Creating Strong_ Inclusive Communities that Value Women's Perspectives

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					Creating Strong, Inclusive Communities
that Value Women’s Perspectives

2009 | Annual Report
                                    Message from the President
                                    Rheanna Sand: YWCa BoaRd PReSident
                                                                            “What an exCiting time to Be a PaRt of the

                                                                            We have been delivering services to women and their families
                                                                            in the Edmonton region for more than 100 years - and now,
                                                                            a renewed sense of spirit propels us into a new era of young
                                                                            women’s programming. How fitting that an organization
                                                                            dedicated to helping women during the turning points in
                                                                            their lives has reached a turning point of its own.”

                                                                      A solid foundation built on committee workplans and an
                                                                      efficient budgeting cycle allowed us to do some new things
                                                                      this past year. We began working on a Board-level risk
                                    management policy to complement operational risk mitigation strategies. To help with this and
                                    other governance-related loose ends, we resurrected the Governance Committee as a standing
                                    committee of the Board.

                                    The Fund Development Task Force has continued a culture of philanthropy on the Board, and is
                                    striving to put the “fun” back in “fund development.” Nominating Committee has excelled once
                                    again by bringing six highly skilled candidates to the AGM slate.

                                    Looking ahead, I see an amazingly talented, energized Board with their eyes and ears open to the
                                    community to help us adapt to the changing needs of women in Edmonton.

                                    Thank you for supporting the YWCA!

                                    Message from the Executive Director
                                    fReda BadRY: YWCa exeCutive diReCtoR
                                    “Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses”
                                    maRilYn voS Savant

                                    ‘Change’ has become a very positive word at the YWCA, one that signals growth, excitement
                                    and opportunity. Strengthening the role of YWCA as the corner stone agency for women and
                                    girls in our community emerged as a key strategic priority in 2009, and is a fundamental part of
                                    the Associations culture.

                                  In 2009, the YWCA Edmonton continued to build on a strong community presence supported
                                  by a vibrant marketing campaign. Focusing on community engagement through innovative
  women and girl centered programming, such as GirlSpace, Lakeside Haven, The Power of Being a Girl Conference and One
  Woman One Vote, the YWCA continues to address contemporary issues faced by women and girls in today’s society.

  We are passionate about responding to the needs of our community, and ensuring the Association remains relevant to those we
  serve. Working in collaboration with our government partners, donors and volunteers the YWCA in 2009 continued to enhanced
  our program delivery models to ensure the highest levels of service to our clients.

  I am proud of the extraordinary staff and volunteers for embracing this culture of change and bringing such wonderful energy and
  innovation to the YWCA. Their dedication and hard work brings with it a promise to women and their families in Edmonton: The
  YWCA will be there to help create a strong inclusive community that values women’s perspectives.

  Thank you for your support

2 | Y WCa o f e d m o n to n
YoWoChAs Outdoor Education Centre:
A Place to Return
                              ChRiS WiCk
                  YoWoChaS outdooR eduCation manageR

    Major capital improvements were a recurring theme at YWCA YoWoChAs Outdoor
    Education Centre for 2009. The year started with the replacement of the waste water
   system. It carried on to a rebuild of the “91 steps of doom” with assistance from the
Foresters. A lot of work was completed at the Franklin Wetlands, including the construction
of boardwalks, bridges and most impressively the Watchtower, a 400 square foot viewing
structure, 25 feet off the ground. The year wrapped up with approval to build a new staff
residence that will start in early 2010. YWCA YoWoChAs Outdoor Education Centre is an
excellent place where children learn to respect themselves, others and the environment, and
these major improvements really help to achieve these goals.

