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									AnnuAl RepoRt
2008 – 2009

people’s Center
At Cedar Riverside
                                                    the people’s Center at Cedar Riverside
                                                    continues to grow and thrive.
                                                    Last year, for example, we had a 34% growth in visits and a 19% growth in new
                                                    patients and clients. This is because individuals and families come first, and foremost,
                                                    to seek health services. But, also they come for social services assistance, to use our
                                                    community spaces, and to visit our theater. We are very fortunate to exist within a
                                                    community that for years has provided loyal support.

                                                    For forty years the People’s Center has provided a uniquely warm, personal, and
                                                    considerate level of patient and client service that, we are told, is difficult to find
                                                    elsewhere. We take pride in knowing our patients’ and clients’ names and in meeting
                                                    and knowing their families. We dedicate a high level of attention to every person who
                                                    walks through our doors.

                                                    We hire doctors who want to listen and learn about a patient and also about his or
      “The People’s Center
                                                    her family, neighborhood, and community. Our patients are never “just numbers” to
         Medical Clinic is a                        us. Our doors are open wide to anyone who needs the services we offer. We embrace
                                                    all ages, races, and creeds. We don’t care if people speak English or not. People can
         Community Health
                                                    receive services even if they don’t have insurance or money. We are truly “the People’s
         Center dedicated to                        Center”…our focus is on people… “people” are what matter most to us.

         providing affordable,                      By embracing this mantra, the People’s Center has maintained it’s standing as a pre-
                                                    mier location for people throughout the metro area to seek assistance for their health,
         high quality medical
                                                    human services, mental health, and other needs. Our theater plays host to original
         care for everyone. We                      and innovative productions in an intimate setting. Local community groups use our
         actively promote the                       space for youth workshops and gym activities. The People’s Center is a destination for
                                                    people because they feel comfortable and safe when they arrive. They know they will
         health and wellbeing of                    be accepted and they appreciate the services provided.
         people living and working                  In appreciation for this high level of support, the People’s Center is committed to
         in Cedar Riverside and                     maintaining its status in the Twin Cities. Very soon we will be adding oral health
                                                    services, Pharm D services, eye care, more comprehensive women’s health services,
         neighboring communities                    and we will also be expanding and adding new sites. We are excited to grow and offer
         through a full range of                    more to the community.

         services.”                                 We know our future is today...that each and every day we must embrace the moment
                                                    and the opportunity to make a difference in our community. We know it is important
                                                    to ensure that individuals who come to us for services and for care receive quality,
                                                    respect, and a meaningful resolution to their concerns. This is the way we build our
                                                    future and safeguard their well-being.

                                                    On behalf of the People’s Center Board of Directors and staff, I want to thank all of
                                                    our patients, clients, donors, funders, vendors, partners, and neighbors for continuing
                                                    to welcome and support us as a successful nonprofit business committed to serving
                                                    people in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood and throughout the metropolitan area.

