                           David & Becky Aungst             Daryl Laney
     Bart Bybee                           David Ball                       Nate Langston and Family
     Bryan Calvert                        Judy & Larry Branagin            Cindy Lee
     Pete & Linda Chan                    Richard & Susan Brooker          The Luccioni Family
     David Chase                          Steve & Debbie Bryant            Laurie & Jim Lukanich
     Barbara Cohen                        The Bush Family                  Vern Lumbert
     Suzie Deaton                         Al Celaya                        Julia McCloud
     Kelly Gallagher                      Danny Cole                       Mark Miller
     Theresa Guy-Tippie & Artis Tippie    Rob Crane                        Liz & Paul Musico
     Della & Danny Irby                   Dr Marybeth Crane & Alex Mertz   The Pugliese Family
     Julie Kaner                          Letha Cruthirds                  Alison Repass
     Vanessa Loggins                      Michael & Tanya Czyz             Karen & Roy Robertson
     Rick Magda                           John Dalri                       Tim Roche
     Gail & Peter Marcus                  Janet & Dennis Dixon             Steven Rush
     Toni McKenna                         Mike Doud                        Doug Ryan
     Mychal Miller                        The Eccleston Family             Kevin Smilie
     Charlie Mills                        Alan & Tosca Engisch             Duncan Stewart
     Betsy Mitchell                       Eileen & Richard Fontaine        Don & Julia Strome
     Robin & Brad Pearson                 Steve Grady                      Mark Studer
     Jeff Pickering                       Jack & Gretchen Green            Terry & Mike Toce
     Linda & John Ponder                  Susan & Ray Harris               Kevin & Lorraine Wessels
     Stacy Riggs                          Jack Hase & Family               Noel Widdowson & Lauren Wallach
     Ricardo Roberto & Cynthia Becker     Noreen & Ray Henry               Julia Wissbaum
     Kathy Roux & Edward Mitchell         Laura Hoffman                    Tom Zack
     Crystal & Ty Shafer                  Gary Howsam
     Alan & Charlotte Smith
     Debra Stuart
     Max Thomas
     Amy Tigner
     Steve Verseckes

                                   Keep your RAW membership current
                                RAW now offers on-line renewals through

24 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
  Please e-mail your race details to thomas “t.o.” okazaki at

