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					FileMaker Developer Conference Registration Request Letter


Re:     FileMaker Developer Conference 2011

I would like to attend the FileMaker Developer Conference 2011 August 2-5 in San Diego, CA. This
conference includes in-depth sessions, case studies, workshops, roundtable discussions, face-to-face
consultations and opportunities to network with many FileMaker staff and other experienced solution
developers. Throughout the conference, I can choose from over 60 sessions that will improve my
understanding and efficiency in developing FileMaker solutions.

DevCon is the single most valuable gathering of FileMaker experts and resources from around the world.
My attendance at DevCon 2011 enables us to:

           Develop professional FileMaker solutions more efficiently
           Learn tips and best practices from other experienced FileMaker developers
           Learn how to maximize the value of our FileMaker software
           Get up-to-speed on new developer tools and plug-ins that we may want to evaluate

Our organization is focused on getting the most out of our FileMaker software investment. I think it’s
critical for us to learn from other successful developers. Here are 3 projects that could benefit from my
DevCon attendance:

           [add project or initiative]
           [add project or initiative]
           [add project or initiative]

Here is an approximate breakdown of the conference costs:

OPTION 1: Standard Package – includes access to sessions, exhibits and events
       Airfare:                                            $
       Transportation: (round trip shuttle)                $16
       Hotel: (3 nights at $175 - tax not included)        $525
       Standard Package Registration 3-days (Early Bird): $1295

        Total:                                             $

OPTION 2: Gold Package – includes everything in Standard Package plus pre-conference sessions and FileMaker
Training Series classes
         Airfare:                                          $
         Transportation: (round trip shuttle)              $16
         Hotel: (4 nights at $175 - tax not included)      $700
         Gold Package Registration 4-days (Early Bird):    $1949

        Total:                                             $

Plus, as part of my conference registration, our organization will receive a free copy of FileMaker Pro
Advanced, FileMaker Go for iPhone and FileMaker Go for iPad – a $559 value.

I will submit a full post-conference report that will include executive summary, major takeaways, tips, and
a set of recommended actions to maximize our current investment in FileMaker software.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.