                                                                                                        Peggy Metzer
                                                                                                        People’s Center, CEO
1   | People’s Center   | Annual Report 2008–2009
Moving FoRwARd
2008 into 2009                                                                     2008 Medical Clinic Patient Statistics
                                                                                   Patient Visits: 16,255
                                                                                   Patient Demographics:
new MediCAl diReCtoR
                                                                                   Black/African American: 64%
Dr. Samira Zoberi will join our clinic on September 1st as the new Medical
                                                                                   White: 31%
Director. Dr. Zoberi enhances the leadership at the People’s Center as a multi-
                                                                                   Asian: 3%
cultural and multilingual woman with a wealth of experience and a commit-
                                                                                   American Indian/Alaska Native: <1%
ment to the people in our community. In addition to her years of local hospital
                                                                                   More than one race: <1%
experience, her international leadership experience includes being the Medical
                                                                                   Unreported/Refused to Report: <1%
Director of the Samad Clinic in Karachi, Pakistan, the Federal Medical Officer
                                                                                   Insurance Information:
for the country of Pakistan in Karachi, the Resident House Officer for OB/
                                                                                   Uninsured: 27%
GYN at the Civil Hospital in Karachi, and the Medical Unit House Officer at
                                                                                   Medicaid: 27%
the Civil Hospital in Karachi. She is certified by the Education Commission
                                                                                   Other Public Insurance: 17%
for Foreign Medical Graduates and has taught and mentored students from
                                                                                   Medicare: 16%
the U of M Medical School and Augsburg College.
                                                                                   Private Insurance: 12%
Dr. Zoberi will replace Dr. Steve Vincent, who has been our medical director
for the past 14 years. Dr. Vincent will stay at the People’s Center as Medical
Director Emeritus and a provider of care. Additionally, in his new role, he will   2008 Ancillary Support Services
work closely with management to develop new programs to meet the needs of          Patient Statistics
our growing patient population.                                                    Patient Visits: 1,946
                                                                                   New Patients: 917
                                                                                   Social Work Visits: 529
BehAvioRAl heAlth pRogRAM                                                          Mental Health Visits: 420
The behavioral health department at the People’s Center is growing. In June        Patient Education Visits: 785
of 2009, Gary Norman, LICSW was hired as the director of the department            Patient Education Demographics:
and has been busy creating and integrating best practice models for behavioral     Family Planning Visits: 38%
health as well as refining a solid infrastructure of policies and procedures. He   Diabetes and Dietitian: 62%
and his staff, social worker Cheryl Champion, LICSW and licensed clini-
cal psychologist Mary Conner, MS, continue working toward a more fully
integrated model of service delivery between medical and behavioral health         2008 Ancillary Support Services
with the intent of providing the best healthcare possible for all our patients.    Non-Patient Statistics
The behavioral health team provides social work, counseling, one on one            Immigration Legal Visits: 570
and group therapy, and psychological services. In 2010 the department will
expand, hiring more staff to offer additional services in the behavioral health
department.                                                                        2008 Diabetes Project Statistics
                                                                                   Diabetic Patients seen at the Peoples
One of the main focal points for the behavioral health department in 2009          Center Medical Clinic: 373
is treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a mental disorder which in-
                                                                                   Patients with HBA1c between 7%-9%: 153
cludes intense current stress that stems from past experiences. The number of
                                                                                   Patients Served by Diabetes Project: 120
PTSD patients the People’s Center sees annually is on track to double in 2009
                                                                                   Diabetes Project Patients who
(we served 224 patients in 2008). Through targeted outreach and strengthened
                                                                                   attended bi-monthly, or quarterly
and expanded PTSD services, we will continue to provide comprehensive
                                                                                   workshops: 96
support beyond therapy, such as assistance with housing, food and other basic
needs.                                                                             Diabetes Project Patients who lowered
                                                                                   their HBA1c after 6 months: 68

                                                                                           People’s Center   | Annual Report 2008–2009   |   2
                                                                                   Naomi*        brought her sons, 8 and 9, in to the
                                                                                   People’s Center Medical Clinic for routine well-child
                                                                                   visits with our Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner,
                                                                                   Deb Olson. In talking with Naomi, Deb noted that she
                                                                                   appeared to be worn out and very tired and distant. The
                                                                                   8 year old boy had Down Syndrome and was obviously
                                                                                   very sick and the older brother appeared to have taken
                                                                                   on the role as his caretaker.
                                                                                   Deb treated the younger son for pneumonia and gave
                                                                                   the older boy his well-child check-up. She then took the
                                                                                   time to fill out the paperwork for the family to get a
                                                                                   Personal Care Assistant (PCA) for the younger son and
                                                                                   referred them to a pediatrician who specialized in kids
                                                                                   with Down Syndrome.
                                                                                   When Naomi came back the following day for an
                                                                                   appointment for herself, the clinician noted that she
                                                                                   appeared to be suffering from depression. Dr. Eric
                                                                                   Hazen referred her to the clinic social worker, Cheryl
                                                                                   Champion, LICSW, who with further evaluation and
               eleCtRoniC heAlth ReCoRds                                           treatment, was able to get a county case manager from
               Beginning fall 2009, the People’s Center Medical Clinic will        Developmental Disabilities to take up their cause.
               implement Electronic Health Records (EHR) to increase
                                                                                   Through careful and responsive care, the entire family
               productivity, efficiency and accuracy within the clinic.
                                                                                   was given the best chances for medical and mental
               After months of research, the team decided to purchase and          health by the staff at the People’s Center Medical Clinic.
               implement the Epic system. This was determined to be the best
               choice because so many other healthcare organizations in Min-       * name has been changed