From 5Ks to uLtrAS                            October 15, Dallas, TX                  Kyle Keifer: 54:16
                                              waterworks 25K                          Helene Walker: 54:27, 1st AG
September 24, Ft. Worth TX
                                              Jill Smith: 2:54:02, 3rd AG             Tim Roche: 54:55
FwrC river ranch 5K                                                                   Tony Flesch: 55:26
Letha Cruthirds: 24:00, 1st AG                October 21, Valley Ranch, TX            Bridget Smith: 57:18, 1st AG
                                              valley ranch Pumpkin Dash 5K            Jason Anton: 58:43
                                              Mike Evans: 21:01:00, 3rd AG            Mark Minorik: 58:59
September 30, Lake Tahoe, CA                  Gregory LaMothe: 21:54:40, 1st AG       Erin Dugan: 1:04:55
the midnight express 72 mile
                                              October 22, Chicago, IL                 Ross Darrow: 1:10:02
Lake tahoe ultra
Sam Thompson: 12:19:11, 4th Overall           LaSalle bank Chicago marathon           October 28, Huntsville, TX
                                              Jon Korte: 2:50:32, PR                  rocky raccoon 50K
September 30, Keller, TX                      Ros Dalrymple: 3:25:56, PR              Scott Eppleman: 4:13:09
the wild wild west Fest 5K                    Nate Langston: 4:05:03, 1st Marathon
                                                                                      rocky raccoon 25K
Dale Mauger: 23:22.5, 1st AG                  October 22, Seattle, WA                 Dale Mauger: 2:24:47
October 7, Leavenworth, WA                    husky Stadium, uw Dawg Dash 10K         October 29, Waco, TX
Leavenworth half marathon                     Jessica Roberts: 57:54, PR
                                                                                      miracle match marathon
Jessica Roberts: 2:14:28, 1st Half Marathon   October 26, Ft. Worth, TX               Steve Grady: 4:42:29
October 7, Munich, Germany                    Friends of the river 3.4 miler          October 29, Washington D.C.
                                              Ken Hall: 18:42, 1st Overall
munich marathon                                                                       marine Corps marathon
Kirsten Keats: 4:08:19, PR                    October 28, Ft. Worth, TX               Dean Baranowski: 3:23:42
                                              DFw mud run                             Dan Cole: 3:33:04
October 7, St. George, Utah
                                              (Coed Teams)                            Chris McConnell: 3:41:16, PR
St. George marathon                           Team: Dirt Mama and The Dirty Boys      Lori Cerami: 4:19:10
Doug Keeffe: 3:34:26, Boston Qualifier        6th Overall                             Alan Noell: 5:29:47
Mary Keeffe: 4:14:33, PR                      Alan Walker: 1:19:18.3                  marine Corps 10K
October 7, Greensboro, NC                     (individuals)                           Rhonda Houston: 1:00:45
                                              Todd Roper: 1:17:50.3
triple Lakes trail race 40 miler                                                      October 29, Palo Duro, TX
Rick Sanford: 8:39:11                         October 28, Grapevine, TX               Palo Duro trail 50 miler
Kelly Richards: 8:39:11, 1st AG               Double trouble 5K                       Letha Cruthirds: 10:49:31
triple Lakes trail race marathon              Stan Ujka: 18:59, 1st AG                Palo Duro trail 50 Km
Kevin Wessels: 5:02:27                        David Smith: 19:13, 3rd AG              Marty Metzger: 6:15:09, PR
                                              Joseph Hale: 20:37, 2nd AG              Jack Green: 6:43:02, 1st 50K
October 8, San Jose, CA                       Matt Green: 21:53, 2nd AG               Thomas Okazaki: 7:07:24
San Jose rock ‘n’ roll half marathon          Chuck Kennard: 22:01, 2nd AG            Palo Duro trail 20 Km
Mark Sparks: 1:33:47, PR                      Spareribs LaMothe: 22:09                Ken Mcinnes: 1:51:12
                                              Bridgett Smith: 23:40, WMW              Doug Noell: 2:22:01
October 8, Scranton, PA
                                              Matthew Barnhart: 23:56, 1st AG         Tia Metzger: 2:47:29
Steamtown marathon                            Thomas Goodwin: 23:59, 1st AG
Lee Robodos: 3:07:55                                                                  Alma Luccioni: 2:52:07
                                              Cade Evans: 24:00, 3rd AG               Courtney Noell: 2:54:46
October 14, Grand Prairie, TX                 Helene Walker: 24:04, WGMW              Alan Engisch: 3:01:35
                                              Mary Ann Cavio: 24:19, 1st AG
Lake Joe Pool Pumpkin run 10K                                                         Joe Luccioni: 3:02:13
                                              Tony Flesch: 25:53, 3rd AG              Chris Reyher: 3:18:45
Ken Hall: 34:42, 2nd MMW, PR
                                              Tiffany Bruce: 26:09                    Millie Rosario: 3:22:00
October 15, Lowell, MA                        Mary Keeffe: 26:17, 1st AG              Evelyn Luccioni: 3:51:27
bay State half marathon                       Tim Roche: 26:48                        John Bush: 3:54:05
Jessica Hanson: 1:39                          Kathy Krell: 27:18
                                              Don Krell: 27:21, 1st AG                November 5, Dallas, TX
October 15, Columbus, OH                      Blaine Covington: 27:23, 2nd AG         the Dallas running Club half marathon
Columbus marathon                             Tina Covington: 27:25, 3rd AG           Jeff Garber: 1:22:24
Mark Sparks: 3:38:28                          Jack Hase: 29:40                        Troy Pruett: 1:23:28, 2nd AG
Staci Rivero: 3:49:57                         Ross Darrow: 31:44                      Jon Korte: 1:23:20
Steve Rush: 3:57:50                           Double trouble 10K                      Duncan Stewart: 1:23:34
Tony Flesch: 4:08:41                          Ken Hall: 35:01, 1st Overall Winner     Thomas Okazaki: 1:34:35
Columbus half marathon                        Craig Minyard: 36:42, MMW               Scott Decker: 1:35:46
George Rivero: 2:09:04, PR                    Mindi Rice: 39:21, 1st Overall Female   Chris Hillen: 1:36:44
                                              Stan Ujka: 40:10, 1st AG                Steve Bryant: 1:40:38
October 15, Hendersonville, NC                Jack Hase: 40:25, 1st AG                Mike Eccleston: 1:42:32
Dupont Forest trail marathon                  David Smith: 41:08, 2nd AG              Rick Sanford: 1:42:40
Byron Benoit: 3:29:53, 3rd AG                 Chris Hillen: 41:38, 2nd AG             Doug Noell: 1:44:52
                                              David Ball: 45:15                       Doug Keeffe: 1:45:56
October 15, Lawton, OK                        Julie Kaner: 46:03, 1st AG              Mark Studer: 1:46:37
wichita mountain wildlife Preserve            Chuck Kennard: 46:44                    Neil Sobol: 1:47:54
Spirit of Survival marathon                   Matt Burns: 47:12, 1st AG               Al Walker: 1:49:29
Todd Roper: 4:18:20, 2nd AG                   Doug Keeffe: 47:33, MGMW                Staci Rivero: 1:50:21

