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         Issue no. 62

    Samantics is the official newsletter of the South African Museums Association
Mission statement                                               SAMA MEMBERSHIP FEES
As a professional body concerned with
South Africa’s heritage, SAMA will pro-                          RENEWAL NOTIFICATION
vide leadership in the management of
the country’s diverse natural and cul-
tural heritage for the enrichment of all         SAMA membership fees for 2008 are now due.
people so as to:
                                                 Fee Structure:
                                                 Individual earning less than R3000 per month                            R60
1. develop and support an inclusive
South African heritage practice;
                                                 Individual earning R3000 per month or more                              R125
2. build the capacity for an effective
South African heritage industry;
                                                 Individual: Non-South African resident                                  R285
3. address and advocate critical con-
cerns for the future of South African
                                                 Institution: All voluntary staff                                        R130
heritage management.

                                                 Institution: Staff 5 or less                                            R180

                                                 Institution: Staff between 6 and 20                                     R380

SAMA is national body governed by a Coun-        Institution: Staff between 21 and 40                                    R760
cil and four regional committees, all elected
by SAMA members. The National Council is
responsible for the development of national      Institution: Staff between 41 and 100                                   R1140
standards and policies, furthering debate on
a national level and the implementation of
national training programmes, workshops
and conferences. In addition, four               Institution: Staff between 101 and 200                                  R1500
regional structures provide opportunities for
face to face contact with colleagues and
facilitate the interaction between members       Institution: Staff more than 200                                        R3800
and the National Council.

                                                 Prices inclusive of VAT
Membership of SAMA offers you...
•    A Professional Network which puts           Invoices available on request from the national office.
     you in touch with museum colleagues
     throughout South Africa.                    Membership renewal forms available on
•    A Learnership that keeps members up-
     to-date with the latest developments in
•    Conference participation in annual
                                                                                Membership is valid from 1 January to 31 December
     regional and national conferences.
•    Publications that members will receive                              New members joining after 1 April pay pro-rata as follows:
     are the SAMAB Bulletin, SAMANTICS
     Newsletters, SAMA e-News and TTP e-
     News workshop updates.                                                                               April to June: 75% of fee
•    An Information Life-Line, will put you                                                          July to September: 50% of fee
     in touch with experts in various disci-      October to December: free membership ONLY if next year's fee is FULLY PAID UP.
     plines covered by museums.
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     velopment of national policies and stan-
     dards for the heritage sector and for the      You will be advised of your membership acceptance, your membership number and
     museum sector in particular.                                                                   your local regional office informed.
•    Participation in special interest           A membership card will be prepared and posted to you within 2 weeks of your member-
                                                                                                                       ship confirmation.

Page 2
                                                                                                                         S AM AN TI CS
                                                                                      when there has been a power out-
                                                                                      age and they have had to be turned
                                                                                      away at the door – sometimes after
                                                                                      a long journey. Unfortunately this is
Yet another year has ended and a
                                                                                      out of our control but it is becoming a
new one begins. South Africa has
                                                                                      reality of our life and we need to
faced many challenges in the last
                                                                                      make sure we are prepared for it in
few years and museums in particular
                                                                                      creative ways – maybe this presents
have had to take a long hard look at
                                                                                      opportunities to use our intangible
who, what and how they represent.
                                                                                      resources to give the visitor a differ-
This has led to many changes and
                                                                                      ent experience. It also presents a
necessitated old ideas being thrown
                                                                                      serious security risk to our collec-
out and new ones embraced. In
                                                                                      tions and, here again, we need to
general we have taken up the cudg-
                                                                                      make sure that our security plans
els and become more inclusive and
                                                                                      are in place should we suddenly be-
public-centred. However there are
                                                        Carol Brown                   come thrust into darkness, making
still areas which need to be ad-
                                                                                      theft easier. Alarm systems and
dressed and our forthcoming confer-
                                          has generally not been a sustainable        emergency lights should be checked
ence is examining these. Previously
                                          programme and it is hoped that, by          and these contingencies must be on
objects were the main focus of mu-
                                          sharing our experiences and knowl-          our agenda.
seums and, whilst these retain their
                                          edge, this can become an important
importance, we now realize that in-
                                          area of research so that object-
tangible heritage needs to be
                                          centredness and intangible heritage         All in all, 2008 will present new chal-
brought into our work and research.
                                          can live side by side.                      lenges and maybe once more
Our country has a wealth of intangi-
ble heritage and because “naming is                                                   change the way we operate. We
claiming” the realization that this as-                                               have demonstrated that we can
                                          Looking back on the year it seems           adapt and that museums are not
pect of our past is vital will bring a
                                          as though a major stumbling block to        static institutions so let’s face the
new energy to the museum profes-
                                          everyone has been the power out-            future with a renewed sense of opti-
sion. Many museums have begun
                                          ages. I have heard several people           mism and look forward to tackling
incorporating music, dance and oral
                                          mention visiting small museums              problems with lateral thinking.
history into their environment but this