               nesota also use Epic, which increases the ability for us to share
               information. However, because Epic is designed for large scale      Recent theater upgrades:
               healthcare organizations, the People’s Center Medical Clinic will
                                                                                   l Added staff security: A People’s Center staff member is now
               not be able to implement the system independently. Instead, we
                                                                                   on-site during audience attendance of events.
               will partner with Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) in
               order to utilize their Epic system. HCMC was chosen because         l New Equipment and Repair: In 2008-2009 the theater was
               of their successful experience working with other Federally         upgraded with new equipment and extensive repair of the the-
               Qualified Healthcare Centers, including Northpoint Health and       ater’s interior. In 2009, repairs continued in the three additional
               Wellness in North Minneapolis.                                      rooms made available to renters.

                                                                                   l Website Improvements: Recently added to the People’s Center

                                                                                   website is a complete list of rental rates, stage dimensions, and
                                                                                   positive testimonials from previous renters
               Since reopening in spring 2008, People’s Center Theater has
               rented to numerous organizations, including Elysium Theater,        l Volunteer Donations: Each theater company that rented for
               Urban Samurai, Lion Lays With Lamb, Time Track Productions,         more than one week in 2008 voluntarily improved the space.
               The College of St Catherine Nursing Department, Mixed Blood         Some examples include side curtains donated by Theater
               Theater, Commedia Beauregard, Walking Shadow Theater and            Beauregard and carpet for the balcony stairs donated by
               Blank Slate Theater, and taken in $15,042 from renters.             Walking Shadow.

                       “A classic, charming, and cozy theater
                        space with flexible and helpful personnel.”                developMent And CoMMuniCAtions
                                                                                   In February 2009 Mara Winke was hired in an interim position
                                              –Blank Slate Theater                 as the Chief Development and Communications Officer for the
                                                                                   People’s Center.

3 | People’s Center   | Annual Report 2008–2009
In her 6 months here, Mara provided structure to the depart-          Randall*, has seen all aspects of the healthcare system
ment and established a plan for how the People’s Center could         in the U.S. An Iraq war veteran, he returned home only
best move forward with their future development and commu-            to become disenfranchised with the care he received
nication needs. Her tenure was full of exciting challenges, and       from the V.A. He was injured in the war and it was painful
many effective changes. Highlights include:                           for him to walk, he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress
l Creating targeted financial goals for all activities of the         Disorder (PTSD), and he was out of work trying to
Development and Communications Department                             support his fiancé, two teenage sons, and was expecting
                                                                      another baby shortly.
l Hiring a full-time Marketing/Development Coordinator to
                                                                      After visiting a number of clinics for care and not finding
manage internal and external communications
                                                                      what he needed, a friend recommended the People’s Cen-
l Contracting a Marketing Consultant and Graphic Designer to          ter Medical Clinic. He first met with Cheryl Champion,
create and implement a first-ever organization-wide marketing         LICSW, in January, 2009 for his depression and ongoing
plan and visual rebranding                                            PTSD. Cheryl was able to connect with Randall, and slowly
                                                                      was able to get him to open up about the struggles he
l Researching and creating an organized grant calendar to
                                                                      faces daily with his depression and physical disabilities.
support the programs of the People’s Center, and contracting a
part-time professional grantwriter to write appeals and reports       To overcome his struggles, Cheryl realized that changes
                                                                      needed to be made in other areas of Randall’s life. He and
l Kicking off a new Fund Development Committee of the Board
                                                                      his family were living in the basement of his parents’ house
of Directors to oversee all fundraising activities of the organiza-   in North Minneapolis and the close quarters only seemed
tion                                                                  to exasperate the problems Randall faced. Cheryl worked
l Developing an annual event calendar and planning a unique           with Randall and state aid agencies to find adequate hous-
Private Collector’s Home Tour fundraising event for fall 2009         ing for the family, and continues to expand on the relation-
                                                                      ship she and Randall have built with ongoing counseling.
l Creating an Annual Fund case statement and individual

