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					                                                   Registration No.: 2006/091190/23 | 241 Veda Street, Montana Park, Pretoria, 0159
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An array of services specialising in music production for radio advertisements, from concept to final product
> Spoken Voice, Audio Logos, Jingles and more

Item    Description                                                      30 sec         20 sec          10 sec              Other
        Radio Advertising Productions
        (incl. mixing and mastering)
        Script writing / Styling                                                                                            R500
        Spoken Voice only                                                R750              *            R550
        Spoken voice / music bed                                        R1,100             *            R750
        Full Sing                                                      R1,200 +            *           R 900 +
        Sing in (without audio logo)                                    R1,100             *
        Sing Out (excludes voicing/audio logo)                          R1,100             *
        Audio Logo                                                                         *          R1,500 +
        Instrumental                                                   R1100 +             *
        Jingle Compositions                                            R 1500 +            *

        * Above exclude voice artist

        Voice Over Artists
        In-house / Studio recommendation                                                   *                                     R500 +
        Voice Bank Artists                                                                 *                               R500 - R1500
        Session Musicians                                                                  *                               R500 - R1500

        Detailed description
        (Please see below for breakdown)
        “Spoken voice”
        no music bed, only voice over, entire duration
        - “Full sing”
        music and lyrics, no music bed
        - “Sing in”
        at start, company name or slogan, ends with music bed for
        voice-over use
        - “Sing out”
        starts with music bed for voice over use, ends with singing
        - “donut”
        music bed in the middle for voice over use, singing available
        on both ends.
        - “audio logo”
        5 – 10 second version including only company name and/or
        - instrumental
        no music bed, no voice over, instruments only
        Jingle edits available in standard lengths
        eg. 30s, 45s, 1 min, 3 – 5min
        * Note voice usage as per contract / studio time

                                                 * All quoted prices exclude VAT

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