T H E PE R S O N A L
                         PO RT FOLIO
                                                                                                                        Registration No. 2010/000176/07

Please complete all the information requested in this application form. In order to provide you with a personalised portfolio designed to suit
your specific investment objectives, we require a certain level of knowledge. The information and questions contained in this application form
are designed to assist us to achieve the level of knowledge required. A lack of information may adversely affect the quality of service provided.

A Individual / Institution (hereinafter referred to as the investor)                                                             Please print
Title                                Initials                     Surname

Full names


Name of responsible officer

Physical address

                                                                                                                   Postal code

Postal address

                                                                                                                   Postal code

ID number                                                                   Passport number

Business registration number

SARS tax number

Date of birth D D M M Y Y Y                         Citizenship

Home phone                                                        Please tick     the appropriate box below for marital status
Work phone                                                        Widowed                   Minor

Cell phone                                                        Married (in)               Single

Fax number                                                        Married (out of)           Divorced

Married / other

Gender           Male            Female                           Power of attorney required - Please tick    the appropriate box below
Language preference          Eng                Afrik             Yes (copy to be)               No

Email address

Philippus De Witt (Pty) Ltd                                                                              Initialed by Investor
Bank: ABSA AUCKLANDPARK               Branch Code: 632 005        Account Number: 404 919 6406

Philippus De Witt (Pty) Ltd, (the JSE Broker) is responsible for the administration of all commission,
fees and disbursements. TPP is not responsible for the administration of fees.

Physical address: 16 Joseph Ave, Northcliff, Johannesburg
Postal address: Postnet Suite 179, Private Bag X1, Northcliff, 2115
Telephone: +27 (0) 861 THE TPP            Facsimile: +27 (0) 86 600 0536
Email: info@tpponline.co.za            Website: www.tpponline.co.za
                                                              THE PERSONAL PORTFOLIO APPLICATION FO R M

 B Banking account details (cancelled cheque / statement to be attached)
Bankers                                                                                                                     Branch code

Branch name

Account number

Type of account - Please tick               the appropriate box below
 Transmission                     Savings                     Current                    Cheque

Other (please specify)

 C Income requirements (delete if not applicable)
By your signature of this application you hereby instruct and authorise us to adhere to your income requirements as indicated below:

Percentage of capital                  R
Fixed amount (monthly)                 R

 D Investment Details
Initial investment amount              R                                                             (Minimum initial investment R1 000 000)

Less: Provision for 12 months’ income R


The Asset Manager is hereby authorised to invest the provision for income portion of the initial investment amount, in the Cash Plus Portfolio
when applicable, or as an income account in the JSE Money Market from which monthly income will be paid. This amount will roughly
decline monthly by the amount of income paid out. The balance of the initial investment amount will be regarded as the investment portfolio.
Monthly reporting for the portfolio will be done separately from the income account.

 E Source / origin of funds
In terms of the money laundering act investors are required to make known the source/origin of all funds invested:

Source / origin

 F Account fees
By signing this application form you hereby instruct and authorise us to levy the following fees:

Initial Advisor fees                                   %      (excluding VAT)

Annual Advisor fees                                    %      (excluding VAT)

Management fees                   A portfolio management fee will be charged on a monthly basis. The fee will be calculated on the total market value
                                  of the portfolio and will be recouped from the investment by the Asset Manager. A fee of 1,4% (excluding vat)
                                  per annum will be charged at the end of each month.

Administration fees               A fixed administration fee of R150.00 (excluding vat) will be levied at the close of each month.

* The relevant benchmarks per risk portfolio are declared in the portfolio information sheet attached.

                                                                                                                       Initialed by Investor

                                                  THE PERSONAL PORTFOLIO APPLICATION FO R M

G Mandate for the Management of The Personal Portfolio Investments by a
  Discretionary Financial Services Provider
Entered into between the Asset Manager and “the Client”. The Client hereby authorises The Personal Portfolio Investment Committee
to nominate and appoint the Asset Manager and the Stock Broker, which shall at all times be in the best interests of the client.


     1.1. The Asset Manager is the holder of a Category II FSP license and is authorised to render fund management services of a
          discretionary nature in respect of investments.
     1.2. The Asset Manager shall exercise its discretion in the management on behalf of the Client.
     1.3. The Asset Manager is hereby authorized by the client to invest in, and switch from any of the following financial products:
          1.3.1. Securities and Instruments: Shares Securities and Instruments: Money Market Instruments
     1.4. Investment products and portfolios will be applied and signed for by the Client on the applicable initial investment application
          forms. The Asset Manager shall have full discretion pertaining to the process of managing the investments of Clients and
          shall not need to obtain instructions from such Clients before entering into a transaction on behalf of the Client agreed to in terms
          of this mandate, taking the Client’s established and chosen risk profile and investment objectives into account. The Asset
          Manager will invest in and switch the investments within the chosen profiles and may also switch between profiles upon the
          written request of the Client.
     1.5. The Asset Manager will have full discretion in terms of this mandate to manage the Investor’s portfolio applicable to both
          local and offshore jurisdictions.
     1.6. The Asset Manager may make use of the services of its staff to execute certain administrative reporting functions in the
          course of rendering services to the Client.

