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partnering for success


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									              partnering for success...
photo: prakash bhikha

         …How MY business can help build the DURBAN of our dreams
photo: prakash bhikha
                        Mayor’s Message                                     The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Many cities around the world are competing with one another on            “The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry salutes the
the global open market to become economically competitive and in          eThekwini Municipality and stakeholders for embarking on the
doing so are creating unsustainable local environments. Pressure is       valuable Imagine Durban initiative over the past 3 years.
therefore being put on our natural resources and the citizens that live
in these cities and surrounding areas. In order to move forward in a      Durban is the 2nd biggest contributor to the national GDP yet it
sustainable way, we need a shared vision that when achieved will          often goes unnoticed. We as business have so much to offer and we
improve the lives of people living in our City.                           hope that the following practical strategic guidelines lead to greater
                                                                          mobilization creating an even stronger and sustainable Durban!
The eThekwini Municipality in collaboration with the stakeholders of
Durban have over the last three years worked tirelessly to develop        We fully support this initiative and encourage our members to align
a Long Term Plan which will help us ensure that our grandchildren         themselves with this plan and to apply sustainable practices in their
have a better quality of life than we do.                                 businesses. Adopting the path to long term sustainability has financial
                                                                          rewards and will lead to a brighter future for our City. The concerted
Business, being an important role player, has a direct role to play in    effort of all the stakeholders is needed for the success of the project..
implementing our vision for the future. We believe that by initiating
action through specific targets, programmes and projects we certainly     We wish eThekwini and stakeholders every success in this project..
help achieve a sustainable city, with an educated and empowered
citizenry, enjoying a high quality of life.                               Yours in business,

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the business sector    T.C. Chetty
to read this brochure and engage with our Long Term Plan, with a
view to ultimately taking real action in your own businesses to make      Interim Chief Executive
the Plan come alive.
                                                                          Chamber of Commerce and Industry

His Worship,
Honourable Councillor Obed Mlaba
Mayor, eThekwini Municipality
photo: thomas ferreira
                     02   Get involved

                     03   Take action

                     04   Creating a safe city

                     05   Promoting an accessible city

                     06   Creating a prosperous city where all enjoy sustainable livelihoods

                     07   Celebrating our cultural diversity, arts and heritage

                     08   Ensuring a more environmentally sustainable city

                     09   Fostering a caring and empowering city

                     10   Municipal contact names
Photos - Peter Bendheim

safe city accessible prosperous celebrating environment caring
time to get involved
                                                                                                                              photo: prakash bhikha