6 September 2007
The president chaired a public seminar at the Robben Island museum between
Doctors George Abungu and Webber Ndoro, on “International Heritage Legisla-
tions in Africa: Benefits, constraints and perplexities.” This topic remains perti-
nent as South African museums and heritage institutions and government depart-
ments at all tiers, grapple with the dilemma of constitutional mandates.

28 November 2007
The president was invited to attend the annual general meeting of the South Afri-
can Association of Canadian Studies (SAACS). The meeting included a lecture
by Dr Peter Henshaw, Privy Council Office, Government of Canada, and Depart-                       Beverley Thomas
ment of History, University of Western Ontario. SAMA and SAACS are currently
exploring further matters of mutual benefits.

7 December 2007
The president was one of twenty heritage experts to be interviewed by a research consultancy appointed by the SABC
to formulate a national heritage strategy for the broadcaster.

With the reconstitution of ICOM-SA, the SAMA president now forms part of the ICOM-SA Executive Committee. Like-
wise the chairperson of ICOM-SA is represented on SAMA’s council. The SAMA president attended the Annual Gen-
eral Meeting of the International Council of Museums South African National Committee on 19 October 2007, and at-
tended a workshop and strategic planning session on the 22 & 23rd November 2007.

ISSUE NO. 62                                                                                                            Page 3
                                                Venturing beyond the “Boerewoers Curtain”

SAMA 2008, with the theme Sa-                      and collections,                    In addition, the Programme Commit-
cred and secret heritage: the               •      religious and sacred rituals        tee would like to introduce a new
                                                                                       format that will enable discussion
diversity and sensitivities of                     and practices (intangible heri-
                                                                                       resulting in concrete guidelines re-
African cultural tradition will
                     tradition,                    tage),                              lated to the themes.
be held in the week of 23 - 27 June         •      religious and sacred music
at Bellvista Lodge on the University               (living heritage), and              The Programme Committee are:
of Stellenbosch Business School
Bellville Campus. It promises to be a       •      religious and sacred sites and
                                                                                       •     Dr Helene Vollgraaff
very different and stimulating con-                landscapes.                               (Programme Manager), inde-
ference. Not only is SAMA National          •      immovable (landscapes and                 pendent museum consultant
venturing beyond the Boereworsgor-                 sites), tangible (archives and      •     Vusi Buthelezi, Western Cape
dyn, but has also approached other                                                           Department of Cultural Affairs
professional organisations to partner              collections), intangible (rituals
                                                                                             and Sport and SAMA Council-
SAMA in developing and presenting                  and practices) and living heri-           lor
the conference programme. The                      tage (music).                       •     Lindsay Hooper, Iziko Muse-
South African National Committee of                                                          ums of Cape Town and SAMA
the International Council of Muse-          The conference will also focus on                Western Cape representative
ums (ICOM-SA) and the South Afri-           diversity with sub-themes such as:         •     Dr Shahid Vawda, University
can Association of Canadian Studies                                                          of KwaZulu-Natal and ICOM-
(SAACS) have already confirmed              •      heritage as a means to social             SA representative
their participation.                                                                   •     Medee Rall, University of
                                                                                             Cape Town and SAACS rep-
Protocols and guidelines regarding          •      heritage as a reflection of di-           resentative
the research and presentation of                   versity – diversity as a reflec-    •     Two to three experts to be co-
sacred heritage provided for the                   tion of heritage,                         opted.
most heated debate at the 2007
SAMA conference. Religious and              •      taking diversity into collec-
                                                                                       The Programme Committee is eager
sacred heritage is also the theme of               tions, research and exhibition      to hear your suggestions regarding
the International Council of Monu-                 programmes and practices,           the conference format or proposals
ments and Sites (ICOMOS) for 2008.                 and                                 for speakers we could invite.
Religious and sacred heritage in-
clude:                                      •      universal access.
                                                                                       You can send your suggestions to
                                                                                       the Programme Manager (Tel: 021
•        religious and sacred built heri-   The theme should also be consid-           591 7471; e-mail:
         tage,                              ered within the context of the ICOM
                                            theme for 2008: Museums as agents
•        religious and sacred archives      of social change and development.