“91 Steps of Doom”                                                  Room With a vieW

           ajor capital improvement was the theme of 2009. The      Construction continued at the Franklin Wetlands. Boardwalks
           year started off with a complete overhaul of our waste   and bridges were installed. The year concluded with the
           water management system, a rebuild of the “91 Steps      completion of the “tree house” structure, a 400 square foot
of Doom” - a natural staircase leading up Senior Hill to the tent   elevated viewing platform, with a main deck at a viewing
cabins- and a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan generously donated by        elevation of 20 feet high. We also received a grant through the
one of our neighbours, Ed Bean. This new “Bean Machine” was         Youth Eco Internship Program and YWCA Canada to hire
greatly needed and much appreciated!                                an intern to develop the program activities for the Franklin
                                                                    Wetlands. This is a very exciting prospect as we anticipate
                                                                    opening up this area to youth in the summer of 2010.
PRogRam StatS

Summer Camp - 589 campers

Campership- disbursed to 33 children

Camperships given to low-income families - $8,249

Outdoor education programmes - 11,271 camper days

Women’s Escape Weekend -20 participants

Mother Daughter weekend -35 participants

Lakeside Haven - hosted 43 clients from Wings of Providence
Crisis Shelter
                                        The Counselling Centre
                                        Pam SChellenBeRgeR
                                        CounSelling CentRe manageR

                                              2009 was a very successful for the YWCA Edmonton’s Counselling Centre, as we have
                                              been able to continue to accommodate the growing demand to support women in the
                                             community with their psychological needs. The YWCA Edmonton Counselling Centre
                                        has seen an increase in the demand for mental health services and has remained dedicated
                                        to fulfilling these needs. In 2009, the YWCA Edmonton piloted the GirlSpace Program with
                                        great success in 3 Edmonton Public and Edmonton Catholic Schools and in 2010, we will
                                        be expanding to a fourth school. I am excited for 2010 as the Counselling Centre plans on
                                        expanding our existing programming to other areas of the community as well as to work to
                                        meet the growing demand for girl-programming.

Program Creation/Enhancement

      or 2009, the Lakeside Haven program had a record               it benefits both the University of Alberta’s students and the
      enrollment of 43 participants. This is thanks to a strategic   GirlSpace participants, with the majority of the facilitators for
      partnership created between the YWCA and Wings of              the 2009 year coming from the University of Alberta. Links have
Providence.                                                          also been made with MacEwan University and Kings University
                                                                     College to assist in finding mentors for the GirlSpace Program.
The GirlSpace program was presented in Edmonton Public
and Edmonton Catholic Schools with great success. The ten            In 2009, a linking protocol between the Edmonton John Howard
week program has been delivered in 4 participating schools:          Society and YWCA Edmonton was signed. This protocol
Highlands Junior High, St. Thomas More Junior High, Westlawn         outlines the client referral process between the Agencies to
Junior High and Hardisty Junior High. There were a total of          ensure that clients’ needs are being met to the best of our ability.
61 girls enrolled in the program over the 2009 year with 10          This partnership is vital as it allows the Edmonton John Howard
volunteer mentors delivering the program.                            Society and the YWCA Edmonton to work together on common
                                                                     social issues with our clients and helps to bridge the gap between
Links have been made with Community Services Learning                our Agencies.
at the University of Alberta to obtain volunteer mentors for
GirlSpace. This has proven to be a valuable relationship as

Client SatiSfaCtion SuRveY (SummeR of 2009)

 - 100% of clients reported that they felt accepted and supported by the services being offered at the YWCA Edmonton Counselling
 - 100% would recommend the YWCA Edmonton Counselling Centre to people they cared about that also required assistance
 - 92% had a better understanding of the issues they face
 - 87% were better able to set goals after receiving services
 - 94% felt they have learned to help themselves
 - 86% felt that there had been a positive change in themselves after receiving services
 - 85% surveyed felt that they now have a greater respect for themselves
 - 71% of previous clients surveyed reported that they have been able to make plans for themselves that they have put into effect

4 | Y WCa o f e d m o n to n
Program Stats

total aPPointmentS attended in 2009: 2060

   1952 individual counselling sessions
   25 couple counselling sessions
   38 family counselling sessions

