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              Shilpi Mishra
              Mamta Kumari
              Sonu Gupta
 About 2.4 billion mobile
  phones have been sold around
  the world last year and
  globally there are more
  phones than PC’s.
 World over 350 billion text
  messages are exchanged
  across the world’s mobile
  networks every month.
 There are 10 million GPRS
Would I be open to buying a brand
completely new to the market?
          Sales                 Yes and Not sure/don’t
                                 know= 34+21=55%

                                can be can be seen as
     21   45      Not           index of
                                opportunity for new
                  No            brands.
Why would I shift to a brand that is
completely new to the market?

                                     Series 1

                       Others         6

                 Easier to use                            24

   Bundled with a new feature                              26

            Heavy promotion                          21                       Series 1

   established brand name in..                            24

       Strong price advantage                                       32

                                 0     10       20             30        40
 Maxx Mobile Communications Limited ("MAXX") is the
  leading manufacturer of high performance mobile phone
  batteries and mobile phone in India.

 The company was incorporated on January 1st 2004 under
  the strong leadership of CMD Mr. Ajjay Agarwal.

 Manufacturing     facility is located at Haridwar,
  Uttarakhand where a variety & quality of battery and
  chargers are produced.

 Large distribution network .
Contd …
  The company has started export of mobile
   phone batteries to overseas market having huge
   demand from various countries like Hong Kong,
   Africa, SAARC, CIS and Middle East countries.

  Company has started marketing of mobile
   phone under the brand name "MAXX" in the
   domestic market which is supported by 21
   branch offices.

  Strong customer support/service network across
To be a leading world class Mobile Phone & Accessories
Manufacturing & Distribution company, providing the latest &
widest range of Wireless Products, Solutions, Technology &
To consistently manufacture and distribute High Quality
products with innovative research & design strategy,
integrated with state of the art technology.

To retain human capital by investing in various training
and welfare programs as well as offering conducive work
environment for self development and growth.

To maximize returns and offer consistent growth to its
Marketing Strategy
  Maxx appointed Pawan Chaddha as a director
   sales marketing(from march 2009 to till now).
  Launched National operation on sales,
   distribution, marketing and customer care
   for a range of branded mobile handsets and
  Target market of semi urban people who wish
   to have more features at low price.
 To reach to customer mobile
  phones are made available to all
  leading mobile stores(mobile
  store, next, hotspot, cellmall, e-
  bazzar ).
 Fashiest of feature at affordable
Advertising strategy
   Maxx appointed PICKLE and MPG
   Both the creative and media duties for the
    brand have been won out of Mumbai, following
    multi-agency pitches.

   Signed lead sponsorship deal with IPL
   With DLF IPL 2010 began the company's 'Max
   Karo' campaign, introducing yet another player
   in an already cluttered market.

Dhoni is the brand ambassador of Maxx
mobile phone.
Quality and service at low price.
Loaded with features.
Series of three television commercials created
by Pickle Advertising featuring Dhoni.
Wide network of service centres.
 Brand Ambassador -M.S. Dhoni.
 Maxx believes in Pan-India presence due to
  which they spend 50% of budget goes to
  TV,route of brand building.
 Invested Rs.150 crore in the fiscal year 2009-
 Looking at raising about 2500 crore in FY
 Investment in capacity expansion and brand
  positioning activities.
 Mobile ranges between 1500-5000 with so
  many features for example.
 Maxx MX475G
 Maxx MX475G is a GSM phone. Maxx
  MX475G, a CandyBar mobile comes with a
  great list of features.
 Most innovative Dual Sim phones that allow
  users to clearly differentiate their personal
  life from the professional mayhem. The easy
  to use features augment the experience.
List Of Features
   Memory
   Extensible Memory     4 GB
   Power Management
   Battery             NK 5C
   Talk Time           Up to 4.5 hrs
   Standby Time        Up to 130 hrs
   Capacity            1000 mAh
   Connectivity
   Bluetooth            Available
   WAP                 Available
   GPRS                Available
   Display
   Input Type          Keypad
   Display Type           TFT
   Number of Colors       262K
   Voice Features
   Speaker               Available
   Camera Type
   Megapixel
   MegaPixel             2
   Multimedia
   FM Radio             Available
   Music Player         Available
   Video Recording       Available
   Messaging Features
   Email                Available
   Special Features
   Dual Sim             Available
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