donor development plan
                                                                      The People’s Center was able to offer Randall something
                                                                      that he was not able to find anywhere else, a comfortable,
The Development and Communications Department is now                  welcoming environment, where he was listened to instead
ready to move forward with the next phase in their growth plan.       of talked to, and respected as a person instead of being
In September 2009, a permanent full-time Development and              seen as just a number. Randall continues to come to
Communications Director and a full-time Grantwriter will be           the People’s Center Medical Clinic for both medical and
hired to work on the plan that Mara established.                      behavioral needs, while also referring friends who find
                                                                      themselves in need of similar help.
We look forward to continued growth and success in this
department in the coming year.
                                                                      * name has been changed

new hiRes
Abdiwahed Adam, Bilingual Patient Educator
Nura Ali, Medical Records
Asli Ashkir, Diabetes Nurse
Cheryl Champion, Social Worker
Joua Chang, Billing/Front Desk
Mary Conner, Psychologist
Fathiya Hassan, Nurse
Ahmed Mohamed, Provider
Ayan Mohamed, Front Desk/Medical Records
Tara Waldron, Marketing and Development Coordinator
Mara Winke, Chief Development and Communication
Nsay Yang, Finance Assistant

                                                                                                    People’s Center   | Annual Report 2008–2009   |   4
                Sam,* a regular People’s Center Medical Clinic                                     Gary Norman, LICSW, Behavioral
                patient, was visiting the clinic for a routine exam when                            Health Director
                his doctor, Eric Hazen, MD, talked to him about the                                 Gary joined the staff of the People’s
                possibility that he may be at risk for diabetes. Sam’s                              Center in July, 2009. He received
                weight and cholesterol were high, and drastic changes                               his B.A. from Hamline University in
                were necessary in Sam’s life for him to avoid becoming                              Sociology and Women’s Studies and
                diabetic.                                                      his Masters in Social Work from the University of Houston
                                                                               Graduate College of Social Work. With over 14 years post
                Dr. Hazen referred Sam to our Registered Dietitian,
                                                                               master’s experience working with immigrant populations
                Pam Gaard, for her “Shape Up!” Weight Loss Program.
                                                                               in both Texas and Minnesota, Gary brings a comprehen-
                The program met once a week for eight weeks and
                                                                               sive clinical and operations understanding of complex
                each of the participants were able to meet with our
                                                                               issues related to service delivery with children, families
                dietitian and engage in hands on nutrition lessons
                                                                               and individuals. His years of experience in university
                which encompassed diet, exercise, and social aspects
                                                                               education, building strategic plans, outcomes oriented
                of healthy eating habits. Activities ranged from gentle
                                                                               organizational structures and the soft skills to balance
                exercise such as walking, stretching and even dancing;
                                                                               engagement with all levels of clients is a huge asset to the
                food preparation classes; education on portion control
                                                                               People’s Center.
                (scales and measuring cups were handed out to help
                at home); what to order when you’re eating out; and
                keeping a food record.                                                             Justine Politz, WHNP, Certified Nurse
                                                                                                      Practitioner for Women’s Health
                Sam was an active and willing participant who attended
                                                                                                      Justine joins an already established
                every week, and while he struggled to lose any weight
                                                                                                      team of practitioners to provide care
                at first, he was persistent and when he started keeping
                                                                                                      to our patients. Ensuring all women
                a better food record, the weight started coming off.
                                                                                                      have access to the medical care they
                Sam’s success continues today and he makes an effort           need has always been a priority at the clinic with over
                to visit with Pam to discuss how things are going when         56% of our patients being female. Justine is a Board Cer-
                he’s at the clinic. The clinicians and staff at the People’s   tified Menopause Clinician and Reproductive Endocrinol-
                Center Medical Clinic are happy to work together               ogy Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience
                to provide patients like Sam comprehensive medical             working in hospitals and clinics throughout Minnesota.
                support to better serve their healthcare needs.                She has spent her career focusing on women’s health,
                                                                               including work at Planned Parenthood and Family Tree
                  * name has been changed
                                                                               clinics, teaching prenatal classes, and serving as an
                                                                               infertility consultant at Health Partners.