                                                                                            February 2007 |      FOOTPRINT 25
Julie Kaner: 1:50:42                  rockledge rumble 50K                            November 25, Ft. Worth, TX
Mary Ann Calvio: 1:56:30              Carl Stipe: 5:58:07                             Ft. worth Jingle bell run 5K
Adrienne Stipe: 1:57:39               Paige Henderson: 5:58:47, 1st 50K               Ryan Burns: 21:32, 2nd AG
Carl Stipe: 1:57:39                   Chris McConnell: 6:03:50                        Cindi Lee: 29:57.1
Todd Roper: 1:58:11                   Marty Metzger: 6:04:47, PR
                                                                                      Tom Zack: 30:59.7
Tony Flesch: 1:58:40                  Ann McCarley: 6:08:47, PR
Michael Ahearn: 1:58:40
                                      Thomas Okazaki: 6:19:10                         November 26, Seattle, WA
                                      Janet Gribnitz: 6:48:49, 1st 50K                Seattle marathon
Julia McCloud: 1:58:40
Brad Frazier: 2:00:02                 November 11-12, Tulsa, OK                       Sam Thompson: 3:49:26
Cevin Wyatt: 2:03:30                  the mother road 100 miler                       Jessica Roberts: 4:40:37, 1st Marathon
Holly Winter: 2:04:03                 Doug Ryan: 19:20:19                             December 2, Arlington, TX
Mary Keeffe: 2:04:20                  November 12, San Antonio, TX                    Don Zetnick winter run 10K
Kim Danahy: 2:04:43                   San Antonio marathon                            Ken Hall: 34:57, MMW, 2nd Overall
Richard Maas: 2:06:53                 Thomas Okazaki: 4:27:14                         Mark Miller: 35:11, 1st AG, 3rd Overall
Kyle Keifer: 2:07:06                                                                  Mike Evans: 42:48:08
                                      November 18, Flower Mound, TX
Don Porter: 2:08:30                                                                   Spareribs LaMothe: 44:25, 1st AG
Joy Townsend: 2:09:12
                                      Dorothy’s Dash metric half (13.1 Km)
                                      Troy Pruett: 49:45, MMW                         Don Krell: 56:19:07
Debbie Bryant: 2:10:02
                                      Mindi Rice: 51:28, 1st AG, 2nd Female Overall   December 2, Memphis, TN
David Dorband: 2:10:16
Jessica Roberts: 2:11:16, PR          November 18, Tulsa, OK                          St. Jude memphis half marathon
Terry Toce: 2:11:18                   oklahoma marathon                               Mark Sparks: 1:34:17
vern Lumbert: 2:11:27                 Thomas Okazaki: 3:50:55
                                                                                      December 9, Huntsville, TX
George Rivero: 2:11:59                November 18-19, Grapevine, TX                   Sunmart endurance trail runs-50miler
Will Hall: 2:15:54                    ultracentric 24 hour run                        Scott Eppleman: 7:28:48.45, 3rd AG
Tracy Begland: 2:27:34                Scott Eppleman: 135.36 miles                    Thomas Okazaki: 10:38:52.80, PR
Susan Woodward: 2:27:36               Letha Cruthirds: 86:88 miles
Janet Dixon: 2:40:39                                                                  December 10, Tuscon, AZ
                                      November 19, Tulsa, OK
                                      Inaugural route 66 marathon                     holuloalua tuscon marathon
November 5, New York City, NY
                                      Sam Thompson: 3:06:46                           Troy Pruett: 3:15:39
new york City marathon
                                      Thomas Okazaki: 3:55:08                         Tom Ruyle: 3:44:47
Kelly Richards: 3:37:59
                                      Todd Roper: 4:19:31                             Mary Keeffe: 4:24:39
Letha Cruthirds: 4:35:03
                                      Steve Grady: 4:28:57                            Doug Keeffe: 4:24:40