8% of all visits were children
14% of all visits were male
13% of all visits were new clients

toP five PReSenting iSSueS:

   Family Violence (19%)                          “I can see that the Y WCA is very good for women who are
   Relationship Issues (16%)                                      coming out of bad situations.”
   Parenting Skills Issues (9%)
   Adjustment to Life Changes (7%)
   Trauma (5%)                                                      “They have made a huge difference. I have gone back to
gRouPS:                                                           school because of the support they have given me. I am now
                                                                   20 months free of gambling because of them. My counsellor
Rainbows: Parents = 46
   Volunteers = 15                                                                   means so much to me.”
   Children = 73

Toward Balance = 9 (2 sessions)                       “They were excellent, the best thing to have happened to me!
Transformations Phase I = 9 (2 sessions)
Transformations Phase II = 10 (2 sessions)                   They helped me to put my life back together.”
Adult groups = 28

GirlSpace = 63 participants in 2009                             They offered me everything I needed. They were more than
11 volunteer mentors                                          happy to give me what I needed or to send me where I needed to
Lakeside Haven                                                                             go.”
43 participants in May 2009

Total adult participants in groups: 117        “They came along at a time in my life when I really needed
Total child participants in groups: 136      them. They have provided such wonderful service and support
Total volunteers involved in groups: 26
                                                           for me. I appreciate it so much.”
volunteeR houRS:

Rainbows volunteers -1500 hours
GirlSpace volunteers -1500 hours
Student Interns -1000 hours
Total volunteers involved in the Counselling Centre: 26

                                                                                                      annual ReP oRt |5
                                          Services For Persons With Disabilities
                                          kathY maCdonald
                                          diReCtoR of SeRviCeS foR PeRSonS With diSaBilitieS

                                                In 2009 the Community Visions Program for Adults with Disabilities and the Family
                                                Services to Children with Disabilities merged to create the Services for Persons
                                               with Disabilities department. Providing consistency in service delivery is a first step
                                          towards the goal of developing expertise in life-span support to individuals with disabilities
                                          and their families, by creating seamless transitioning from child to adult systems and
                                          accommodating for emerging support needs as people age.

    n 2009 YWCA Edmonton combined its Family Services                 Community Visions: Provides hourly respite, host respite and
    to Children with Disabilities and Community Visions               support home (long-term) services to adults with disabilities
    Program for Adults with Disabilities into the Services for        and their families. The CV program provided 44,735 hours,
Persons with Disabilities department.                                 1,796 days and full-time support to 84 individuals and families.
                                                                      The program also provided emergency three-month placements
Coordinated Enhanced Respite: Provides hourly respite to              for 6 individuals who were in crisis situations.
families with children with a higher level of need in the family
home, and the support is focused on the child. The CER                Behavior Consultation for Adults: Provided by a Behavioral
program provided 13,880 hours of service to 12 families.              Consultant, parents receive knowledge and strategies in
                                                                      managing the behaviors of their adult child. The BCA program
Extended Host Family: Provides specialized services to children       provided services to 16 families.
on a long-term basis, with the children being integrated into
the families they are matched with. The EHF program provided          Northern Services: Provides support home, host respite and
homes for 26 children.                                                hourly respite for individuals from the Northwest Territories
                                                                      and Nunavut. In 2009 the NS program provided 8,805 hours,
Family Consultation and Training Network: Provided by                 144 days and full-time support to 7 individuals.
a Behavioral Consultant, parents receive knowledge and
strategies in managing the behaviors of their child. The FCTN
program provided services to 34 families.

Host Respite: Provides weekend respite to families where their
child or children typically spend 48 hours with a contracted
family they are matched with. The HF program provided 1,107
days of service to 28 families.

In-Home Respite: Provides hourly respite to families for their
child with a disability in the family home, and the support
includes their siblings. The IH program provided 5,211 hours of
service to 35 families.