     The investment objectives are established in terms of the client’s risk profile as contained in a separate document with all client particulars.

     The Asset Manager shall ensure that the investments that it from time to time manages on behalf of the Client are registered by
     the nominated stock broker duly registered with the Johannesburg Securities Exchange Limited (Annexure A).

     All cash accruals received in respect of share portfolios, including dividends and interest, shall be reinvested as and when they fall due
     and shall form part of the Investments.

     The client will forthwith deposit all money to be invested directly into the bank account of the Investment Company or their nominee
     company where such funds are to be placed for the future management of the investment.

     Clients, who choose to receive monthly income from their investments in terms of this mandate, agree that the Asset Manager
     may initially allocate an amount of up to the value of 12 months’ income into a separate money market account from which the
     stipulated monthly income will be deposited directly into the Client’s nominated bank account every month. The Asset Manager will
     make provision for future income by repeating such exercise at their discretion after 9 to 12 months.

     6.1. The Client shall remunerate the Asset Manager for the management of the investments on behalf of the Client as indicated in
          Section F of the mandate. Such management fee will be calculated on the market value of the portfolio at the end of each month.
     6.2. The Asset Manager may recover the remuneration referred to in paragraph 6.1 from the investment of the Client on a
          monthly basis

           All the abovementioned fees and commissions are VAT excluding.

     This mandate will become of force and effect on the date of signature of this mandate.


     1.1 The Asset Manager uses its discretion to invest on the Client’s behalf with great care and diligence. There is, however, a
          risk associated with investing in the financial products involved. The value of the investments and income may rise as well as
          fall, and there is a risk that the Client may suffer financial losses. The Client does not have a claim against the Asset Manager
          in the event of the realisation of this risk unless it can be proved that the losses were due to negligence fraud, misconduct or
          dishonesty by the Asset Manager or its staff.

                                                                                                         Initialed by Investor

                                                   THE PERSONAL PORTFOLIO APPLICATION FO R M

       The Asset Manager will obtain all legally prescribed documents such as statements and performance reports from the relevant
       product suppliers and furnish the Client with monthly electronic reports concerning the investments. Alternatively, in cases where
       clients cannot access electronic reports, such reports will be posted to clients every quarter.

       The Asset Manager may vote on behalf of the Client in respect of a ballot conducted by a collective investment scheme in so far
       as the ballot relates to the investments managed by the Asset Manager on behalf of the Client.

       The Client confirms that the Asset Manager shall not be required to provide the Client with any other information than what a
       product provider such as the nominated stock broker is required by law to disclose to the Client.

       The Client declares that all funds and investments placed under the Asset Manager in terms of this mandate are from a legitimate
       source and are not the “proceeds of unlawful activities”, as defined in the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, No. 121 of 1998.
       The Client further warrants that, where required, all funds placed under the Asset Manager’s management in terms of this mandate
       are declared in terms of the Income Tax Act of 1962 and that the Client has the necessary approval from the South African Reserve
       Bank for foreign funds, assets or investments owned by the Client.

       Any amendment of any provision of this mandate shall be in writing and shall be by means of a Supplementary or New Agreement
       between the Asset Manager and the Client. The Asset Manager or the Client shall be entitled to terminate this mandate after notice
       in writing of not more than sixty (60) calendar days.

 H Reports and statements
i.     The Discretionary FSP will provide the Client with valuation reports in electronic format monthly.
ii.    The Discretionary FSP will report to the Client, via facsimile or e-mail on the valuation of the investments. The report will contain details
       in respect of:
       (a) the value of the investment;
       (b) deposits made during the reporting period;
       (c) withdrawals made from the investment during the reporting period;
       (d) the actual value of the investment at the end of the reporting period;
       (e) the adjusted value of the investment, taking deposits and withdrawals into account at the end of the reporting period.
       The reports referred to above will be furnished to the Client in the format received form the Administrative FSP    .
iii.   The Discretionary FSP will be obtaining and transmitting legally prescribed documents, if applicable.
iv.                         ,
       The Discretionary FSP may in order to render an intermediary service (if applicable) to the Client utilise the services of its own staff or
       that of another approved FSP .

 I Details of FSP (the advising broker*)
Name                                                                      Signature                              FSB Reg No.

I, the Investor, perused the disclosure document of the broker         Yes    No**    **If NO, this application will not be processed.