Andrea Lorden: 4:41:05
                                      Tony Flesch: 4:45:27
Ross Darrow: 5:31:40                                                                  December 10, Dallas, TX
                                      Kim Danahy: 4:53:14
Jill Smith: 5:40:50                   John Henry: 6:02:52, 1st Marathon               wellstone’s Dallas white rock marathon
                                                                                      Jeff Garber: 3:04:01
November 11, Dallas, TX               November 23, Atlanta, GA                        Jack Hase: 3:07:03
texas Asics Stampede 20 miler         Atlanta marathon                                Steve Bryant: 3:29:26
Rick Hanson: 1:59:53.7, 1st Overall   Bridget Smith: 4:32.33
                                                                                      David Ball: 3:30:47
Jack Hase: 2:19:10.4, 3rd MMW         David Smith: 4:38.36, PR
                                                                                      Dan Cole: 3:30:58
Jessica Hanson: 2:40:28.2, 2nd AG     November 23, Dallas, TX                         Robin Pearson: 3:39:49, 1st Marathon,
texas Asics Stampede 10 miler         Dallas ymCA turkey trot 8 miler                 Boston Qualifier
Jim Lukanich: 1:07:40.5, 3rd AG       Lee Rebodos: 52:38:30                           Adrienne Stipe: 4:10:07
Colleen Baronowski; 1:21:21.0         Jim Lukanich: 53:24:25                          Jim Baudhuin: 4:17:08
Laurie Lukanich: 1:27:35.3, 2nd AG    Dean Baranowski: 55:02:15                       Thomas Okazaki: 4:20:48
Kim Danahy: 1:32:55.5                 Spareribs LaMothe: 59:21:55, 3rd AG
                                                                                      Steve Grady: 4:23:23
                                      Colleen Baranowski: 1:03:50:55
November 11, Grapevine, TX                                                            Todd Roper: 4:25:37
                                      Allison Gray: 1:06:02:05
rockledge rumble 15K                  Holly Winter: 1:11:38:50                        Debbie Bryant: 4:45:27
Chris Hillen: 1:16:06                 Mary Ann Calvio: 1:11:58:85                     Kim Danahy: 4:47:17
Doug Noell: 1:20:50                   Pam Truhn: 1:15:06:35                           John Allen: 5:19:42, 1st Marathon
Cevin Wyatt: 1:24:00                  Kevin Smilie: 1:19:42:35                        Janet Dixon: 5:45:32
Rick Fogle: 1:36:24                   Justin Smilie: 1:19:42:45                       wellstone’s Dallas white rock
Tony Flesch: 1:47:45                  November 23, Ft. Worth, TX                      half marathon
Courtney Noell: 1:53:56               Ft. worth turkey trot 10K                       Jon Korte: 1:19:56, 2nd AG, PR
Alan Engisch: 1:59:06                 Mark Miller: 35:54:26, 2nd AG                   Jim Lukanich: 1:28:32, 2nd AG
Lisa Noell: 2:14:50                   Jeff Garber: 36:24:24, 1st AG                   Trish Field: 1:35:22, 3rd AG
rockledge rumble 30K                  Linda Ellestad: 53:31:93                        Chris McCain: 1:39:17
Ken Hall: 2:21:41, 1st Overall        Ft. worth turkey trot 5K                        Spareribs LaMothe: 1:39:42, 3rd AG
Steve Bryant: 2:53:33                 Don Krell: 27:18:96                             Laurie Lukanich: 1:51:12
Tom Ruyle: 3:00:12                    Debra Stuart: 28:29:04                          Susan Barnett: 1:51:49, PR
Scott Decker: 3:15:37                 Paul Gerba: 30:04:61                            Jason Anton: 1:59:32
Al Walker: 3:18:20                    Tim Roche: 34:55:17                             Brian Luker: 2:01:40, 1st Half Marathon
Rick Sanford: 3:20:40                 November 23, Sachse, TX                         Rick Fogle: 2:01:45, PR
Kevin Wessels: 3:20:41                Sachse high School turkey trot 3 miler          Tony Flesch: 2:08:26
Todd Roper: 3:44:29                   Rita Law: 27:09, 2nd AG                         Jessica Kahanek: 2:25:13, 1st Half Marathon