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                                                   The first dates for 2008:
                              14-18 Jan: Records Management Level 1 (Elementary) (Pretoria)
                               28 Jan – 1 Feb: Specialised Archiving Course (Johannesburg)
                           18-22 Feb: Records Management Level 2 (Comprehensive) (Pretoria)
                              25 -29 Feb: Records Management Level 3 (Advanced) (Pretoria)

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Page 4                                                                                                        S AM AN TI CS
Dr Mike Cluver honoured                  “friend” of the Shipwreck Museum,
                                         Bredasdorp. She assists the mu-              FEATURED MUSEUMS
    in Western Cape                      seum with community research, with
                                                                                    condensed milk tin which he then put
                                         education and outreach programmes          into his haversack.
                                         and contributes articles about the
                                         museum to the local newspaper. Ora         He also found several lengths of dis-
                                         is also a popular museum guide and         carded fuse which he joined together
                                         has gone out of her way to assist in       and stowed likewise. He decided to
                                         developing a new audience for the          blow up an enemy ship.
                                         museum from the town’s disadvan-
                                         taged communities.                         On 21 July 1942 the black POW’s
                                                                                    were tasked to unload ammo and
                                                                                    drums from a German freighter an-
                                            THE MILITARY HISTORY                    chored in the harbour.
                                                                                    While his mates diverted the attention
                                                  MUSEUM:                           of the German guards, he climbed
                                               GRAAFF-REINET                        into the hold, laid the fuse to within a
               Dr Mike Cluver             On the 16th of November 2007 the          metre of the hatch, poured petrol over
                                          Graaff-Reinet Museum proudly              some of the drums and the cordite
                                          openend the doors of their new            and scrambled back on deck where
A lifetime achievement award was          Military History Museum. As a re-         his comrades were being bashed with
presented to Dr Mike Cluver by the        sult, the Graaff-Reinet Museum            rifle   butts    for   their diversion
MEC for Cultural Affairs, Sport and       became one of the largest prov-           (‘accidentally’ dropping a box of am-
Recreation, Mr Whitey Jacobs, at a        ince aided –museums in the East-          munition overboard).
gala dinner at the Castle of Good         ern Cape with a floor space of al-
Hope on 23 November 2007. The             most 4000 m².                             Masego, pretending to tie a boot lace,
award was one of four in the muse-        The idea of a Military History Mu-        then ignited the fuse. After a few sec-
ums’ category of the annual Western       seum came about when The                  onds, a mighty explosion ripped the
Cape Arts, Culture and Heritage           Graaff-Reinet Commando closed             ship apart and sunk her. The Ger-
