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									       Rhino Resources to Build Your Business on a Beer Budget
         Compiled by Dan Murphy, Social Media Coordinator for Rhino Living

  All services listed are at a reasonable cost, allow a trial or are free. Rhino Living does not
             receive any proceeds for promoting any of these audacious services.
                                   Give…Love…Serve Rhinos!

Free Press Release Distribution

   •   PRLog - http://www.prlog.org - Free press release distribution
   •   PR.com - http://www.pr.com - Free and paid press release distribution
   •   PR*URGENT - http://www.prurgent.com - Free press release service, also gives
       you resources on how to write your own press release
   •   1888 PressRelease - http://888pressrelease.com - Free and paid press release
   •   i-Newswire - http://www.i-newswire.com/ - Free and paid press release service
       with press release tips

Accepting Payments

   •   Google Checkout - http://checkout.google.com - Allows accepting credit cards
       over the Internet, no "virtual terminal" processing (ability to manually process a
   •   PayPal - http://www.paypal.com - One of the most popular, allows virtual terminal

The above are two of the most popular methods and allow easy integration into your


   •   Constant Contact - http://www.constantcontact.com - Free for up to 100 people for
       60 days
   •   MailChimp - http://www.mailchimp.com - Free up to 100 people
   •   Email Marketing Pro - http://www.emailmarketingprofessional.com - Free email
       marketing software for Windows, "Small Business" version available for a cost with
       several more options
   •   GroupMail - group-mail.com - Free email marketing software, can send to 100
       people at a time with free version
   •   Easy Contact - http://www.easycontact.com/ - send up to 100 emails per month

   •   Quickbooks Simple Start - http://www.quickbooks.com
   •   Microsoft Office Accounting Express - http://www.ideawins.com
   •   NolaPro - http://www.nolapro.com - Free, web-based (does require a Windows
       install, also compatible with Linux)
   •   GnuCash - http://www.gnucash.org - Open source accounting software
   •   TurboCASH Accounting - http://sourceforge.net/projects/turbocash/ - Entry-level
       accounting package, open source

Great way to find listings of for vendors for products / services

   •   The Ultimate Event Resource - http://tsnn.com
   •   Tradeshow Week Directory -
       http://directory.tradeshowweek.com/directory/index.asp - Find Tradeshows in
       your area
   •   Conventions.net - http://www.conventions.net - Has a marketplace areas that lists
   •   ExpoWorld.net - http://www.expoworld.net - Search events and providers


   •   Webs (formerly freewebs) - http://www.webs.com - Free website, places their own
       advertising on your page
   •   Weebly - http://www.weebly.com - No advertising, free website and blog
   •   Google Sites - http://sites.google.com - Great for "group" websites such as a club
       for collaboration
   •   Wix.com - http://www.wix.com - Free web page and places their ads on your site

Pay Per Click Advertising

   •   Google AdWords - http://www.google.com/adwords - One of the most popular
       PPC services
   •   Yahoo Advertising - http://advertising.yahoo.com

These are two of the more popular services. Before using them be sure to search the
Internet for "Google advertising credit," "Google adwords credit," "Yahoo advertising
credit," etc. in order to find discounts and coupons. Some web hosts even offer coupons
towards these services.

Social Networking Sites

   •   LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com - Create a "network" of colleagues and other
       business contacts
   •   Facebook - http://www.facebook.com - Use to connect or re-connect with friends,
       business associates, etc.
   •   Twitter - http://www.twitter.com - Many businesses use Twitter to announce
       promotions, updates and other quick messages
   •   Plaxo - http://www.plaxo.com - Use to connect with friends and business
       associates, while being able to view the content they create on the web via Twitter,
       LiveJournal, Facebook, etc.


