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Unit 1 Pre-Reading and Study Guide              Begins on Pg. 5

Essential Questions for this unit:

1. How did Native Americans view their relationship to the world around

2. What were the major cultural features that the Puritans brought with
them to New England?

3. How did the development of society in colonial America lead to the

1. Look at the picture on pg. 4 of your text. What does First Harvest
in the Wilderness show about early American life?

2. Look at the timeline on pgs. 6-7. What was the history of the
English monarchy between 1642 and 1688?

3. What conclusion can you draw about the development of American
literature in the colonial period?

4. Look at “By the Numbers” on pg. 8. Examine the religion graph. Which
religious group had the most churches?
_______________________________________ 5. Which groups are Protestant?
_____________________________ Look at “Being There”, pg. 9. Reading
Check: 6. What animals were introduced into the Americas from Europe?
________________________________________________________. 7. How do
American Revolutionary War casualties compare with those of the
British? ____________________. 8. Where were most of colonial America’s
large cities located? _______________________.

Read pgs. 10-11. 9. Why did European exploration have an enormous
effect ob world history?
______. 10. How would you describe the Native American literary
tradition? ________________


Read Big Idea 1, pg. 12-13. 11. Write the main idea of each paragraph
and list two supporting details to support each main idea.

The Cycle of Life:

Supporting detail:
Supporting detail:

Owning the Land:

Supporting detail:

Supporting detail:

A Legacy of Stories:

Supporting detail:

Supporting detail:

12. Read the song “I Have Killed the Deer”. Is the song poetry?

Find examples of poetic devices, such as imagery, personification and
repetition. What are some similarities between songs and poetry?


13. How did Native Americans’ religious views lead to conflict with


14. Read the introductory paragraph for Big Idea 2, pgs. 14-15. What is
meant by the phrase “subdue a wilderness”?

15. Read the rest of the text on these pages (and Bradford’s excerpt).
Why did the Puritans adopt a plain style in their writing?

16. Read Big Idea 3, pgs. 16-17. How did Ben Franklin’s success reflect
the values of the newly emerging American society?

17. How did the American colonies come to have an effective group of
leaders at the time of the Revolution?

Part 1 Selections: Mooney, Momaday, Bruchac

Read Native American Mythology, pgs. 20-21. Responding and Thinking

  1. In your opinion, what is the most vital role of mythology in a

  2. How do Native American myths express a dual view of reality?


     3. What are some archetypes that can be found in such forms of
     popular culture as comic books, movies and video games?


Read Before You Read, pgs. 22-23. Copy/define vocabulary terms.

Summary of “How the World was Made”-Cherokee story retold by James

The world is ______________________ when the ____________________ in
Galunlati, a place in the ___________, need more room. Water-beetle
offers to find what is _________________ the water that is beneath the
____________. The _________________ stirs up ____________ to form
________________, on which the animals settle. ____________ and woman
are created, and they and their ___________________ soon dominate the

Summary of “from The Way to Rainy Mountain” by N. Scott Momaday, pg.
27: After his ______________________ death, the author reflects on his
________________ roots. He physically retraces the
________________________ of his ancestors. He describes his
grandmother’s traditional ________________________, noting her
________________________ in “the last great moment” of her
_________________, a Sun Dance in ____________ that was interrupted by
_______________________________. He recalls her later years and his
_________________________ to her and to his ___________________.

Summary of “The Sky Tree”- retold by Joseph Bruchac, pg. 35: To save
her sick ______________________, Aatentsic dives out of ________ Land
toward the ______________ below. The animals build a mud
_________________ on Turtle’s back, where she lands and where the tree
takes _________________.

Part 2 Selections: Bradford, Bradstreet, Edwards
Part 2 begins on pg. 53. How do you think the painting relates to the

Read the quotation. What does Winthrop mean by saying that the
colonists’ city is like one built “on a hill”?

Read Bradford’s Before You Read and copy/define vocabulary terms.