Awards.                                   their doors at the end of June 2007       mans could not identify the saboteur.
Dr Cluver started his career in the       and donated a large collection of         Several nights later Masego escaped,
sector as a museum scientist in pa-       military artefacts to the museum.         walked for twenty three days and re-
leontology and later become the Di-       All the Military history exhibitions,     joined the SA Forces near El Alamein.
rector of the oldest museum in            which included the Anglo-Boer
                                                                                    He was awarded the Military Medal
southern Africa, the South African        War, The First World War, Die
                                                                                    for his act of bravery and the inscrip-
Museum. Most recently his role at         Middellandse Regiment (2nd World
                                                                                    tion on the medal read: Lance-
Iziko Museums of Cape Town has            War) and the collection from The
                                                                                    Corporal Masego displayed ingenuity,
been overseeing the physical trans-       Commando were grouped together
                                                                                    determination, and complete disre-
formation of Iziko’s heritage sites.      and thus, the Military History Mu-        gard for personal safety, of punish-
While recognizing the need for trans-     seum was established.                     ment by the enemy or the ensuing
formation, he managed the proc-           The Military History Museum not           explosion which destroyed the vessel.
esses of change with wisdom and           only portrays the cruelties and
foresight, upholding the values of        heartaches of war but the anec-           Anziske Kayster
integrity and professionalism. He         dotes painstakingly written down,         Graaff-Reinet Museum
retires in December 2007 after 41         bring a smile to the face and a tear
years of distinguished service in the     to the eye.
museum profession.                        Almost 950 coloured and black
The award for best museum of the          people joined the DMR (Die Mid-
year went to the Heritage Museum in       dellandse Regiment) during the
Simon’s Town. The museum pays             Second World War. Most of them
tribute to the legacy of forced remov-    were truck drivers, technicians and
als in Simon’s Town during 1975 and       mechanics. One such an interest-
to the present-day members of the         ing character was Job Masego:
                                          Masego, who had been a delivery
Amlay household, who returned in
                                          man in Springs before he joined up,
1995. The museum houses a large
                                          was one of the gang of prisoners
collection of ancient Cape Malay
                                          who were forced to offload enemy
ritual artifacts that have been shown
                                          ships after the fall of Tobruk. Sitting
in three international exhibitions.       on the warm ground of the cage
Worcester Museum’s education pro-         during one of his spells off duty and
grammes, which are about traditional      idly digging his fingers into the
rural activities and attract about        sand, he touched something hard –
12 000 learners a year, were hon-         a cartridge. It gave him an idea and
oured as best museum project. The         he dug until he unearthed a few
award for best volunteer in a mu-         dozen others. He tipped the cordite
seum went to Ms Ora Laubscher, a          from the cartridges into an empty            Lance Corporal Job Masego