26 FOOTPRINT | February 2007
   memberShIP APPLICAtIon

    New Membership                  Renewal                                      Male  Female DOB___/___/___
                                                                                  Can we publish this information in the club directory?  Yes  No
   Name ________________________________________________
                                                                                  Participating Family Members
   Address ______________________________________________
                                                                                   Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___
   City _________________________________________________
   State ____________ Zip Code ____________________________                        Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___

   Home Phone ( ) ________________________________________                         Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___

   E-Mail Address ________________________________________                         Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___

   i know that participating and volunteering to work in club events can be potentially hazardous. i assume all risks associated with running, walking, and
   volunteering to work in club events. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application for
   membership, i, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, inc., Road Runners
   Club of America, and all sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims of liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in club
   activities. i grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any other records for any legitimate purpose.

   membership Dues  $20 Single  $30 Family                 Do you need 2 membership cards?  Yes  No

   Signature _________________________________ Date___/___/___
   Mail completed application and payment to LGrAw, 2982, Grapevine, tX 76099 or drop in the mailbox at the LGRAW Clubhouse.

      Keep your                         RAW now offers on-line renewals (and new memberships) through at

                                            You can still renew at the clubhouse or through the mail. Simply, fill out the
       current                                         membership application and drop it off or send it in.

December 10, Las Vegas, NV                             Duathlons & Triathlons                                 October 29, Panama City Beach, FL
new Las vegas marathon                                 October 8, Benbrook, TX                                Ford Ironman Florida
vanessa Loggins: 4:35:12                                                                                      (1.2 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run)
                                                       benbrook women’s triathlon
Lauren Wallach: 4:48:17                                                                                       Mary Lessor: 11:46:19
                                                       (300 meter swim/13.8 mile bike/5km run)
Noel Widdowson: 4:48:17
                                                       Karen Robertson: 1:10:28:80, FMW, 2nd Overall          October 29, Lake Conroe, TX
December 16, Dallas, TX                                October 15, Keller, TX                                 Ironstar half Ironman
Jog’r egg nog’r 15K                                    monster triathlon                                      (1.2 mile swim/59 mile bike/13.1 mile run)
Mark Miller: 54:13, 2nd AG                                                                                    Trish Fields: 5:42:13, 2nd AG
                                                       (300 meter swim/12 mile bike/5km run)
Lee Robodos: 1:02:10, 1st AG
                                                       Lee Miller: 1:06:14
Julie Kaner: 1:17:04, 2nd AG                                                                                  Adventure Racing
                                                       Julie Sheridan: 1:07:08, 1st AG
Neil Sobol: 1:34:46
                                                       Mike Doud: 1:07:45                                     October 14-15, Ruston, LA
Jog’r egg nog’r 5K                                     Jeff Barnhart: 1:15:16                                 Piney hills Classic XIII uSAt off-road
Duncan Stewart: 18:05, 1st AG                          October 21, Kona, Hawaii                               Duathlon national Championship
Jim Uhelski: 20:12, 2nd AG                                                                                    (2.5 mile trail run/10 mile MTB/2.5 trail run)
                                                       Ford Ironman world Championship
Dale Mauger: 23:14, 2nd AG                                                                                    Karen Robertson: 1:46.42, 1st AG
                                                       (2.4 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run)
December 17, Ft. Worth, TX                             Jim Lukanich: 10:50:38
FwrC tropical 5K                                       October 22, Keller, TX                                          Pr-Personal Record
Debra Stuart: 30:31, 3rd AG

                                                       toyota run bi tri (reverse triathlon)                           AG-Age Group
January 1, Dallas, TX                                  (400 meter swim/13 mile bike/5km run)
                                                                                                                       mmw-Male Masters Winner
new year’s Day 5K                                      Scott Decker: 1:10:54, 2nd AG
Lee Rebodos: 19:12, 2nd AG                             Al Walker: 1:16:55, 1st AG                                      Fmw-Female Masters Winner
Julie Kaner: 23:22, 1st AG                             Julie Sheridan: 1:17:20, 1st AG
Dale Mauger: 23:38                                                                                            Please e-mail your race details to Thomas
                                                                                                              “T.O.” Okazaki at

                                                                                                                         February 2007 |   FOOTPRINT 27
Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers                                                                                            PRSRT STD A
P.O. Box 2982                                                                                                                U.S. Postage
Grapevine, TX 76099                                                                                                             PAID
                                                                                                                            Grapevine, TX
                                                                                                                            Permit No. 243

  ShAre wIth
  A vISItor or
  new member

  After reading this
  issue, drop it off
  at the clubhouse
  for visitors to get
  to know us.