Learn from yesterday, think today and implement today
As a Durbanite, do you think about what          together with citizens from all walks of          for each stakeholder to implement both
makes a successful sustainable city, what it     life, voiced their ideas and perceptions          at home and in the work place in order to
offers and can offer in the future. Do you       about their vision for the future of Durban.      achieve the desired sustainable city.
want to grow old here and leave a great city     Through interviews and postcard questions,
for your children to live, work and play in?     we captured ideas about what Durban               Our Council-approved Imagine Durban
                                                 citizens like and don’t like about their          Long Term Plan aims to inspire citizens,
A truly successful Durban is where citizens      neighbourhood and city.                           non-governmental organisations, business
feel connected with their city, where our                                                          and government to work together to build a
tourists return for another stay and where       Using these ideas, stakeholders participated      successful city.
potential business investors have secure         in a number of workshops where they
economic investments.                            shared their views, goals and aspirations.        It is no longer the sole responsibility of
                                                 The openness and willingness to share ideas       local government to conserve, manage and
What is needed is a rethink as to how we,        became apparent and mutual understanding          develop a city. Sustainability is everyone’s
as stakeholders in our city, can influence       and respect were developed in creating            business and a shared responsibility of all the
each other to act, behave, and do business in    a sustainable Long Term Plan for the              city’s stakeholders. We have jointly defined
a manner that instills pride, discipline and a   Municipality.                                     a path that will help us build a sustainable
sense of belonging.                                                                                future.
                                                 A further outcome was the formulation
                                                 and identification of six themes, each with       The long term time frame encourages
For the past three years our Municipality,
                                                 a set of goals, targets, strategies and actions   people to think beyond their short term
                                                                     page 2
and narrow interests and be accountable           n Provide a long-term vision for cities based on: sustainability; intergenerational, social, economic,
for ensuring that future generations have a         physical and political equity; and their individuality.
better quality of life than we do.
                                                  n Achieve long-term economic, environmental and social security.
Durban is no different from other cities          n Recognise the intrinsic value of biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and protect and restore them.
around the world facing globalization and
                                                  n Enable communities, government and business to minimise their ecological footprint.
urban sustainable development challenge.
Creating jobs, promoting economic                 n Build on the characteristics of ecosystems in the development and nurturing of healthy and
development, protecting the natural                 sustainable cities.
environment, combatting HIV/AIDS, reducing        n Recognise and build on the distinctive characteristics of cities, including their human and cultural
high crime and mitigating the impacts of            values, history and natural systems.
global warming are common problems. The
key is how we choose to tackle them.              n Empower people and foster participation.
                                                  n Expand and enable cooperative networks to work towards a common, sustainable future.
In order to address these challenges,
eThekwini Municipality has chosen a set of        n Promote sustainable production and consumption, through appropriate use of environmentally
sustainable principles to serve as a guide to       sound technologies and effective demand management.
the implementation of the Long Term Plan.         n Enable continual improvement, based on accountability, transparency and good governance.
These are the Melbourne Principles in the
box on the right.                                It makes good business sense to contribute
                                                 to building a city that is sustainable from
                                                 social, economic and environmental
                                                                                                          Six Themes
                                                                                                           n Creating a safe city

Take action                                      perspectives.

                                                 The following pages demonstrate some
                                                                                                           n Promoting an accessible city
                                                                                                           n Creating a prosperous city where all
Now for the implementation phase, taking         actions that business can take to align                     enjoy sustainable livelihoods
action and getting involved. This can only be    with each of the Long Term Plan’s six
achieved if all stakeholders participate.        themes and share lessons learnt on new                    n Celebrating our cultural diversity, arts
                                                 initiatives, individually or jointly, with other            and heritage
The business sector is an important role         stakeholders.                                             n Ensuring a more environmentally
player and so should be fully conversant
with the plan and align with it, ensuring that                                                               sustainable city
                                                 It is hoped that this publication will inspire
business is conducted in the spirit and goals    you and your business to play a part in                   n Fostering a caring and empowering city
of the Imagine Durban Long Term Plan.            creating the city of our dream.
                                                                       page 3
                        We want a crime free                    Strategies that get us there.                  n Partner with the local authority to
                                                                                                                 manage and activily use public open space.
                        city where all those who live,          n The establishment of forums which
                        work and play in Durban feel safe         promote connection within a community.       n Engage with SAPS and Metro Police
                        in private and public spaces. To have   n Well-used, public open spaces that           n Sponsor crisis and victim support centres,
                        this we need to actively support          enhance neighbourhoods and reduce
Creating a Safer City
                                                                                                                 youth organisations, youth centres
                        strategies and actions that create a      risks.                                         and organisations addressing poverty,
                        safer city.                                                                              unemployment and food security.
                                                                n Reduction of crime risk sites through
                                                                  design and maintenance.                      n Comply with the law relevant to your
                        Opportunity                                                                              business and report fraud and corruption
                        The business sector has much            n Stronger integration between role
                                                                                                                 in business.
                                                                 players and clearer definition of roles and
                        to gain from knowing that the
                                                                 responsibilities to help everyone perform     n Partner with police stations to encourage
                        neighbourhoods in which they             more effectively and reduce duplication.
                                                                                                                 the effective management of police
                        operate are as safe as possible as
                                                                n Access to information on crime that            stations.
                        a safe environment is required to
                                                                  assists stakeholders to take targeted
                        optimize trade and investment. The                                                     n Initiate community events that help
                                                                  action to prevent crime.
                                                                                                                 people to interact with their neighbours.
                        best solutions are often reached
                        when a wide range of agencies and       n A good working relationship with police
                                                                  is essential to provide the public with
                        individuals are brought into the          confidence and discourages crime.
                        problem solving process. Local
                        businesses should participate in
                        safety networks and anti-crime          What Business can do.
                        initiatives and provide one another
                                                                n Join and provide resources to support
                        with support and assistance.
                                                                  your local community forum.