ISSUE NO. 62                                                                                                          Page 5
ICOM MATTERS                             young museum professionals.
                                         The ICOM Conference and General
Two events mark the first time, since    Assembly, which occur every three
the dawn of democracy in this coun-      years, constitute the premier forum
try and the end of the cultural boy-     at which museums from around the
cott, that South Africa has officially   globe hear papers delivered by world
re-joined the international museum       experts, exchange ideas, and
community: the resuscitation of the      (during the General Assembly) adopt
South African National Committee of      resolutions for the next three-year
the International Council of Muse-       term. The triennial Conference is
ums (ICOM-SA) – which held its first     also the time when the 30 different
AGM in October 2007 – and the            International Committees of ICOM
delegation of ten ICOM-SA members        meet and host concurrent workshops      CC (Conservation), INTERCOM
to the International Council of Muse-    and mini-conferences. Apart from        (Management).
ums (ICOM) Conference and Gen-           attending the opening plenary ses-
eral Assembly in Vienna, Museums                                                 In the General Assembly, ICOM-SA
                                         sion, at which notable keynote ad-      used its five votes to support the
and Universal Heritage, 19 – 24 Au-      dresses were given (amongst oth-
gust 2007.                                                                       adoption of ICOM’s Strategic Plan
                                         ers) by Elaine Heumann Gurian           for 2008-2010 and eight draft resolu-
The Vienna delegation, led by Pro-       (USA), Jyotindra Jain (India) and       tions. ICOM-SA’s Chairperson, Jatti
fessor Henry C (Jatti) Bredekamp,        Susan Legêne (The Netherlands),         Bredekamp, was part of the Advisory
included the President of the South      the ICOM-SA delegation participated     Committee that drew up the Strate-
African Museums Association              in a number of concurrent activities.   gic Plan and was involved in the
(SAMA), with whom ICOM-SA                These included the ICOM Cross Cul-      Resolution Drafting Committee, to
closely cooperates. The National         tural Task Force, Transformations:      which ICOM-SA submitted a resolu-
Heritage Council funded the atten-       museums and cultural diversity (at      tion incorporated under Resolution
dance of eight ICOM-SA delegates,        which Jatti Bredenkamp gave a pa-       No. 1. The following resolutions were
while ICOM headquarters in Paris         per), the Commonwealth Association      adopted:
provided mentoring grants for two        of Museums and Africom, and the
                                         following International Committees:     Resolution 1: Protection and Pro-
                                         CECA (Education and Cultural Ac-        motion of Universal Heritage with
                                         tion), CIDOC (Documentation),           Respect for Cultural and Natural
                                         ICAMT (Architecture & Museum            Diversity. Incorporating a resolution
                                         Techniques), ICEE (Exhibition Ex-       from ICOM-SA: “In marking the bi-
                                         change), ICMAH (Museums and Col-        centenary of parliamentary abolition
                                         lections of Archaeology & History),     of the slave trade in the British Em-
                                         ICMEMO (Memorial Museums),              pire and the broadening of the focus
                                         ICOFOM (Museology), ICOMAM              of the UNESCO Slave Route Project
                                         (International Association of Muse-     since 2004, it is recommended that
                                         ums of Arms and Military History),      ICOM initiate a project centring on
                                         ICTOP (International Committee for      the abolition of historical and con-
Vienna 2007, Jatti and delegates         the Training of Personnel), ICOM-
                                                                                             Continued on page : 7

Page 6                                                                                                  S AM AN TI CS
Continued from page : 6

temporary slavery across the scope
of all its operational mechanisms.”
Resolution 2: Accessibility of In-
formation and Communication.
Resolution 3: Informing Museums
on Intellectual Property Issues.
Resolution 4: Preventing Illicit
Traffic and Promoting the Physi-
cal Return, Repatriation and Resti-
tution of Cultural Property.
Resolution 5: Disaster and Emer-
                                                                              ICOM SA Executive Committee
gency Planning.                                      Jillian Carman, Rooksana Omar, Jatti Bredekamp, Shahid Vadwa, Helene Vollgraaff
Resolution 6: Promoting Sustain-                                        and Beverley Thomas (representing SAMA)
able Development.
Resolution 7: Championing                           Provide leadership in advocating                 ability to position South African mu-
Higher Standards and Profes-                        the value of heritage.                           seums and their interests within in-
sional Development.                                                                                  ternational networks. ICOM member-
                                                    Champion effectiveness and high
Resolution 8: Improving the Con-                                                                     ship, which is available to individuals
                                                    standards in museums.
sultative and Decision Making                                                                        and institutions, is recognised world-
Process.                                            Ensure the resources required to                 wide. For details about membership,
                                                    effectively implement the Strate-                contact Rooksana Omar at
The four objectives of ICOM’s Stra-                 gic Plan.                              
tegic Plan for 2008-2010, which un-
derpin the activities of ICOM-SA’s                  ICOM-SA enjoys a close working
new board, are:                                     relationship with SAMA and local                 Jillian Carman
                                                    heritage organisations. Its unique
Strengthen ICOM’s global impact.                    strength is its global nature and its            ICOM-SA, Communications Portfolio

