Your Monthly Business Plan by ashrafp


									                       Your Monthly Business Plan:
You have the opportunity to build a multi-million dollar residual income business.
Successful business people start every month by looking back at the previous month/quarter
and analyzing what is working, where do I need to improve and grow, and what skills do I
need to build. Here are some points to help you. I recommend having a notebook for
These sheets so you can easily find them and analyze from month to month.

Step 1.
*Complete:“numbers don’t lie”, central chart, monthly presentation tracker, and appointment
tracker for last month-go to for sheets.

Step 2.
*set your goals for this month: See “dreams, goals & Activities

Step 3.
Be Prepared : Put together
*40 class folder packets
*25 Prospecting folders
*25 purse packs
*Order and have Arbonne Now CD’s with you. 25 a month

Step 4.
*Personal Growth & Self development Plan-Choose one skill to work on for the month
Sponsoring, scheduling, prospecting, listening, Belief & self-esteem, presentations, closing,
rsvp sales. Just pick one and go to Arbonne university, learn and burns, library, eye on
Arbonne stories to improve that skill.

Remember “we overestimate what we can do in a year and completely underestimate what we
can do in 5. Stick to your plan, focus on your why and serving others!

You have joined a team that focuses on PECE-
Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Courage & Extra-
Extra Effort: for your clients, your goals, your dreams & your future!

I believe in you! We are on this journey together. Let’s go Drive the Dream!

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