 6 | Y WCa o f e d m o n to n
                                 YWCA In our Community
                                 amBeR niemeieR
                                 CommuniCationS & maRketing manageR

                                 “More and more people recognize the YWCA as a women-centered agency in Edmonton
                                 offering counselling, advocacy, outdoor education, girl empowerment, and much more. With a
                                 strong visibility campaign, the wholehearted embrace of social media and an understanding of
                                 the “Web 2.0’”environment, our agency has significantly raised its profile in Edmonton.

                                 This new visibility allows us to shine a stronger spotlight on women’s issues, ensuring that the
                                 YWCA continues to expand its role in our city as a voice.

YWCa Women of diStinCtion aWaRd gala                              We splashed head-first into the social media scene with the
and Silent auCtion                                                development of a Facebook page, Twitter, Digg and Delicious

                                                                  accounts, and a revamped YWCA website. The new, search-
      009 saw increased enthusiasm from all supporters            engine -optimized site encourages much more traffic by being
      of this event, and a new opportunity for “Presenting        easier to find on the web. The implementation of Google
      Sponsors.” TELUS and Dr. Barry Lycka Professional           Analytics, MailChimp electronic newsletters and Evites has
Corporation stepped into these spots immediately to increase      driven our YWCA website traffic from under 1000 visits per
their roles with this one-of-a-kind event.                        month to 3000 visits and over 7000 pageviews monthly.
The Awards Gala honoured 55 women across eleven
categories, including Mrs. Barbara Poole, who was awarded
the Honourable Lois Hole Award for Lifetime Achievement
for her extensive work in the area.

StoRieS of StRength
                                                                  BRanding and viSiBilitY
2009 was the first year the YWCA held the “Stories of
Strength” Contest in honour of International Women’s Day          You’ve probably seen us around town; on buses, billboards,
(March 8). We received an excellent response from the             superboards and LRT stations. The 2009 ‘No, Yes’ campaign
community with dozens of submissions from across the              generously supported by Pattison Outdoor Advertising has
province and into Saskatchewan! We posted the winning             gained momentum in the community, and is a key factor in
submission on our website and brought the winner Kelley           increasing the visibility of the YWCA and the programs and
Keehn and the subject of her entry -her mother Kathy- to          services we offer to Edmontonians. You’ll be seeing even more
CTV for a noon spot on International Women’s Day.                 of us in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

SoCial media & the WeB 2.0 WoRld

The Communications Department has wholeheartedly
embraced the internet as one of the most important and
effective means of reaching existing our stakeholders and
garnering new interest from the vibrant and ever-changing
online community.

                                                                                                                annual ReP oRt |7
                                         StaCeY JohnSon
                                         volunteeR SeRviCeS manageR

                                              We have achieved great success with our many programs thanks to the ongoing
                                              support we receive from our volunteers. Everyday we have volunteers in our office
                                             helping out with day-to-day tasks and we consider them part of our YWCA family.
                                         Volunteering at the YWCA has become an opportunity for all generations to lend their
                                         expertise and skills to our agency. From our Power of Being a Girl Youth Advisory
                                         Committee to our YWCA Y-Knitters, we have volunteers from the age of 13 to 82!

        olunteering is the practice of people working on behalf   partnerships within Edmonton. In addition, through volunteer-
        of others or a particular cause without payment for       led initiatives we will be able to not only showcase the talent
        their time and services. Volunteering is generally        of our volunteers but also the many services and programs the
considered an altruistic activity, intended to promote good or    YWCA has to offer. It is the purpose of the YWCA Volunteer
improve human quality of life, but people also volunteer for      Services Department to recognize volunteers and to provide
their own skill development, to meet others, to make contacts     them with a volunteer experience that is worth their very
for possible employment, to have fun, and a variety of other      valuable time.
reasons. Our volunteers provide passion, credibility, support
and action to advance the YWCA’s mission and vision.

