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									Cervical erosion treatment

God, I Nende young and seems to have cervical erosion, how can I do ah?? Who
understands suffering admitted to approach ah??

cervical erosion is a common gynecological diseases, but also in recent years,
outpatient The high diagnostic symptoms, many women friends in the hour of the
invention cervical erosion, cervical erosion is severe erosion conditions, and
this is largely due to cervical erosion caused by superficial disease, all
symptoms of cervical erosion is a vaginal discharge yellow, very muddy, the
other portion of the population falling accompanied by little stomach pain,
sour and weak cases, but little stomach pain and sore fall weakness symptoms
of cervical erosion female friends easily be overlooked as a physical
exhaustion that, for yellow vaginal discharge, turbidity numerous other
symptoms of cervical erosion, easy to think of it as ordinary admitted to
gynecological diseases to delay the time admitted to the best of cervical
erosion! to have friends who suffer from cervical erosion, cervical erosion
admitted to the best method is to use a number of gynecological topical drugs
to admitted to:

admitted to cervical erosion methods:

1. For mild and moderate cervical erosion friends, in the hour admitted to
cervical erosion, but also in the use of drug control, it will not change the
degree of deep, will not lead to as severe erosion, the already severe
cervical erosion with friends, admitted to using drugs to relieve the one hand,
the degree of cervical erosion, other hand, can also also admitted to the
purpose can be achieved. as more significant effect in this regard are
Shabolinna, is admitted to the best topical cervical erosion, Suobolinnuo for
mild and moderate cervical erosion, the role of a complete cure for severe
cervical erosion, you can control the beginning of play the role of the drug
after a period of time, admitted to the purpose can be achieved.

2. Physical admitted to cervical erosion: moderate and severe failure in
patients admitted to the drug the case, you can choose the physical admitted
to, but admitted to be causing physical injury, a significant side-effects,
easily lead to vaginal wall is not sensitive nerve organs, sexual life without
pleasure, but also easily lead to infertility, so fragmentation is not
fertility of women with this therapy. Now there are some irresponsible
admitted to hospitals without advocating physical harm, is a completely
reckless and irresponsible behavior.
3. surgical admitted to cervical erosion: severe patients admitted to the
drugs and failure admitted to both the physical circumstances, the optional
use of cervical conization or hysterectomy cut off surgery, no less than a
million suffer from is not recommended for surgery admitted to.

admitted to methods of cervical erosion mainly with these three; we not only
have to understand cervical erosion admitted to methods for the prevention of
cervical erosion, we also have need for understanding.

cervical erosion prevention:

1, Note xing Life Health: xing not only pay attention to life and health, but
also control the frequency of life xing, xing avoid multiple partners,
extramarital xing behavior, make menstrual xing Cosmos bad habits such as to
eliminate the possibility of infection .

Second, to avoid repeated sea: With the sex life later, if there are no plans
to have children, will suffer from doing things contraception, contraception
repeatedly sea, induction of labor. in order to reduce the trauma and return
cocci risk of infection.

3, admitted to irregular menstruation: Irregular menstruation is also related
to cervical erosion and, therefore, it is too short menstrual cycle, menstrual
period will last longer, and they should actively admitted to, by adjusting
menstrual cycle and shorten the walking time to reduce the likelihood of
cervical erosion.

4, to prevent equipment damage the cervix: In gynecologic surgery and seizure,
we must choose the regular hospital and experienced gynecologist to reduce the
surgical instruments The damage caused by the cervix.

5, cervical laceration suture in time: If cervical laceration that occurred
after, will suffer from stitch in time to avoid the occurrence of cervical
erosion cause infection.

six , involved in gynecological raid schedule: Female child to schedule a
gynecological raid involved, especially not to underestimate the role of
cervical biopsy, early inventions, early prevention of cervical erosion is
admitted to the fundamental.

surgery bar, with LEP knife is fast, like a few minutes, and I use it to do,
good bare at the moment, wish to adopt

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