                                                                n Take into account safety and crime
                                                                  reducing strategies when you design new
                                                                                   page 4
Promoting an Accessible City   Durban needs to be                        Strategies that get us there.                   What Business can do.
                               a place where all citizens can            n Developing high density nodes and             n Locate and invest in mixed development
                               easily and affordably access the
                                                                           corridors ensures a range of services,          corridors, creating affordable localised
                               facilities and services needed for a
                                                                           facilities and public transport options are     communities.
                               sustainable lifestyle.
                                                                           easily available to people.
                                                                                                                         n Ensure old and new buildings conform to
                               Opportunity                               n Promoting efficient, effective and              Universal Access design principles and
                               In order to achieve this, key choices
                                                                           affordable public transport.                    accessible to the disabled.
                               have been made by the Municipality
                               to promote the accessibility of           n Ensuring equitable access to retail and       n Establish fee based information services
                               services and infrastructure:                social facilities that increases quality of     in areas that are underserved by
                                                                           life.                                           information facilities.
                               w Improving our port and logistics
                                 infrastruture, which will improve       n Promoting access to information and
                                 connectivity in the metro area.           communication networks that increases
                                                                           livelihood and lifestyle options.
                               w Pursuing densification, bringing
                                 people closer to where they live,
                                 work, study and relax.

                               w Improving telecommunications
                                 to businesses, citizens and other
                                 public bodies, enhancing economic
                                 and social empowerment.

                               w Developing a good public transport

                               With the aim of creating
                               partnerships, and working together
                               the Municipality and businesses can
                               create a sustainable path for the city.

                                                                                             page 5
Promoting a Prosperous City   We need to give all                       Strategies that get us there.                  What Business can do.
                              Durban citizens the opportunity to        n Spatially marginalised poor people need      n Open dialogue with civil society and
                              earn a decent living and support a          the opportunity to develop a range             government to understand responsible
                              sustainable lifestyle.                      of livelihood strategies. This requires        business expansion and role of business
                                                                          cities to examine their policies and           in supporting livelihood options for the
                              Opportunity                                 implementation of services to ensure
                              There is a drive to create a resource       they support diverse livelihood options.     n Commit to decent work standards and
                              efficient, low carbon and pro-                                                             lifelong learning for employees.
                              employment growth path. In order          n Promoting and developing skills related to
                              to achieve this path, collectively, all     literacy and numeracy.                       n Take on internships to develop the skills
                              stakeholders need to participate in                                                        base and work exerience for young
                              developing a green economy. The           n Improving opportunities for small and          graduates and artisans at a nominal cost.
                              business sector, being the most             medium businesses.
                              important sector and driver of a                                                         n Buy local products and use local services
                              sustainable economy must commit to                                                         to improve small and medium businesses.
                                                                        n Supporting local innovation and
                              sustainable strategies that ultimately
                                                                          knowledge development. Including             n Finance institutions can develop products
                              improve the well being of companies,                                                       supporting small and medium business
                                                                          public-private partnerships as one way of
                              society and both the built and natural                                                     development.
                                                                          developing intellectual capital.
                                                                                                                       n Partner with government and relevant
                                                                        n Making sustained public commitments and
                                                                                                                         institutions to support knowledge
                                                                          new forms of partnerships with business        development and innovation.
                                                                          and civil society.
                                                                                                                       n Establish local agriculture businesses
                                                                        n Incresing food security through improved       where possible.
                                                                          internal food production.