Summary of “from Of Plymouth Plantation”: In ____________, a group of
______________ called the ___________________ set sail from
__________________ for ____________________. A storm blows the
____________________ off course, and the ship lands in what is now
____________________________. A few months after their arrival, nearly
half the __________ Pilgrims have died of ______________________. Some
Native Americans befriend the ________________. ____________________
becomes an _______________________, guide, and teacher for the
Pilgrims, who learn to provide for themselves and celebrate a “First
Thanksgiving” after the _________________.

Read “Before You Read” pgs. 82-83. Copy/define vocabulary terms.

Summary of “Upon the Burning of Our House” and “To My Dear and Loving
Husband”: In the first poem, Bradstreet comes to terms with the
____________ of her _________________ and her ________________________
to a ____________. In the second poem, she _____________________ in her
____________ for her __________________.

Read “Before You Read” pgs. 88-89. Copy/define vocabulary terms.

Summary of “from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”: Jonathan
Edwards preaches a fiery ________________, invoking images of
___________ and ____________________. He says that God is
______________ with the __________________ who have not received God’s
_________________. The members of the ______________________, unlike
the sinners who are now suffering in hell, have an opportunity to turn
to ____________, ask for _______________________, and enter God’s
kingdom. Edwards asks the members of the congregation how they can rest
one moment in this condition, knowing that they can be _______________.

Part 3 begins on pg. 95. How does the painting relate to the quotation?


Part 3 selections: Franklin, Jefferson, Isaacson, Paine, Adams

Read “Before You Read” pgs. 96-97. Copy/define vocabulary terms.

Summary of “from The Autobiography of Ben Franklin” and “from Poor
Richard’s Almanack”: Although recovering from a ____________, Ben
Franklin sets out to walk __________ miles to ____________________, New
Jersey, and then travel by __________ to _____________________. Along
the way he befriends the roguish _____________________ Dr.
_____________. Despite his lack of funds and makeshift ________________
arrangements, Franklin finally arrives in Philadelphia, where he
obtains something to eat and falls asleep at a ________________

Summary of “from Poor Richard’s Alamanack”: pg. 102. In a group of
___________________________ excerpted from Poor Richard’s Alamanack,
Ben Franklin offers observations about ___________.

Read “The Rhetoric of Revolution” pgs. 104-105. Responding and Thinking
Critically: 1. What answers is Patrick Henry expecting to his
rhetorical questions quoted on the bottom of page 104? Explain.

2. What connotation is suggested by Thomas Jefferson’s phrase “swarms
of officers”?

3. Which type of persuasive appeal—appeal to reason, appeal to emotion,
or appeal based on ethics—most influences your political views?
Explain. _______________________


Summary of “Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson: The
declaration explains precisely why the ____________________ believed
they _______________ their ________________ and lays the
_____________________ for establishing the basic ___________________
that are the foundation of our ____________________.

Summary of “Time: How They chose These Words” pg. 118: This article
describes the drafting and ________________ of the Declaration. As
chairman of the Declaration _________________, Jefferson was
responsible for drafting the document. As ___________________, Franklin
made a few changes, such as changing an appeal to ___________________
to an appeal to ________________. The ___________________ Congress made
additional changes before signing the document.

Read “Before You Read” pgs. 122-123. Copy/define vocabulary terms.

Summary of “from The Crisis, No. 1” by Thomas Paine: In his essay,
Paine calls on every _________________ to join in the noble struggle
for ________________________ from _________________. Paine asserts that
the war is ____________--that the British king is a __________________
and _____________. Paine castigates people who do not ______________.

Summary of Letter to John Adams and Letter to Her Daughter” by Abigail
Adams: In a letter to her husband written in ___________, Abigail Adams
describes _______________ done by British ________________ to
Massachusetts homes. She also _________________ that the Continental
Congress create a _________________________ that respects the rights of
__________________. In a letter to her __________________ written in
____________, Adams describes the new presidential
_____________________ in Washington, D.C., which would later be named
the ________________ _________________.

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