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									How to cervical erosion treatment

I have given birth to two children, day to check that mild cervical erosion,
there is a little bit. . The doctor just told me to plug took drugs, she said,
with a week to go check, do nothing, then on goes without laser. . Speech I do
respect this serious?

cervical erosion is the most common gynecological one. Excreta very exciting
due to inflammation, neck, mouth mucosa squamous cell loss was covered by
hyperplastic columnar epithelium, the surface color of bright red, smooth or
bump against, this change is called cervical erosion.

a lot of treatment of cervical erosion, first of all need to know what the
patients themselves suffer from a type of cervical erosion, before remedy.
Typically, three types of cervical erosion:

1, pure nature: erosion prevalent in the early stage of inflammation, erosion
surface is covered by simple columnar epithelium, a relatively flat smooth

2 , particle type: inflammation continue existence of the cervical epithelium
hyperplasia, erosion surface bump against, granular appearance, as the
particle type erosion;

three papillary: If the glandular epithelial and stromal hyperplasia was
significantly , compared with a bump against the phenomenon of more and more,
were papillary, papillary is the erosion.

these three types of cervical erosion can stand alone, can also be staggered

reality cervical erosion is a manifestation of the situation of chronic
cervicitis, and cervical erosion is also not what we usually understand
erosion, excoriation when the cervical os, was another epithelial cervix a
society place, due to the thin epithelial coverage of the new, or even can see
the bottom of the red blood vessels and societies that look like the real
erosion, Yi Shi was known as cervical erosion, while the reality, not the real
erosion. But they do not overlook it is rather risky.

first cervical erosion will lead to infertility: occurrence of cervical
erosion, especially in moderate and severe cervical erosion, the cervix will
be higher than the increase in waste, viscous texture, and a large number of
white blood cells, the activity of sperm will produce a negative impact, the
failure of sperm into the uterine cavity and affect become pregnant.

cervical erosion will lead to further complications: When suffering from
cervical erosion, it will cause inflammation of other organs. Such as:
cervical erosion upstream of pathogens can cause endometritis; can uterine
ligaments, leading to chronic pelvic lymphatic done; when the inflammation
spread to the bladder trigone, the urinary system can lead to the emergence of
the disease dysuria, frequent urination, or urinating of hard symptoms such as
very exciting.

followed by cervical erosion can lead to deeper lesions: due to chronic
inflammation, lasting very exciting, can cause polyps, laceration, valgus and
depth of cysts and other more disease.

last cervical erosion, increased cancer risk: expert analysis, according to
gynecologist, women with cervical erosion, cervical cancer was higher than the
general population in recent times, the persistence of chronic inflammation is
stimulated proliferation of cervical canal from the columnar epithelial
hyperplasia of atypical pneumonia can occur, if not timely and correct
treatment, it will gradually aim to target the growth of cervical precancerous
lesions, often grouped as HPV infection in cervical erosion, which causes
cervical cancer is suspected signal flags, one of the growth process usually
takes 5 to 10 years.

how cervical erosion treatment

the treatment of cervical erosion, one physical therapy – the method used an
electric iron, laser therapy, cryotherapy. The disadvantage is that the
effectiveness of the larger vice, it may cause neurological active vaginal
wall was reduced, impact on the quality of their living. Also easy to relapse
after cure.

cervical erosion second surgery – only to face a deep and extensive erosion
of the patients with cervical erosion, the main if cervical conization or
hysterectomy. However, surgery has been rarely used at the present, first of
all it there is a certain risk, followed by surgical removal of the uterus is
a direct, physical impact too.

cervical erosion Third, drug treatment – but does relatively little
efficacious drugs.
how to choose which method to be effective against cervical erosion, cervical
erosion how to secure rapid and effective?

progress at the present introduced a senior domestic skills, specifically for
cervical erosion – - cherry rain, it can directly reach lesions, quickly kill
the uterine cavity and grows under the shade around the harmful bacteria, the
repair of cervical mucosa, ulceration of the skin and gradually push to
promote bridge, sepsis, reduction of the excretion of substances, vaginal wall
to form a layer of cations antibacterial protection film, mucous membrane
association and organ function to obtain recovery. Due to cell regeneration is
continued to improve, so the blood under the Societies to obtain good yin
cycle, vaginal self-purification system rebuilt, so that vaginal cells Nahuo
community by nerve terminal density, resistance force increased. Accordingly,
to obtain a great improvement in cervical erosion.

not serious, but also treatment, ah, you can use the \, can be bought in
Taobao, the other manufacturers also promised to refund is not valid, as
promised we did not turn back suffering a

should always pay attention to small for my personal hygiene, make ends meet
during treatment should be prohibited, I believe you will soon recover health,
I wish you happy Oh

generally mild cervical erosion is not very serious, the best measure of
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wish you a speedy recovery !!!


increased vaginal discharge may be the main symptoms of cervical erosion,
vaginal discharge can be white, yellow or purulent or bloody. Sometimes sexual
intercourse bleeding, may be associated with genital itching, lower abdominal
pain, fall, lumbosacral soreness, menstrual tired after the increase.

often in accordance with the erosion of the clinical area will be divided into
light (Ⅰ °), in (Ⅱ °), weight (Ⅲ °) categories. Where the total area of
cervical erosion area accounting for 1 / 3 of mild cervical erosion. Erosion
area of the cervix is 1 / 2 moderate cervical erosion. The total area of
cervical erosion over an area of 1 / 2 or more severe cervical erosion.

cervical erosion, changes in the vaginal environment, toxins and inflammatory
cells increased and the preservation of sperm and impede the movement, there
is no way to penetrate the cervix into the uterine cavity caused by the
occurrence of female infertility.

Chinese medicine, cervical erosion, loss of operation due to human spleen,
endogenous heat, sub-office bets, and complex sense of evils, Accumulation
uterus caused. Treatment in accordance with the upright in the lack of heat
Accumulation, qi stagnation pedicle pathological foundation of righteousness
by tonic, clearing damp heat, blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain,
detoxification myogenic method.

treatment according to disease severity is divided into the following

1. Mild to moderate cervical erosion: Mi scattered outside the main consumer
of drugs, if necessary, with the use of oral drugs;

2. severe cervical erosion: a, not borne by: still the main drug treatment; b,
who has given birth: the microwave treatment, supplemented by drug treatment.

through the classification and treatment not only can an effective cure for
all types of cervical erosion, but not reproductive function in patients with
abuse no matter what the cause.

attention to hygiene to prevent rude of living. Shensi spicy very spicy food.

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