                                                                                                   Sarah Schlicht, Clinic Manager
                                                                                                  Sarah joined the staff of the People’s
                                                                                                  Center Medical Clinic in March, 2009.
                                                                                                  She supervises a staff of eight medi-
                                                                                                  cal professionals who assist doctors,
                                                                                                  nurses and other care providers for
                                                                               an extensive primary care practice.

                                                                               Sarah’s clinic management experience includes serving
                                                                               fifteen years in the Air Force and the Air Force National
                                                                               Guard as a medic and manager. She performed active
                                                                               duty in Mississippi and spent four months on deployment
                                                                               in Iraq. She also recently was the Clinic Manager at Colon
                                                                               Rectal Surgery Associates prior to joining the clinic.

5   | People’s Center   | Annual Report 2008–2009
                                          the people’s Center has experienced
                                          exciting changes in the past year…
                                            with the future holding nothing but promise for an organization that plays a
                                            central role in the health and well being of so many in our community. The
                                            growth of the People’s Center was helped tremendously by funding from the
                                            Federal Economic Stimulus plan in 2009, allowing us to hire and retain more
                                            staff, begin work on implementing Electronic Health Records, and make
                                            much-needed structural improvements to the building. In combination with
                                            the generous individual and corporate donations, these funds have helped
                                            us improve the services we offer in direct benefit to the people we serve. Year
    after year I am amazed at how quickly the world we live in changes, and how nimbly the People’s Center Medical
    Clinic is able to adapt in order to serve those who most need our help. While the Health Care Reform debate
    creates uncertainty, we have always believed that the concept of the “Medical Home” is the best way to treat the
    whole person who comes to the People’s Center for help, and we will be further developing this idea in the com-
    ing months. And, through our 360-degree vision of services for people of all ages, ethnicities, and incomes, we
    continue to serve the people of Cedar Riverside and the surrounding neighborhoods with high-quality, culturally-
    competent care.
                                                                                Patricia Kelly
                                                                                People’s Center Board Chair

Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2008 |                                              January 1 to december 31, 2008

                               2007          2008                                            REVENUES
Statement of
Total Revenues              3,116,000    3,369,000
Total Expenses              2,628,000    3,361,000
Net Assets Released
from Restrictions                  -        50,000
Net Income                   488,000        58,000

Balance Sheet
Cash and Investments          546,000      405,000
Receivables                   480,000      650,000
Prepaid                        59,000       57,000
Property/Equipment          1,215,000    1,220,000
Total                       2,300,000    2,330,000                                            EXPENSES
Accounts Payable             106,000       111,000
Other Accrued Liabilities    134,000       185,000
Total                        2,300,00      296,000

Net Assets
Unrestricted                1,367,000    1,425,000
Temporarily Restricted         50,000            0
Permanently Restricted              0        8,500
Total                       1,417,000    1,433,500