SIGNED AT                                                      ON THIS                    DAY OF                                              2010

               By the Investor

SIGNED AT                                                      ON THIS                    DAY OF                                              2010

               For and on behalf of the Asset Manager, the signatory warranting that he
               is duly authorised

SIGNED AT                                                      ON THIS                    DAY OF                                              2010

               By the FSP duly authorised

                        T H E PE R S O N A L
                       PO RT FOLIO
                                               PHILIPPUS DE WITT (PTY) LTD
                                                        MPY REG NO. 1999000394607
                                                      Member of the JSE Securities Exchange

                                                    MANAGED ACCOUNT MANDATE

Account no:                                                                                         Partner Code:

I/We, the

trading in my/our own name or as                                                                                     (“the client”) request
and authorise, PHILIPPUS DE WITT (PTY) LTD (“PPM”) to operate a managed account as defined in Rules 2.40, 5.170 and 12.70 of
the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“the rules”) as amended or extended from time to time, for the client, on the following terms:

1.   PPM is authorised to purchase and/or to sell, locally or overseas, stocks, shares and futures (“securities”) for the client’s account as
     indicated on the attached TPP mandate and, to this end, to conclude all or any such transactions for the purchase and/or the sale of the
     client’s securities and to act generally on the client’s behalf in connection with these securities as PPM deems to be in the client’s best
     interests and as may be required by this mandate.

     It is specifically recorded that should the person authorised to act in terms of this clause other than a member or employee of PPM
     exceed the terms of the mandate granted by the client, all losses, costs, damages, claims or expenses of whatsoever nature arising directly
     or indirectly from such breach of mandate, shall be for the account of the client and shall under no circumstance be the responsibility
     of PPM.

2.   2.1    PPM shall deposit for the client’s account and in the client’s name with JSE Trustees (Pty) Limited (“JSE Trustees”),or any such other
            organisation formed by the JSE all cash received by PPM in respect of or arising from the operation of the client’s account which is
            not paid over by PPM to the client upon receipt of such cash;

     2.2    Subject to this mandate and to the applicable rules of the JSE, PPM is hereby authorised to withdraw from the client’s account
            with JSE Trustees, such amounts as are required to pay for securities purchased on the client’s behalf and to effect such other
            payments as are necessary in the operation of the managed account.

3.   3.1    PPM shall hold for the client in safekeeping all securities arising from the operation of this account, in terms of JSE Rules and any
            other relevant legislation. Securities shall be kept in electronic format as an electronic entry in the name of the nominee company
            of PPM, in a central depository register with a central security depository participant of PPM’s choice.

     3.2    PPM is hereby authorised to withdraw any securities held in terms of paragraph 3.1 above for the purposes only:

            3.2.1 of delivering the securities to the client or the client’s order;
            3.2.2 of dealing with the securities as may actually be required in operating the client’s account.

4.   PPM is hereby authorised to act as a principal in any transaction for the purchase or sale of the client’s securities provided that PPM
     may not charge the client brokerage or commission for such transactions. PPM is required to disclose this fact on the note confirming
     the transaction.

5.   Special conditions/exclusions

     The Committee of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange shall be the final arbitrator of any inconsistency between this mandate and the
     terms of special arrangements listed in paragraph 5.

     5.1    To comply with the requirements of this mandate, the client’s investment adviser is hereby authorised to sign any client agreement
            or mandate of any Financial Exchange.
                                                                                                       Initialed by Investor

                                                              THE PERSONAL PORTFOLIO ANNEX U R E A

6.   The client indemnifies PPM and/or any of PPM’s members or employees acting within the course and scope of their employment and
     hold PPM and/or the aforesaid directors or employees harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and
     expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees on the attorney and own client scale, (“the claims”), which may be brought by the client by
     reason of the operation of the client’s account, unless the claims are attributable to fraud, bad faith, dishonesty or gross negligence on
     PPM’s part or on the part of PPM’s directors or employees.

7.   PPM is authorised to transfer all rights together with all obligations imposed on it by this mandate to an associated company. All the terms
     and conditions imposed by this mandate shall apply to such company.

8.   Unless expressly agreed under paragraph 5, the client hereby authorises PPM to levy the following fees and to debit such fees against
     the account of the client:

     8.1      monthly safe custody fee, as determined by PPM, from time to time,
     8.2      fees as per attached schedule,
     8.3      mandatory costs in the conversion to electronic securities.

9.   This mandate shall only be cancelled by notice in writing delivered by hand or sent by registered post by one party to the other party
     and such cancellation shall only become effective when such notice has been received by the other party, provided that any such notice
     which is sent by registered post shall be deemed, unless and until the contrary is proved, to have been received twenty days after the date
     of posting.

SIGNED AT                                                    ON THIS                  DAY OF                                               2010

ID NUMBER                                                              CLIENT SIGNATURE

TEL (Work)                                                  ADDRESS
     (Cell)                                                                                                               Code

PHILIPPUS DE WITT (PTY) LTD, hereby undertake:-

1.   to carry out the terms of this mandate in accordance with the provisions of the relevant rules and directives, including but not limited
     to, rules 5.170 and 12.70 of the JSE, and in accordance with any other rules, directives or decisions of the JSE which may now have or
     which may in the future have a bearing on the conduct of managed accounts;

2.   to try to achieve the best results possible which are compatible with the client’s objectives, but PPM cannot be held responsible or
     be liable for any losses which the client may sustain unless attributable to fraud, bad faith, or gross negligence on the part of PPM, or of
     its employees

SIGNED AT                                                    ON THIS                  DAY OF                                               2010

              (Signature on behalf of Member)


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