                                                                                         page 6
                              We need to celebrate                  Strategies that get us there.                     n Sponsor and promote street festivals and
                                                                                                                        events that celebrate local heritage.
Cultural, Arts and Heritage   Durban as a creative city with
                                                                    n Supporting our local artists and local
                              diverse cultural heritage.                                                              n Establish venues for live performances or
                                                                                                                        use your business premises.
                                                                    n Promoting spaces and events that create
                                                                                                                      n Commission street art, applied arts or
                              Opportunity                              opportunities for local arts, culture and
                                                                                                                        sculpture for commercial buildings.
                              We are fortunate that Durban             heritage.

                              is rich in cultural diversity which   n Establishing and maintaining partnerships       n Take up commercial opportunities that
                                                                       between role-players in arts, culture and        result from arts, culture and heritage
                              should be maintained, protected
                                                                       heritage.                                        routes and cultural precincts.
                              and promoted by stakeholders.
                                                                    n Showcasing heritage to local citizens as
                                                                       well as national and international visitors.
                              There is also a wealth of
                              knowledge in a broad range of         What Business can do.
                              arts and culture in previously
                                                                    n Book local artists and use local art for
                              disadvantaged communities which
                                                                      commercial events. Buy local arts and
                              should be captured and supported        crafts for corporate gifts.
                              by economic partnerships. This will
                                                                    n Media organisations can provide
                              ensure continued opportunities
                                                                      information on local culture, arts and
                              to understand and respect one           heritage.
                              another and learn from one
                              another’s cultural practices.         n Organise or promote events that focus
                                                                      on local arts, culture and heritage.

                                                                    n Retail and market local arts and crafts.

                                                                                       page 7
Environmentally Sustainable   We need to protect the                   Strategies that get us there.                     n Participate in and establish environmental
                                                                                                                           certification systems.
                              health of both Durban’s citizens and     n Offering incentives (or disincentives) to
                              its environment.                           bring about critical behaviour change in        n Cut down on product packaging and
                                                                         support of environmental sustainability.          produce biodegradable packaging.

                                                                       n Reducing the amount of pollutants and           n Develop or use products that use waste
                              Opportunity                                waste produced by a business in order to          items and waste from business processes.
                              The recent economic crisis and             reduce negative environmental impacts.
                              increasing focus on climate change                                                         n Supply products with returnable packaging.
                              is a warning for us all to re-examine    n Continually raising awareness about
                              the way we conduct our daily lives         environmental sustainability challenges         n Encourage recycling of waste at the place
                              and our businesses.                        to the entire cross section of Durban’s           of business.
                              Sustainable businesses are those                                                           n Stop illegal dumping and report offenders.
                              that participate in environmentally-     n Using natural resources, in particular
                              friendly or green activities to ensure     water and electricity, sparingly in order       n Ensure that your business practices are
                              all processes and manufacturing            to avoid shortages in the future.                 not polluting the environment (eg. toxic
                                                                                                                           products must be properly disposed of.
                              activities adequately address
                                                                       n Supporting renewable energies that
                              environmental concerns while
                                                                         cause less harm to the planet.                  n Modernise processes to reduce pollution.
                              maintaining a profit. A sustainable
                              development approach within              What Business can do.                             n Use less water and research alternative
                              a business can create value for          n Educate and train all employees about the         energy technologies
                              customers, investors, citizens and         importance of “going green”
                              the environment. It also encourages                                                        n Find out what your business carbon
                              creativity and skilling amongst the      n Adhere to principles of sustainable               footprint is and how your business can
                              people working there and provides          business practice. Create incentives for          minimise your impact.
                              opportunities for employment and           staff to engage in sustainable practices. eg.
                              entrepreneurship.                          staff using car pools or public transport.      n Improve knowledge on key species,
                                                                                                                            key habitats and the importance of
                                                                       n Monitor internal compliance.                       ecosystem services to society.