The Volunteer Services Department’s goal is to utilize the
skill sets of our diverse volunteer culture base here at the
YWCA, in order to increase the number of quality community

                                                                                 PRogRam StatS

                                                                                 Over 280 volunteers contributed their time and
                                                                                 talent to YWCA Edmonton in 2009.

                                                                                 Over 40,000 hours were volunteered for an
                                                                                 approximate value of $800,000.


                                                                                 YWCA Counselling Centre: 400 hours

                                                                                 GirlSpace & Rainbows: 1500 hours & 28

                                                                                 Women of Distinction: 2000 hours & 75+

                                                                                 Y-Knit: 28585 hours & 85+ Volunteers

                                                                                 Power of Being a Girl 2009: 2400 hours & 55+

8 | Y WCa o f e d m o n to n
Power of Being A Girl

        he Power of Being Girl Conference is closely aligned with the          human ReSouRCeS
        mandate of our National Association to respond to the needs of
        women and girls in our community through our unique “Turning           In 2009, efforts focused on strengthening
Points for Women” Programs. We believe the most effective response to this     recruitment strategies to ensure the YWCA was
challenge is to prevent the experience of harm or violence by intervening at   reaching out to the most qualified applicants in a
important turning points in a young girl’s development.                        competitive market and was viewed as an Employer
                                                                               of Choice. Through community collaboration
In addition to providing these girls with the tools, resources and knowledge   with a number of non profit agencies supporting
they need to make healthy decisions as they mature, the 2009 Power of          individuals, the YWCA was able to promote its
Being a Girl Conference allowed each participant to openly and honestly        employment opportunities very effectively. To
discuss her personal issues in a safe, fun and supportive environment. The     increase exposure, recruitment brochures were
conference brought girls together to hear positive messages about what it      developed and distributed to numerous agencies
means to be a girl and to learn strategies for avoiding unsafe and unhealthy   in Edmonton. As a result of these efforts, 1 678
situations.                                                                    resumes were received in 2009, a significant increase
                                                                               from the previous year. 2009 was also a year for the
Inspirational speakers, local mentors and a set of plenary and break-out       YWCA to develop and improve retention strategies
sessions rounded out the conference agenda. The day was capped off with an     including numerous training opportunities. This
exciting musical performance to celebrate the power of being girl!             included cultural diversity training to learn to work
                                                                               more effectively in the diverse workplace of the
Youth engagement
    142 girls attended the event

    157 participants were exposed to the YWCA and the In
    Motion Network and their services as a result of attending the

    95% of the girls polled would like to participate in another
    Power of Being a Girl Conference
                                                                                                            annual ReP oRt |9
                                          Fund Development
                                          kathleen mooneY-StuheC

                                                2009 has been a very exciting and challenging year for our fund development
                                                department. In spite of the economic downturn, YWCA Edmonton has made
                                                significant strides with impressive results. As we continually strive to create a spirit of
                                          giving in all that we do, starting with the leadership of our board of directors and shared by
                                          many staff members and community at large, we are making a significant difference to the
                                          many people who turn to YWCA Edmonton for the support of our programs and services.

O    ur programs not be possible without YOU – our donors, supporters and sponsors. Thank you for your trust. We are taking
     every measure to ensure that your gifts are used ethically for the most good of our organization. Your financial investments
in 2009 have made it possible to:

 -   Reach 150 at-risk girls and give them the tools to be leaders in their lives and the community
 -   Given children the opportunity to experience camp at YoWoChAs Outdoor Education Centre
 -   Provide a mother and her children recovering from family violence a safe, family-building weekend
 -   Recruit and retain valuable committed volunteers
 -   subsidize counselling for women, men and children in need
 -   Host our Annual YWCA Women of Distinction Awards
 -   Increase visibility of our agency programs and services in the community
 -   Create our “Case for Giving” promoting our charitable giving opportunities