                                                                       Me: “Oh, wow! Man, you look          you run up this thing. My legs
                                                                       terrible. You sure you trained       are tired already. How about
                                                                       for this thing? Hope you don’t       you? You tired? I bet you’re
                                                                       go into work tomorrow looking        wiped out. This race is a bear.”
                                                                       this way. They’ll fire your sorry
                                                                                                            SE: “Ehhggh”
                                                                       butt. Geeze.”
                                                                                                            Me: “Hey, is my talking
                                                                       SE: “Unghhh”
                                                                                                            bothering you? If it is, just say

                                   Ask                                 Me: “Oooh, think it’s cold
                                                                       enough? It must be 15 degrees.
                                                                                                            so. I know some guys like you
                                                                                                            to talk and some guys don’t.
                                                                       I’m freezing my buns off.            Me, I like to talk, but I’ll shut
                                   Spareribs                           Aren’t you cold? Look at your
                                                                       hands; they’re all red and
                                                                                                            up if you want. I know some
                                                                                                            people go on and on and never
                                                                       splotchy. You should have            shut up, even when they have
                                                                       brought gloves. Lucky I have         nothing to say, but not me.
                                                                       gloves. My fingers would be          Somebody tells me to shut up,
 Dear Spareribs:                    You know how unnerving it is
                                                                       frozen by now. I’d give you          I shut up. You won’t hear me
 A friend has asked me to pace      in a marathon when you just
                                                                       mine, but then what would I          going on and on about nothing,
 him over the last ten miles of     pass the 25-mile mark and
                                                                       wear? No way I’m running             just for the sake of hearing
 his next marathon to help him      some spectator yells, “The
                                                                       ten miles in this wind without       myself talk. On the other hand,
 qualify for Boston. I have never   finish line is right around the
                                                                       gloves.”                             if you want me to talk more,
 done this before and I want to     corner!” People lie to you all
                                                                                                            I can talk more. Just say what
 help him by doing it right.        the time, and they are of no       SE: “Argghh”
                                                                                                            you want. Want me to talk
 Any suggestions?                   help to you. As a pacer and
                                                                       Me: “Say, I forgot to mention,       more, or talk less? You just say,
 -Frank from Dallas                 in constant contact with the
                                                                       my wife is just around the next      is all I’m saying.”
                                    runner, your number one rule
 Dear Frank:                                                           bend with the car. She’s got
                                    should be to tell the truth, and                                        SE: “Ohhhh”
 Great question. We have a                                             the heat on and a thermos of
                                    let the runner deal with it.
 world-class ultra-marathoner in                                       hot coffee and some Krispy           As it turned out, Scott finished
 our club and last year he asked    2. Create a vision of success      Kremes. That would be a great        third overall. He told me later,
 me to pace him in the last ten     and comfort for the runner.        point to drop out if you’re tired.   “No way I would have finished
 miles of a 100-mile race. (To                                         You can always try this again        THIRD if it wasn’t for YOU!”
                                    Keep the runner’s mind
 protect his anonymity, I will                                         another day when you’re fit.         So I know I was a big help.
                                    focused on the good things
 call him “Scott E.”)                                                  Whatta ya say? Aren’t you
                                    ahead. For example, “Next                                               I understand he is running this
 I can safely say without any                                          tired?”
                                    week you can relax,” or                                                 race again next month. I’m
 attempt at false modesty that      “There’s plenty of beer in the     SE: “Uunnggh”                        surprised he hasn’t called to
 his success in this race was due   post-race refreshment area.”                                            ask me to help him again, but
 mostly to my help.                                                    Me: “I wish you would learn
                                                                                                            knowing Scott I imagine he
                                    Just so you can have some          to speak more clearly. I can’t
                                                                                                            wants to see if he can do it
 There are two rules that I have    coaching tips on the right         make out what you’re saying
                                                                                                            by himself.
 devised for this role:             things to say, here is some of     when you mumble like that.
                                                                                                            - Spareribs
                                    the dialog I had with Scott as     Hey, how about this hill? Is
 1. Always tell the runner the
                                    I picked him up at the 90-mile     it a monster or what? I can’t
 truth, no matter what.
                                    mark on a very cold race day:      believe they’re going to make

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