   •   Google Docs - http://docs.google.com - Free online word processor, spreadsheet
       creator, presentation creator and forms for capturing data
   •   Open Office - http://www.openoffice.org - Free, open source software for word
       processing spreadsheets, presentations, database creation, and
   •   Zoho Show - http://show.zoho.com - Free for personal use, allows you to create
       online presentations
   •   Preezo - http://www.preezo.com - Online presentation creator

If your presentations are in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, Use Slideshare
(http://www.slideshare.com) to share your presentations online


   •   Free Online Surveys - http://www.freeonlinesurveys.com - Free surveys, with
       ability to upgrade to more features
   •   Google Docs (Forms) - http://docs.google.com - Create surveys and have the
       results delivered into a Google spreadsheet for easy manipulation / exporting
   •   eSurveysPro - http://www.esurveyspro.com - Free surveys with upgrade option for
       additional features
   •   SurveyMonkey - http://www.surveymonkey.com - Can obtain 100 survey
       responses at no charge

Phone Service

   •   Skype - http://www.skype.com - Skype-to-Skype video and voice calls are free,
       you can buy mothly credits for cheap long distance calls
   •   ooma - http://www.ooma.com - The unit costs $250 to start, however allows free
       U.S. calling with no monthly fees and offers premier services
   •   Vonage - http://www.vonage.com - Voice Over IP (internet-based) phone service
       for both residential and businesses
   •   MagicJack - http://www.magicjack.com - magicJack plugs into your PC or laptop
       and costs $20 a year for service

Internet Fax Services

   •   Myfax - http://www.myfax.com - Plans starting at $10 a month
   •   Packetel - http://www.packetel.com - Cheap incoming faxes
   •   RapidFax.com - http://www.rapidfax.com - Plans starting at $8 a month
   •    FaxZero - http://www.faxzero.com - Send faxes for free (two faxes per day, it does
        put an ad on the cover page)


   •    Google Mail
   •    Hotmail
   •    Yahoo
   •    Check your internet service provider, they will also provide email capabilities

The options for emails are endless...

Conference calls

   •    InstantConference - http://www.instantconference.com - Up to 150 people for 6
   •    Totally Free Conference Calls - http://www.totallyfreeconferencecalls.com - 99
        people for an unlimited amount of time, records the call
   •    FreeConferenceCall.com - http://www.freeconferencecall.com - Up to 96 people
        for 6 hours, recording available
   •    FreeConference - http://www.freeconference.com - 150 people for up to 3 hours,
        recording and reporting available

Most of these services also offer premium services as well, such as toll free calling, "seats"
for additional people


   •    Wordpress - http://www.wordpress.org - Can download the software to apply to
        your own hosted website or setup a blog on their site
   •    Blogger - http://www.blogger.com - Blogging website powered by Google
   •    Live Journal - http://www.livejournal.com - You can use LiveJournal as a blog,
        personal journal or for discussion
   •    Blog.com - http://www.blog.com - Fully featured and free website to host your blog

Directory Listings / Online Classifieds

   •    Craigslist - http://www.craigslist.com - Most areas you can post for free, others will
        cost some money, over 20 billion page views a month
   •    Oodle - http://www.oodle.com - Online classifieds, also searches sites such as eBay
   •    DomesticSale - http://www.domesticsale.com - Free online classifieds
   •    Hoobly.com - http://www.hoobly.com - Free local classifieds

Website Submission

   •    Google - http://www.google.com/addurl/ - Add your website to Google
   •    Submit Express - http://www.submitexpress.com/submit.html - Free submission to
        40+ search engines
  •   Yahoo! Site Explorer - http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit/ - Submit a
      website to Yahoo!
  •   AddMe.com - http://www.addme.com - Add you site to the top 20 search engines

Domain Registration

  •   GoDaddy - http://www.godaddy.com - Cheap website registration, also offers
      other services such as web hosting
  •   Active Domain - http://www.active-domain.com - The .info domains at this point are
      at the price of $2.85 specified, others are still reasonably priced
  •   Cheap-DomainNames.com - http://www.cheap-domainnames.com - $8.95 domain
  •   Yahoo! Domains - http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/domains/ - $9.95 domains for
      your first term

Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software

  •   FreeCRM - http://www.freecrm.com - Unlimited contacts, ad supported, can
      upgrade to a paid account for additional features
  •   Zoho CRM - http://crm.zoho.com - Free for up to 3 users on the same account,
      premium features available for a cost
  •   Keepm - http://www.keepm.com - Unlimited contacts, share your contacts with any
      email address
  •   Vtiger - http://www.vtiger.com - Software-based CRM, available for either
      Windows or Linux

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