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					Chongqing Brewery: 10-year net profit of 200 billion can come true

Chongqing Brewery (600,132 market, shares love) the treatment of type
(synthetic peptide) hepatitis B vaccine program for small investors is” the
devil “business as usual” angel “? The answer may far away.

3 21 March, Chongqing, Chen Jia living material Engineering Co., Ltd. (the
Chen “Chen Jia living substance”) in the treatment type (synthetic peptide)
Phase II clinical trials of hepatitis B vaccine A clinical trials results to
the State Food and Drug Supervision Bureau of coherent character assessment
for the respondent.

answer session, A Phase II clinical trials in the direction of the State Food
and Drug Supervision Bureau reported for clinical trials in Phase II A results,
according to figures revealed love to know, in the review meeting, the State
Food and Drug Administration also put forward for Council to speed up into the

speed up the degree of progress is good news for small investors, after all,
whether it is business as usual defeat successful, can end a decade of

decade long distance

1998, the Chongqing Brewery acquisition of major shareholders to maintain the
good life-chen a controlling stake in the material and into the therapeutic
(synthetic peptide) hepatitis B vaccine research and development, more than a
decade ago.

this decade, the Chongqing Brewery shares the ups and heave always occur with
the therapeutic use (synthetic peptide) of hepatitis B vaccine into the extent
of the relationship has more or less. It also makes the market for Voice of
the Chongqing Beer lot of doubts that the concept of Chongqing Brewery
speculation vaccine.

Why from the beginning has been that the acquisition is expected to be a new
drug, until 10 years later, can not bring a penny of income Chongqing Beer?

reporter learned after multiple visits explanation is this: new drug
development is a very strong industry expertise, and Chongqing beer into, the
do not understand the operation of the pharmaceutical industry, not familiar
with the reporting process, in the dark decade of wasted valuable time.
Love of a known figure, told reporters, Jia Chen cash living material
production line is mainly used for building and certification, as Chen Jia
living material handling staff from the Chongqing Beer, no concept of the
pharmaceutical business, Yi Shi, including the production of , reporting and
community links, such as testing the efficiency relatively low.

two typical events are: Chen Jia said that the material of life instrument in
the purchase of amino acids because of the import declaration when you are not
familiar with the document number, resulting in synthesizer is the name of the
Customs seizure of smuggling a year. The other event was the best material of
life do not understand Chen molecular structure and synthesis of new drugs,
clinical trials reporting on the substance of life is to take the usual
process of chemical drugs drugs disputes process nearly two years, wasting a
lot of manpower and resources.

and until April 2006 started treatment with (synthetic peptide) A Phase II
clinical trials of hepatitis B vaccine, when such low-level errors still occur.

love to know people who told reporters, because treatment with the (synthetic
peptide) hepatitis B vaccine involves a relatively new theory of immunology,
and clinical professionals Wu Yuzhang professional understanding between the
differences. A Phase II clinical trial program designed by clinical
professionals, hospitals, A Phase II clinical trials and therefore there have
been some problems. such as the lack of adequate understanding of the
principle, A Phase II clinical trial professionals insist Wu Yuzhang
originally envisaged of the injected dose by half, to shorten the time to 48
weeks, resulting in mistaken drugs ineffective. In addition, clinical trials,
a scene selection on the sample of hospitals did not follow the original plan,
causing abnormal fluctuations in the sample values.

2007 年 8 months, 48 ??weeks of the test results came out, no drug group after
unblinding the immune response, clinical trials, doctors discouraged, will
test the patient laid off. This also led to the reduction of the Chongqing
Beer by institutions.

, however, known to love people revealed that the hospital dismissed the
patients participating in the experiment, the Wu Yuzhang believes his research
results are valid. so at their own cost to continue to follow-up of patients
participating in the trial, the results people are very excited Enron
Securities researcher Liao Wanguo February 25 research report said: A Phase II
clinical trials of a total of 48 patients (treatment group% 2B control group),
the results showed that treatment with (synthetic peptide) hepatitis B vaccine
has a certain effect, 30 % E antigen negative patients or virus titers dropped

A Phase II clinical trials but because the case did not collect enough, do not
have clinically significant, can not become a professional assessment of
treatment effect, promulgated the ultimate basis for new drug certificate.

200 亿 net guess

A Phase II trial results with the twists and turns, and two B trials started
once again to be institutional investors Chongqing Beer who are optimistic.

2009 年 1 11, Phase B will start clinical trials held in Chongqing. in
accordance with the Phase II clinical trial program B, the first group of 360
patients with chronic hepatitis B patients from North People