                                                                       n Sponsor and participate in environmental        n Plant indigenous to promote biodiversity
                                                                         education campaigns.                              in the vicinity of your business.
                                                                                         page 8
Caring and Empowering City   Where we need to be                     Strategies that get us there.                  What Business can do.
                             is for Durban to have confident         n Understanding individual responsibilities    n Participate in relevant consultation
                             and caring citizens who act to            as citizens, and honouring a                   events, and comment on relevant policy
                             support the common well being             commitment to uphold the rule of law.          documents.
                             of Durban and embrace mutual              Interacting with governance systems and
                             respect, tolerance and compassion         having voices heard.                         n Observe local by-laws.
                             for those in need.
                                                                     n Engendering mutual respect, the spirit
                                                                                                                    n Promote the spirit of ubuntu.
                                                                       of ubuntu and a culture of helping those
                             Opportunity                               in need.
                             Good governance is essential to                                                        n Encourage staff to learn more about the
                             fostering a caring and empowering       n Fostering life long learning that empowers     cultures, religions and histories of their
                             city and must encompass full              citizens personally.                           co-workers.
                             respect for human rights, the
                                                                     n Training young people and offering them
                             rule of law, effective participation,                                                  n Sponsor charitable organisations. Use
                             multi-actor partnerships, political                                                      relevant media to raise awareness of
                             pluralism, transparent and                                                               charitable organisations and their needs.
                             accountable processes. There
                             should be an efficient and effective                                                   n Businesses can sponsor less literate staff
                             public sector, legitimacy, access                                                        to attend ABET (Adult basic Education and
                             to knowledge, information and                                                            training) and claim back through training
                             education, political empowerment                                                         SETA (Sector Education Training Authorities.)
                             of people, equity, sustainability,
                             and attitudes and values that                                                          n Promote the importance of physical
                             foster responsibility, solidarity and                                                    health incentives to live active lives.
                                                                                                                    n Offer healthy food options at events and
                             It is an ideal that all stakeholders                                                     meetings.
                             should work towards even if it is
                             multi faceted.                                                                         n Sponsor programmes aimed at youth
                                                                                                                      employment and mentoring.
                                                                                       page 9
                                           n Creating a prosperous city where all           n Ensuring a more environmentally
                                             enjoy sustainable livelihoods                    sustainable city
                                           Economic Development                             Biodiversity/Climate change
                                           Denny Thaver                                     Environmental Planning & Climate
n For more Information on Imagine Durban                                                    Protection Dept.
                                           Tel: 311-4037
  Long Term Plan                           Fax: 332-1720                                    Jo Boulle
Corporate Policy Unit                                                                       Tel: 031 3117697
                                           Email: thaverd@durban.gov.za                     Fax: 311 7134
Bongumusa Zondo
Tel: 031 3114263                           n Fostering a caring and empowering city         Email: BoulleJ@durban.gov.za
Fax: 031 3114120
                                           Governance                                       Energy efficiency
Email: ZondoB @durban.gov.za               Dr. Roshini Bob                                  Treasury-Energy Office
                                           Tel: 031 3114005                                 Derek Morgan
n Creating a safe city                     Fax: 311 4056                                    Tel: 031 3111139
                                           Email: BobR@durban.gov.za                        Fax: 305 2730
Safer Cities
Martin Xaba                                                                                 Email: MorganDJ@durban.gov.za
Tel: 031 3114455                           n Celebrating our cultural diversity, arts and
Fax: 086 5622955                                                                            Sustainable Waste Management
                                                                                            Durban Solid Waste
Email: XabaMartin@durban.gov.za            International and Governance Relations           Robert Abbu
                                           Eric Apelgren                                    Tel: 031 3118841
                                           Tel: 031 3112134                                 Fax: 311 8225
n Promoting an accessible city             Fax: 031 3112164                                 Email: RobertAb@dmws.durban.gov.za
Development Engineering                    Email: ApelgrenE@durban.gov.za
Ken Breetzke                                                                                Water Conservation
Tel: 031 3117176                                                                            Water and Sanitation
Fax: 305 6952                                                                               Teddy Gounden
                                                                                            Tel: 031 3118667
Email: BreetzkeK@durban.gov.za                                                              Fax: 311 8549
                                                                                            Email: TeddyGo@dmws.durban.gov.za

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Photo: Jon Ivins
Photos Peter Bendheim, Thomas Ferreira and Prakash Bhikha


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