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					Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia effective?

Effective TCM treatment of insomnia you?

effective TCM treatment of insomnia you?

the dirty human central nervous system in the organism play a leading role in
the dealings. The forebrain cortical neurons have a high tolerance to the
customs, under normal circumstances is not likely to cause nervous breakdown
or failure. After the mental tension, although the fatigue produced, but after
take a rest or sleep can be restored, however, strongly strained nerves
dealings, once beyond the tolerance limit, it could produce neurasthenia.

The main cause of weakness (the cause can help you find the source of the
problem !。)

⑴ too nervous long before the brain. like our students, especially the third
year students, not only to take a long time to learn, study, but also bear the
greater the pressure of examinations, lack of necessary rest, exercise and
adequate sleep. over time , resulting in neurasthenia.

(2) long-term depressed. If a student academic performance is better, and can
perhaps learn to be happy, access to teachers and students agree, even if a
larger study on the pressure, may also still be able to afford. and some
students compare their study of hard, but the teacher does not see their
efforts pay for this, and sometimes even say the words that are harmful to
their self-esteem, and therefore often make them feel injustice,
dissatisfaction and pain . In this mood, under long-term mental tension held,
it is easy to produce neurasthenia.

⑶ my personality. There were situations of these students is not uncommon,
but suffering from neurasthenia or very few students. This shows that people
suffering from neurasthenia, own personality is also a factor in the
pathogenesis can not be ignored. generally considered more introverted
personality, sensitive, timid, self-esteem, lack of self-determined beliefs,
self-willed, impatient, dependence, poor control over the students prone to
nervous breakdown.

for neurasthenia, it can be accepted at excellent dream Yun Ou mediation, you
can probably improve autonomic dysfunction, emotional stability to reduce
anxiety and tension, regulate sleep, but also improve the overall state of
body functions and improve the organism resistance force.
Tips: suffering from neurasthenia, a few friends should note the following:

First, to establish a disciplined way of life, arranged their own work, study
and rest.

Second, drink plenty of warm water normally do not stay up all night to ensure
sleep, eat light, eat fried grilled spicy pungent foods easily lose the food

three patients with neurasthenia in the diet therapies should pay particular
attention to the brain following consumption of nutritious value of food.

rich in lipids food: such as liver, fish, egg yolk, butter, soy, corn, sheep
brain, brain, sesame oil, peanut and walnut.

foods rich in amino acids: such as lean pork, lamb, beef , milk, chicken, duck,
fish, eggs and bean products.

sugar-rich foods: such as white sugar, brown sugar, honey, sugar cane, carrots,
rice, wheat ground into flour, sweet potato, large dates, sugar beet and fruit.

family rich in vitamin B, vitamin PP (nicotinic acid and smoke cool amine) and
vitamin E in foods: such as yeast, liver, heart Levin and seaweed roll.

vitamin C rich foods: fruits and vegetables are generally rich in vitamin C.

food therapy

1. irritability is not easy to sleep, a cup of sugar to generate a large
number of serotonin, inhibiting the forebrain cortex.

2. a spoonful of slurry lettuce juice, and into a glass of water dose.

3. bedtime snack bread. pancreas excretion of insulin, was held on the amino
acid metabolism. eat the fruit, or drink milk, can calm nerves.

4. cypress leaves, washed and dried, put the pillow, the smell fragrant. can
play a calm, rest in peace role .

5. fresh orange, pear, banana 50-100 grams, into the pouch does not seal, put
the pillow. smell fragrant fruit peel easily fall asleep.

6. If middle of the night can not wake up after sleep, eat 3-5 biscuits, drink
a glass of wine, you can go to sleep.
7. wolfberry have night service of God, as early as exciting role.

8 . before going to bed, drink a bowl of fresh soybean milk can be hypnotized.

9. go to sleep, the number of suitable light blue, chopped As with cloth
pillow, a hypnotic effect. because inhalation of onion flavor have the effect
of cortical stimulation.

10. medlar wash soaking in honey. A week later in the morning and in evening
services, every time a 15, while taking the honey (honey Sophorae best).

11. walnut one or two, to increase rice porridge to drink, the treatment of

12. bedtime 1 hour, berry tea cups with insulation 200 – 300 ml, can improve
sleep quality;

effects of Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia treatment

drugs (hot) iron therapy

to drugs (such as medicine bag, medicine cake , cream and wine) by heating and
placed specific parts of the body surface, prompting Cou loose, meridians to
reconcile, blood flow, and more for cold dampness, blood stasis, cold
treatment of a syndrome outside the therapy.

applicator therapy

the drug into a paste, apply it to specific parts of the body surface to
control the disease. commonly used in headache, vomiting diarrhea, spontaneous
sweating, prolapse , vertigo, facial paralysis, rheumatism diseases, ringworm
rash sore carbuncle, contusion, mouth sores, burns, etc..

Umbilicus therapy

placed in the drug deposited eye or umbilical cord Department, commonly used
in dizziness, sweating, constipation, urine retention, nocturnal emission,
impotence, Yin Ting, menstrual pain and other symptoms of an external

fumigation treatment
trick drugs fry soup hot steam fumigation affected area and rinse with warm
local external treatment of the liquid. commonly used in the cold cold,
Fengshibitong, moisture, ringworm scabies, anal disease, Yin Yang, eye
diseases, injuries and other illnesses.

therapeutic treatment of insomnia

Lily porridge

take 30 grams of dried lily (fresh 60 g), 60 grams of rice, jujube 10, the
number of suitable rock sugar, porridge slow fire, sooner or later take.
efficacy uneasiness of mind, lungs and cough. the right insomnia, menopause,
fever, the Feizao dry cough and other.

chestnut longan porridge

Chestnut 10 (peeled chopped), longan meat, 15 grams, 50 grams of rice, slow
fire porridge, sugar to taste when eating. Efficacy bushing nerves, kidney
strong waist. the right kidney essence due to lack of effort, causing the
insomnia, fright, Yaoxisuanruan.

longan seeds Hill Porridge

take 30 grams of lotus seeds, longan meat 30 grams, 20 grams of lily, Chinese
yam 20g, red dates 6, 30 grams of rice, slow fire porridge, eat when you add
brown sugar to taste. sooner or later consumption. the right insomnia,
palpitation, forgetfulness, loss of appetite embolism, should be matched

addition to Oh, acupuncture has a good effect of insomnia pulse application
according to the sea to take the door of God rest in peace Yintang Sishencong
subtract points according to syndrome differentiation and selection of
operating practices generally they can not be estimated or therapeutic Jing
Xiaxin it seems easy to use abdominal breathing to sleep a bit

wish each day dream!


great effect. medicine in the longan, Semen, Polygalaceae, and so can help
you Foot and Chinese massage can choose.