                                                    Grahamstown adjacent to the Great Fish           ceramic pots is something known to the past.
                                                    River. The IsiXhosa speaking peoples such        This is replaced by a variety of plastic contain-
Fieldwork at Pikoli Village in                      as amaXhosa xho; amaMfengu and others            ers that are used to contain and cool down a
Peddie in the Eastern Cape :
                                                    predominantly populate Pikoli village. There     mixture of mealie meal and hot water known
                                                    are also pockets of non-IsiXhosa speaking        as Isidudo which thereafter is mixed with sor-
                                                    peoples who could only be named as asylum-       ghum to make Umqombothi. The entire mix-
The museum anthropologist in Grahamstown
                                                    seekers who have been accommodated by            ture is left for several days for fermentation.
has established and extended yet another
                                                    the Pikoli village community members. These      Fermented traditional beer is served to mem-
research network under his field of study um-
                                                    asylum-seekers run/operate small spaza           bers of the community who presented them-
brella with community members of a rural
                                                    shops and their plight is likely economic.       selves at the ceremony.
area known as Pikoli village in Peddie. The
village is located at the south east of the East-   Between 21-26 August 2007 the museum             Ras Mpho Jeffrey Molapisi

ern Cape, approximately 45 km away from             anthropologist was invited to attend a local     Albany Museum Anthropologist
                                                    ritual ceremony at Pikoli village intended to
                                                    rejuvenate relations with ancestors of the
                                                    family concerned. As per agreement with
                                                    family concerned the museum anthropologist
                                                    conducted interviews, took photographs and
                                                    filmed some of the ritual proceedings. The
                                                    most interesting part was the process of brew-
                                                    ing traditional beer known as Umqombothi.
                                                    The museum anthropologist noted through
                                                    participant observation that traditional beer
                                                    brewing technique and recipe still exist and
Fig 1: the photograph shows women mixing Isidudo                                                     Fig 2: various plastic containers that have replaced
                                                    the skill remains a women prerogative/
from various containers cooling containers into a                                                    ceramic pots/inqhayi used to contain Isidudo to cool
                                                    domain. Interestingly, the use of pottery/
barrel/Ifatyi                                                                                        down. Next to them are metal pots.

ISSUE NO. 62                                                                                                                                       Page 7
                                                 feeling of great sadness as we viewed the           were stunned to hear a familiar voice emanat-
                                                 path we had travelled so far together and the       ing from a stranger’s face.
                                                 long hill ahead that we would have to climb
                                                 without him. Was this possible without his          The premier of the Eastern Cape, Ms Nosima
                                                 firm trust and reassurance that all will be well.   Balindlela, also paid tribute to Lloyd at his
                                                 There seems no other way but to look back           memorial service. She mentioned how Lloyd
                                                 with greater awareness and pick up on all           embraced with enthusiasm the transformation
                                                 that he has taught us - to be passionate            of the civil service. In his honour she is donat-
                                                 about our work, to welcome newcomers to             ing gifts she received as Premier to the
                                                 our world without fear or bias, to explain and      Amathole Museum.
                                                 explain again, to stand up when we are              Somine van der Merwe
                                                 beaten down, to counter arrogance or igno-
                                                 rance with patience and integrity – to try again    Assistant Director, Amathole Museum
                                                 and again. He may have taught each one of
                                                 us different things – and none of this will not     22 November 2007
                                                 be lost if we resolve to practice these lessons
                                                 ourselves, in the service of our profession
                                                 and our museums. Thus doing we honour his
                                                 life – each carrying a bit of the light he has             SAMA Regional Branches
                                                 laid down, further up the hill of as we strive to                Contact Details
                                                 evolve museums in service of society in the
                                                 21st Century.