          TELUS: Making a Difference for Girls in our Community

                                                                                          “YWCA Edmonton has a solid reputation
                                                                                           for helping women in crisis – in turn, we
                                                                                                         all benefit”
                                                                                                  SCOTT GRAhAM, ExECuTIVE DIRECTOR -
                                                                                                   STOllERY ChARITABlE FOunDATIOn

                                                                                     fRom left to Right:

                                                                                     Patti Skogg, TELUS
                                                                                     Antara Spitzig, YWCA President
                                                                                     Freda Badry YWCA Executive Director
                                                                                     Dr. Robert Westbury, Chair TELUS Community Board
                                                                                     and Kathleen Stuhec, YWCA Fund Development Manager

We respect your right to privacy and conduct our fund development initiatives in a professional manner, therefore we do not
rent, exchange or sell our member’s and donor’s information. We are committed to the high standards and take every measure
possible to ensure that your privacy and personal information is kept confidential at all times. We are members of the Association
of Fundraising Professionals, Imagine Canada and the Alberta Association of Fund Raising Executives where we abide by the
fundraising Code of Ethics.

10 | Y WCa o f e d m o n to n
With heaRtfelt aPPReCiation

ThAnK YOu for helping us make a difference!
We sincerely thank everyone who has made a financial investment in support of YWCA Edmonton. Due
to limited available space, gifts of $100+ are alphabetically listed from January 1 to December 31, 2009.
Every effort is made to recognize your contribution; if your name has been omitted in error, please contact
780.423.9922 ext. 240 to have this corrected.

Alberta Culture & Community Spirit                       Kathy MacDonald
Alberta Orange Foundation for Children                   Kerry McKinstry
Anonymous                                                Ruth Menegozzo
Anonymous                                                Millwoods Athletics Panthers
Anonymous                                                M.S.B. Consultants
ATCO EPIC (Employees Participating in                    Multi-Sports Canada
Communities)                                             Elizabeth Mustard
Freda Badry                                              Amber Niemeier
Ed Bean                                                  Dr. Elizabeth Opara
Barbara Blackley                                         Realtors® Community Foundation
Nancy E. Boettcher                                       Marilyn Rhodes
Grace Boey-Taylor                                        Darcie Roach
Lori Bosworth                                            Daphne Rode
Marion Brooker                                           Rotary Club of Edmonton
Butler Family Foundation                                 Kate Rowe
Sheila Campbell                                          Society of Friends of the YWCA in Edmonton
Capital Power Employee Volunteer Program                 Stollery Charitable Foundation
Jacqueline Charlesworth                                  Antara Spitzig
Shannon Dean                                             Kathleen and Stanley Stuhec
F. Mae Deans                                             Tash Taylor
Judith Dyck                                              TELUS
Marilyn and Alan Fehr                                    TELUS Women’s Connections Golf Tournament
Ramona Fehr                                              United Nurses of Alberta Local 33
Fidelity Investments Canada Ltd.                         United Way of Alberta Capital Region
Foresters                                                Union 52 Benevolent Society
Lorna and Stephen Gawlinski                              Amanda Vella
Shirley Gifford                                          Karen Villiger
Rachel Gosse                                             Maria Virtuoso
Peggy & Roger Gouin                                      Wabamun Lions Club
Lindsay Heykants                                         Joyce Ford Watmore
Home Depot Canada Foundation                             Mary-Jo Williams
Tanya Hook                                               The Honourable Judge D. R. Wong
Susan and Gary Hruschak                                  Peter Wright
Jo-Louise Huq
In-Motion Network                                        foR moRe infoRmation on oPPoRtunitieS to SuPPoRt
Patricia Jones                                           YWCa edmonton PleaSe viSit ouR WeBSite oR Call
Local 37 Teachers Association of Edmonton                780.423.YWCa (9922) ext. 240

                                                                                                       annual ReP oRt 11
100, 10350 124 Street N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta
T5N 3V9
P. 780.423.YWCA (9922)
F. 780.425.7467