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                        Special Edition
                                                March 2011

Refinancing your mortgage has never been this easy. See inside for more details…
   Refinancing has never been this easy
   and stress free...
   With more people than ever shopping around for the best deal on their
   home loan, there has never been a better time to switch to RCU.
   Contrary to popular belief, refinancing your mortgage is a lot easier than
   you might think. Gone are the days of endless paperwork and spending
   hours chasing your bank for document after document.
   Our easy, streamlined process now means that your very own Loan
   Specialist will do all the hard work for you — complete from application
   to settlement and all the paperwork in between.
   Our Mortgage Rescue Package is designed specifically
   to make the refinance from your current lender to RCU
   as simple and stress free as possible.

                                  Which loan is right for you?
                                  Railways Credit Union offers a comprehensive range of competitive home loan
                                  products for all your needs. To compare and decide which one is best for you
                                  check out our Home Loan comparison table.
                    First Home loan                    Economy                     Home loan                    Investment loan
                                                       Home loan
Purpose             Buying or building a first         Buying an owner-            Buying or building an        Buying or building an
                    home – members must                occupied home or            owner-occupied home,         investment home,
                    be eligible for the Government’s   refinancing                 renovating or refinancing    renovating or refinancing
                    First Home Owners Grant
                    to attain this loan

Repayments          Set                                Set                         Set                          Set

Extra Repayments    Yes                                Yes                         Yes                          Yes

Redraw Facility     Yes, minimum $1,000                Yes, minimum $1,000         Yes, minimum $1,000          Yes, minimum $1,000

Maximum             95% of the value of the            80% of the value of the     95% of the value of the      90% of the value of the
Borrowing Amount    property                           property                    property/ies                 property/ies

Access Methods      Phone & Internet banking           Phone & Internet banking    Phone & Internet banking     Phone & Internet banking
                    for extra repayments               for extra repayments        for extra repayments         for extra repayments

Other Features      Parents can offer their home       Top-up facility available   You can use this home loan   The property offered as
                    as security in addition to the     (fees apply)                for any worthwhile purpose   security can be any suitable
                    house being purchased,                                         including buying a car or    property that the borrower
                    so young members can benefit                                   paying for a holiday         owns. There is also the
                    from NO DEPOSIT and                                                                         option to have sub-accounts
                    NO MORTGAGE                                                                                 to better manage your funds.
                    INSURANCE being required.                                                                   You can also have your rental
                    Conditions apply, so please                                                                 income paid straight on to
                    contact RCU for more details                                                                the loan

Current             6.80%pa                            6.80%pa                   7.35%pa                        7.35%pa
Interest Rate       6.85%pa (comparison rate)          6.90%pa (comparison rate) 7.40%pa (comparison rate)      7.40%pa (comparison rate)
What’s in RCU’s Mortgage Rescue package?
• A dedicated Loans Specialist to look after all of your needs
• From first home buyer to seasoned investor, a comprehensive range of
  competitive mortgage loans
• A professional team to get your refinance underway as fast as possible
	 	 • Discharging your mortgage from your current financial institution
	 	 • Arranging any insurances you require
	 	 • Obtaining all of the information and forms you will need
	 	 • Keeping you up to date on the progress of your loan