                                                                                            People’s Center   | Annual Report 2008–2009   |   6
  donoRs                                                                             stAFF
  individual donors                       grants                                     Administrative staff
  Kari Anderson                           American Heart Association                 Peggy Metzer
  Farooq Bhatty                           Aronson Immigration Law Firm Fund of the   Chief Executive Officer
  H Young Chung                           Jewish Community Foundation                Betsy David
  Patrick Cone                                                                       Chief Operating Officer
  Betsy David                             Minnesota State Bar Association
  Teri Dimond                             UCare                                      Mara Winke
  Tyna Ellenbogen                                                                    Chief Development and Communications Officer
                                          Roche Pharmaceutical Labs
  Pamela Gaard                                                                       Tara Waldron
  Jacques Gibbs                           University of Chicago/MWCN                 Marketing and Development Coordinator
  David Goldstein                         Mt. Sinai Community Foundation             Barry Irving
  Gene Hanf                               General Mills Foundation                   Executive Assistant
  Dale Hedstrand
  Deborah Horowitz                        Healthier Minnesota Community Clinic       Nsay Yang
  John Hustad                             Foundation                                 Finance Assistant
  Barry Irving                            Hennepin Medical Foundation                Luciano Mariucci
  Donna Jensen                                                                       IT and Building Manager
                                          West Metro Medical Foundation
  Charles Jorgensen
                                                                                     Kelly Ferdig
  Patricia Kelly
                                                                                     Building Manager
  Chong Yong Kim
                                          sponsorships                               Heidi Arneson
  Gahjookoh Kim
                                          AIG Financial Advisors                     Theater Liaison
  Peter & Patricia Klein
                                          Dyste Williams
  Russell & Laverne Knighton
                                          W. Jacques Gibbs
  Peter Mann                                                                          Nimco Abas                  Soua Lee
                                          Halleland Lewis Nilan & Johnson
  David Martin Agency                                                                 Abdi Abdi                   Luciano Mariucci
                                          Health Partners
  Kathleen McKown                                                                     Mohamed Adam                Millicent Marwa
                                          Jones Satre Weimer
  Peggy Metzer                                                                        Abdiwahed Adam              Marie Mellgren
                                          Mhiripiri Gallery
  Jung Min                                                                            Fartun Ali                  Peggy Metzer
                                          TCF Bank
  Carolyn Nayematsu                                                                   Nura Ali                    Ahmed Mohamed
                                          Wells Real Estate Funds
  Oksoon Park                                                                         Heidi Arneson               Ayan Mohamed
  Sharon Pine                                                                         Asli Ashkir                 Farhiya Mohamed
  Rene Plumart                                                                        Cheryl Champion             Shawna Moore
  Betsy Reitan                            gifts in Kind                               Joua Chang                  Gary Norman
  Andrea Rubenstein                       Valspar                                     Mary Conner                 Deb Olson
  Doris Rubenstein                        Pine Tree Apple Orchard                     Betsy David                 Sharon Pine
  Martin & Sylvia Sabo                    Art Holdings Gallery                        Connie Diercks              Justine Politz
  Jane Samargia                                                                       Rhonda Eastlund             Sarah Schlicht
  John Nicotra & Lisa Schneider-Nicotra                                               Kelly Ferdig                Dee Thao-Xiong
  Gary Schoener                                                                       Pam Gaard                   Patrick Townley
  Stephanie Schwartz                      BoARds                                      Trish Gallion               Steve Vincent
  Gwen Stanley                                                                        Priyangani Goonathilika     Christina Vue
  Steve Stuart                            Advisory Board
                                                                                      Jeffery Hanson              Tara Waldron
  Gloria Thell                            William (Bill) Boscow Leave of Absence
                                                                                      Fathiya Hassan              Taylor Westerberg
  Justin Thiessen                         Shelley Holzemer
                                                                                      Eric Hazen                  Mara Winke
  Mary Tyler & Peter Mann                 Dr. Charles Jorgensen
                                                                                      Lannette Howze              Nsay Yang
  Pafoua Vang                             Cathryn Kennedy
                                                                                      Barry Irving
  Steve Venable                           Laverne McCartney-Knighton
  Steve Vincent                           Anne Olson
  Cass Wade-Kudla                         Jane Samargia
  Raho Warsame                            Dr. Lisa Schneider
  Barbara Weissberger                     Nga (Natosha) Tong
  Axel Wiljamaa                           Steve Venable
  Mike Williams                           Cass Wade-Kudla
  John Wright
  Gao Nou Xiong                           Board of directors
  Melanie Xiong                           Peggy Metzer, CEO of the People’s Center
  Mao Yang                                William (Bill) Boscow Leave of Absence
  Nkaujneeb Yango                         Michael Ceballos
                                          Craig Currie
                                          Eunice Eckerly
                                          Patricia M. Kelly
To each and every donor                   Russell Knighton
                                          Joyce Madison
who gave according to                     John Merrill
your ability and in the                   Nnamdi Njoku
                                          Chrystian Pereira, PharmD
spirit of generosity, we                  Mary Rindelaub-Delaurié                    425 20th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55454
                                          Bobbi Rix
thank you sincerely.                      Raho Warsame
                                          John Wright, DVM

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