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Donation Requests

  Due to the number of donation requests received by HECFI, we require you to mail all donation
  requests on company letterhead to:

 Alipa Patel
 Manager of Marketing & Communications
 10 MacNab Street South
 Hamilton Ontario
 L8P 4Y3

 Please include:

  Name of Event
  Date of Event
  Event Details
  Charity or Non Profit Number
  Address of Donation delivery

 All Donation Requests will be considered. We are not able to personally respond to each request.
 Every effort will be made to assist with your request. If it is determined that we are able to
 contribute, we will mail our donation to the address of donation delivery on your letter.

 The donation will be determined by nature and date of your event and the inventory we have
 available at that time.

 Thank you for interest in HECFI.

               Please contact Alipa Patel | Manager of Marketing & Communications HECFI for more information
                                     Hamilton Entertainment and Convention Facilities Inc.
                                  c/o 1 Summers Lane, Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA L8P 4Y2
                                                      Tel (905) 546-2566