                                                                  Meet the Team.
                                                                  Like anything in life, when it comes to getting fast,
                                                                  effective and friendly service it always pays to deal with
                                                                  a professional.
                                                                  So whether you’re looking to borrow money for a new
                                                                  home, or looking to refinance your existing loan to RCU,
                                                                  our Loan Specialist team are experienced in dealing with
                                                                  all aspects of the loan process.
                                                                  The RCU Loan Specialist team includes:
Tilt... All-in-one             Tilt... Investment                 Shelly
Mortgage Overdraft             Mortgage Overdraft                 Shelly has just celebrated her first anniversary with Railways
                                                                  Credit Union, but brings a wealth of experience within financial
Buying or building an          Buying or building an              services, where she has worked for over 23 years, 11 of those years
owner-occupied home,           investment home,                   as a lending professional.
renovating, refinancing        renovating, refinancing or
                                                                  Shelly was in fact a member of RCU herself before becoming an
or any other purpose           any other investment
                                                                  employee, and has an awareness of how the railway operates as
                                                                  her husband has been working for Queensland Rail and now QR
                                                                  National for the past 30 years.
Flexible                       Flexible
                                                                  Shelly believes this knowledge helps her in the day to day
Yes                            Yes                                dealings with members, adding to the personal touch of having
                                                                  Shelly as your Loan Specialist.
Yes, ongoing credit facility   Yes, ongoing credit facility       The ultimate satisfaction for Shelly comes from helping her
                                                                  members and “making it happen”, whether this be purchasing
90% of the value of the        85% of the value of the            their first home, renovating their existing home, upgrading their
property/ies                   property/ies                       properties or borrowing for investment.
Visa Debit card, BPAY,         Visa Debit card, BPAY,             Des has worked in financial services for 19 years with the majority
Phone & Internet banking,      Phone & Internet banking,          of that time as a specialised lender.
EFTPOS, ATM, Direct            EFTPOS, ATM, Direct                Des brings a wealth of experience from working at some of
Debit, Cheque, Bank@POST       Debit, Cheque, Bank@POST           Australia’s major banks, and he has
and Bank Transfer              and Bank Transfer                  a detailed understanding and appreciation of what goes on once
                                                                  a loan application is lodged and processed.
There is an option to have     There is an option to have         Des joined RCU as a Loans Specialist in 2009 and he enjoys
sub-accounts to better         sub-accounts to better             building a rapport with members, enabling him to gain an
manage your funds or           manage your funds or               understanding of their requirements and offer them the best
choose a repayment pause       choose a repayment pause           products that suits their needs.
or interest only               or interest only
repayments                     repayments. You can also have      Des enjoys working at RCU along with the other Loan Specialists
                               your rental income paid straight   and appreciates the extra effort that this team puts into looking
                               on to the loan                     after people.
                                                                  He also appreciates the fantastic support network within RCU
                                                                  that ensures members’ needs are always the first priority in
7.35%pa                        7.35%pa                            everything that we do.
                                                                                                                Continued on back page.
Sharon is RCU’s Lending Specialist based in Rockhampton                                                                                                      Don’t have time
where she exclusively looks after the needs of Central and North                                                                                             to jump online?
Queensland members. Sharon has worked within the financial                                                                                                   If you don’t have access to our
services industry since 1989 with her first stint at RCU lasting 8                                                                                           services on the Internet, simply cut
years where she held various roles within the organisation.                                                                                                  out and fill in this form and return
After spending the next 9 years in various external roles she                                                                                                it to us in the Reply Paid envelope
returned to RCU in 2006 in her current role of looking after                                                                                                 included with this Newsletter.
members in this region.
Sharon loves the variety her role offers her and likens the                                                             Name:
whole team at RCU as one “big happy family” who are always
supportive of each other.                                                                                               Member Number:
Sharon enjoys the face to face contact she has every day with
members and especially enjoys assisting them in realising
                                                                                                                        Best contact number:
financial goals and dreams.
Lyn has been a member of the RCU team for the past three and                                                            Preferred time to contact me:
a half years, having worked previously in a mortgage brokering
                                                                                                                        I would like to discuss:
company as a Mortgage Consultant.
Lyn is based at the Credit Union’s Central Station office in Brisbane                                                   	 n			 A new loan with RCU
and in addition to meeting face to face with members also deals                                                         	 n			 Refinancing my loan to RCU
with member enquiries from further afield.                                                                              	 n			 An enquiry about my current
Lyn really enjoys speaking with members and finds it very                                                                      loan with RCU
satisfying being able to help them with all their financial needs                                                       	 n			 General information about
and aspirations.                                                                                                               your loans
Lyn believes it’s a great feeling to call with the good news
when someone’s loan has been approved and to share in their                                                             If possible I would like to speak with:
excitement.                                                                                                             	 n		Des                   n		Lyn
At the Central Station office the whole team recognises many                                                              n		Shelly                n		Sharon
members by name when they arrive, so it’s always a very happy,
friendly place to work.
Lyn really enjoys the fact that everyone at RCU really works
together as a team and genuinely has the members’ best interests
at heart. It’s a very caring atmosphere and Lyn really appreciates                                                      Do we have your correct
                                                                                                                        mobile phone number?
the support she receives from the rest of the team.

Visit the team at their dedicated website page.
                                                                                                                        Keeping our members up to date
                               Get to know us better…
                                                                                                                        with the latest information about
                             Every good relationship starts with a
                             conversation.                                                                              their accounts is one of the RCU
                             For a more meaningful mortgage                                                             team’s priorities. But our ability
                            relationship start talking today to one of                                                  to keep you abreast of the latest
                             our Home Loan Specialists.                                                                 information is only as good as the
                                By going straight to the Loan Specialist                                                information we have on file, so if
                                team’s dedicated page on the Credit
                           Union’s website at www.railwayscreditunion.                                                  you’ve changed your mobile phone
                you can get in touch with any one of                                                    number, or any other personal
                           the team directly to discuss your needs or to                                                contact details such as your home
                            get an answer to any questions you might                                                    or email address lately don’t forget
                            have. Just go to our homepage and follow
                      the link from the Latest News section to the team’s                                               to let us know.
                          personal page.                                                                                Simply give the Member Contact
                                Alternately you can speak with them                                                     Centre team a call on 1300 362 216
                                directly by phoning 1300 362 216.
                                                                                                                        to get your details up to date!
                                So what are you waiting for?
                               A better deal on your loan is waiting
                               for you!

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