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									The Biological Range                                                            Bio Clear
                                                                                Formulated to degrade the fatty waste discharged into pipes, sewers and
These natural biological products have been developed to resolve
                                                                                grease-traps, Bio Clear is a powerful liquid containing selected micro-
cleaning and maintenance problems which just cannot be addressed                organisms and “free” enzymes that quickly reduces solids and grease
with conventional chemicals.                                                    evacuated into the drain outlets from all types of catering and high-volume
                                                                                food processing units.
Many types of harmless bacterial strains are included in the products
                                                                                Bio Clear is suitable for delivery through an auto-pump to maintain all
to degrade problems quickly and completely.
                                                                                types of drains, sinks and small bore pipes as well as re-activating and
Unlike some cure-all products, each of our biological products has              maintaining septic tanks, grease traps and complete sewage systems.
been created to address a specific problem. When extra power, or                Product code: BC5, BC20

faster results are necessary we sometimes include enzymes, offering
a simple and cost-effective solution to long-term problems.                     Bio Dose
                                                                                A cost-effective biological treatment fluid for the maintenance of all
All our biological products are stable, with good shelf-life.                   waste systems. Bio Dose is ideally dispensed via an automated pump
                                                                                directly into the drain-run to the grease-trap or sewage system, so the
                                                                                bacteria and enzymes can degrade fatty waste and solids to keep the
Micro Clean                                                                     system working efficiently.
This simple to-use biological cleaner contains many different strains of        Product code: BD5, BD25
specially selected micro-organisms that produce enzymes and degrade all
types of organic soiling. Micro Clean is a biological stain and odour           Bio Mix
eradicator, ideal for use on carpets, upholstery fabrics and flooring where     A dry biological powder containing millions of selected micro-organisms
soiling such as body fluids and spilt beverages has been absorbed into the      and “free” enzymes that efficiently degrade greasy waste and solids
fabric. Especially useful around urinals, walkways and areas contaminated       evacuated into drainage systems from kitchens and food processing units.
with urine or vomit etc. A little Micro Clean will also remedy odours from      Bio Mix is suitable for use in all types of drains, sinks and small bore pipes
sink outlets, baths, showers and kitchen waste units.                           as well as for maintaining domestic and commercial septic tanks, grease
Product code: MC1, MC5                                                          traps and overloaded sewage systems.
                                                                                Product code: BM500, BM2.5
Similar to Micro Clean, but Blu-Away has been specially formulated for use      Toss Blocks / Bio Blocks
throughout the washroom, and to clean and maintain low-volume or                The original biological urinal blocks. Toss Blocks contain special bacterial
waterless urinal systems. Blu-Away eradicates odours and staining from          cultures that clean and deodorise urinal traps and pipes while enabling
urine whilst also degrading uric acid and lime-scale deposits in urinals,       great savings of water to be made. Whilst we do not advocate “waterless
toilet bowls and on washroom surfaces. Containing millions of specially         urinals” a typical urinal need only be flushed about 3 times each day when
selected, highly active micro-organisms, with a refreshing mint fragrance,      using Toss Blocks.
this unique biological cleaner is the perfect product to replace conventional   The pictures show two urinal outlets after 6 months use - one using Toss
washroom cleaners and provides the complete environmental washroom              Blocks, the other no blocks. Toss Blocks do not contain pDCB or other
package when used with our biological urinal blocks, Toss Blocks.               dangerous chemicals and are particularly suitable for use in public
Product code: BA750, BA1, BA5                                                   buildings, schools, institutions, hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants etc,
                                                                                especially when used with Blu-Away.
Drain Solution                                                                  Product code: TB1, BB
A powerful blend of selected micro-organisms and “free” enzymes that
efficiently and safely reduce the greasy wastes typically evacuated into
drainage systems. Improves flow rates and prevents odour problems in the
small-bore pipes flowing from sinks, baths, showers and kitchen macerators.
Product code: DS1, DS5

Royal Flush Toilet and
Commode Fluid
A concentrated, blend of detergents, micro-organisms and enzymes that           Urinal Screen and Biological Block
quickly digest and liquifies effluent solids. Formulated specially for use in   The screen has been designed to prevent cigarettes, gum & paper
all types of portable toilets and commodes to prevent odours and facilitate     blocking the urinal while the large biological block (see Toss Block)
easy discharge. Royal Flush safely replaces formaldehyde and quaternary         continuously maintains the urinal pipe and trap, degrading the organic
ammonium products and is compatible with all types of sewage treatment          waste and uric scale that causes odours and blockages.
systems, including septic tanks.                                                Product code: USB
Product code: RFTF1, RFTF5, RFTF20
                                                                                Royal Flush Biological
Royal Flush Sachets                                                             Cistern Block
All the benefits from Royal Flush Fluid in a soluble sachet. Simply drop one    Based upon our conventional Royal Flush Cistern Block delivering blue
or more sachets into the bowl and flush into the holding tank to maintain       colour and chemical cleaning with the additional benefits of biological
odour-free portable toilet systems. Particularly popular with coach             cleaning action.
operators and mobile toilet-hire companies as storage of the sachets takes      The water-softening and sequestering agents maintain a clean bowl, while
minimal space.                                                                  the biological cleaning power works in the pipes to prevent the build-up of
Product code: RF-SAC50                                                          solids. Especially useful in small-bore, pumped toilet systems and older
                                                                                buildings where drain-runs can be problematic.
                                                                                Product code: RFPB

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