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									A unique domain name. That's one of the first and most important steps
that a new home business website builders must consider. All too often,
you see websites created with a free host with a domain name that
includes the free host company's business name. If you are planning to
market your website and internet business as a professional entity, then
you really should buy your own domain name. Your domain name gives
potential customers an idea of what is inside your website or online
store. Owning your own domain also lends an air of 'permanancy' to your
business and reputation.

Other reasons why you should buy your own domain name rather than use a
free one from a free host:

If you change hosts, either voluntarily or otherwise, your domain name
will go along with you and your customer's will not need to be contacted
with a new web address.

A good domain name that describes your business or product helps prevent
visitors from being confused and clicking on to someone else's site to

Remember to keep your domain short and easy to remember, something easy
to spell and pronounce. My first blog domain name was, and still is, too
long - 6 words - with hyphens between each word. It drives me nuts to
type it, so I can only imagine how visitors feel if they have to type a
long winded web address. Cutesy spellings like adding a Z in place of an
S in a word is only confusing, and will quickly loose it's cuteness. To
help search engine users find you and increase your traffic, do some
keyword research before deciding on a domain name. Keep in mind that you
can always register more than one domain name directed to the same
website. You can use .com, .net, .biz and protect your website from
others of the same kind who register their sites with less popular

How do you go about registering your own domain name? The host that I
use, Homestead , provides the service as part of the package, for a small
extra fee to register. You can buy domain names at other hosting
companies. Find them by doing a Google search for 'domain registration'
or other similar quearies.

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