                                                 Sylvia van Zyl                                      Eastern Cape
 How does one summarize and honour               Director, Bayworld
 over twenty five years of Museum Ser-                                                               Fezile Cindi
     vice in a few words and lines?                  Lloyd Roland Wingate 29.11.1947 -
                                                                19.11.2007                           Tel: 045 839 5860
Lloyd a friend to many, a trusted colleague,                                                         Email:
                                                 The museum fraternity was saddened by the
a reliable team member - an ever optimistic
                                                 sudden passing of Lloyd Wingate on the 19th         Western Cape
                                                 of November 2007. Staff and friends were
Although not loud and self promoting, Lloyd      shocked that his passing occurred only three        Catherine Snel
was known and loved by most members of           weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer.
                                                                                                     Tel: 021 872 3441
SAMA . Over the years he was an active           Lloyd spent a total of 26½ years at the
member, participating in committees and          Amathole Museum. He started off as Mam-             Email:
conference work and also serving as              mals Collections Manager in 1978 and soon
Chairperson of the EC Branch and as mem-         after moved to the University of Transkei as
                                                                                                     SAMA North
ber of Council. He supported SAMA by             the Curator of their Museum of Zoology. By          Ishmael Mbhokodo
bringing his staff to conferences and work-      1984 he was back at the museum as the Cu-
shops and encouraging their participation        rator of Mammals. His study field was bats,         Tel: 011 951 2338
and professional growth through reading          and many will remember him for interesting
papers and leading sessions.                     talks on the topic. Fondly known as the
                                                 “batman”, people would contact him for advise       Kwa Zulu Natal
As a fellow museum director and manager,
                                                 on how to deal with bats at their homes.
located close to the hub of our Head Office,                                                         Gilbert Torlage
Lloyd and the Amathole Museum became a           In 1997 he was appointed as Director of the
lifeline between outlying museum and the         Amathole Museum. During his time as Direc-          Tel: 033 341 9900
mystery and complexities of the bureau-          tor, the museum’s name was change from
cratic fortress of our Bisho masters. His        Kaffrarian to Amathole (1999); the new history      Email:
patience and willingness to assist a distant     display Across the Frontier was opened in
colleague who required some urgent re-           2002; and in the same year the Animal Story
sponse from the maze of offices off Eales        display was opened.
street was valued and deeply appreciated .
No doubt his pleasant and disarming man-         Lloyd lived his life as an example: always first
ner often served to heal some bridges            at work and last to leave. He was passionate         OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS
which may have been burnt over frazzled          about the museum and its various pro-                NEWSLETTER DO NOT NECES-
telephone lines.                                 grammes. He frequently was willing to open
                                                 the museum for visitors over weekends.               SARILY REFLECT THAT OF THE
From 1997 onwards a pattern of regular           Friends of the Museum remember him as the             EDITORS, SAMA COUNCIL OR
meetings of heads of Museums became              one who often drove them around the coun-            THE SOUTH ARICAN MUSEUMS
established. These meetings often required       tryside to interesting sites.                               ASSOCIATION.
overnight stays and long drives to ‘dorp en
                                                 Staff remember him for his love and knowl-
stad’. For most of us his was a father or
                                                 edge of nature; and his passion for the mu-         All correspondence and contributions to:
brother figure. His quiet and steady pres-
                                                 seum. Stephanie Victor, Curator of History,
ence provided security to the lady curators
                                                 recalls his fondness for and knowledge of
                                                                                                     THE EDITOR—SAMANTICS
and museum heads as he politely cared to
                                                 gadgets “and especially computers, which the        PO BOX 12413, CENTRAHIL, 6006
enquire and ensure their safe arrival at
                                                 museum benefited from immensely. I remem-
their destinations. He served his gender
                                                 ber his intense joy when the museum’s latest        Email:
well in the courteous manner in which he
                                                 camera arrived, his new cell phone, and also
cared, without fuss, for the odd mix of per-
                                                 an herbal teapot his wife gave to him. During       Tel:   041 582 2634
sonalities and temperaments within the
                                                 teatime he explained how the teapot func-
group. Always a gentleman – often with
good humour and not without mischief.
                                                 tioned, made a pot for all to see and offered       Fax: 086 503 4522
                                                 everyone in the vicinity a cup to drink.”
News of his unexpected illness and death         Another memorable event was when shaved
not only brought forth great grief at the loss   off his beard, for the first time in 20 years.
                                                                                                     Deadline for next issue: 1 March 2008
of a valued colleague and friend – but a         The public did not recognise him and staff

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